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LAMARCA - LaMarca (1985)

LAMARCA - La Marca (1985) bonus tracks
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This is a nice request to fill.

LaMarca was a project / band from American singer and composer Abe LaMarca, brained together with veteran producer, engineer, songwriter and guitar player Jeff Silverman (who also has worked and played with Rick Springfield).
With the back-up of accomplished session musicians such as multi-facetic drummer Carlos Vega, Jamie Sheriff (Eyes) or master Tom Kelly (I-Ten, Van Stephenson), they recorded this very good LP in 1984/5.

The style of LaMarca is catchy poppy AOR with some Hi-Tech elements, mostly uptempo, glossy and tasteful.
Put in your kitchen-aid blender equal parts of The Arrows, Body Electric, the commercial Michael Sembello and a dash of Starship and David Hallyday, and you get the appetizing LaMarca cocktail.
All tracks are good, being my favorites "The Boys" (the most purely '80s AOR here), the elegantly keyboard filled "Touch And Go" and the melodic mid-tempo ballad "When You Question Love", full of eighties magic sounds.

Only officially released on vinyl and cassette, this is a bootleg CD very well transferred, including as bonus the really good song "Hold On Blue Eyes" from 'The Wraith' soundtrack. I have replaced this track with my own rip directly taken from my own The Wraith vinyl, which sounds much better.
Additionally, as extra bonus you'll find the band's contribution to 'Lady Beware' soundtrack, the cool song "Bad In Blue".
So, you have here all LaMarca material ever recorded in one package.
Ripped at maximum quality including artwork.

01 - Change My Rules
02 - Dear Diane
03 - Second Chance
04 - You
05 - The Bystander
06 - Burn The Bridges
07 - The Boys
08 - When You Question Love
09 - Touch And Go
10 - It's In The Eyes
11 - Hold On Blue Eyes (The Wraith OST) [bonus]
12 - Bad In Blue (Lady Beware OST) [bonus]

Abe LaMarca - vocals, guitars
Jeff Silverman - guitars
Eric Williams - guitars
George Doering - guitars
Phil Chen - bass
Jamie Sheriff - keyboards
Mitchell Froom - keyboards
Richard Gibbs - keyboards
Carlos Vega - drums
Dany Wynn - drums
Joel Peskin - saxophone
Tom Kelly - backing vocals
Cassell Webb - backing vocals
Lynda Lawley - backing vocals

LaMarca (1985)


GuitarheroAndy said...

Thank you very much! I had a rather iffy 128k version of this for a while but your new rip is SO much better. Classic 'Soundtrack Hi-Tech AOR' sound. Love it!!!

gonzaloaor said...

Congratulations Camel,great post.
Also was reissued on Japan (this is my copy),not the last reissue

Camelblue said...

@ GuitarheroAndy :
Glad you like it!

@ gonzaloaor:
Pero como estás queridísimo amigo!
Gran Abrazo!

troynew said...

Is this the exact same version that was posted on EOTW when I still went there?
Or did you add tracks and/or clean up the sound a bit?
Still waiting for someone to upload some James House for us.
When I think of the 'The Wraith' soundtrack, LaMarca and James H. are the first ones that come to mind. :-)

Camelblue said...

@ troynew:
I can't remember if this album was posted on EOTW.
Anyway, this is a rip made by my friend totalaor from his own bootleg CD. The extras are mine.
Regarding James House, got his 1990s self-titled. Are you interested?

troynew said...

You bet your bibi-babkas I am! (gratuitous 'Perfect Strangers' reference) Gracias.
Can the album be called AOR or is it some less uplifting style?

Anonymous said...

Hi, everytime I go to download this on filefactory, I get no download link after in type in the words in de SLOW DOWNLOAD section. After the counting down of the seconds, no download link appears. please help!

Camelblue said...

NEW link > NEW Host, added.

hermes birkin said...

I love this album. Very great music. Thanks for sharing.

João_13 Inferth said...

Would not you have it in FLAC? Thank you