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STAN BUSH & VINCE DiCOLA - BotCon '97: The Concert (1998)

STAN BUSH & VINCE DiCOLA - BotCon '97: The Concert (1998)
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AOR legend Stan Bush and keyboard maestro Vince DiCola have been part of the mythical 'Transformers; The Movie" soundtrack.

Since 1994, Transformers fans and collectors celebrate yearly 'The Official Transformers Collectors Convention', briefly known as BotCon.
Featured BotCon guests are usually involved in the creation of Transformers media in some respect, whether as voice actors from the animated series, writers from the comic books, musicians, etc.

For the 1997 edition, it was prepared a special 2 CD set of the original movie soundtrack, the first containing tracks from Stan Bush's 'Call to Action' album, and the second the whole music score composed by DiCola.
There was also a live concert featuring Bush and Vince DiCola accompanied by seasoned musicians, performing songs and compositions from the movie.

STAN BUSH & VINCE DiCOLA - BotCon '97: The Concert alt cover
alt. cover

The show never was officially released, despite being recorded with great audio quality. There's many bootlegs circulating including extra tracks taken from the score or Bush's studio albums.
But this file is the real deal: only the Live songs in one package, directly from my vault.
A Collector's item, rare and really good stuff. Get it pronto while it's hot...

01 - Attack On The Shuttle (live) [2:31]
02 - The Touch (live) [4:50]
03 - Dare (live) [8:39]
04 - Death Of Optimus Prime (live) [5:06]
05 - Unicron's Theme (live) [2:50]

Stan Bush - Vocals
Vince DiCola - Keyboards
Rocket Richotte - Guitars
Matt Bissonette - Bass
Derek Hilland - Drums


SAPPHIRE EYES - Demo (2008)

SAPPHIRE EYES - Demo (2008) Alyson Avenue
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The Swedish project SAPPHIRE EYES born in 2007 from the ashes of Alyson Avenue and Second Heat. The mastermind of the band is keyboard player Niclas Olsson, member of both acts.

The first idea was to pick a female vocalist, but after some rehearsals the decision for male vocals came to mind. Thomas Bursell (singer on the one and only Second Heat album, released in 2004) took the mic.
Alyson Avenue's former members Thomas Löyskä, Tony Rohtla and Fredrik Eriksson were asked to join, and they recorded this bunch of songs in 2008.

So this professionally recorded 4-track demo with a pre-production quality is basically Alyson Avenue with male vocals: sweet and clear Scandi AOR.
Sapphire Eyes has been put on hold for a while as Alyson Avenue has reunited and recently released a new album. But I'm sure there will be a full length album soon.
Meanwhile, enjoy these cool songs from a promising project.

01 - This Love This Time (I Want It)
02 - I Want You To See Me
03 - Price For Life
04 - Lay Down In My Arms

Thomas Bursell (Second Heat) - Vocals
Niclas Olsson (Alyson Avenue, Second Heat) - Keyboards
Thomas Loyska (Second Heat, Alyson Avenue) - Bass
Tony Rohtla (Bai Bang, Alyson Avenue) - Guitar
Fredrik Eriksson (Alyson Avenue) - Drums
Anette Blyckert (Alyson Avenue) - Backing Vocals


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STREETHEART - Dancing With Danger [bootleg CD 2010] (1983)

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Streetheart was one of the seminal bands of the Canadian AOR movement. Formed by keyboard player Daryl Gutheil and bassist Spider (Ken Sinnaeve), the band gained considerable success at the beginning of the eighties in North America with their albums achieving platinum status.

Frehley's Comet recorded their own version of 'Dancing With Danger', while in 1992 Neal Schon's Hardline recorded the Streetheart song 'Hot Cherie' for their album 'Double Eclipse'.
Streetheart's career was a 5-year rush, sharing stages with Chilliwack, Styx, Kansas, Aldo Nova, April Wine, Rush and more.

"Dancing With Danger" was the band's first recording in the US, and the last before disbanding, due conflicts with management and the label.
This is a 'Pasha Production', headquartered in Los Angeles, with music strategist Spencer Proffer (Quiet Riot, Shooting Star, Heart, Kiss) behind the desk, so expect a clear and a bit Americanized sound here.
For starters, Streetheart's style is similar to Loverboy, not strange as Paul Dean was part of the band in the earlier days, even recording on the 1st disc.

But as said, although "Dancing With Danger" retains the classic Canadian AOR roots, this album has a more American sound.
We have commercial catchy tunes with abundance of keyboards, sizzling guitars and the appealing raspy vocals of Kenny Shields.
All tracks are really good, being my favorites the jumpin' AOR of "You're Not The Only One" (which was the first single), the rockin' title track, the ultra melodic "Comin' True" (where they sound as Autograph) and the early '80s sounding "Midnight Love".

Incredibly, "Dancing With Danger" remains as the only Streetheart album still not pressed on CD.
This is the bootleg CD released in 2010 with a different (inexpressive) artwork and changed tracklist, which oppositely, works better than the original in my opinion.

STREETHEART - Dancing With Danger original cover
original vinyl artwork

For this bootleg, the transfer from vinyl was done decently, anyway, I have enhanced the levels a bit and cleaned some noises.
Additionaly, the bootleg CD features "Too Hot To Stop" in its single version, a better one, with much more keyboards. So I have included the original album version (not my rip) as bonus.
I guess you won't find a better version of "Dancing With Danger" than this one.

01 - Dancing With Danger
02 - Comin' True
03 - You're Not The Only One
04 - Don't Let Her Leave You
05 - Midnight Love
06 - Underground
07 - Too Hot Too Stop
08 - Night Writer
09 - Leave Me Alone
10 - Have It Your Way
11 - Too Hot To Stop [different version]

Kenny Shields - Vocals
Daryl Gutheil - Keyboards
Spider (Ken Sinnaeve) - Bass
Jeff Neill - Guitars
Billy Carmassi - Drums

STREETHEART - Dancing With Danger

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VON ROSEN - Someone Like You +1 [single] (1987)

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Von Rosen was a Swedish duo comprising the talents of Magnus Rosen and Peter Sandberg (Madison, Alien, Midnight Sun). They recorded and released back in eighties a couple of singles in the best Scandi - AOR tradition.

"Someone Like You / Time" was the last one (the other single can be found HERE), featuring stellar contributions by Mats Olausson (Glory, Yngwie) and Goran Edman.

In short; truly great rockin' AOR tunes of the best Scandinavian pedigree.
There's a vinyl-rip circulating amongst collectors, but with many clicks and skips all over.
This one was made by me, cleaned and restored for your listening pleasure, including artwork.
Love this stuff.

01 - Someone Like You
02 - Time

Peter Sandberg - Lead Vocals
Magnus 'Von' Rosen - Bass
Session Musicians:
Mats Olausson - Keyboards
Per Alm - Guitars
Bengt-Ake Andersson - Drums
Goran Edman - Background Vocals

VON ROSEN - Someone Like You +1 - NEW LINK

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26 WEST - I Can't Believe (1999)

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26 West is the songwriting team of Canadian Danny Boyle (vocals) and Portland, Oregon born Barry Aiken (keyboards).

Coming from two successful musical backgrounds, Barry's music appears on network and cable television programs such as NFL Films, Party of Five, Wheel of Fortune and The History Channel. In addition to the national release of '87 'Sky High', the Westcost / AOR cult album with the group Flight 7, and being member of Gino Vannelli's band.
Danny's music has kept his voice heard on the airwaves throughout the Northwest region for years with his act KID, touring clubs, colleges and recording.

"I Can't Believe" is their one and only album, an Adult Contemporary collection of songs with an eclectic mix of smooth Westcoast AOR, Rock&Pop and Classic Rock.
It's a gentle, easy listening CD, driven by Aiken's modern and classic influenced keyboards. Danny Boyle vocals are pretty convincing for the most part, specially on the slow tunes, which abound here.
A pleasant listen, released independently and not easy to find these days.

01 - Only One
02 - This Time Once More
03 - Only Time Will Tell
04 - Say You Will
05 - I Can't Believe
06 - So Faraway
07 - Everybody Knows
08 - When I Close My Eyes
09 - Runaway
10 - Where Can I Go (To Fall In Love)

Danny Boyle - Vocals
Barry Aiken - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Cal Scott - Guitar
Jeff Leonard - Bass
Sandin Wilson - Bass, Guitar
Danny Schauffler - Horns
Mike Snyder - Drums, Percussion

26 WEST - I Can't Believe