Tuesday, February 18, 2014

SURVIVOR - Ultimate Rarities

SURVIVOR - Ultimate Rarities front
The other day I was messin' with some SURVIVOR demos on my player, and thought: why do not make a rarities compilation? The AOR / Melodic Rock Kings deserve it.

We have here a lot versions of their mega-hit "Eye Of The Tiger" all of them never commercially released, such as Dave Bickler doing it acoustically, the Jimi Jamison version, an instrumental, etc.
Amongst these rarities there's three tracks recorded with Irish shouter Robin McAuley (proposed to be Survivor's lead singer), the only known recorded version of "Velocitized" (later done by Mecca), and various extended mixes (all performed by Survivor).
As movie soundtrack collector, I love the "Burning Heart" & "Eye Of The Tiger" mixes only heard in the film Rocky IV, never released on any format and heavily edited from the DVD as source.
Of course are included here the exclusive songs only present into the Greatest Hits releases 'Ultimate Survivor' (2004) and 'Greatest Hits 2' (1993), and the track recorded for The Karate Kid soundtrack: "The Moment Of Truth".

Talking about the GH exclusive tracks, in the spring of 1993 Peterik and Sullivan reunited with original lead singer Dave Bickler and started recording new songs, two of them, "Hungry Years" co-written by Bickler, and "You Know Who You Are", were included into the re-vamped 'Greatest Hits' from 1993. Both only appeared there.
And the 2004 compilation 'Ultimate Survivor' featured three interesting new cuts: the previously unreleased "Rebel Girl" (outtake from Survivor's first self-titled album), "Rockin' Into The Night" also originally discarded as the song was given to .38 Special (which made a hit with it), and "Summer Nights [Long Version]" different from the 'Premonition' vinyl LP.

SURVIVOR - Ultimate Rarities back cover

A mammoth 20-track SURVIVOR compilation myself-made for all of you, AOR / Melodic Rock fanatics. Includes artwork.

01 - Eye Of The Tiger 
(Rocky IV Movie Version)

02 - Rebel Girl (prev. unreleased)
(1st album outtake - from Ultimate Survivor 2004)

03 - Summer Nights (Full Length Version) 
(from Ultimate Survivor 2004)

04 - Rockin' Into The Night (prev. unreleased) 
(from Ultimate Survivor 2004)

05 - Eye Of The Tiger
(Jimi Jamison Version)

06 - You Know Who You Are 
(new track GH 2 - 1993)

07 - Hungry Years 
(new track GH 2 - 1993)

08 - The Moment Of Truth 
(Karate Kid soundtrack)

09 - Eye Of The Tiger (Instrumental)

10 - Burning Heart 
(Ultraburn Version)

11 - I Can't Hold Back 
(Live in Tokio 85 - bootleg)

12 - Eye Of The Tiger 
(Dave Bickler Acoustic Version)

13 - One Step Ahead Of A Flame 
(demo - Fire Makes Steel sessions)

14 - Velocitized 
(only version recorded ever - Live)

15 - Reach 
 (demo - Robin McAuley vocals)

16 - Eye Of The Tiger 
(demo - Robin McAuley vocals)

17 - Fire Makes Steel 
(demo - Robin McAuley vocals)

18 - Burning Heart 
(Rocky IV Instrumental Movie Version)

19 - Eye Of The Tiger 
(Ultrasound Long 12 inch version - DJ vinyl only)

20 - Eye Of The Tiger 
(Dave Bickler vocal trax)

Dave Bickler, Jimi Jamison, Robin McAuley - lead vocals
Jim Peterik - keyboards, guitar, vocals
Frankie Sullivan - guitars, vocals
Dennis Johnson, Stephan Ellis, Klem Hayes - bass
Marc Droubay, Gary Smith, Kyle Woodring - drums



T.P said...

This musical pearl of rare and moreover well-chosen Survivor works coming straight from your private collection is another fine proof why Hard Rock/AOR Heaven should number among the most essential contributions the World Wide Web has to offer. Chapeau!

So, Camelblue, if we should ever meet in real life, two OJs (Orange Juice) will be on me at least. Well, just in case you're an anti-alcoholic like I am, haha.

Bye for now,

Camelblue said...

Cheers with a frozen (just the way I like it) OJ Thomas! haha

Anonymous said...

I'm speechless... AWESOME


Kammenos said...

Fucking cool compoilation Camel...
Really recommended for every one...
Thanks for your time and effort on this.. \m/

JC said...

Excellent post Camel, thanks so much for your efforts, it is always a pleasure visiting your blog. I really love that you do your own cover art too- certainly makes it a collection worth treasuring. Cheers. JC

Icelake84 said...

Thank you Camelblue,
but I can't download this file. It says that uploaded.net is unreachable. Do you got any idea? Please, answer me. Thank you, man.

Camelblue said...

It should have been a temporary issue. Tested and working, please try again.

Icelake84 said...

This is what Google Chrome says (I've tried with internet explorer and Mozilla also) :

This is Google's cache of http://uploaded.net/file/vu89nys8. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 18 Feb 2014 23:26:32 GMT. The current page could have changed in the meantime. Learn more
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Camelblue said...

Try this one and tell me if it worked for you:

Icelake84 said...

Thank you so much, my friend. God bless you and AOR forever, brother

Freeman said...

Thank you, Camelblue as always, Very happy while listening to this compilation, I love both Dave and Jimi's voice.

Freeman from Thailand.

Amr said...

Thank you Camel for this great Compilation, i have been a Survivor Fan Since Ages!!! i think the Only Song is missing here is : Ever Since the World begin / With jimi Jamison on vocals (LOCK UP OST)

rockkrockk said...

The cover you posted for the compilation is of a "Royal Bengal Tiger" a breed of rare, illusive & symbol of power from my country, indeed rightly selected for the rare cd that you compiled over here, your works are really appreciable & loved by all we melodic rock/ AOR loving community.

Thanks from India!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, ty for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Link Off! Repost,please.

Camelblue said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your work on this collection! Can you tell me -- what is the source of the studio version of "Eye of the Tiger" with Jimi on vocals?