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OFF THE EDGE - Just Another Band (2000)

Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

Off The Edge is not the typical AOR / Melodic Rock band, nor their style, nor their origin.
Formed in South Africa from the ashes of the local metal band 'Boss' by multi-instumentalist Peter Hanmer and bass player Tony Groenewald, featuring female vocals and guest musicians to complete the line-up.

The band started to play in the early eighties, their first album (self-titled 1983) was a pretty good AOR/Pomp based song collection, but ain't was until 1998 that they went into studio to record the follow up 'On The Run'.
It sold enough copies to pay for the next album: 'Just Another Band'.
In Peter Hanmer own words:
"The CD is entitled 'Just Another Band' and reflects the way that this type of music is regarded in South Africa (this is definitely not the place to be for melodic rock, we're just another band). It consists of seven vocal tracks and three instrumentals.
The instrumentals were influenced by bands such as CAMEL, ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, etc. while the seven vocal tracks were all sung by our new vocalist Judy Marshall-Schutte, and range from BOSTON influences to RTZ, SANTANA, TREVOR RABIN, WITNESS, VENUS AND MARS, etc."

The band has a personal style, without record label commitments, pressures or market targets, recording, producing and releasing their albums independently, so they let the music flow at their own pleasure.
The album opens with 'Addiction', a heavily influenced APP instrumental that quickly leads into 'Do You Believe' which is a catchy pop-rock track.
Next up is 'Cheating', a modern Santana-style tune with nice guitar.
Things slow down a little in the calmer lite-AOR songs 'Don't Play Games' and 'In My Heart', a sweet ballad featuring the soulful piano-playing of Tony Groenewald.
'Face In The Crowd' is a bouncy uptempo AOR rocker with a catchy chorus and a great riffing from Peter. The best album song in my opinion.

Both instrumentals 'Ovation' and 'Blueprint' are the highlights of this recording, inspired landscapes plenty of good ideas, and beautiful playing.
'St. Aidans' is a nine minute epic, which is about a beautiful church in Grahamstown, South Africa. Peter: 'There is a statue of an angel outside the church that overlooks the church. At night the statue casts a shadow through the stained glass windows onto the walls inside the church. This song tells the whole story.'
This track wouldn't be out of place on any of Alan Parsons conceptual albums. Another highlight.

I am not completely convinced with the new vocalist Judy Marshall-Schutte, but the quality of the songs, the excellent production and the general concept, worth to give 'Just Another Band' repeated listens.

Recorded & produced at Foxglove Sound Studios, Johannesburg, South Africa by Peter Hanmer between April 1999 and March 2000.
Out of print CD.
Thanks troynew!

1. Addiction (instrumental) [3.09]
2. Do You Believe [4.38]
3. Cheating [3.50]
4. Don't Play Games [3.51]
5. In My Heart [5.26]
6. Face In The Crowd [4.34]
7. Creatures Of Mood [4.25]
8. Ovation (instrumental) [7.54]
9. Blueprint (instrumental) [4.14]
10. St. Aidans [9.08]

Peter Hanmer: guitars, keyboards, programming
Tony Groenewald: bass, piano on 'In My Heart'
Judy Marshall-Schutte: vocals
and some guest musicians...


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ALAN FRIEDMAN - The Test Of Time (2002)

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I usually try to give you my own impressions of each album posted.
But this time I'll let the Album Notes do the job, describes this great disc better than anyone:

" Alan Friedman is neither your typical guitarist nor your typical Certified Public Accountant.
Having grown up listening to groups like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and TOTO, and guitarists like Jimi, Clapton, Beck, Bolin and (his bar-none favorite) Steve Lukather, he's fused his love of guitar and passion for hook & groove vocals tunes into this 1st CD entitled "The Test of Time."

Alan and his CPA firm are immersed in the music industry, which has allowed Alan to recruit some close friends (and clients) on this CD.
Bobby Kimball (lead singer of TOTO), Robbie LeBlanc (BLANC FACES), bassist Doug Wimbish, drummer Will Calhoun and vocalist Corey Glover (all of Living Colour fame), drummer Jonathan Mover (Alice Cooper, Joe Satriani), keyboard maestro Vince DiCola, singer Bernard Fowler (background vocalist of The Rolling Stones, Living Colour), bassist Dave Stoltz (Dickey Betts Band), guitarist Jeff Pevar (David Crosby, Graham Nash, Joe Cocker, etc.) and many others have contributed their musical talents to this varied CD of classic rock, funk-rock, rock&pop, americana and power ballads.

The tunes on this CD were all written by Alan, with a few collaborations with keyboardist / songwriter Jeff Batter and one tune with singer Bobby Kimball.
Amazingly, this CD was recorded during non-tax-season months over the past 7 years in Alan's basement studio, and mixed at NYC's Skyline Studios by ace-engineers Fran Flannery (Fuel, Aerosmith, Creed) and Danny Bernini (NRBQ, The Power Station, Mary J. Blige).

This CD has already created a "buzz" in Japan and Europe (due mostly to Alan's relationship with members of Toto), with the U.S. fans following right behind.
Check out this CD; you'll think twice about accountants ".

Alan's homage to DEEP PURPLE career on "Who Do You Think We Are?" is awesome, with astonishing vocals by Robbie LaBlanc.
Do you like LIVING COLOUR? (I love them) ... well, "Voodoo Love" sounds like a 'Vivid' album outtake.
"Lakelear Meltdown" must be listen with headphones, a lovely tribute to the Rock N' Roll history.
And more... it's always a pleasure to listen BOBBY KIMBALL singing good songs. Check "Nearly Down The Road"... WOW! rocks!

Indie release, unknown and too good to be true...
Highly Recommended

1 - Side By Side
2 - Who Do You Think We Are?
3 - Voodoo Love
4 - Someone To Blame
5 - Real Bad News
6 - The Test Of Time
7 - Land Of Hate
8 - That Dress
9 - Nearly Down The Road
10 - Love Won't Take You Down
11 - Grinding
12 - Back In My Arms
13 - The Prognosis
14 - Lakelear Meltdown

Lead Vocals:
Bobby Kimball (Track 1, 9)
Robbie LaBlanc (Track 2, 6, 8, 13,14)
Bernard Fowler (Track 3, 7)
Sallt Eckels (Track 4)
Paul Lombardo (Track 5, 10)
Corey Glover (Track 11)
Jeff Batter (Track 12)
Guitars, Production & Direction: Alan Friedman
Additional Guitars: Jeff Pevar, Bryan LeMar
Drums: Jonathan Mover, Will Calhoun, Chris Ryan
Keyboards: Vince DiCola, Jeff Batter, Mark Tannenbaum
Bass: David Stoltz, Doug Wimbish, Ron Bienstock
Percussion: Jennifer Lowe, Tony Genevive, Chri Ryan
Sax: Jimmy Biggins
Background Vocals: Bobby Kimball, Robbie LaBlanc, Brian LaBlanc, Gail Schiro, Nancy Battistini, Jeff Batter, Sally Eckels, Joel Eckels, John Hopkins, Tommy Russo, Paul Kombardo

and many, many more...


Monday, April 19, 2010

BEST OF THE BEST soundtrack

BEST OF THE BEST soundtrack
A friend ask me for this soundtrack a couple of weeks ago, and I was surprised to discover that it's pretty hard to find a good rip of this one.
Released on CD in 1990 only in Germany by FM Film Music, was soon out of print. Then small label AAO music did a re-issue in 2004 with different artwork.
AAO seems to be out of stock or defunct, so here it is; "Best Of The Best: Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture" ripped from CD.

The original album has 'Original Score Medley' as final track.
On the original CD version seems to be a print error on the album inserts, because tracks 8 & 9 are back to front, but 'Original Score Medley' still is the final track.
Well, I've re-arranged the tracklist as it appears printed. Works better this way in my opinion.

1 - Jim Capaldi - Tales Of Power
2 - Stubblefield & Hall - Best Of The Best
3 - Kirsten Nash - American Hotel
4 - Jim Capaldi - Something So Strong
5 - Golden Earring - The Devil Made Me Do It
6 - Golden Earring - Radar Love (Live)
7 - Charlie Major - Backroads
8 - Paul Gilman - Original Score Medley
9 - Charlie Major - Someday I'm Gonna Ride In A Cadillac


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SEDONA (USA) - Reel History [The Early Recordings] (1998)

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SEDONA is a californian Melodic Hard Rock band from Sacramento (not to be confused with the french AOR / westcoast band with the same name).
They have been played since 1989 and opened shows for bands like REO SPEEDWAGON, HEART, THE STORM, FOREIGNER, NIGHT RANGER.

The group has released 3 albums so far, being this one their 1992 debut, re-issued in '98 including a hidden bonus track.
As the title states, these are their early recordings circa 90-92, excellent polished demos produced by the leader Mike Fox and his twin brother Ray.
A very strong collection of hard-driving songs, like the opener 'Ain't Your Baby' in a GIANT style, 'Stranger' reminds me GARY HUGHES a lot, and 'Crimes Of Passion' sounds as many melodic hard rock classic bands from the early '90s.
'Keeping Me Waiting' is an original ballad far from the stereotypical cliché in this genre. The hidden bonus (taken from their debut EP) is also a beautiful semi-acoustic ballad with some alternative influences, but perfectly crafted.

All the tunes are good and pretty well produced for an independent release, and the versatility / musicianship displayed here it's really uncommon.
Any rockin' AOR / MHR fan will be pleased with this disc.

1 - Ain't Your Baby
2 - Stranger
3 - Leaving You
4 - Fire From The Sky
5 - Keila
6 - Crimes Of Passion
7 - Keeping Me Waiting
8 - Red Sky [hidden bonus track]

Mike Fox : Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Mark Holley : Lead Guitar, Vocals
Ray Fox : Bass, Vocals
Darrell Hale : Drums, Vocals

SEDONA (USA) - Reel History

Thursday, April 08, 2010

AOR TREASURES - The Japan Bonus Vol.2

Another Japan Bonus installment.
Vol.1 has become very popular and readers are requesting bonuses all the time in 'Request & Fill Corner' section.
Many are filled here (Thunder, Stone Soup, T'Bell, Cheap Trick) and I've picked a bunch of pretty good ones that deserved to be listened.

"Cold Heart" by 21 GUNS isn't the demo version appeared in their 'Nothing's Real' album, this is the finished track. Why they never properly released worldwide this great tune?
"Blood From A Stone" performed by CHRISSY STEELE is a lost gem co-written by MIKE RENO.
I love ACTION's "Forever" piano version (their album has a different cover in the asian edition), and the awesome "When The Walls Come Down" by STONE SOUP, in my opinion, the best song on the entire 'Spooge' album.

74 min, myself made artwork.

01 - Big Bad Wolf : Rock Someone
(Big Bad Wolf bonus) 1998

02 - Fair Warning : No Limit
(Brother's Keeper bonus) 2006

03 - Grand Illusion : Forever And For Always
(Ordinary Just Won't Do bonus) 2004

04 - Pride Of Lions : I Am My Father
(The Roaring Of Dreams bonus) 2007

05 - Action : Forever [Piano Version]
(Action bonus) 2007

06 - 21 Guns : Cold Heart
(Salute bonus) 1992

07 - Thunder : Love's An Easy Word To Say
(The Magnificent Seventh bonus) 2005

08 - Zeno : Together [Tommy Heart version]
(Listen To The Light remaster bonus) 2005

09 - TNT : Electric Dancer
(Intuition bonus) 1988

10 - Garbo Talks : Running
(Garbo Talks bonus) 1998

11 - Chrissy Steele : Blood From A Stone
(Magnet To Steele bonus) 1991

12 - Brian McDonald : Only You I Need
(Voyage bonus) 2003

13 - Cheap Trick : Big Bang
(Busted bonus) 1990

14 - Asia : Rise
(Silent Nation bonus) 2004

15 - T'Bell : Sorry Elaine
(Replay bonus) 2000

16 - Stone Soup : When The Walls Come Down
(Spooge bonus) 1997

Japan Bonus Vol.2

Monday, April 05, 2010

IF LOOKS COULD KILL Soundtrack (1991)

As said many times before, I don't post entire soundtracks.
But this one was requested so many in 'REQUEST & FILL CORNER' section ...
Considering it's out of print and the other day a close friend asked me for a link, here it is: "If Looks Could Kill" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.
Good songs (a couple to skip) and some artists non album tracks, exclusive to this OST.

01 - Glenn Medeiros - If Looks Could Kill (No Turning Back)
02 - The Outfield - One Hot Country
03 - Contraband - Loud Guitars, Fast Cars & Wild, Wild Livin'
04 - Trixter - One Mo' Time
05 - Kylie Minogue - Better The Devil You Know
06 - Robin McAuley - Teach Me How To Dream
07 - The Fixx - All Is Fair
08 - The Stabilizers - Maybe This Time
09 - Bang Tango - My Saltine
10 - David Foster - Michael Corben's Adventure