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TIMOTHY LEWIS - Listen To What I Say [unreleased] + The Offering EP

TIMOTHY LEWIS - Listen To What I Say [unreleased] + The Offering EP
This material was requested some time ago and it's a true rarity. Finally I found it buried in my archives. I'm talking about vocalist TIMOTHY LEWIS' solo material, recorded for promotional use only.
Timothy Lewis started in the middle '80s as session vocalist, recording commercials and working as vocal coach. Meanwhile composed his own songs and was part of several bands.

All tracks on the CD "Listen To What I Say" were recorded during the Nineties, only distributed to management agencies, record labels, etc.
One copy ended in Mike Walsh's hands - founder of Melodic Rock / AOR group Departure - when the band was looking for a new frontman. Timothy Lewis then joined recording lead vocals & contributing songwriting to the really good album Corporate Wheel (2003) .

The songs on "Listen To What I Say" are lovely '80s AOR tunes with a melodic rock feel, very well recorded & produced despite of being promo material.
Lewis owns a terrific set of pipes with a wide range, really smooth, and with a color & style very much in the Steve Perry / Journey style.
One of the tracks ('Who Will Love This Child') is a demo recorded by Lewis around the era, also found in my vault.

TIMOTHY LEWIS - Listen To What I Say [unreleased] + The Offering EP

As extra I added the EP recorded by Timothy Lewis in 2009 (less hair, same talent) alongside guitarist Andy Lucyshyn, musically more contemporary oriented with a strong CCM sentiment in the lyrics as both are part of a religious ministry.
The EP "The Offering" only was available as digital download.

This "Listen To What I Say" promotional CD was given personally by Lewis to a friend of mine (thanks troynew, where art thou?) and it's extremely rare. Some tracks surfaced on the now mythical & legendary (remember those days?) one of the pioneer websites from the beginning of Internet.
Collectors item.

Listen To What I Say (Promo CD 1999/2000)
01 - Listen To What I Say
02 - Feelin' That Way
03 - Young Dream
04 - Hold U 2 Night
05 - I Surrender
06 - That's How Love Goes
07 - Given So Much
08 - Haley
09 - Who Will Love This Child (bonus track)

The Offering EP (2009)
01 - All I Am
02 - You Are Saved
03 - Never Alone
04 - Let Go
05 - Hold Me Close To You

TIMOTHY LEWIS Listen To What I Say [unreleased]

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

EDIN / ADAHL - Big Talk (1989) [Swedish reissue]

EDIN / ADAHL - Big Talk (1989) [Swedish reissue]
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

Comprising a pair of brothers - Bertil & Lasse Edin / Frank & Simon Adahl - Swedish combo EDIN / ADAHL started as band in the late Seventies.
Their first self-titled album appeared in 1980 with Swedish lyrics and a poppy style plus some light progressive touches, but the band developed their sound to a West Coast feel in successive albums influenced by American bands from the genre.
Additionally, they started to record two album versions; in English and their native language.

EDIN / ADAHL was a band with a religious background, and with the raising popularity of CCM in America most of their albums - the English versions - were released in the USA.
The polished sound of the band plus the pristine record production - similar quality when compared to secular albums - gave EDIN / ADAHL a considerable success among American listeners.

Released in 1989, "Big Talk" is EDIN / ADAHL's more 'American' album, both in sound & songwriting style, and their strongest effort overall.
Here, the band feels focused, straight to a mainstream direction and with a pristine production to appeal US adult radio / charts.
Unfortunately, despite of being released in America by the biggest CCM label at the moment (Refuge), "Big Talk" suffered of poor distribution. Certainly, a pity, as most tracks own the potential to had become hits in the AC charts.

EDIN / ADAHL - Big Talk (1989) [Swedish reissue] back

Songs like the dynamic poppy opener 'Going Back', the catchy 'Wider Than The Ocean', the slightly hi-tech title track or the excellent ballad 'Lonely Without You' have a sound the easily could be compared with Mr. Mister or Chicago finest moments.
Very smooth vocals by Frank Adahl, stylish instrumentation and as said, top class production are the key of "Big Talk", a sure delight for fans of this genre.
This is a rip of the Swedish reissue from some years ago, not sure if remastered, but sounds fabulous.

01 - Going Back
02 - Missin' You
03 - Wider Than The Ocean
04 - Man Of The Street
05 - Big Talk
06 - Mystical Moments
07 - Write It On The Wall
08 - Utopia
09 - Lonely Without You

Frank Adahl - Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
Simon Adahl - Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Bertil Edin - Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Lasse Edin - Keyboards, Vocals

EDIN / ADAHL - Big Talk (1989) [Swedish reissue]

Saturday, June 11, 2016

LITTERER - Rock This City (1987)

LITTERER - Rock This City (1987) front
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

Formed by family members, LITTERER rocked the South Dakota area during the '80s recording this "Rock This City" LP in 1987. It was released on a small label, but the band was truly professional.
Not only they had a great image, wardrobe, stage design, etc, but also (apart from being solid musicians and composing good songs) the production on this album is above the standard for an indie band.

Often compared with the first Danger Danger - perhaps due to Tom Litterer's similar vocal timbre to Ted Poley - to me their brand of melodic hard rock is more edgy (twin guitar attack) and they throw in some lovely Pomp AOR flourishes all over.
Indeed opener 'Ghost Town Park' sounds a bit like Danger Danger, but next title track 'Rock This City' is harder showing Litterer's bite, with some classy pompy keyboards all over.
'Lost In Time' has some Dokken on it, 'No More Lies' is more melodic, then midtempo ballad 'Romancing The Night' has more substance than the typical songs in this vein.

'Rock On Through The Night' delivers more hard rockin' (reminds me a Stryper song), mid-paced 'Broken Hearts' has a very cool guitar interplay, 'High Roller' indeed rolls with a good rhythm, and closer 'City Lights', starting with popmpy keys, develops into another effective Dokken-esque rocker.

LITTERER - Rock This City (1987) back

Only released on vinyl, Litterer and this "Rock This City" are good examples of the extensive talent and huge amount of solid bands that flooded the US scene during the '80s.
Requested by a reader, I thought this was a fitting post to this blog as we needed some rocking stuff here. This is a 192Kbps vinyl-rip (not mine) but very well done, pretty clean.

01 - Ghost Town Park
02 - Rock This City
03 - Lost In Time
04 - No More Lies
05 - Romancing The Night
06 - Rock On Through The Night
07 - Broken Hearts
08 - High Roller
09 - City Lights

Steve Litterer - guitar, vocals
Dave Litterer - drums
Tom Litterer - bass, lead vocals
Carleen Litterer - keyboards, vocals
Brent Estlund - guitar, vocals

LITTERER - Rock This City (1987)

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

HERLAND - One Small Step (1995) + bonus

HERLAND - One Small Step (1995) + bonus full
Requested by a reader

HERLAND, a five-piece band from the U.S. Northeast (not Canadian as some websites say) is made up of the three Herland brothers Frank, Scott & John, all with many years of experience in the music business including radio, television and commercial recordings. They have supported over the years many major acts such as White Lion, LA Guns, Gary Cherone from Extreme, etc.

In the mid-Nineties the bros. released independently their self-produced debut “One Small Step”. Their style has many influences, mostly American Melodic Rock, with a guitar driven sound and pretty good vocal arrangements / harmonies.
“One Small Step” is a really cool album, but I don't understand the ridiculous prices (over $ 100) of this CD at Ebay. Surely because it's a collectors piece and out of print.

HERLAND - One Small Step (1995) + bonus - back

I have featured here on the blog several years ago a promo copy distributed before the official release. Now, as requested, here's the full “One Small Step” album, plus 3 extra tracks recorded by the band later.
Very Rare.

01 - Find Your Way
02 - Why-O-Why
03 - Swept Away
04 - Would You Be Mine Tonight
05 - Totally Used
06 - Sleepin' Beauty
07 - Let Me Know
08 - Take Your Time
09 - Stand In Your Way (bonus)
10 - She Says Lonely (bonus)
11 - Bleed (bonus)

John Herland - Lead & Back up vocals
Frank Herland - Keyboards, Guitar, Back up vocals
Scott Herland - Guitars, Back up vocals
Mike Fazio - Bass
Arthur Mambuca - Drums, Percussion

HERLAND - One Small Step (1995) + bonus

Sunday, June 05, 2016

APRIL WINE - Walking Through Fire [remastered 2009] (1985)

APRIL WINE - Walking Through Fire [remastered 2009] (1985)
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

Canadian rockers APRIL WINE never received the recognition they largely deserved. The band released a solid bunch of hard rockin' albums during the seventies. By 1984 April Wine technically already broken up, but they needed one more record to fulfill their record company contract.

So "Walking Through Fire" is essentially a bandleader / lead singer Myles Goodwyn solo album under the April Wine moniker. Still with guitarist Brian Greenway by his side and with three session musicians, the album was recorded in 1985 and released in the US, appearing in their native Canada the next year.
"Walking Through Fire" is a true exponent of the mid-Eighties commercial radio-friendly poppy AOR plenty of keyboards / synths, compressed drums and choruses larger than life.

We have wonderful AOR numbers as the superb "Wanted Dead Or Alive" (my absolute favorite) penned by talented Jeff Cannata, the magical "Hold On" and the Foreigner sounding "Love Has Remembered Me" (which was a minor hit single).
I always loved "Anejo". It does not features a guitar solo, buy a synth solo instead with a mysterious 'alien' feel. It's a great song, and pure '80s.
There's very good melodic rockers as well on the bouncy "Wait Any More", the urgent "Open Soul Surgery" written by Jim Vallance and sonically akin Loverboy, and the broken "All It Will Ever Be".

APRIL WINE - Walking Through Fire [remastered 2009] (1985) back cover

If you are a fan of real '80s AOR, "Walking Through Fire" is a must have in your collection.
This is remastered 2009 version (which sounds wonderful) released in Canada by Unidisc Music, also featured in the British BGO label The April Wine Collection 4 CD box set of the same year.

01 - Rock Myself To Sleep
02 - Wanted Dead Or Alive
03 - Beg For Your Life
04 - Love Has Remembered Me
05 - Anejo
06 - Open Soul Surgery
07 - You Don't Have To Act That Way
08 - Hold On
09 - All It Will Ever Be
10 - Wait Any More

Myles Goodwyn – vocals, guitars
Brian Greenway – guitars, vocals
Jean Pellerin – bass
Daniel Barbe – keyboards
Marty Simon – drums

APRIL WINE Walking Through Fire remastered