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DAVID HALLYDAY - On The Road [French edition] (1992)

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French singer David Hallyday released two highly appreciated albums by AOR listeners ('88 True Cool, '90 Rock 'n' Heart) for their mixture of smooth melodies, romantic ballads and that typical eighties sound and production.
Extensive touring followed dues the success of both, and during a presentation in Paris Hallyday recorded "On The Road", a live album.

So, which is the purpose of posting here this one when the studio albums sound terrific?
First of all, it's the only album where David performs the beautiful song "Hold On Blue Eyes", penned by JD Souther among others and made popular by LaMarca for The Wraith soundtrack. Hallyday's version is excellent.
Second, these tunes sound simply great alive. Production is really good, where all the instruments come vital and crystalline, special mention to the guitars. I don't know who is the six-tring player but he rocks with a monster sound set-up.

And here's a third reason; this album is pretty hard to find. Even more this PolyGram France CD version seen in auction sites up to $ 300.
There's a 2-CD release by Scotti Bros. including some extra tracks from the show which are the less interesting (e.g. a drum solo). This tracklist works better featuring David's best songs.
However, one of these discarded tracks is among the more AOR songs in Hallyday's catalog; "Different Destinations". As I have both editions, it is included in the file as bonus.

01 - Ooh La La
02 - Vertigo
03 - Change Of Heart
04 - About You
05 - Hey Louise
06 - Move
07 - Listening
08 - To Have And To Hold
09 - Hold On Blue Eyes
10 - High
11 - Rock Revival
12 - Band's Intro's
13 - Tears Of The Earth
14 - Different Destinations (bonus)

Personnel not listed


Thursday, August 23, 2012

GOTTHARD - Anytime, Anywhere [Tour EP] (2005)

"Anytime, Anywhere Tour EP" was initially released as promotional material for GOTTHARD's 'Lipservice' album, one of the best of their career.
It mainly contains the second single fron that album, but also some juicy rare tracks to enjoy.

"Anytime Anywhere" is a crunchy mid paced hard rocker with a fabulous refrain. It's offered on 2 different editions here, being the "Radio Version" pretty different to the album version.
"In The Name" is the never released acoustic version of an old Gotthard tune (really fine version), while "Round And Round" and "Nobody Home" are non-album tracks as well, the latter only appeared as bonus in Lipservice's Japanese edition.

The three are really killer songs, speacially "Round And Round" which is incomprehensible that never has been included in any full length album, it's exclusive to this EP wich, by the way, has become scarce due the limited edition.
Rare and great Melodic Hard Rock tunes to collect.

01 - Anytime Anywhere (Radio Version)
02 - Anytime Anywhere (Album Version)
03 - In The Name (Live & Acoustic)
04 - Nobody Home (Non album track)
05 - Round And Round (Non album tack)

Steve Lee - Vocals
Leo Leoni - Guitar
Freddy Scherer - Guitar
Marc Lynn - Bass
Hena Habegger - Drums

GOTTHARD - Anytime, Anywhere

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

STEVE PERRY - The Reissue Bonuses & More...

STEVE PERRY - Reissue Bonus Tracks
This is a revamped post from years ago, per request.
Get it while it's hot...

Steve Perry... don't need to spend a single word about his greatness.
I assume you already have his 2 solo albums (if not, what are you waiting for?)
But perhaps many don't own the reissues with the bonus pack. Here they are, all of them, in all its glory (320K).

"For The Love Of Strange Medicine" adds:
* 12.If You Need Me, Call Me (from FTLOSM sessions. Re-recorded track of Perry's pre-Journey band, 'Alien Project').
* 13.One More Time (from FTLOSM sessions, outtake)
both tracks only appeared on 'You Better Wait +4' CDsingle, 1994.
* 14.Can't Stop (unreleased)
* 15.Friends Of Mine (unreleased)
both tracks from 'Against The Wall', the unfinished album recorded by Perry around '85-'86
* 16.Missing You [Live in San Francisco] (unreleased)

"Street Talk" adds:
* 11.My My My
* 12.Harmony
* 13.Makes No Difference
these 3 are demos from the unreleased 'Alien Project' sessions
* 14.Don't Tell Me Why You're Leaving ('Oh Sherrie' B-side)
* 15.If Only For The Moment Girl (from We Are The World)

To make it more meaty, I've added some extras:
* Don't Fight It [with Kenny Loggins] from Greatest Hits Expanded edition.
* Missing You [Writing Session version] from 'Missing You' CDsingle.
* You Better Wait [Single Version] from 'You Better Wait' CDsingle.
* I Stand Alone - from 'Quest For Camelot OST'
* A Brand New Start - from David Pack's 'The Secret Of Movin' On', beautiful duet, also co-written by Perry.
* Lost Angels [demo - For The Love Of Strange Medicine outtake]
* Let Go [demo - For The Love Of Strange Medicine outtake]
* Let It Rock You [rare demo, unknown session]
* Something To Hide [very rare old demo taken from Perry's old website]

All interesting tracks to appreciate the incredible 'evolution' of JOURNEY's one and only singer.
Specially the demos are pretty rare, I haven't seen 'Something To Hide' nowhere. The song is terrible, but listen the young Steve testing his falsetto...

Myself made artwork, click on the picture to preview:


Monday, August 13, 2012

ANGELES - Fade In Love (1991)

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This one was requested by a reader and I thought it's a good moment for some nice West Coast here.
"Angeles" was a project by Japanese AOR / Adult Contemporary guru Kaz Masumoto. With the help of Brett Raymond (Jay Graydon band) playing, arranging and producing, they went to California to record these tunes recruiting the cream of the L.A. Session musicians.

The tracks in the Angeles project are songs from popular Japanese AOR group Off Course (already presented in this blog, follow the tags & labels) re-arranged with an American West Coast AOR flavor and played by Michael Landau, Gregg Bissonette, James Kottak and Raymond itself among other luminaries of the genre.

The vocalists are top notch as well; Peter Beckett, Joseph Williams, Gene Miller, Tom Keane, etc. The songs are really good, mixing uptempos with ballads. Needless to say that production is first class.
Rare album only released in Japan.

01 - Prologue (instrumental)
02 - Don't Stop The Love (Peter Beckett)
03 - This September Feeling (Gene Miller)
04 - Eyes In The Back Of My Heart (Brett Raymond)
05 - Sleepless Night (Joe Retta)
06 - Endless Nights (Brett Raymond)
07 - Yes-No (Joe Retta)
08 - My Wish (Gene Miller)
09 - Sayonara (Joseph Williams)
10 - Epilogue (instrumental)

Producer: Kaz Masumoto
Guitars: Michael Landau
Keyboards, Hammond, Arranger: Brett Raymond
Drums: Gregg Bissonette, Richie Hayward, James Kottak
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa, Sean Yarbrough
Sax: Dave Koz
Strings: Peter Kent, Sid Page, Bob Becker
Lead Vocals: Peter Beckett, Gene Miller, Brett Raymond, Joe Retta , Joseph Williams
Background Vocals: Tom Keane, Marc Jordan, Brett Raymond, Joe Retta & Joseph Williams

ANGELES - Fade In Love 1991

Thursday, August 09, 2012

KRISTINE - The Works (demos & collaborations)

Who is this young girl making music like we're living in the '80s?
Kristine Yay or simply 'Kristine' is a Greek singer who has been writing and recording some good quality demos with a style and sound stuck in the glorious decade.
She has a terrific voice reminding you many eighties ladies such as Robin Beck, Diana DeWitt or Marietta, and her music seems coming out from a 1984 movie soundtrack.
We have tons of synths, compressed & electronic drums and that lovable sequenced patterns.

Seems many musicians lately have been aware of Kristine's talents, requesting her services as vocalist and songwriter.
Some of these collaborations are featured here, as the couple of tracks with electronic / synth artist Mitch Murder, the rocking project Shadoworks or the retro-'80s-popsters Flamingo Drive (check the electro percussion in their track and you will smile).
But what I really love is Kristine own material, all impregnated by pure '80s goodness. "The Danger", as example, is inspired by Top Gun. She has done as well an excellent cover of "Hundreds Of Tears", a song originally performed by Sheryl Crow for the 'Point Break' movie.
There's a bunch of videos in YouTube, check them : 
channel: kristineyaythatsme

The girl is recording her debut EP titled “Modern Love” to be released soon.
Meanwhile, get a ride in your DeLorean and enjoy her demos! (quite good sound).
This pure gold guys... I love this stuff.

01 - Kristine - For The Moment
02 - Kristine - Modern Love
03 - Kristine - A Summer Long Gone
04 - Kristine - Hundreds Of Tears (Point Break OST cover)
05 - Shadoworks feat. Kristine - Eyes Of Danger
06 - Mitch Murder & Kristine - Summer Of Heat
07 - Kristine - The Danger (inspired by Top Gun)
08 - Kristine - Everybody
09 - Kristine - (We Used To Listen To The) Radio
10 - Kristine - A Night Like Tonight
11 - Mitch Murder & Kristine - Alright
12 - Flamingo Drive feat. Kristine - Strange World

KRISTINE - The Works

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

HARTLESS - Full Circle (2007)

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HARTLESS is the brainchild of guitarist Greg Hart, known for fronting acclaimed Melodic Rock / AOR acts Moritz and If Only (together with Jackie Bodimead) during the eighties and nineties.
Hart also released two albums with project GTS, and later played in the Thin Lizzy tribute group Limehouse Lizzy. And that's exactly the orientation he wanted to take for Hartless; the Classic Hard Rock pioneered by the likes of Thin Lizzy, UFO and Kiss.

Joined by old friends and expertise veterans of the British scene Marty Wells (Quest), Ray Edmunds (Snowblind) and Michael Van Dell (Traitor, Monterrez), Hartless' debut "Full Circle" has a classic substance as it is filled with the authentic 'Lizzy' vibe.
So you can expect twin guitar melodies, strong bass lines and rhythmical drumming and percussion. The vocal duties are shared by Hart & Edmunds and they do it good. There's some Jackie Bodimead vocals as well contributing in the backing vocals.

The album opens with "Star", the more commercial track of the bunch with melodious guitars and a catchy chorus.
Then we have two Thin Lizzy inspired tunes (the motto here) in the melodic "Mona Lisa" and the hard rocker "Russian Roulette" sporting duelling guitars and vocals by Ray Edmunds (which sounds like a lot like Phil Lynott).
Next, Hart goes back to the '80s for a moment with "Who Do You Run To", a really good melodic rocker plenty of harmony vocals and an AORish chorus.
The disc follows with more Thin Lizzy influenced rockers such as "Girl" and "Boom Boom", while "Real World" has some The Sweet and Kiss touches, and "Love Her Let Her Go" is acoustic but uptempo.
Appropriately enough for a band so infused with the spirit of Thin Lizzy, a fine cover of "Romeo & The Lonely Girl" appears as bonus track.

"Full Circle" is a nice vintage rock album with good melodies and playing, nothing memorable (isn't the intention here), but honest and pleasant to listen.
So if you're into British Classic Melodic (Hard) Rock sounds this is for you.

01 - Star
02 - Mona Lisa
03 - Russian Roulette
04 - Who Do You Run To
05 - Real World
06 - Girl
07 - Love Her, Let Her Go
08 - Pushed To The Limit
09 - Take The Pain
10 - Boom Boom
11 - Romeo & The Lonely Girl (bonus track)

Greg Hart: Vocals, Guitar
Ray Edmunds: Vocals, Bass
Marty Wells: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mick Van Dell: Drums
Jackie Bodimead: Backing Vocals

HARTLESS Full Circle