Wednesday, December 10, 2008

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.6

I'm back. Was in the mood to make another movie rarities compilation.
Here we go:

01 - John Parr: Westward Ho [Go Trabi Go]Again the soundtrack-man providing an uptempo song for a film that had fairly success in central Europe during the Berlin Wall fall.
It concerns a trip in the famous 'Trabant', the flagship car in East Germany.
Item not appeared in any Parr disk, only in this rare OST.

02 - Valentine: Keep The Faith [Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead]
From the legendary recordings of Valentine (Hugo) first album, not included there, only here in this OST, excellent rocker.

03 - Alias: Into The Fire [Nintendo: White Knuckle Scorin']
Another 'non album track' from Alias with Freddy Curci, emotive tune with all the band's characteristic strength.

04 - John Parr & Marilyn Martin: Through The Night [Quicksilver]Magnificent mid-tempo ballad, perfectly performed by this pair of great voices. Very hard to find soundtrack, excellent vinyl rip.

05 - Roger Chapman: Eye To Eye [Fire, Ice & Dynamite]Pump up track exclusive to this soundtrack, typically 80's sound , a quite rare OST. Very good chorus and guitars.

06 - Joe Elliott: When Saturday Comes [When Saturday Comes]
Def Leppard singer penned and played two songs exclusively for this movie.
When Saturday Comes has Joe Elliott as artist (not the whole band).
Obviously sounds like a Leppard rocker... remember the good times?
Only featured in the film and in a Lepp single as b-side.

07 - Eric Martin & Friends: I Can't Stop The Fire [Teachers]The unmistakable Eric's voice in a rocker without concessions. Exclusive to this soundtrack.

08 - Paul Delph: North Shore Roar [North Shore]Never published in the soundtrack, ripped from DVD, hallucinogen surf-mix sound , strange percussion and Delph's angelic voice. Excellent stereo sound.

09 - Joe Walsh & Lita Ford: A Future To This Life [Robocop TV series]
From the soundtrack of the pretty unknown TV series, issued in the 90's.
However, absolutely 80's track , I love this song!
Appears in the end credits.
Of course, exclusive to this OST.

10 - Beth Anderson & Joe Esposito: Just Imagine [Thief Of Hearts]
Pure 80's heaven! With Miami Vice vibe, or the movie Manhunter, sequencers baby!

11 - Franke & The Knockouts: We The People [Rude Awakening]Rare Franke Previte tune, actually should appear in the credits as a soloist, far from the sound of the Knockouts, much more commercial and 'eightie', with a very catchy chorus.

12 - B.J. Thomas: As Long As We Got Each Other [Growing Pains]
Lovable TV series, typical American sound and the great BJ Thomas groove-voice, here accompanied by the famous Dusty Springfield. Great AOR track.

13 - Heeren Stevens: Trust [Highlander II]Unknown OST, although it contains good songs, like this, very much in Jim Steinman's (Meat Loaf) style or Bonnie Tyler.

14 - Mickey Thomas: Stand In The Fire [Youngblood]
Not necessary to describe Mickey's voice eh?. Tremendous.

15 - Lamont: Flesh To Flesh [Return Of The Living Dead Part II]
The prolific Joe Lamont has written numerous songs for films under different aliases.
Here performs a 'malicious' song, with all horror movies ingredients.
Very good track exclusive to this film.

16 - David Hallyday: Rock Revival [He's My Girl]
Rare Hallyday tune, non album track, that was released as a single only to promote the flick (and his rising career). Great rocker!

17 - Edward Van Halen: Donut City [The Wild Life]Eddie wrote soundtracks for several movies, this will be his first experience (in the following year wrote the score for his wife's TV film , then Twister, Sacred Sin, etc).
Here provides several instrumentals, this is the main theme.

70 min, vbr, artwork.

AOR TREASURES Soundtracks Vol.6 - option 1

AOR TREASURES Soundtracks Vol.6 - option 2