Wednesday, June 02, 2010

FROON - Froon (1988)

Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

German band, most the musicians involved have played in the Nina Hagen Band and later formed SPLIFF, a successful group that has recorded several albums and sold more than 1 million LP's in Europe.

FROON style can be compared with their comrades CHANNEL 5 (already posted in this blog), PANDANCE or VELVET PARKING: Hi-Tech AOR with high doses of adult stylized european pop.
Competent players, really good production and some good songs. Not my favorite album in this genre, but was requested by a reader and posted because it's rare and pretty hard to find.
This is the CD edition, featuring extra tracks originally released only as single b-sides.

01. Missing pieces
02. Mountains
03. 200 Guitars
04. Love like law
05. Overboards again
06. Bobby Mugabe (beatbox mix)
07. Time machine
08. Lie
09. Happy doomsday
10. Black and white and blue
11. Then *
12. The spirit is willing *
13. Booby froons the fan *

* only on the CD edition

Lyndon Connah - Vocals
Reinhold Heil, Lyn Pocker - Keyboards
Bernhard Potschka, Maria Wang - Guitar
Manne Praeker, Marvin Speisebecher - Bass
Gavin Harrison - Drums
Mark Pound III - Percussion
Herwig Mitteregger - Quad cymbals
Randy Rym - Synths

FROON 1988


Anonymous said...

Each single song still absolute bliss, after 22 years of not having listened to them... Regine, Germany

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm searching for this album for ages! Can you please re-upload this one? Thanks in advance!

vanKampen, the Netherlands