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DAVID PACK - Anywhere You Go (1985) [remastered]

DAVID PACK - Anywhere You Go remastered
Revamped post (more than 2 years ago) per request.

Exceptional AOR classic from ex-Ambrosia frontman David Pack.
Astonishing songwriting quality (five songs himself, co-wrote the other five, title track with Mike Porcaro) and top notch production.
"Prove Me Wrong" was specially composed for the film 'Wild Nights' together with the great James Newton-Howard.

Just check the 'who is who' session musician credits. Finesse and class...
Great remastered reissue, essential in any collection..

1. Anywhere You Go
2. I Just Can't Let Go
3. Wont Let You Lose Me
4. My Baby
5. That Girl Is Gone
6. She Don't (Come Around Anymore)
7. Do Ya
8. Prove Me Wrong (from Motion Picture Wild Nights)
9. No Direction (No Way Home)
10. Just Be You

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, and everything else: David Pack
Bass: Mike Porcaro, Joe Puerta, Stanley Clarke, Will McGregor
Drums: Jeff Porcaro, Prairie Prince, George Perilli, John Robinson
Keyboards: Kerry Livgren, Jai Winding
Emulator: James Newton Howard
Programming: Hawk Wolinski
DMX Programming: Jamie Bernstein
Sax: Earnie Watts
Percussion: Burleigh Drummond, Paulinho da Costa
Background Vocals: Michael McDonald, James Ingram, John Elefante, Jennifer Holiday, Cynthia Rhodes, Joe Puerta, Kerry Livgren

DAVID PACK - Anywhere You Go [remastered]


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