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RUBY FAITH & THE WAITING WORLD were one of those bands that criminally never made it big in the American scene. The core of this outfit formed by female singer Ruby Faith, guitarist Tom DaPrato and keyboard player Jay Ahl founded the group at the end of the eighties and seems they were quite popular in the New York State club circuit.
Several major labels were interested in the band's demos but a deal was never signed, and ultimately Ruby Faith & The Waiting World broke up at end of 1993. Anyway, during these years Faith & Co. professionally recorded their songs produced by themselves, and years later were available for purchase at on CDr.

It wasn't until the end of the nineties when German label AOR Heaven contacted the band and released "Ruby Faith & The Waiting World : Best Of" in 2000, including a selection of the group's best tracks taped between 1990-93.
Why this awesome band never got signed is beyond me, as the music of Ruby Faith & The Waiting World is pure class radio friendly Melodic Rock / AOR akin Heart, Robin Beck, Witness, Patty Smyth and alikes, not only in sound & style, but also in quality.

RUBY FAITH & THE WAITING WORLD - Best Of... (2000) back cover

You have here a bunch of killer - and no filler in sight - tunes plenty of hooks, melodies and catchy choruses.
Seriously, there's not a weak track on this album very well produced for an indie, and I decided to share it with you all because it's pretty unknown and really, really good material.
Taken from the original CD and ripped by my good friend SebasAOR at maximum quality (thanks mate!), "Ruby Faith & The Waiting World : Best Of" is a joyful listen for any classic late '80s American FF Melodic Rock / AOR fan.

01 - Rat Trap Town
02 - Beautiful Boy
03 - Wild Child
04 - Cry Alone
05 - Chains
06 - Fire In My Soul
07 - Hard Times
08 - White Heat
09 - The Right Move
10 - Time Flies
11 - All In The Name Of Rock

Ruby Faith: vocals
Tom DaPrato: guitars, bass
Jay Ahl: keyboards
Additional musicians:
Ronnie Fagan, Bill Funcheon: drums
Larry Roofberg, Ray Padavano, Bob Faulhaber: bass
Danny Windram: guitar
Tony Ungaro: percussion, production


EXPORT - Living In The Fear Of The Private Eye remastered (1986)

EXPORT - Living In The Fear Of The Private Eye remastered
Revamped post (as requested)

EXPORT was an obscure UK band that get signed by a major american label and released a self-titled in 1984.
For their second effort, both the label and the group decided to give the music and production an americanized sound.
"Living In The Fear Of The Private Eye" was recorded in Philadelphia during the end of 1985, with 'big name' producers/engineers Lance Quinn (Bon Jovi, Lita Ford) & Neil Dorfsman (John Farnham, Kiss) behind the desk, and top songwriting contribution by Bob Halligan Jr.

The result was a terrific collection of commercial (yet riff-driven) melodic / rockin' AOR songs, plenty of great choruses and catchy hooks, sounding american but retaining the typically british stamp.
The mastermind / guitarist of this band was no other than the talented Steve Morris, who later will enjoy success a part of HEARTLAND, SHADOWMAN, NEWMAN, GRAND ILLUSION, etc.

In the same ligue as their contemporaries STRANGEWAYS or RIO, Export never got the luck they truly deserved, being dropped by the label soon after this recording.
This vinyl is very hard to find and become a collector's item, but time makes its justice, and was recently released on a remastered cd for the first time.
That's why I am revamping this old post, don't miss this one.
Highly Recommended

1. Living In The Fear of The Private Eye
2. No Escape
3. Runnin' Back (For More)
4. Airwaves
5. You Make Me Wanna
6. Closer To You
7. Tear Me Apart
8. Summer Nights
9. Can't Say No

Harry Shaw : Lead Vocals
Steve Morris : Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Bkng Vocals
Chris Alderman : Bass, Bkng Vocals
Lou Rosenthal : Drums, , Bkng Vocals
George Wallace : Keyboards

EXPORT Living...

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ESSENCE (NY) - Essence [unreleased] (1980)

ESSENCE (NY) - Essence [unreleased] (1980) front
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ESSENCE was active in the tri-state area, NY rock scene since the half of the Seventies to 1982. This was the previous band for vocalist / guitarist Bruce "Butch" Papa, also known as "Dartanyan" before founding Cinema, the group previously featured here on the blog.

Essence's music is strongly influenced by classic progressive bands like Kansas and Styx, both at the peak of their popularity around those years. But we can hear as well a hard rock / pomp touch, a fusion that novel bands such as Journey or Roadmaster were developing at the same age.

ESSENCE (NY) - Essence [unreleased] (1980) back

Essence entered the studio to record their own songs in 1980, and although it is all solid material, a record deal never surfaced. The group continued playing with success but after some line-up changes, Essence split in 1982.
This is an extremely rare material from my vault, never released. The sound quality is really good, including some little artwork myself made.

1 - Child Of My Own
2 - Holdin' On
3 - Out All Night Again
4 - Pretenders
5 - Hurts From The Last Time
6 - No Warning
7 - Matty
8 - No More Rain

Bruce "Butch" Papa - lead vocals, guitar
Gary Grill - bass, vocals
George Tebbitt - guitar, vocals
Rich Bifulco - keyboards
Rich Lang - drums, vocals

ESSENCE (NY) [unreleased]