Saturday, August 16, 2008

ANDY MARTIN - Brother From Another Mother (2002)

I'm a big fan of instrumental guitar albums, why didn't post one here 'til now?
Andy Martin is a technique master in two hands tapping, and one of the 7-string guitars pioneers .
Unjustly unknown, 'cos it's one of today's greatest guitarists.
Very melodic and harmonious phrasing, sharp and clear, not only pyrotechnics, a lot taste and expressiveness.
He can shred when he needs to but knows when to show restraint as well.
The good thing is that the songs are short and not boring at all, great songwriting.
Title track with Scott Childress guest on vocals (good song!)
If you like Satriani & Vai solo works, must have it.
If you don't, give it a try, this is a very good hard rockin' album.

01 - Oh The Sky
02 - Seen It All, Had Enough
03 - Feed The Fire
04 - Brother From Another Mother
05 - Goodbye Cruel World
06 - The Devil's Dance
07 - Potato Shuffle
08 - Hand In Hand
09 - Taste The Pain
10 - Room #35
11 - Wishing Well Dreamer
12 - Where The Eagles Fly
13 - Something From Above
14 - Guided By Grace

Andy Martin: Guitars, Arrangements
Scott Childress: Vocals
Alex Salz: Production, Engineering


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

KADOMATSU T’s Songs from L. A. - The Ballad Covers Collection (2004)

Requested by a friend, this hard to find disk outside east-side-of-the-world.
Toshiki Kadomatsu is a well known name in Japan.
Multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, the man has a magical touch.
Several albums released in Asia, mostly westcoast oriented.
Kadomatsu called the genre's greatest "names" for these recordings of he's original material.
Delicate and ethereal, spotlessly produced.
His songs charged life with this monsters voices / musicians (check the personnel).
Some westcoast / AOR for the soul...

If you like it, try to find a copy...and BUY IT

1. Still, I’m In Love With You (vocals: Gino Vanelli)
2. Midnight Girl (vocals: Michael North)
3. You’re My Only Shinin’ Star (vocals: Jessica Sheely)
4. Desire (vocals: Richard Page)
5. August Rain -It’s Our Pure Hearts- (vocals: Lea Herman)
6. Distance (vocals: Jason Scheff)
7. It's Hard To Say Good-Bye (vocals: H. Kapono, E. Atuaia)
8. Mermaid Princess (vocals: Presley Tucker)
9. Let Me Say... (vocals: Brett Raymond)
10. Ramp In (vocals: Tommy Funderburk)

* Guitars: Jay Graydon, Michael Landau, Grant Geissman
* Bass: Abraham Laboriel, Jim Staut, John H. Wayne
* Drums: Todd Sorenson
* Keyboards: Tom Keane
* Sax: Eric Marienthanl
* Horns: Andy Suzuki
* Background Vocals: Jason Scheff, Joseph Williams, Marilyn Martin