Thursday, March 27, 2008

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.3

It's time for Vol.3

Starting rockier with a rare Night Ranger non-official album track, only featured in this soundtrack, and as B-side vinyl single. Essential for NR fans.

Alien is Alien, always good, from the bloody "The Blob".
A very good anthem from the "Saint Seiya" anime movie, very rare, rocks.
Another fantastic John(the soundtrack-man)Farnham song.

Delicious O'Banion tune from his 3rd album, Legend Of Eight Samurai soundtrack, only released in Japan.
Fabulous increscendo David Pack song blow your ears off.
Paul Sabu with an unknown track from the weird movie "Hard Rock Zombies".
The Eddie And The Tide one has a different mix (special for this film) than the original version of their debut album.
From the "Heavenly Bodies" OST, The Tubes with maybe the more commercial AOR track they ever recorded.
The great Chris Thompson with a catchy melody.
Price-Sulton contributes to The Allnighter soundtrack with one song from their rare album only released in Japan on vinyl.

A nice collection IMO, back to the 80's .
+ 70min of music, vbr, artwork.

01 - Night Ranger: Wild And Innocent Youth [Out Of Bounds] (Rare)
02 - Diana DeWitt: Hard Act To Follow [Night Of The Comet]
03 - Alien: Brave New Love [The Blob]
04 - Hironobu Kageyama: Dead Or Dead [Saint Seiya] (Very Rare)
05 - John Farnham: Thunder In Your Heart [RAD]
06 - James House: Flesh On Fire [Teen Wolf]
07 - John O'Banion: Hakkenshi's Theme [Legend Of Eight Samurai] (Rare)
08 - David Pack: Prove Me Wrong [White Nights]
09 - Paul Hyde & The Payolas: You're The Only Love [Real Genius]
10 - Paul Sabu: Cassie's Song [Hard Rock Zombies] (Rare)
11 - Patrick Swayze: Raising Heaven [Roadhouse]
12 - Eddie And The Tide: Running Wild,Running Free [Grandview,USA]
13 - Delta: This Time [Grandview, USA]
14 - The Tubes: Out Of Control [Heavenly Bodies]
15 - Chris Thompson: Never Turn Away [Dream A Little Dream]
16 - Billy Branigan: Hold On [Jumpin' Jack Flash]
17 - Charlie Sexton: Beat's So Lonely [Some Kind Of Wonderful]
18 - Honeymoon Suite: Bad Attitude [Miami Vice]
19 - Price-Sulton: No T.V. No Phone [The Allnighter] (Rare)
20 - Joe Lamont - Love Always Wins [Heavenly Bodies] (bonus track 2013)

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.3


Saturday, March 08, 2008

ARTICA - As It Should Be (1995)

MelodicRock / AOR band with pomp touches, Artica delivers the good.
With a singer ala Steve Augeri but more nasal, great choruses and pompous keys, we can find very good songs here like 'It's over', 'Fantasy' or the precious ballad 'Will Carry Me Home' (pay attention to the lyrics).
Originally released in '95, this is the remastered 2005 edition with a bonus and different cover.
Good stuff.

1. Take Me All the Way 3:35
2. It's Over 4:18
3. Your Love Will Carry Me Home 3:55
4. You're Still On Your Own 4:31
5. Hold On 5:30
6. Fantasy 4:07
7. Girl of My Dreams 4:45
8. Since Loving You 3:57
9. One Night 4:39
10. Let It Show 3:56
11. System Of Justice 4:54 (Bonus)

John David Martin: lead vocals
Robby Moore: keyboards
Mark Adrian: guitars
Roger Fiets: bass
Chuck Baker: drums, percussion

ARTICA - As It Should Be

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.2

After the succesful soundtrack compilation, now VOL.2, full of rarities, more 'rock oriented' than strictly AOR, but with the soundtrack-aorish spirit intact.

First track is the wonderful JOHN FARNHAM song, only featured in the movie "Savage Streets", awesome AOR.
CHRIS THOMPSON (wonderful voice) rocks with "It's Not Over" (also recorded later by Starship).
DWIGHT TILLEY's song from the rare "Heavenly Bodies" is a killer.
Both JOURNEY tracks are only available in their respective soundtracks (pretty rare ones).

"Armour Of God", sung by action-star JACKIE CHAN in cantonese language, its a very classy typical AOR-movie-song, pumpin' and thrillin' rythm, and rare as cold hell.
STUBBLEFIELD & HALL performs the main theme of "Best Of The Best", another fantastic tune and rarity.
Cult film "The Warriors" has an excellent DESMOND CHILD song, a very hard to find soundtrack.
GLENN JONES' "Youngblood" track is a delicious classic sound AOR, after repeated listens, it grabs in your head forever.
AUTOGRAPH make 'You Can't Hide From The Beast Inside' exclusively for this terror movie (Fright Night), you can't find this track in any band's album, a shame, because its a monster, and maybe the best song they ever recorded.
"National Lampoon's European Vacation" track "Back In America", by the short-lived band NETWORK (ex members of LE ROUX), features the lead vocals of Terry Brock (later in STRANGEWAYS).
Here you have the very rare original full version running 3:37 min.

A bunch of cool songs, very rare most of them, more than 70 min. of music, vbr , artwork, enjoy...

01 - John Farnham: Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way [Savage Streets]
02 - Chris Thompson: It's Not Over [Playing For Keeps]
03 - Rick Springfield: Don't Walk Away [Hard To Hold]
04 - Alan Jordan: Mind To Mind [Scanners II]
05 - Dwight Twilley: Keep On Working [Heavenly Bodies] (Rare)
06 - Journey: Only The Young [Vision Quest] (Rare)
07 - Jackie Chan: Armour Of God [Armour Of God] (Very Rare)
08 - Jimi Jamison: I'm Always Here [Baywatch]
09 - Red Rider: Lunatic Fringe [Vision Quest]
10 - Stubblefield & Hall: Best Of The Best [Best Of The Best] (Rare)
11 - Glenn Jones: Talk Me Into It [Youngblood]
12 - Desmond Child: Last Of An Ancient Breed [The Warriors] (Rare)
13 - Autograph: You Can't Hide From The Beast Inside [Fright Night] (Rare)
14 - Fiona: Let The Good Times Roll [Hearts Of Fire]
15 - Le Roux: Back In America [European Vacation]
16 - Mammoth: Can't Take The Hurt [A Nightmare On Elm Street 5]
17 - Mike Reno: Whenever There's a Night [Dream A Little Dream]
18 - Tom Kimmel: Tryin' To Dance [Disorderlies]
19 - Journey: Only Solutions [Tron] (Rare)

AOR TREASURES Soundtracks Vol.2 OPTION 2