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STRESS - Killing Me Night And Day (1984-86)

STRESS - Killing Me Night And Day (1984-86) front
Seems during the '80s STRESS was one of the most popular Hard Rock acts from San Diego, California .
Founded in 1983 by bassist Josquin des Pres and vocalist / guitarist Mike Thomas the group build a strong following, and played the L.A. club circuit in venues like Madame Wong’s, FM Station and The Troubadour.

Stress recorded and released by themselves the album "Killing Me Night And Day" (1984, vinyl LP), not only very well produced but also sporting a fine songwriting and great level of musicianship. Occurs that many members of the band had a jazz rock background, and you can hear their skills on the instruments and a tight performance throughout the album.
But fear not, "Killing Me Night And Day" is US Melodic Hard Rock with the typical sound & style of the mid-Eighties but much more elaborated and enhanced by original arrangements. There's a touch of Radio-AOR of course, resulting in a mix sounding like Dokken meets Icon with some Preview in between.

Stress put out a 12'' maxi the following year, and started to tape the second album in 1986 with the addition of Jimmy Crespo (Aerosmith, Rough Cutt) on guitar. But in late 1987, frustrated by not attracting major label attention, Stress disbanded.

STRESS - Killing Me Night And Day (1984-86) back

All the recordings from band were reissued on this CD in 2001, including the "Killing Me Night And Day", two outtakes from the original sessions, the two-sided 12'' maxi, and 3 tracks from the unreleased / unfinished second full length.
Nice '80s stuff.

01 - Burning In Your Fire
02 - Never Should Have Turned Around
03 - Don't Need No Education
04 - Killing Me Night And Day
05 - Prime Time To Party
06 - Save Me
07 - I Can't Get Over You
08 - It's Too Bad
09 - Search For The Fool (bonus track from 12'')
10 - You're So Critical (bonus track from 12'')
11 - It Makes Me Mad (outtake)
12 - Friday On My Mind (outtake)
13 - Let Me Make It Alright ('86 unreleased recording) *
14 - Don't Let Go ('86 unreleased recording) *
15 - Key To Your Heart ('86 unreleased recording) *

Josquin Des Pres - Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
Mike Thomas, Tim Nicholson - Vocals, Guitars
Leroy Vega, John Shearer, Jeff Gabaldon - Drums
Bill Van Wulven - Backing Vocals

STRESS Killing Me Night And Day


T.P said...

Welcome to the hard rockin' '80s! Besides your nothing to be left background info about Stress, I also listened to their catchy self-titled title track on You Tube. So once more you really made a good choice here, Camelblue, by posting some cool stuff coming back from a fascinating era - and straight in our ears!

Bye for now,

Camelblue said...

Yeah, not essential but a cool one. I don't know why the video does not appear here...

T.P said...

Indeed, I already was wondering what happened to your obligatory teaser video as it seems to be missing in action this time.

Anyhow, by 'telediagnosis' it looks like just an unhappy coincidence. Something that happens to the best of us. :-)

Bye for now,

Anonymous said...

the link dont work.cant you re-upload the album? thanxs a lot camelblue :)