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AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.13


More than 200 tracks compiled, more than 18.000 downloads.
And there's more.
The administrator of the biggest chinese music forum has contacted me; this soundtrack series are one of the most downloaded links there.
They need to re-upload the files to their own host because the western ones doesn't works well to them.
Report: 80.000 downloads and counting... WOW.

Volume 13 is ready since 2 months ago, but never found the time to write the 'track by track' description and complete the file tags.
Here we go:

Rock'N'Roll (I Feel So) [Speaking Of The Devil]
Italian band, italian movie. Original name: Un piede In Paradiso, starring Bud Spencer.
Florence 99 plays an energetic rockin' melodic hard piece, with crisp-clean guitar riffs and a good american vocalist.
Call me nuts, but this one reminds me the band RED DAWN...

Fire With Fire [Fire With Fire]
Classic song, the best in my opinion in WILD BLUE's one and only album.
In fact, the song was written specifically for the movie by Chas Sandford (remember his only and rare album 'Parallax View'?).
The man knows how to write song (co-writer of Waite's classic 'Missing You') and the band shines on this one.
As said, a classic.

Always A Tiger [Windkracht 10 TV serie]
Oh yeah, that's why I love this style. Thrilling pumpin' AOR song from the belgian TV series 'Windkracht 10'.
Incredibly recorded in the second half of the nineties, sounds like a 1986 production! Awesome.
There's 2 OST released (one for each season) but this wonderful tune only was heard in one episode. Edited and mastered by myself.
Let me dedicate this gem to the world's biggest female fronted AOR collector: aorheart (but you probably already know this one, you have it all!)

4 - KICK
Rock 'N' Roll Hearts [Body Slam]
Rock 'n roll fable mixed with wrestling matchs, a little dumb movie, but funny as hell!
KICK is a fictitious band featured in the film, but they are real musicians, drummer Jack D'Amore was member of ROCK ROSE.
3 tracks were recorded exclusively for the soundtrack, this is the best, a melodic rocker with insistent keyboards.
Written by Peter Beckett! You can't go wrong with him.

Reach For Your Dreams [Vicious Lips]
Another rarity.
The last song known by Sue Saad before desappear into the thin air.
And what a beautiful one, formidable chorus.
Sadly never released, I've ripped the track directly from the movie.
This song will stick in your head for weeks...

Blind Alley [Spellbinder]
Another good track penned and performed by the NJ born Gary Wright.
He has contributed many songs to several films like 'North Shore', 'Cobra' or 'Heavenly Bodies' to name a few.
This one is a stylized song totally 80's.
As far I know, never released OST.

Earth And Air [Lady Beware]
Due to many requests, here it is another great track from the very hard to find 'Lady Beware' soundtrack. CD ripped.
A ballad to die for. Killer.

Desire [Nobody's Perfect]
Not AOR by any means, but this tune has a nice tempo and I like the way it is performed. Besides, the lyrics brings back some memories...
Written by another OST habitual, the master Mike Piccirillo.
Unknown track.

Baby Come Back [Five Aces]
Well, this is an all time PLAYER classic. Who has not heard this song?
This perennial melody was re-recorded by the band for their 1995 comeback album "Lost In Reality".
But this is another version by Peter Beckett & JC Crowley alone for the Five Aces indie movie.
I love this song, in any version.
Very Rare.

It's Not Over [Playing For Keeps]
Song popularized by STARSHIP, but was written by another OST composer; John Van Tongeren (Fast Forward, Thelma & Louise and dozens more)
Heartbreaking Thompson's version, climatic and perfectly arranged.
Originally posted in Vol.2 but this is a CD rip (hard to find), this winner song deserved max quality...

Show Me How It Works [Wildcats]
Maybe you don't dig this one at first listen, but it's a very good one.
Awesome tempo and a little but very good guitar work.
Written by David Pack!
Very very rare soundtrack, only vinyl.
I've spent many time restoring...

New Way Of Living [Burglar]
Don't be confused, this is the ROBERT HART (Bad Company, solo) band. In '89 released their only album 'Under The One Sky'.
This track (and the other one featured in the soundtrack) was the group's first recording.
It's a rare AOR song that reminds me VIRGINIA WOLF, don't ask me why...
The Distance (yes, with "The", that would later be removed for their debut album) appeared as the club band in one scene of the movie.
Rare OST.

No Turning Back [Critters]
Why only the score of this movie was released?
A total mystery 'cos the flick was a success and includes good songs.
This is a goodie, absolutely eighties, nice guitar solo and cheap drumming.
Ripped from DVD.
I love the 80's !

Dream Machine [Watchers]
Canadian film, featuring canadian artists tracks.
Mike Reno of LOVERBOY's fame, contributed this one, a cranky uptempo AOR.
Never released soundtrack, the file sound quality is not the best but c'mon, it's a brutal song.
Love it!

Heartbeat [The Coolangatta Gold]
Aka "The Gold And The Glory" in the USA, this australian movie soundtrack features some local rock & pop artists mixed with instrumental score tracks.
My pick is the Kim Hart song (born in New Zealand), written by SHARON O'NEILL and sounding a lot like her. Cool poppy-AOR tune.
A very rare vinyl, only released in the land of Oz.

Let Me Believe In You [Crystal Heart]
This is a great soundtrack.
I've posted one track previously (Vol.7), but this is a personal favorite.
Love the production and the AOR-rock feel on this one.
A winner song.

Passion [Modern Girls]
Los Angeles short-lived group that never make it big.
This song included in the movie "Modern Girls" is a melodic guitar power-pop-rock, clearly influenced by THE REPLACEMENTS (one of my favs in this genre).
Unknown song, unknown band.

Caught In Your Web (Swear To Your Heart) [Arachnophobia]
Russell sounds very much like DENNIS DeYOUNG here (especially the way he sounded on those early '90s Styx ballads).
This soundtrack exclusive song was included only in the first pressing of the OST, very hard to find.

+ 70 min, artwork.
Note: most of tracks are vinyl-only release and very rare, all were cleaned, decrackled and declicked to get the best quality possible.

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.13

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STEVIE VANN (Lange) - Stevie Vann (1995)

Requested in "Request & Fill Corner 2" section...
Stevie Vann Lange (aka Stevie Lange; Stevie Vann) born as Stevie van Kerken in Mufulira, Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia).
Married to record producer Robert "Mutt" Lange, in the late 70's Vann met CHRIS THOMPSON when performing backing vocals for a Manfred Mann's Earth Band album.
Thompson approached Vann to form a band; NIGHT, releasing 2 albums.

She is a well known vocal coach, including services to Joe Elliot, Atomic Kitten, Robbie Williams, etc. and sung live with Byan Adams, Elton John, Joe Cocker, Brian May.
Also she did backing vocals on the version of DEF LEPPARD's "When Love And Hate Collide" on their Vault compilation.
Additionally, she has sung backup for Manfred Mann, Sweet, Colin Blunstone, Jim Capaldi, Trevor Rabin, UFO, Rick Wakeman and many many more.

In the nineties, finally, she has recorded her first full lengh solo album, co-written and produced by her ex-husband, "Mutt" Lange, who also sang background vocals (although their marriage had broken up they still today remain the best of friends).

This is a real good collection of classic rock style songs, were Stevie's voice is the star.
Powerful, colorful vocals, from straight rockers to emotional ballads.
Production is top notch as you could imagine, with MUTT LANGE involved and MIKE SHIPLEY (Def Leppard, Winger, Foreigner) engineering.
Session musicians are awesome too: DANN HUFF, BRYAN ADAMS, MAX CARL, BOB CARLISLE, etc.
Released through a small label, this CD is very hard to find (out of print).

As bonus, I've included a very rare 1981 vinyl single + artwork, the killer "Remember My Name", only released in UK.

1. What Would You Say?
2. Prove It (duet with Bryan Adams)
3. The Bigger The Better
4. (Let That) River Roll
5. What In The World
6. Without Your Love (I Can't Live)
7. Will The Last One To Leave
8. I Thought I'd Seen Everything
9. I'll Take Your Heart
10. If Walls Could Talk

Personnel :
* Dann Huff - string bass, electric and acoustic guitars
* Glenn Worf - bass
* Reggie Young - rhythm guitar
* Lonnie Wilson - drums
* Bosco De Olivera - percussion
* Wayne Stalling - keyboards
* John Jarvis - piano
* Steve Nathan - B3 organ and synth
* Philip Nicholas - keyboards, programming
* Richie Buckley - tenor and soprano sax

Guests :
* Bryan Adams - vocals on "Prove It" (duet)
* Max Carl - backing vocals
* Bob Carlisle - backing vocals

Mike Shipley - engineer, mixing
Robert John "Mutt" Lange - producer, background vocals

"Remember My Name + 1" RCA single 1981

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LOMBARD - Rocking The East (1991)

LOMBARD was a successful band in their home country (Poland) at the beginning of the eighties.
The band has recorded several albums in both languages (polish and english) trying to conquer the western market, especially the Benelux countries, performing live in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, even the band played several concerts for the polish community in USA.
But beyond that they are well known in east Europe, most occidental audiophiles never have heard of Lombard.
Not my case, I've listened all their 80-90 albums, and this one is pretty interesting.

The sound is a typical american female fronted aorish rock&pop :
"Moonshine Warrior" reminds me SARAYA, with a nice melodic chorus and garnish keyboards.
"There May Not Be Another Time" is like a second hand ROBIN BECK tune, nice and sweet.
"Tears Behind The Wall" sounds like a BAR-FLY song performed by GUDRUN LAOS.
"Chasing The Time" has a scandi-AOR vibe, similar in style to another good polish band: SYNDIA.

This album is the english version of "Welcome Home (1990)" issued a year earlier with native lyrics.
A very nice addition to any collection and female fronted rock rarities hunters, well played and correctly produced.
Contains some very good tracks (a couple of fillers too), likable and exotic.
Released only in Poland, and extemely hard to find.
320Kbps CDrip.

1 - Rocking The East
2 - Moonshine Warrior
3 - There May Not Be Another Time
4 - Tears Behind The Wall
5 - Calm Down
6 - Chasing The Time
7 - Life At A Faster Speed
8 - Acid And Honey
9 - It Might Have Been...(Welcome Home)

Małgorzata Ostrowska – lead vocals
Robert Kalicki – keyboards, backing vocals
Piotr Zander – guitar, bass (5)
Henryk Baran – bass, guitar (9), backing vocals
Artur Malik – drums, backing vocals
Jerzy Styczyński – guitar


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FIONA - Live King Biscuit Hour [Full Concert] (1985)

FIONA - Live King Biscuit Hour Full Concert
The only FIONA & Bobby Messano Live performance ever recorded, was pressed on vinyl by 'ABC Rock Radio Network / The King Biscuit Flower Hour' for radio play only (not for sale), including only 6 tracks.
This is the Full Concert taken from the ABC vaults: 11 tracks, including three unreleased songs.

I've made my own artwork. Great sound quality, like an official release.

01 - Wild Nights
02 - You're No Angel
03 - James
04 - Keeper Of The Flame
05 - Broken Dreams
06 - Heaven On My Mind
07 - Talk To Me
08 - Na Na Song
09 - Rescue You
10 - Hang Your Heart On Me
11 - Line Of Fire


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THE KAZU PROJECT feat C. FARREN & T. FUNDERBURK - Standing In The Wings (1985)

Born and raised in Tokio, after high school KAZU MATSUI moved to Los Angeles, studying music & philosophy.
Since the early eighties, he begins a musical venture as THE KAZU MATSUI PROJECT, recording & producing many good 'Adult Contemporary Music' albums, recruiting awesome session players like Steve Lukather, Robben Ford, Jeff Porcaro, Abraham Laboriel, Bill Champlin, Jennifer Warnes to name a few.

For his 5th recording, Kazu has called the best of the best: Chris Farren, Tommy Funderburk, Andrea Robinson, Dann Huff, Bruce Gaitsch, Greg Bissonette (check the personnel).
Chris Farren steals the disc with deep and soulful interpretations.
And Funderburk... simply one of the best voices in AOR history. In my top 10 of all time.
The songs: awesome pure eighties AOR fm-radio style.

I can't recommend you this album enough, a pleasure from start to finish.
One bad thing only: too short.
If you don't like this, you don't like AOR music.
Japan only release. Vinyl restored by myself.
A Must Have.
Highly Recommended.

1. Don't Look Back (lead vocal:Chris Farren)
2. Standing In The Wings (lead vocal:Tommy Funderburk)
3. That Girl (lead vocal:Chris Farren)
4. Desire [Short Road To Heaven] (lead vocal:C. Farren)
5. Doctor O'Mein (lead vocal:Tommy Funderburk)
6. Head Above Water (lead vocal:Tommy Funderburk)
7. Into The Nightfall (lead vocals:C. Farren & A. Robinson)

Produced by Kazu Matsui

Lead Vocals: Chris Farren, Tommy Funderburk, Andrea Robinson
Guitars: Carlos Rios, Dann Huff, Bruce Gaitsch, I. Noro, G. Geissman
Keyboards: Steve Wood, Martin Lund, B. Finch, Gery Stober
Pianos: Randy Waldman
Bass: Jimmy Johnson, Leon Gear, David White, Fredy Washington Jr.
Drums: Vince Colaiuta, Moyes Lucas, Gregg Bissonette
Percussion: Mike Fisher, Ed Mann
Shakuhachi (japanese flute): Kazu Matsui
Backing Vocals: Maxi Anderson, Marlena Jeter, Phillip Ingram, Darryl Phinnesee


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BENNY MARDONES and The Hurricanes - American Dreams (1986)

BENNY MARDONES and The Hurricanes - American Dreams
Here you have a little gem.
This unknown vinyl is part of the two "Syracuse only" albums recorded by BENNY MARDONES in the middle of the 80's.
Both records were released and distributed by BT Records (a small local concert promoters label) in New Jersey state only, especially in the Syracuse area, where Benny is the hometown hero (even today), outselling 'big' names like Bruce Springsteen from local charts.

Why a limited and local release only? There's a story to be told.
By '82, Benny was enjoying a great success with his top single 'Into the Night' , 3 LP's on the streets and a juicy deal with Polydor.
But... one day, messin' around in the studio with his friends, the duo ALESSI BROS, between drugs & alcohol, he shown to their mates his new song 'All for a reason', just recorded and ready to be released by his label as Benny's new single.
They say: "...What a great tune! let's do it!" Benny himself helped to arrange the song to fit the duo's style and then recording it.
Two weeks later ALESSI BROS released their own version of 'All for a reason' and become the duo's most successful hit single ever.
Mardones' label, infuriated, fired him immediately and canceled his ready-to-go own single.

Those were hard years to Mardones, fighting to kick his addiction to heroin.
However, both 'Syracuse only' (the other was called "Unauthorized") albums are excellent.
The man has an unique voice, style and feeling.
A true AOR icon, and personally, I think all his discography is essential to any fan of this beloved genre.

I will not explain how this album is, just get it.
Contains wonderful songs including a new version of the classic "Shelia C." (co-written with ROBERT TEPPER).
"The Fire Is Raging (Jam 99)" was recorded with members of LYNYRD SKYNYRD, a minor but cool shuffle song.

Excellent vinyl rip + artwork.

1 - (Love is just a) Heart away
2 - Way of the world
3 - Tonight
4 - Silent gun
5 - Sheila C. (new version)
6 - American dreams
7 - Still falling
8 - Fire is raging (Jam 99)

Benny Mardones: Lead Vocals, producer
Duane Evans: Guitar, producer
Arthur Neilson: Guitar
Mark Bosch: Guitar
Steve Galloway: Keyboards
Rennie Xosa: Bass
Dan Hickey: Drums
Lind Miller: Backing Vocals


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SEPTEMBER - Lines Are Falling (1984)

SEPTEMBER was a project of the Kirkland brothers Dale, Russ & Doug, all from a Christian family, that's why this band has a CCM background (CCM=Contemporary Christian Music).
But don't be scared if you're not religious, song lyrics are cool and the music is a wimpy and nice Lite AOR / Melodic pop-rock.

Lead vocals are shared between the bros, alternating their roles song by song.
This is their 3rd album, and overall sounds like classic commercial early 80's AOR bands.
The opener "Lines are falling" is a clear example of the above mentioned, a good female fronted AOR rocker that reminds me TANE CAIN solo album, while "Ready to live" is a beautiful candy-floss keyboard driven song with pounding drums.

Side B of this album only released on vinyl is better in my opinion.
Starts with "Never never", reminds me T. CAIN again, especially the vocal intonation and the amazing synths [Prophet 5].
"Somethin's comin" has a very good old style guitar playin' in charge of Scott Payne (lead guitars). Check this out... good pickin' !
But my definitive favorite here (altough all tracks are good) is "Hold your ground"... awesome song! Think PAUL DELPH + BENNY MARDONES and you got it, really good electric piano [Rhodes] playing too.

This record was requested by a reader in the 'REQUEST & FILL CORNER 2' section (NorthSwede this is for you!) and I had forgotten how good it is, long time no listening.
So I've decided to clean up the vinyl scratchs & clicks, and now sounds really, really good.
A true rarity (and a good one), hard to find, even between CCM collectors.
Don't miss it...

01 - Lines Are Falling
02 - Too Little Time
03 - Ready To Live
04 - Calling For You
05 - Night Song
06 - Never Never
07 - Somethin's Comin'
08 - You Don't Love Me
09 - Hold Your Ground
10 - Far From There

Dale Kirkland - Lead vocals, Percussion
Russ Kirkland - Lead vocals, Synth, Electric Piano
Scott Payne - Guitar
Chuck Kofahl - Guitar
Jim Bullard - Bass
Carl Albrecht - Drums

SEPTEMBER - Lines Are Falling

RUNNER (USA) - Runner (1984)

Don't confuse this RUNNER with the UK band under the same moniker.
These guys are from USA, and their sound is totally radio oriented AOR.

Self released indie miniLP, with strong influences of those years' popes; LOVERBOY, SURVIVOR, PREVIEW, etc.
Lovable harmonies, classy keyboards and good vocals.
The four songs are easy on the ears, with some pomp hints here and there, featuring the mandatory ballad as closing track.

A little short but catchy first half 80's collector's item, a recommended addition to your vaults, AOR freaks.

1 - Here it comes again
2 - Hold on to lose
3 - Maybe I'm right
4 - It should be easier

Kenny Jackson: Lead Vocals, Bass
Tony Rincon: Guitar
Russell Berkley: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Dean Finmark: Drums

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ONE TWO - Hvide Løgne (1990)

ONE TWO - Hvide Løgne
Female AOR band from Copenhagen, Denmark.
"One Two" consisted of the two lead-singers,Cæcilie Norby and Nina Forsberg and the guitar player Søren Bentzen (who also wrote most of the music) as stable members.

Their '86 self-titled enjoyed great success in local charts, getting massive radio airplay and 2 singles released.
To the next album, Søren decided to give the group a melodic rock&pop approach. Roxette was ruling the world...

I think they have achieved their goal, 'Hvide Løgne' sounds fresh and listenable, like a female Mr. MISTER or the stylized side of STARSHIP, and sometimes, the poppy version of HEART.
Mostly sung in danish language, the inclusion of some songs written in english denote the intention to enter the UK market.
They try it with the next and final album, but fails, and the group dissolves.
Nina Forsberg have since recorded some albums with her modern rock band, Cæcille Nordby has turned to a jazzy style.

For fans of melodic rock/pop AOR, with an emphasis of quality female vocals, 'Hvide Løgne' is a recommended listen.

01 - Det Er Sent Nu (It's Late Now)
02 - Den Bedste Tid (The Best Time)
03 - Jeg Ka' Gi' Hva' Du Vil Ha' (I Can Give You...)
04 - Hold Fast
05 - Hvide Løgne (White Lies)
06 - Cadillac
07 - Good Times-Bad Times
08 - Alt For Længe (Too Long)
09 - Flygtning (Fugitive)

Nina Forsberg - vocals
Cæcilie Nordby - vocals
Søren Bentzen - guitar
Henrik Poulsen - bass
Rune Olsen - drums
Frank Stangerup - keyboards


Monday, November 23, 2009

SANKT PETERBURG II - Enchanted, Bewitched (1996)

SANKT PETERBURG II - Enchanted, Bewitched
SANKT PETERBURG II was a melodic rock / AOR band born in the former Soviet Union in 80's.
This is their second and final album, featuring some cool songs (some not), sung in russian language. Check the tune below.

I will not dwell in my comments, because this polish journalist, Nicolo, did a complete and informative review (in english) about this band on his site:
Read more about this recording HERE.
And the band bio HERE.

A rarity...

01 - Russian Star
02 - A Step To Meet
03 - Enchanted, Bewitched
04 - Russians
05 - Forget Me
06 - Mystery
07 - Two Roses
08 - Rise Up!
09 - Sacred Love
10 - Hey, Country
11 - Fewer Words
12 - May God Protect You
13 - Bonjour, Madame!
14 - Remember These Years


Saturday, November 21, 2009

HAROLD FALTERMEYER - Top Gun score [unreleased] (1986)

As you may know, this is not a movie score music blog.
This will be the only one ever posted here, because it's special.
It belongs to the # 1 icon movie of the eighties, and remains unpublished.

Harold Faltermeyer's score couldn't have complimented the film any better.
His work defined the 80's style of action scoring, heavily synthesized, tuneful and rhythmic.
It was years ahead of everything in it's genre for the time.
This music score was the first to be performed and recorded DDD on the polyphonic 16 bit stereo Synclavier Digital Music System.

The project started jointly with Giorgio Moroder, with the idea to also compose catchy AOR / arena rock songs to complement the incidental music.
But Faltermeyer left the project (apparently due to differences with producer JB) and the Top Gun score incomplete. That's why never was released.
Some tracks were re-recorded for the film, but Harold's takes are far better.

I've made my own version of this score.
Sources vary; most of them from a very rare big Harold demo folder I own, containing true gems like rock&pop songs used in different OST and never released in any format, rejected scores, amazing demos and the aforementioned Top Gun unreleased score.
Also some tracks ripped (not by me) from the 5.1 DVD version of the movie.
Not included here any song / version present in the official V.A. soundtrack. Just the unreleased stuff.
As bonus, Giorgio Moroder's 'Radar Radio', the first song playing on the jukebox at the end of the film, song only appeared as b-side of the movie promo vinyl single 'Take My Breath Away' by the band Berlin.

There's a CD bootleg release of this soundtrack (german I think), but miss many songs.
Recently I've seen another double-boot on eBay, including my 'Radar Radio' rip! (posted in my AOR Treasures Vol.10 compilation).
Hope you enjoy my version, I didn't followed the movie's sequence, my tracklist order is just according to my taste.
Some track names may differ from the bootlegs, like 'Flying Again' = 'Get Back In The Saddle', 'New Mission = Mission Briefing', etc.
That's how they are labeled in my archives.

All tracks are original 320 Kbps files.
Artwork designed by me included.

01 - Opening Theme (2:39)
02 - MIG 28's (1:42)
03 - Viper's Dog Fight (2:08)
04 - Flying Again (3:20)
05 - Duke Mitchell's Story (1:09)
06 - Goose's Death / Goodbye Goose (1:49)
07 - Negative G Pushover (3:22)
08 - Who's Side Are You On / Never Again (3:30)
09 - Top Gun Anthem [film version] (3:45)
10 - Dog Fight #3 (2:38)
11 - Mighty Wings [instrumental] (1:40)
12 - Still Awake / Can't Sleep (2:07)
13 - Take My Breath Away [instrumental] (1:40)
14 - MIG's Dead Ahead (3:00)
15 - Flat Spin (4:26)
16 - New Mission (2:28)
17 - Memories (2:50)
18 - Great Balls Of Fire [demo] (2:33)
19 - Radar Radio [G. Moroder feat. Joe Pizzulo] (3:38)


Friday, November 20, 2009

STEAMROLLER - Dead Man's Tan (1994)

Someone requested some hard rock on this pages.
This swedish band has released a couple of albums, as far I know only published and distributed in UK, and now out of print.

Hard Rock (melodic) style, good riff fueled rockers and laid back acoustic ballads.
Best song: 'Minute By Minute', with a catchy melodic chorus.
Title track offers a sticky riffing, while 'Blue Light Lady' has AORish pretentions.
The ballads 'Flowers In Her Hair' and 'Absence' aren't bad at all.
But some fillers can be found. The cover of the classic 'Jailhouse Rock' is awful...

Anyway, a decent rarity, well played and produced.
Bassist Pontus Egberg later gained international success as part of LION'S SHARE and THE POODLES.

1 - Dead Man's Tan
2 - Back On The Stage
3 - Why
4 - Shotgun Wedding
5 - Blue Light Lady
6 - Jailhouse Rock
7 - Flowers In Her Hair
8 - It's Your Turn
9 - Minute By Minute
10 - Rivers Of Agony
11 - Absence
12 - Half A Bottle

Fredrik Jansson: Vocals
Paul Humble: Guitar
Pontus Egberg: Bass
Bo Sundberg: Drums


Thursday, November 19, 2009

JIM FOSTER - Power Lines (1986)

JIM FOSTER - Power Lines
Maybe you remember a later 70's - earlier 80's canadian band FOSTERCHILD. Especially their ''On The Prowl' album its a very nice fm oriented rock.
The group disbanded circa 1982, and founder member JIM FOSTER become artistic producer.
By '85, signed a contract with RCA for recording a solo album with the help of renowned canadian musicians like Paul Hyde, Marc LaFrance, Dave Pickell (BRYAN ADAMS, DARBY MILLS, GLASS TIGER), Doug Edwards (PAUL JANZ, FIRST SHOT), Daryl Burgess (DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH), and many more.

Musically, the album range from rockin' AOR tunes like 'It's Up To You', 'Where Were You' (my fav. song) or the midtempo 'Maggie', to catchy melodic rock tunes like ''Quicker Than The Eye' or the opener 'Dancin' On The Power Lines'.
If you like RICK SPRINGFIELD and eighties' canadian style, don't miss this.

Long time deleted and out of print, only vinyl, this is a pretty good rip (thanx totalaor!) from a rare bootleg CD edition, including artwork.
Still sounds fresh after 23 years...

01 - Dancin' on the power lines
02 - Saved by night
03 - Do it to me
04 - Maggie
05 - Quickier than the eye
06 - It's up to you
07 - X-ray eyes
08 - You've got my number
09 - Where were you

Jim Foster - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Doug Edwards, Vern Wills - bass
Dave Pickell, Scott Goodfellow - keyboards
Daryl Burgess - drums
Tim McGillveroy - percussion
Paul Hyde, Marc LaFrance, Nancy Nash, Lori Paul - backing vocals
and more...

JIM FOSTER - Power Lines

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SECRET ADMIRER Soundtrack (1985)

I don't post entire soundtracks, less even if it's available in stores.
But this one, requested by a reader, never was released on CD and of course, the vinyl is out of print. So censors: f@ck off.

Good movie, good songs.
Many can be found in the artists main albums, but I've left the vinyl rip as it is.
My expanded version contains the tracks that didn't appear in the official soundtrack, 'Opening Theme' by Jan Hammer and Autograph's songs heard throughout the film.

This record it's so hard to find, that even in the internet a small artwork photo can't be located.
So I made my own cover art based in the original LP sleeve I've seen some time ago (and didn't bought it :[ ).

01 - Jan Hammer - Opening Theme *
02 - Van Stephenson - No Secrets
03 - Tony Carey - The First Day Of Summer
04 - Kim Wilde - The Touch
05 - Don Felder - She's Got a Part Of Me
06 - Van Stephenson - You've Been Lied To Before
07 - Klymaxx - Meeting In The Ladies Room
08 - Nik Kershaw - You Might
09 - Rosemary Butler & Arnold McCuller - Just A Dream Away
10 - Timothy B. Schmit - Leaving It Up To You
11 - Jan Hammer - Finale
12 - Autograph - Take No Prisoners *
13 - Autograph - Deep End *
14 - Autograph - My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Isn't Me *

* Extra tracks


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

JEF SCOTT - Ten Stories (1986)

JEF SCOTT, guitarist and vocalist, had fronted various L.A. area bands during the 80's, most notably his own Jef Scott Group.
At the beginning of the '90s he was the leader of the band THE MEN, which released an album on a major label and spot a minor hit single.

This one (and only?) solo record from 1986 is an extremely rare album, as far I know, only pressed in limited copies as promo, but never released.

Jef's voice is warm and clear, as the whole album, very well produced by Bill Pfordresher (AMBROSIA).
The style is a friendly commercial american rock / AOR (altough I think he's an australian born), plenty of guitar (he was pleased to play everything he wanted), melodic and catchy.
If you like JIMMY DAVIS, TOM DeLUCA, and why not, BILLY CHINNOCK, this is for you.

As said, a rarity, requested by a reader.
Thanx RM for this one! I miss you amigo...

01 - One by one
02 - I want my city sleep
03 - Mega-millonaire
04 - You are the only one
05 - Relative to you
06 - Graceland
07 - Only you
08 - I'm only sleeping
09 - New found power
10 - It's not funny anymore

Jef Scott : Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Jay Schellen (Unruly Child, Hurricane) : Drums
Bryan Hitt : Percussion, Drums
Jeff Forehan : Synthesizer

JEF SCOTT - Ten Stories

Thursday, November 05, 2009

NORIYUKI MAKIHARA - Songs From L.A. (2007)

Noriyuki Makihara is a top japanese male pop artist, in the early 90's debuts as performer/songwriter in a local TV show similar to American Idol.
His songs ranked high in the Asian charts, and has managed to maintain a high level of popularity for almost 20 years.
Many has been translated into other languages, like the ones featured in this compilation, some kind of an 'occidental tribute'.

La crème de la crème of the WestCoast scene was recruited for the recording, like Tommy Funderburk (AIRPLAY), Bobby Kimball & Joseph Williams (TOTO), Jason Scheff & Bill Champlin (CHICAGO), Tom Keane, Michael Landau, Tim Pierce, etc.

Production and performances are top notch, a relaxing album to enjoy gifted voices and light westcoast/AOR/pop songs.
Japan release only.

1 - Bobby Caldwell: Answer
2 - Tommy Funderburk: Darling
3 - George Duke: Yes
4 - Jason Scheff: Love Letter
5 - Robbie Dupree: Under The Doogwood Tree
6 - Kim Carnes: It's Clear Sky Again Today
7 - Joseph Williams: You're My Angel Falling...
8 - Justin Andres: 'Cause You're My Treasure
9 - Bill Champlin: North Wind
10 - Timothy Durly: Home Sweet Home
11 - Bobby Kimball: Red Nose Reindeer

Keyboards: Tom Keane, Timothy Drury
Guitars: Michael Landau, Tim Pierce, Michael Konan
Bass: Lee Sklar, Noel Freeman, Justin Andres
Drums: Stephen Litrownik, Larry Williams
and more...


Saturday, October 31, 2009

MARIETTA - Main Artist

Marietta (Waters) wrote countless songs for pop artists for over 3 decades and has participated as vocalist and trainer in a diverse variety of groups.
In the 80's, with Harold Faltermeyer as promoter, she did the vocals on several of his songs composed for films.

Marietta released officially 2 singles only, one the title track from the film "Fire And Ice" (was a great success in the European charts), and "Born To Dance", impossible to find vinyl that I've been looking for for years.

Marketed as euro-dance artist, I think her style is rather rocker with a pop base in the production. Especially for her powerful voice and the attitude in the vocal interpretation.

As requested by a reader, I've compiled all her solo recordings as main artist (except "Born To Dance"), including the two pretty unknown contributions for a 90's soundtrack, plus a track from one of her performances as the Sergio Mendes Band vocalist.
This is a very nice compilation, mixing upbeat aorish Rock & Pop tunes with ballads.

Recently came out a self released CD (the 1st in her entirely career) with new stuff, but it's a R&B/soul material, far from her great 80's style.

1 - Fire And Ice [Feuer Und Eis OST]
2 - Thunder & Lightning [Fire, Ice & Dynamite OST]
3 - A Call From The Heart [Zeit Der Sehnsucht OST]
4 - Never Give Up (with C. Thompson) [Fire, Ice & Dynamite OST]
5 - Fire And Ice [Special Ski Dance Extended Mix]
6 - Together Against The Storm [Zeit Der Sehnsucht OST]
7 - Destination Unknown [Top Gun OST]
8 - Harley (with Sergio Mendes band)


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.12

The dozen.
Several requested tracks included in this one.
Many readers ask for a compilation containing only AOR tunes, but remember, this place is called 'Hard Rock' too, and I think this mixed bag works better, to pleasant a wide range audiences.
Here we go:

You And Me [Jetsons, The Movie]
For the first time in my compilations, a song sung by a woman as opener, and well worth it.
TIFFANY hit several pop singles in the charts at the end of the 80's, but this exclusive track for the movie is a portentous rocker, written by Steven McClintock, about whom we will talk later.

One Way Out [Caddyshack II]
Splendid song composed by the masters MARTIN PAGE and CLIF MAGNESS. Guaranteed. It can't fail.
Exclusive to this OST, perfectly vocalized by Eric.

Justice For One [Savage Streets]
Incredibly I've never included this great song in any volume so far. Can't be absent here. A Classic.
Part of the first Farnham's recordings outside his homeland, taken the Australian audience by surprise due the hard edged sound and strong beats, far from his usual pop side.
Ripped from a rare movie promo vinyl single only released in Australia.
Very good sound.

The Edge Of A Dream [Space Mutiny]
Song sent to me by a reader (go ahead and submit yours!).
Unfortunately the sound was not very good and various frequencies were missed, but thanks to a friend overseas I got another file in a very good quality, I've added some gain and brillance.
I must admit that I did not know this song / movie. I feel ashamed... how could I miss this magnificent AOR gem?
It turns out that McClintock is a well-known songwriter to Hollywood movies (including mostly the ones of "Jetsons, The Movie" OST).
I love this song. Thanks mhenders for the original file!

Moon & Stars [Sweet And Sour TV series]
Sweet And Sour was an Australian ABC soap opera which still retains loyal fans.
Chronicled the misadventures of a rock & pop band called TAKEAWAYS, I chose this song because although lacks guitars or skilled songrwiting, it's a great cheesy techie AOR.
Love these compressed 80's sounds ...

Rock It Out [Beavis and Butt-Head TV]
Beavis and Butt-Head was a great TV show (musically speaking) that often rescued from oblivion phenomenal songs from the past.
This is one of them, recorded in 1983, simple songwriting but effective, with scorching guitar riffs.
Original air date: November 3, 1994 - Season 5, Episode 5: 'Safe House'.
Nice forgotten rocker.

07 - RASCAL & Ricky P. Goldin
Ladykiller Theme [Another World TV series]
Ricky P. Goldin was one of the main actors in this cult TV series, he sings only in the intro here.
The real architects of many songs featured in the 90's episodes (including this one) were the female fronted band RASCAL, who curiously never released an official album themselves.
Taken from the band's demo (which contains several songs from the series), this is a very cool tune in the vein of HEART.
Heard in 'Ladykiller Explosion' episode, aired September 23, 1991.

Wasn't It Love [Caught]
Rarity, both the song and the movie, of course; a Christian plot.
Composed by John & Dino Elefante, leaders of the newly assembled (1987) band MASTEDON.
Never included in any of the 2 great discs recorded by the group in subsequent years.
Very rare.

Turn It Up [SpaceCamp]
SpaceCamp music score was in charge of the prolific and multi Oscar winner John Williams, Joseph's father, who gave his son the chance to include some songs in movies.
This track never was released in the official OST nor in any solo record by Joseph.
Unreleased and good.

Castles On Quicksand [California Dreams TV series]
Another TV series that has rabid fans even today.
The story revolved around a rock band: DREAMS.
Most of the cast actually sang the tunes and played all the instruments.
This is my soundtrack favorite, penned by none others than the trio PAUL BLISS / PETER BECKETT / STEVE KIPNER (monster team!), and performed by actress Heidi Lenhart, in the role of "Jenny Garrison".
Great song.

Prince Of Darkness (movie version) [Prince Of Darkness]
The shock-rock master wrote this obscure (lyrically) piece for the a-must-watch horror flick directed by another master; John Carpenter.
A different version that the one appeared in his "Raise Your Fist and Yell" album.
You can hear the unforgettable Donald Pleasence speaking in the middle...

Let Love Conquer The World [Die Railers]
The German Rock Project was a german hard rock musicians' reunion to record a benefit song, like Doro, Michael Voss, Dennis Ward, Joal, Axel Rudi Pell, etc..
The single had considerable success, and was featured in an episode of the TV ZDF-Series "Die Railers", besides the official soundtrack, released in Germany alone.
A torch song.

Rock With Me [Mottomo Abunai Deka]
Japanese movie regarded by the public as 'the most dangerous criminal film'.
In the west became known as "Yokohama City Cops Story", directly to home video in a few countries.
The soundtrack has enormous AOR songs, being this one the best in my opinion, beautifully performed by Gail.

Out For The Count [The Karate Kid III]
The third part of the "Karate Kid" saga is the least known, as also is its soundtrack, hard to find.
Requested by a reader, WINGER recorded this track exclusively for this film.

Killer On The Loose [Rocktober Blood]
Another request from a reader.
Rather unknown movie following a common plot of that time as "Hard Rock Zombies", "Black Roses" or "Trick or Treat". That is, a hard rock band struggling against Devil's influence.
The soundtrack (by the band SORCERY, David Glen Eisley was their earlier frontman) remains unpublished.
This track is heard in the film during one of the group's live performances, whose lead singer is the murderer ...

Killer [Savage Streets]
I could not leave out from this compilation series another great song only appeared in the "Savage Streets" soundtrack.
A pump up monster action movie track, a real killer.

17 - HEART
The Heat [Up The Creek]
One of the many 'College Campus' juvenile films of the 80's.
Not the best, but the soundtrack is really good, mostly filled with exclusive songs, as 'The Heat' by HEART, not easy to find.
Requested by a lot of people in these pages.

Speedster [Sleepwalkers]
I've watched this movie in time when it was released directly to home video 'round here, and was impressed not only by the CGI morph (one of the first films to use it) but also by the great guitar instrumentals that were heard throughout the movie. Even recorded all parts on tape.
But never labeled the cassette with the performer's name, nor the movie title.
Some time later, listening to the tape, I cursed myself for not taking notes.
A couple of years ago, in a second hand record store, a front CD cover trigger my memory instantly...my missing movie!
Hoping some of these awesome instrumentals were included, turned the jewel case and... Bingo! ...MICHAEL THOMPSON!
Isn't a great song in the songwriting department, just some kind of 'jam', but come on, the man has a unique guitar tone and hot sweepicking, and maestro Colaiuta gives you a drum lesson for free...
Just get a pair of headphones to enjoy this one.

That's all folks, closing credits... THE END.

+ 70 min, artwork.
Note: most of tracks are vinyl-only release and very rare, all were cleaned, decrackled and declicked to get the best quality possible.

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.12

Monday, October 19, 2009

OLE (I'DOLE) EVENRUDE - Høy Og Mørk; De Beste (2005)

EVENRUDE is a norwegian musician/vocalist, which musical career starts at the beginning of the 80's with a song included in a local unsigned bands compilation.
At the age of 21, using the alias OLE I'DOLE, he released his first album “BLOND OG BILLIG”, sung in norwegian language.
His second; “POPAGANDA!” (1985), includes the song 'Ayatollah', banned in local radio stations due the controversial lyrics. Even the 7'' single was print without a cover picture.

Signed by a major label (RCA) and produced by Andy Scott (THE SWEET), the next album “IDOLATOR” (1986) features the hit 'X-Ray Specs', later recorded by the swedes SHA-BOOM and BAI BANG, and by ANDY SCOTT'S SWEET as well.
“THIS OLE TOWN” (1987), produced by Geoff Downes (ASIA, YES), contains Ole's biggest hit: 'This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us', a heartful ballad.

His final album (and the best of all by far); “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” (1989), is a true scandi-AOR / MR gem, featuring classics like 'Broken Heart', 'Desperado' and more, skillfully produced by maestro NEIL KERNON (STREETS, KANSAS, DOKKEN, MICHAEL BOLTON).

In the nineties, Ole become one of Norways' most important artistic producers / songwriters, working with rock artists such as WIG WAM, SWEDISH EROTICA, TONE NORUM, STAGE DOLLS, BAI BANG, A-HA, and many many more.

This 'Best Of' collection released in 2005, entitled "High And Dark" (Høy Og Mørk), embraces his entire discography including the earlier songs, but also the great stuff from the second half of the decade, plus songs only released as singles, and a new remix/recording of 'This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us'.
Norway only release, pretty hard to find.

01 - Det Va'kke Min Skyld *
02 - Hvis Jeg Var Gud *
03 - Framtidsskrekk *
04 - Space, Action, Sex Og Blo' *
05 - Heltene Er Trette *
06 - Sayonara (single only, 1984)
07 - Ayatollah +
08 - En Og En Er To +
09 - Ann-Helen +
10 - I Natt Er Verden Vår (single only, 1990)
11 - Nature (single only, 1986)
12 - Bad Times' Good For Writin' Songs #
13 - Take A Chance #
14 - This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us #
15 - Desperado =
16 - Make My Day =
17 - Broken Heart =
18 - X-Ray Specs (re-recording '89) =
19 - This Town Ain't Big Enough.... [New Version 2000]

* from BLOND OG BILLIG (1983)
+ from POPAGANDA! (1985)
# from THIS OLE TOWN (1987)
= from ONE SIZE FITS ALL (1989)

Re-posted HERE

Sunday, October 18, 2009

BALANCE - In For The Count (1982)

Remastered + bonus

BALANCE - In For The Count
This is a re-post of the original thread: May 07, 2007
Link updated with the remastered version plus 2 bonus tracks, CDrip @ 320Kbps.

In the early 1980s there was a sort of superband that never got the attention they deserved.
The band was called BALANCE and featured the famous session musicians Bob Kulick on guitars, Peppy Castro on vocals and Doug Katsaros on keys.

Their music though was typical early 80s American AOR/Radiorock that should have been on top of the charts, because around the same time similar acts as SURVIVOR, JOURNEY and FOREIGNER scored massive hits while BALANCE had to split up after a couple of years because of the lack of success.

However, what remains are two albums that are a MUST for the AOR fan.
The lead vocals of Peppy Castro are a cross between Franke Previte (lead singer of Franke & The Knockouts) and Mike Reno (Loverboy).
Don't be scared by the year of release, this sounds like late '80 bands, brilliant and crisp production.

1 In for the Count 4:52
2 Is It Over 3:06
3 Slow Motion 4:26 (Awesome Track!)
4 Undercover Man 4:29
5 On My Honor 3:34
6 All the Way 3:39
7 Pull the Plug 3:41
8 Bedroom Eyes 3:56
9 We Can Have It All 3:44
10 Ride The Wave (bonus) 3:47
11 She's Alone Tonight (bonus) 3:09

Peppy Castro: lead and backing vocals
Bob Kulick: guitars
Doug Katsaros: keyboards, backing vocals
Chuck Burgi (Rainbow): drums, percussion
Dennis Feldman: bass

BALANCE In For The Count +2



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Friday, October 09, 2009

DOUGLAS - State Of Rock (1987)

Greek band, founded by the Douglas bros. circa 1983.
Classic second mid eighties AOR-rock sound, loud guitars, keyboards at-glance and strong rhythm section.
Very good vocals, since "Cornelius" is the alias of CRAAFT's vocalist Klaus Lulley. Yes, it is Klaus (a subject of discussion in various forums / blogs).

No fillers in sight, few songs in this album, but all goodies!
"Shout" starts with those amazing keys we love to hear, "Loner" is the best song ever written by the band, "It’s Late" is a perfect ballad.
No more comments needed, you must hear this little (indie) gem.
This is the second press of this vinyl (released in 1988), with 2 extra tracks.
Not easy to see anywhere, restored by myself for your listening pleasure.

1. Shout
2. Loner
3. It's Late
4. Reaction *
5. Turn Me On
6. Mirror
7. State Of Rock
8. Don't Let Them Die
9. Douglas Reprise *

* extra tracks

Cornelius — Vocals
Tony J. Conta — Guitars
Alex Douglas — Bass
Eliot Douglas — Drums
Chris Harris — Keyboards

Updated HERE

Monday, October 05, 2009

BOMBAY (USA) - Bombay MiniLP (1984)

BOMBAY gets life from FORTNOX and ZIGGURAT members,
two interesting early 80's pomp-rock bands.
The idea was to break into the growing AOR - Melodic rock wave of those years.

The five tracks of this miniLP follow that line, in the vein of WHITE SISTER, BOOTCAMP and the rockin' side of DAKOTA.
Straight rockers with prominent guitars, good synths and correct vocals.
This was an indie release, but pretty well produced by the expert englishman Eddie Offord (Emerson Lake and Palmer, YES).
The disc won an MTV award for promotion, but
the project was disbanded soon after, this is their one and only recording.

01 - Don't Say These Things
02 - She Can't Behave
03 - Your Gone
04 - On Your Knees
05 - Rumble Tonight

Rick Fowler - Guitar, Backup Vocals
Russell Daniel - Drums, Backup Vocals
Joel Shipp - Vocals, Bass Guitar

BOMBAY (USA) MiniLP (1984)