Thursday, March 26, 2009

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.8

I don't know if this is the best of my compilations so far, but sure one that contains more rarities and non album tracks:

01 - LOVERBOY: Nothing's Gonna Stop You Now [Olympic Games '84]
Loverboy at the peak of his career. Very good song only included in the Olympic Games '84 soundtrack.
A hard to find vinyl.

02 - ANDREA ROBINSON: Bad Girl [Riding Bean]
Riding Bean is a japanese animated movie and the OST only went published in his home country. Andrea Robinson was the lead singer of THIEVES, an early 80's canadian AOR - rock band. Mike Landau on guitar (Robin Beck, Tim Feehan, Steve Perry and a thousand more ...)

03 - JOHN PARR: (Restless Heart) Running Away With You [Running Man]
I can't let out from this compilations the soundtrack-man J. Parr. Sorry, the man hasn't a bad song! And most of them remain unreleased. This one, written with H. Faltermeyer. The soundtrack never was released (only the score). This is not the demo version floating the net, here you have the full original version only appeared in "Harold Faltermeyer, the Ultimate Collection 2CD" , track 19, CD2.

04 - VIXEN: Runnin' [Hardbodies]
Before recording their first album, the girls from VIXEN contributed 3 songs to this movie, whose soundtrack was only released in very limited quantity by a canadian bootleg label. This is the best of those songs, and one of the best I've ever heard from this band. Rarity.

05 - DAVID HALLYDAY: Flashback [Lady Beware]
Another impossible to find OST. Published in limited copies only in Japan, I have seen bids on eBay over $500! . Filled with wonderful AOR songs, all exclusive to this soundtrack. Very good track!

06 - MARIETTA: Fire And Ice [Feuer Und Eis]
German film whose soundtrack was only released in Europe on vinyl. This song clearly shows why I love this genre. Superb 80's AOR! - Exclusive to this OST (and as 12'' ext. vers.).

07 - STAN BUSH: Forever [Wimbledon Hits '90]
Wimbledon's silver bowl has its own soundtrack. Every year a commemorative album is published. This great ballad appeared only in this OST (later was included in the Kuschelrock series).

08 - LOUDNESS: Odin [Odin]
Even the fans of the japanese band LOUDNESS are unaware that this band recorded several songs for this obscure oriental movie. It's surprising (and pleasant) to listen to this group including many keyboards in a song.
Rare EP only released in Japan.

09 - SUE SAAD: Radioactive Dreams [Radioactive Dreams]
Sue change her rocker style for this OST, and completely overturns to mid-80's AOR. Very good guitars and gear. Exclusive of this soundtrack.

10 - JOSEPH WILLIAMS: Firepower [Body By Jake]
Body By Jake was a TV fitness show. Later released on VHS and then a soundtrack (vinyl only,1984) to do the gym at home. Joseph contributed two songs that proves why TOTO pick-up his voice for their upcoming albums.
Great song, great performance.

11 - TOMMY NILSSON & TONE NORUM: Allt Som Jag Känner [P.S. Sista Sommaren]
This swedish movie OST was published only in its home country. Tommy Nilsson (Easy Action, solo) and Tone performs a very nice european-style ballad. Rarity.

12 - LAMARCA: Bad In Blue [Lady Beware]
Another track from Lady Beware. Not a great song, but I have already included this track because is one of the most sought after by collectors. LaMarca has recorded only one solo album, and 2 non album tracks, one included in "The Wraith" OST, and the other, here.
Exclusive to this soundtrack.

13 - HENRY LEE SUMMER: No Way Of Knowin' [Twins]
Nice rockin' tune in the H. L. Summer style. Exclusive to this soundtrack.

14 - LOUDLION: Die Tuff [Balls Of Fury]
LoudLion has a curious story. Formed by L.A. Bay Area musicians, as a DEF LEPPARD tribute band. A Hollywood producer went to a show and proposed them to include one of their originals in a film. The song ended up being the main theme from "The Hills Have Eyes II". Due to the good results, they recorded 3 songs for the recent "Balls Of Fury" comedy. I have chosen this ballad, it's amazing how they sound like Def Lepp...

15 - AMEL BENT: Eye Of The Tiger [Asterix Et Les Vikings]
Amel recorded his version of SURVIVOR's classic for this french film. A curiosity (a good one), with a soul touch and interesting arrangements. This song sounds good even performed by The Carmelite's Carol Choir...

16 - ERIC MARTIN: Swing Time [Spider-Man VS. The Kingpin]
Very good rocker with Eric's stamp, his angelic voice never fails. Song structure Mr. Big-alike.
Exclusive Video Game OST track.

17 - ROBIN McAULEY: Teach Me How To Dream [If Looks Could Kill]
Ex - MSG, GRAND PRIX, solo, etc. gorgeous ballad. Very good lyrics and increscendo tempo. Great production.

As usual, + 70 min, vbr, artwork.
Most tracks are vinyl-only release and very rare, all were decrackled and declicked to get the best quality possible.

Do you want more? Leave a comment and request your song.

I'll do my best...

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.8


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Another new swedish promise.
Guitar-driven Melodic Rock with really good vocal harmonies and hooks.
Indie release, they need a major label production and will be great.
These guys got the melodies and knows how to rock.
Support new bands.
Check their website with many purchase options:

01 - West Coast Angel
02 - The Distance
03 - Boarding Pass
04 - Beat The Night
05 - Avenues & Boulevards
06 - West Coast Angel [demo version] (bonus)

Jimmie Lee Cooper: Vocals
Thomas Van Shaw: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Victor Dicola: Guitars
Viktor O'Malley: Bass
Criss David: Drums

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Another compilation, but a little different this time...
This is my favorite style ever: Scandi - AOR

A bunch of rare singles released by some well known bands, some not, only released in the cold scandinavian lands.
None of these tracks appeared on official albums and of course, all are 7'' vinyl only singles.

Swedes DALTON, wonderful band that left us 2 jewels, wonderful albums.
The first track is an '89 single B-side, the other two from their first single ever, released in '86, very rare.

LION'S SHARE will be reformed in the 90's, releasing high-quality albums but in a hard rock style. Few knows that in '88 produced this magnificent Scandi- AOR single with a completely different line-up.

CHERIE was a great swedish promise, unfortunately only recorded this single, extremely melodic, with great choruses.

RETURN released several singles in Norway prior to their first full lengh, this is the first of all and only has one song, a harbinger of great things to come...strong track.

AXIA used to play catchy and well crafted scandi aor, contagious.
One sided single, track not included in the LP (recorded one year later).
PEO Pettersson on lead vocals.

Finally, the great JIM JIDHED. Before joining Alien, he released several singles in Sweden, this one contains two great tracks beautifully performed.

Very good vinyl rips.
Fully tagged with info release and myself made artwork.

Do you want more?...Leave a comment.