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JOURNEY - The Reissue Bonuses & More

JOURNEY Reissue Bonus

Per request, JOURNEY bonus now.
All these tracks has been released before, some in not so easy to find albums, but all released in one way or another.

"Frontiers" adds:
11 - Only The Young (Vision Quest soundtrack)
12 - Ask The Lonely (Two Of Kind soundtrack)
13 - Liberty (non album track from Time³)
14 - Only Solutions (TRON soundtrack)

"Raised On Radio" adds:
12 - Girl Can't Help It [Live Video Mix]
13 - I'll Be Alright Without You [Live Video Mix]

"Departure" adds:
13 - Natural Thing (Don't Stop Believin' b-side)
14 - Little Girl (Dream After Dream soundtrack)

"Escape" adds:
11 - La Raza Del Sol (Still They Ride b-side)
12 - Don't Stop Believin' [Live In Houston 81]
13 - Who's Cryin' Now [Live In Houston 81]
14 - Open Arms [Live In Houston 81]

"Trial By Fire" adds:
16 - I Can See It In Your Eyes (orig. Japan bonus)

Extra tracks:
12 - I'm Not That Way (Arrival Japan Version)
ARRIVAL US and SACD editions doesn't include this song. Only appeared on the Japanese edition.
14 - To Be Alive Again
This is ARRIVAL japanese bonus track.
03 - Remember Me [Extended Version] (Remember Me single)
'Remember Me' was originally written and performed as part of the soundtrack for Armageddon. It was the first song that Steve Augeri performed as the new lead singer for the band... but this is the extended version, not the one present in the OST, only appeared (as far I know) in a rare 1998 US promotional film 5-track CDsingle.

Myself made artwork:


Thursday, September 23, 2010

JOHN MILES BAND - Transition [Krescendo CD reissue] (1985)


Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

By 1984, John Miles' career was stagnant.
Thanks to his friendship with Jimmy Page, he signed a contract with the subsidiary UK label (now defunct) "Valentino" for a new album.
Although John had initially considered producing himself, it was decided to use Trevor Rabin, (formerly of YES and composer of the music for the film 'Armageddon').

The band flew to L.A. and began to recording.
Unfortunately, due to Rabin's commitments, only two tracks were laid down but what tracks they were!
"Blinded" is truly an epic track. It starts ballady before getting heavier as it builds up to the chorus where John delivers the lyrics with plenty of gusto and emotion. The tune is extremely powerful and has a great guitar solo.
The second Rabin-produced track was "I Need Your Love". This song is a superb midtempo AOR ballad filled with beautiful keyboards.

John and co. returned to the UK and teamed up with Pat Moran at the Rockfield Studios in Wales. While Trevor’s production added a lot of sophistication, Moran allows the band to shine through without the interference of too much slick production.
The album was to be called "Transition", credited as "John Miles Band" acknowledging that it was very much a group effort. While John appeared on the front picture sleeve with dictionary style printing, a group picture appeared on the reverse.

"Transition" is a really good rock / AOR album, totally commercial '80s american-radio style.
Miles sings with passion, and the band sounds fabulously tight: Bob Marshall on bass and monster drummer Barriemore Barlow (Jimmy Page, Whitesnake, Yngwie Malmsteen).
And contains 'Blinded', one of the best spine-tingling ballads of all time.
It is a crime that never has been released on CD.
This is a rip from the unofficial CD edition by Krescendo bootleg label.
If you own "Transition" on vinyl, grab the file anyway, includes the bonus b-side & artwork, and it's ripped at maximum quality (320K).

01 - Once In Your Life
02 - Run
03 - Blinded
04 - You're The One
05 - I Need Your Love
06 - Hard Time
07 - Who Knows
08 - Don't Lie To Me
09 - Watching Over Me
10 - Good So Bad (Bonus Track, b-side)

John Miles: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Barriemore Barlow: Drums, Percussion, Bckg Vocals
Bob Marshall: Bass, Guitars
Casey Young: Keyboards programming
Andy Thomas: Keyboards programming

Thanks Martin!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

FAITHFULL - Light This City (2003)

Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

FAITHFULL born in 2001 in Portugal by the hand of Rui Martins (guitars) and vocalist Sergio Sabino (ex - Evidence).
The first demo, including 13 songs, captured the attention of the sadly now defunct spanish record label Vinny Records.
Produced by Luis Barros (Tarantula), "Light This City" was released at the end of 2003 in Europe and Japan only.
The band gets surprised that the album quickly climb #11 in the Japanese "TOP50 Rock/HR/HM" chart.

"Light This City" is a melodic rock festival, nothing pretentious, just a trip back to the glorius days of fun, sing along tunes from the 1989-91 era.
Opener title track gives you the full picture: "Light This City, We're Dancin' This Saturday Night, Another Dancin' Smashin' Sleepless Night". Yeah!
The album sounds clean and punchy, like DANGER DANGER's Paul Laine era. In fact, Sergio Sabino is a blend of Jon Bon Jovi and Paul Laine, and sings without any accent at all.
But also the first HAREM SCAREM, BON JOVI, HARDLINE, FIREHOUSE, etc comes to mind.

Presenting a really cool mix of very well written catchy rockers with sweet ballads, sung / played cleanly and professionally produced, "Light This City" is maybe the best rockin' album arrived from Portugal so far.
Solid, consistent and enjoyable recording for fans of classic late 80's era melodic rock.
This is the original spanish label release. Added to the bunch the japanese bonus track "Cast Out The Rain".
GOOD stuff.

01 - Light This City
02 - There's No Turning Back
03 - All I Want, All I Need
04 - I've Been Missing You
05 - You Won't Get Me Now
06 - Ending Song
07 - Melting Your Ice
08 - Learned My Lesson
09 - Like A Shadow
10 - The Way I Am
11 - Way Back
12 - Please (European bonus)
13 - Cast Out The Rain (Japan bonus)

Sergio Sabino: Vocals
Rui Martins: Guitars
Nuno Ledesma: Bass, Backing Vocals
Sergio Ramos: Drums

FAITHFULL - Light This City

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

STEVE PERRY - The Reissue Bonuses & More

STEVE PERRY - Reissue Bonus Tracks
Steve Perry... don't need to spend a single word about his greatness.
I assume you already have his 2 solo albums (if not, what are you waiting for?)
But perhaps many don't own the reissues with the bonus pack.
Here they are, all of them, in all its glory (320K).

"For The Love Of Strange Medicine" adds:
* 12.If You Need Me, Call Me (from FTLOSM sessions. Re-recorded track of Perry's pre-Journey band, 'Alien Project').
* 13.One More Time (from FTLOSM sessions, outtake)
both tracks only appeared on 'You Better Wait +4' CDsingle, 1994.
* 14.Can't Stop (unreleased)
* 15.Friends Of Mine (unreleased)
both tracks from 'Against The Wall', the unfinished album recorded by Perry around '85-'86
* 16.Missing You [Live in San Francisco] (unreleased)

"Street Talk" adds:
* 11.My My My
* 12.Harmony
* 13.Makes No Difference
these 3 are demos from the unreleased 'Alien Project' sessions
* 14.Don't Tell Me Why You're Leaving ('Oh Sherrie' B-side)
* 15.If Only For The Moment Girl (from We Are The World)

To make it more meaty, I've added some extras:
* Don't Fight It [with Kenny Loggins] from Greatest Hits Expanded edition.
* Missing You [Writing Session version] from 'Missing You' CDsingle.
* You Better Wait [Single Version] from 'You Better Wait' CDsingle.
* I Stand Alone - from 'Quest For Camelot OST'
* A Brand New Start - from David Pack's 'The Secret Of Movin' On', beautiful duet, also co-written by Perry.
* Lost Angels [demo - For The Love Of Strange Medicine outtake]
* Let Go [demo - For The Love Of Strange Medicine outtake]
* Let It Rock You [rare demo, unknown session]
* Something To Hide [very rare old demo taken from Perry's old website]

All interesting tracks to appreciate the incredible 'evolution' of JOURNEY's one and only singer.
Specially the demos are pretty rare, I haven't seen 'Something To Hide' nowhere. The song is terrible, but listen the young Steve testing his falsetto...

Myself made artwork, click on the picture to preview:


Monday, September 20, 2010

HEARTLAND - Move On [Japan release] (2005)

HEARTLAND Move On japan release
Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

For those unfamiliar with HEARTLAND, this UK band formed by ex VIRGINIA WOLF vocalist Chris Ousey debuted in 1991 with their self titled AOR classic.
By the 3rd disc, monster guitarist / producer Steve Morris (EXPORT, SHADOWMAN) joins the band and since then they have released 8 albums together.
HEARTLAND has never really made a bad album but "Move On" is their best in my opinion on par with the debut. While the "ST" was a pure AOR - rock gem, this one is a perfect blend of furious melodic rock with classic AOR.
Ousey / Morris have written the best pack of songs since they're working as a team, guitars are sharp and big, production is tougher and tighter than ever, and the mix, done by Tommy Hansen (SKAGARACK, PRETTY MAIDS) in Denmark, is awesome.

In the japanese release tracklist is different, and I think the album works better.
"City Of Lights" starts with a rippin' guitar, and then big drums and powerful vocals. The song has a terrific chorus with huge backing vocals.
This is a high point on this recording, vocals are layered more than ever before in any Heartland album, the band took a special care into this department hiring a specialized vocal producer (Anders Rydhom) to this matter.
"Too Sad To Cry" is a high quality rockin' AOR and "Hell Or High Water" a moody midtempo with acoustic guitars, both in the vein the band's earlier albums.

Rocking hard again, "Hard Hearted Man" features a killer axe work, and Chris Ousey sounding like Mr. Big's Eric Martin here. Another monster chorus.
Now again a beautiful uptempo AOR : "Where Do We Go From Here", a keyboard dominated track in the true Heartland tradition, reminiscent of VIRGINIA WOLF albums or even JOURNEY.
"Getting Ready" is another highlight, classy british AOR sound, reminds me the bands CHANGE OF HEART and GRAND ILLUSION (vocalist from the latter, Peter Sundell, did backing vocals here).
"How Was I To Know" is a true AOR power ballad, Ousey shines here.
Instrumental "Redemption" may sound out of place, but it's a nice break, and you can note Morris' diversity playing this melody. He's really, really good with the 6 strings.
"Remember Me?" has tons of energy and a big wall of guitars.

As said, the overall sound is brillant, crisp, huge, and the band delivers some memorable choruses and enough hooks to keep you rocking.
One (if not the) best album of 2005 in this genre.

01 - City Of Lights
02 - Too Sad To Cry
03 - Hell Or High Water
04 - Hard Hearted Man
05 - Where Do We Go From Here
06 - One Fine Day
07 - Getting Ready
08 - How Was I To Know
09 - Take Me Alive
10 - Redemption (instrumental)
11 - Remember Me?
12 - Rotate (hidden track)

Produced & recorded by Steve Morris
Vocals produced & recorded by Anders Rydhom

Chris Ousey: vocals
Steve Morris: guitar, keyboards
Mathias Gregersen: bass
Rasmus Duedahl: drums
Additional Musicians;
Bjarne T. Holm: drums on "Getting Ready"
Peter Sundell & Per Svensson (Grand Illusion): backing vocals


Friday, September 17, 2010

MYDRA - Mydra [reissue 2005] (1988)

Mydra 1988 reissue 2005
MYDRA, German band based in Hamburg, recorded their self titled debut in 1987/8, and soon become out of print.
This is a very good melodic hard rock album with big arrangements, strong guitars and a couple of songs in the scandi-AOR style to die for.

First track "I've Got the Power" really got the power with the huge dual guitar / keyboard riff and the pompous arrangement. A monster song, with excellent production.
"Freeway Blues" is, imho, the weakest track of all, no bad, just plain hardrocker, but "She's No Lover" returns with the guitar / key duel magic.
Then "California"; yes, simple and basic, but one of my favs, with a melting raw riff.
"Love Killer" is a really good one, MYDRA sounds here like a mid-eighties american pop-metal band. Very cool.
The rockin' AOR of "Light Up The Sky" is almost radiable, with a very good chorus and backing vocals mix, nice vintage keyboard solo as well.
The instant winner "Double Dealer" is pure scandi AOR, keys, keys, keys!, and a huge chorus. Love this one.
Last track "Gone With the Wind" is another highlight, starts quietly, but the increscendo tempo explodes into a terrific chorus. First class arrangements, this is a great, great tune.

The excellent production and some killer songs have led to this album a cult status, also for the fact that it was impossible to find a copy.
I bring to you the finally remastered reissue released not so long ago, not so easy to find as well.
'MYDRA' still remains as one of my favorite german bands of the 2nd half of the eighties.

01 - I've Got The Power
02 - Freeway Blues
03 - She's No Lover
04 - California
05 - Love Killer
06 - Light Up The Sky
07 - Cold Blooded
08 - Fireball
09 - Double Dealer
10 - Gone With The Wind

Andre Martelli - vocals
Alic Stephen - guitars
Bernie Fintzen - keyboards, vocals
Jan Eckert - bass, vocals
Andy Feldhahn - drums


Monday, September 13, 2010

T'BELL - Replay (2000) [Japan release]

TBELL Replay japan bonus
Revamped post (more than 2 years ago) per request.

Patrick Tibell, studio engineer in Sweden, has been writing songs since the earlier '80s inspired by classic rock heroes.
Trained vocalist as well, began recording his own compositions in the nineties which become his debut "Replay".
Then it is not surprising the strong nostalgic feel of this album, neat classic catchy old style AOR full of keyboards.

"Do Ya" begins with a staccato keyboard-style like BON JOVI's 'Runaway' and instantly we know this gonna be a good album. Brilliant vocal harmonies on both verse and chorus that reminds me masters i-TEN.
"Send Her A Letter" honors FOREIGNER with a huge refrain and a vintage guitar solo.
"Illusion Of Love" is probably one of the best mid-tempo ballads of the new millennium. Stunning bridge and chorus, with hints of BOULEVARD and some ALIEN, specially the rhythm structure.
"Refugee" is a keyboard-piano heaven, LE ROUX comes in mind. Killer tune.

"I Wanna Remember" has a solid rhythm guitar, sounding more contemporary, like their compatriots TALK OF THE TOWN.
"Foolish Love" is an emotional TOTO - PLANET 3 flavored track, while "Lies In Disguise" has a groovy westcoast feel. Classic, classic, classic..
"Postman" ups the tempo again in a song with AIRPLAY or DAKOTA style, don't blame the lyrics, it's a joke according to Tibell's own words describing the song in a interview.
"Take Me Tonite" begins with a very catchy verse, featuring an impressive vocal harmonization.
"It's Only Love" can be described as the reincarnation of CHICAGO, sophisticated and polished ballad.
Japan bonuses are really good ones too, specially "Sorry Elaine" with an uptempo melodic rocking structure that reminds me HAREM SCAREM.

There's no weak song here, trust me.
Essential in your collection.
Highly, Highly Recommended

01 - Do Ya
02 - Send Her A Letter
03 - Illusion Of Love
04 - Refugee
05 - Always Pretending
06 - I Wanna Remember
07 - Foolish Love
08 - Lies In Disguise
09 - Postman
10 - Take Me Tonite
11 - Night After Night
12 - It's Only Love
13 - Sorry Elaine (Japan Bonus)
14 - Forever (Japan Bonus)

Patrick Tibell: vocals, keyboards
Roger Ljunggren: guitars
Ola Johansson: drums


Friday, September 10, 2010

THE JAMES PROJECT - Desert Bloom (1996)

Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

James Lawrence Berk is a gifted songwriter and arranger who has worked for numerous artists, commercials and films.
This background helped to locate top-notch musicians to crystallize his ambition: "The James Project", the recording of his own songs under his direction.
Besides, this is almost an 'unknown' B.E. Taylor solo album, as he carries most of the lead vocals here.

If you don't know about B.E. Taylor, the man has released 4 close to classic AOR albums in the eighties.
His vocal style is an amazing cross of Michael Bolton and Steve Perry , a truly excellent voice, clear and smooth.
The personnel includes ex members of Jonah Koslen, Three Dog Night, American Noise, Michael Stanley Band, Beau Coup, etc. Quality guaranteed.

Opener 'Love Is Forever' is a cool commercial song, a bit poppy but with a catchy chorus.
"I Don't Know How" is a good mid-tempo, followed by the warming "Can You Feel It", with a very good performance by Taylor.
But the real first monster track arrives with "Take Me To The River". Sounds like a song off THE STORM's debut, and B.E. like STEVE PERRY. Awesome track.

"Sorrow In Diguise" seems -at first glance- out of place on this album, but it's a really, really good tune, performed by Anne Cochran. She has a deep voice, and the song involves you into a tremendous groove.
"Tell Her I'm Home" is a pretty obvious ballad, but the unkown (to me) Gary Grimes sings well, very nice vocal timbre.
"Mend My Broken Heart" is a Benny Mardones' type song. John Salamon remembers me BJ Thomas at the mick. Maybe John Klayman's sax is too much present on the song for my tastes.

The following tracks are the best part of this recording: "Sooner Or Later" is a great duet, B.E. sounds almost exactly like MICHAEL BOLTON! (the good one).
"Matter Of Time" is gracious and sweet (another top vocal performance).
"Everything About You" steals the show, brillant AOR track. One of the highlights here. Guys, this is AOR.
Now, another pearl; "Take Good Care Of Her Heart" performed by BEAU COUP's leader, Frank Amato. It's great to hear him again. A BEAU COUP lost song! Excellent.
"Promised Land" is gorgeous, tell me if it doesn't sounds like a PRIDE OF LIONS / JIM PETERIK tune.

This is a criminally unknown album, one of the best 'projects' out there, soulful, cohesive and with terrific songwriting and performances.
Highly Recommended.

01 - Love Is Forever [Long Version] (lead vocals: B.E. Taylor)
02 - I Don't Know How (lead vocals: B.E. Taylor)
03 - Can You Feel It (lead vocals: B.E. Taylor)
04 - Take Me To The River (lead vocals: B.E. Taylor)
05 - Sorrow In Diguise (lead vocals: Anne Cochran)
06 - Tell Her I'm Home (lead vocals: Gary Grimes)
07 - Mend My Broken Heart (lead vocals: John Salamon)
08 - Sooner Or Later (lead vocals: B.E. Taylor & Sasha)
09 - Matter Of Time (lead vocals: B.E. Taylor)
10 - Everything About You (lead vocals: B.E. Taylor)
11 - Take Good Care Of Her Heart (lead vocals: Frank Amato)
12 - Promised Land (lead vocals: B.E. Taylor)
13 - Love Is Forever [Single Version] (lead vocals: B.E. Taylor)

B.E. Taylor: Lead and Background Vocals
John Salamon: Lead Vocals
Gary Grimes: Lead Vocals
Kevin Raleigh: Lead and Background Vocals
Anne Cochran: Lead and Background Vocals
Frank Amato (Beau Coup): Lead Vocals
Ed Sarley: Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Robert Fraser: Acoustic Guitars
George Sipl (American Noise): Keyboards and Bass
Andy Kubiszewski: Drums and Percussion
James L. Berk: Programming
John Klayman, Mike Lee: Sax
Oliver Hairston: Background Vocals
Donnie Iris: Background Vocals
Peter Hewlett: Background Vocals
Sasha: Background Vocals

Produced by James L. Berk


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

CINDY CRUSE - Small Town Girl (1991)

CINDY CRUSE - Small Town Girl
Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

Cindy Cruse began involved in music from the cradle.
The Cruse Family, a well-known evangelistic musical group, traveled all across the world, releasing 25 albums.
At the age of nine, she became the youngest licensed ASCAP songwriter. Since that time, she has written for and produced more than 100 album recordings.

Her previous disc 'The Edge' is a fine and sweet AOR album tingled with very nice melodic tunes.
When you take a look at the cover of "Small Town Girl", you may think this is in the same vein, or even more poppy.

"Small Town Girl" is mostly a gallop collection of songs, an original mix of power rock with heavy funk.
Also are present, of course, the obligatory ballads and mid-tempos.
Not your style? You better give this album a listen; it's original, refreshing, and has in it one of the best guitar players around: Jennifer Batten.
Maybe you remember Batten from Michael Jackson's Bad, Dangerous world tour, but she has released 3 excellent solo cd's and recorded on many albums (Jeff Beck, Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus, etc.)
Her guitar shines here, just check "What Is This World Coming To" or "Luke".

But this is a Cruse album. Let's talk about her.
Cindy's has a strong voice, and sings these songs with passion. Specially the ballads, "The Dream Will Never Die" remembers me Tone Norum.
Uptempo tracks are moving, syncopated and rhythm.
The 'new style' of this recording it's responsability of her husband, Tim Miner, who has co-written, played, produced, mixed, and engineered the album.
So, if you like Miner's solo career, you'll dig this one.
Also sounds in places like Margaret Becker, the aforementioned Tone Norum, and why not, Fiona.

I like "Small Town Girl" a lot, it's different, original, and has a terrific guitar work in it.
Extremely hard to find CD.

01 - Written In Red
02 - Say What You Mean
03 - Colour Blind
04 - Wonderland
05 - Way Over Your Head
06 - Interlude
07 - What Is This World Coming To
08 - I Wouldn't Trade It
09 - Luke
10 - The Wise
11 - The Dream Will Never Die

Cindy Cruse: Vocals
Jennifer Batten, Mark Stitts: Guitars
Tim Miner, Tommy Simms: Bass
Keith Carlock: Drums
Tim Miner, David Ebensberger: Keyboards
Art Wood: Drum Programming


TORINO - Customized (1988) [restored]

Another revamped post per request.

Unknown Melodic Rock / AOR band from Britain.
Never released on CD (a shame), this album become a hard hunt in underground AOR circles.
Strong rockers with incisive keyboards, powerful vocals and good production.
In the same ligue of Shy, Moritz, After Hours. Shy's lead vocalist Tony Mills did some background vocals.
Produced by the great Steve Morris (Export, Heartland, Shadowman) and released by the legendary label FM Revolver.

Seems this vinyl has many scratches on the surface, I've restored most the clicks and pops to make it more enjoyable.

1. Out Of The Fire
2. Steal My Thunder
3. Somewhere
4. Can't Let Go
5. Boys Go Wild
6. Call Of The Wild
7. Take My Heart Away
8. Dance Crazy
9. Never Surrender

Stuart Fox: Lead & Backing Vocals
Paul Diamond: Bass & Backing Vocals
Brian Dixon: Drums
Barry McKeown: Guitar & Backing Vocals
Steve Morris: Keyboards, add. Guitars
Tony Mills: Backing Vocals

TORINO - Customized

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

DAVID PACK - Anywhere You Go (1985) [remastered]

DAVID PACK - Anywhere You Go remastered
Revamped post (more than 2 years ago) per request.

Exceptional AOR classic from ex-Ambrosia frontman David Pack.
Astonishing songwriting quality (five songs himself, co-wrote the other five, title track with Mike Porcaro) and top notch production.
"Prove Me Wrong" was specially composed for the film 'Wild Nights' together with the great James Newton-Howard.

Just check the 'who is who' session musician credits. Finesse and class...
Great remastered reissue, essential in any collection..

1. Anywhere You Go
2. I Just Can't Let Go
3. Wont Let You Lose Me
4. My Baby
5. That Girl Is Gone
6. She Don't (Come Around Anymore)
7. Do Ya
8. Prove Me Wrong (from Motion Picture Wild Nights)
9. No Direction (No Way Home)
10. Just Be You

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, and everything else: David Pack
Bass: Mike Porcaro, Joe Puerta, Stanley Clarke, Will McGregor
Drums: Jeff Porcaro, Prairie Prince, George Perilli, John Robinson
Keyboards: Kerry Livgren, Jai Winding
Emulator: James Newton Howard
Programming: Hawk Wolinski
DMX Programming: Jamie Bernstein
Sax: Earnie Watts
Percussion: Burleigh Drummond, Paulinho da Costa
Background Vocals: Michael McDonald, James Ingram, John Elefante, Jennifer Holiday, Cynthia Rhodes, Joe Puerta, Kerry Livgren

DAVID PACK - Anywhere You Go [remastered]

CUTTING CREW - Broadcast (1986)

CUTTING CREW - Broadcast
English man Nick Van Eede was the vocalist of the interesting UK band The Drives.
In the early eighties, they took off for Canada, to a new life and a promising deal.
On tour, Van Eede meets Kevin Scott MacMichael. A few AOR collectors knows that MacMichael was the original guitarist of FAST FORWARD, the legendary canadian AOR act.

By 1984, The Drives disbanded and MacMichael left FF, then Kevin and Nick began writing songs and working on demos in Toronto.
Bass player Colin Farley joins the project, and introduced drummer Martin Beedle to the leaders.
Cutting Crew was completed, and soon after, at the end of 1985, signed to a UK major label.
The album debut was released in Europe with different packaging 8 months before it was released in America. For the American version, 4 tracks were slightly remixed.

Sure, you should've listened the hit "(I Just) Died In Your Arms" (the first U.S. #1 hit for their label) at least once but... what about the rest of the album?
"Broadcast" spanned 4 succesful singles, but the whole album is a really good piece, and remains unheard by the majority.
Unlike 'one hit wonder' bands, Cutting Crew was a superb team, based on Van Eede's velvet voice and MacMichael's great guitar sounds, but also on their skillful songwriting abilities.
I can't find a weak song here, ALL are terrific.

First class production, recording, mixing, mastering... this album is a true statement of the eighites.
Power Pop? New Romantic? Synth Pop? Lite AOR?... who cares.
Just great music, that's all.
Don't miss this one. Listen to it entirely.

01 - Any Colour
02 - One For The Mocking-bird
03 - I've Been In Love Before
04 - Life In A Dangerous Time
05 - Fear Of Falling
06 - (I Just) Died In Your Arms
07 - Don't Look Back
08 - Sahara
09 - It Shouldn't Take Too Long
10 - The Broadcast

Nick Van Eede: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Additional Keys
Kevin MacMichael: Guitars, Roland, Emulator, Bkg. Vocals
Colin Farley: Bass, Piano, Bkg. Vocals
Martin Beedle: Drums & Percussion, Bkg. Vocals
Pete Adams - Sequencer (2, 9)
Gary Barnacle - Sax (7, 8)
Pete Birch - Background vocals (6)
David Le Boult - Keys (3)
Jimmy Maelen - Percussion (3)
Chris Townsend - Bass (4)
Peter-John Vetesse - Keyboards
Peter Woodroffe - Fairlight (9, 10)


Friday, September 03, 2010

SAND & GOLD - Remember My Name (1997)

SAND & GOLD - Remember My Name
Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

Many of you may have noted in my blog that there are several albums of Pete Sandberg posted, one of my favorite vocalists.

Whether in ALIEN, SNAKE CHARMER, MIDNIGHT SUN or SOLO, his vocal ability allows him to sing in any style, and always fine.

In the mid-nineties meets Jonas Reingold, eventually became very good friends and wanted to start a band in which to focus their musical appetites: MIDNIGHT SUN.
While the group were put together, they decided to record a handful of songs composed long time ago, and would have no place into the new band style.
The duo baptized this project "SAND & GOLD" (Pete SANDberg & Jonas ReinGOLD).

"Remember My Name" is plenty of acoustic guitars and many Wurlitzer keyboards, being Sandberg's voice 'the big star' here.
Songs with great melody and emotion, in a typical scandinavian style, to name an immediate reference: BAD HABIT without electricity. Also american mid-western influence too.

Almost recorded by themselves, some friends contribute with their talents: Kee Marcello (EUROPE), with a cool electric guitar solo on track 11, Johan Glossner (GRAND ILLUSION) on guitars, and excelent session drummer Rasmus Kihlberg (LA Project feat Bill Champlin, PETER FRIESTEDT).

This is a very good album, solid and organic. Last track is simply fan-tas-tic.
First class recording quality, despite the self-managed production, and released by a small danish label.
Out Of Print and hard to find.

01 - Sha Na Na
02 - Remember My Name
03 - Fishermans Creek
04 - When the Hammer Falls
05 - The Place
06 - Brooklyn Town
07 - Never Walk Alone
08 - Patricia
09 - Back on the Road
10 - Searching
11 - Slow it Down
12 - Crossroads

Pete Sandberg - Lead and Backing Vocals
Jonas Reingold - Electric Bass, Contrabass, Keyboards, Additional Programming, Backing Vocals

Additional musicians:
Kee Marcello - Slide (Track 3), Guitar Solo (Track 11)
Johan Glossner - Guitar
Rasmus Khilberg - Drums
Tomas Pettersson - Organ, Piano, Keyboards, Wurlitzer
Inger Ohlén, Tomas Nyberg - Backing Vocals

Produced and arranged by Jonas Reingold