Wednesday, September 12, 2007

IAN THOMAS - Levity (1988) 320Kbps

IAN THOMAS - Levity (1988)

Great canadian musician and composer, Ian Thomas recorded several albums in the '70s and '80s. Many of his songs have been recorded by top artists like Chicago, America and Santana among others.
'Levity' is his last solo album, and the only one released on cd. In Germany, the album was renamed 'Square One'.
You'll find here lush arrangements, superb vocals and high class production, similar Stan Meissner style.
Awesome Top Class AOR.
Highly Recommended!
Extremely rare and expensive, over 200 dollars EBay price.
Out of print.

1. Levity 4:21
2. Losing control 4:10
3. Only believe 4:14
4. Another chance 3:24
5. Back to square one 3:55
6. Modern man 4:12
7. All about her 4:26
8. These are not gods 4:32
9. Let the stone roll 5:25

Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals: Ian Thomas
Bass: Dave Pilch
Drums: Neil Wilkenson
Drums: Kevin McKenzie
Keyboards: Steve Piggot
Keyboards: Lou Pomanti