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ALPHA - ST (1987)

ALPHA - ST (1987)
Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

ALPHA was an american band previously known as Aura which used to have guitar wizard Chris Impelliteri as member.

Their one and only release is this obscure and pretty hard to find self-titled album from 1987. Despite the indie production and being a trio, the record sounds terrific with a polished sound.

After an intriguing and spacey intro, "Throwin' It All Away" blast your speakers with a classy mid-eighties uptempo AOR melody. A really good song with great keyboards all over, solid guitar licks and a catchy chorus. The interesting thing about this band is the harmonic dual lead vocal job of Jon Quinn and Brad Sandlin.
"Run For Your Life" is a pompy-AOR track featuring a marvelous parping keyboard line. Love this kind of songs.
"To The North" has some lite-prog influences, with a style / sound that brings to mind '80s Rush. I really like the way guitars are played, somehow like a violin with a dense tone, very melodic and original.
The canadian style is also present on "In Sync", but this time definitely AOR. Again, lots, lots of keyboards and clever arrangements. You never get bored with this band.
On the semi-ballad "Let The Music" they mix acoustics with electricity with taste. Excellent vocal harmonies and awesome clavinet keyboard sounds on this one. Awesome track.
Last track "Let It Go" starts climatic with a melodic in-crescendo. Remarkable guitar job by Brad Sandlin (check the intricate arrangements) and a superb solo.

ALPHA is a little gem, sadly running only 7 tracks (6 if you exclude the intro), but if good and short, twice good.
Seems this LP was reissued on CD some time ago with the addition of newer tracks, but it's impossible to find / purchase because only was available through the band's website, now defunct. If you have a copy, please share it with us.
Anyway, this is a rip from vinyl at maximum quality. The LP was terribly wasted, I am very happy with the restoring result. It took me hours to get it fine, specially track 2 which had a click noise every three seconds.
Sometimes I wonder why don't make my living doing this. I suppose because I like my job as well, and leave the audio restoration as a hobby, to share my work with all of you.
Good and Rare. Recommended.

1 - Intro
2 - Throwin' It All Away
3 - Run For Your Life
4 - To The North
5 - In Sync
6 - Let The Music
7 - Let It Go

Jon Quinn - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Brad Sandlin - Vocals, Guitars
Randy Jason - Drums

ALPHA 1987 Re-posted HERE

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

JAR (Sweden) - In Truth We Trust (2001)

JAR (Sweden) - In Truth We Trust (2001)
Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

JAR was a musical project born in Stockholm, Sweden during the '90s.

Musicians Jan Anderson and Anders Olsson started to record some of their songs in their own recording studio.
They needed a singer, and Ray Alex joined the project. Alex was the first vocalist of the legendary scandi AOR band Glory. He has recorded on the first two singles and also did the backing vocals on the band's "Danger In This Game".
Taking the first letters of their names, JAR born.

The album took several years to be finished, as they only could use the studio when it not was occupied. In the meantime, guitarist LE Ericsson joined the project.
There was until the year 2000 they decided to upload some material at, the now mythical site for promotion (the embryo of myspace).
JAR received a hot response by the public and interest for the band, and together with as 'label', released all their nineties recordings as "In Truth We Trust".

The style is classic melodic rock with dashes of european westcoast. There's a couple of ballads and various mid-tempos.
Ray Alex has a deep voice, sometimes in a 'crooner' mood. Anderson and Olsson are both accomplished multi-instrumentalists, with good taste and delicacy. Production (themselves) is a bit thin and cold, but you can find some good tunes here.
This CD was released in very limited copies and it's absolutely out-of-print.
A collector's item.

01 - Rain
02 - Grown Up In A City
03 - Hold On
04 - Seriously
05 - Love Is A Stranger
06 - Cowboy
07 - Dreamland
08 - Rosalie
09 - Hold U In My Arms
10 - Tears
11 - In Truth We Trust

Ray Alex: Vocals
Jan Andersson: Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Programming
Anders Olsson: Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
LE Ericsson: Guitars

JAR (Sweden) - In Truth We Trust

Friday, May 13, 2011

JOHN LAWRY - Media Alert '90 + Excursions '97

JOHN LAWRY - Media Alert '90 + Excursions '97
John Lawry, musician, composer, producer and songwriter is most remembered for being the keyboardist of christian rock band Petra during their most prolific years.
In 1990 Lawry released his first solo album, produced and performed by himself.
"Media Alert" isn't a concept disc, but the general theme is about the danger signals being incessantly spewed out from T.V., radio, telephone. But don't take it so seriously, this is a commercial and easy listening recording.

Title track "Media Alert" is a thumping and urgent keyboard driven track sounding a lot like YES '90125' era. If keyboards are your thing, this is for you: DX7 synths, Moog, Fairlight, Korg organs, all are present here. The solo is a blast.
"Video Logic" has massive vocal arrangements and synthetic sound, again as '80s YES but this time like 'Big Generator', with xeric programmed drums. I don't know if you like this kind of bombastic stuff, personally, love it.
The classy mid-eighties FM radio tune "The Whole World Is Crying Tonight" recalls the best Foreigner in its conception, but less commercial. This is seriously a very good AOR song, and Lawry's vocals are melodic and hard-boiled at the same time.

The 3 first songs are very good in my opinion, but "Stars In The Night" is the highlight on this album. This track has a marching rhythm in the vein of TNT circa 'Intuition' with a scorching arsenal of swirling keyboards throughout. Awesome.
"Time Will Tell" is a fine, calm tune with good harmonies, very 'canadian' ala Bryan Hughes Group. Follower "Radio - Ology" is pretty Hi-Tech, a bit weak in its punch.
I don't like the street-tech of "Decalogue", this track is out of place in this album in my humble opinion.
Things return to normality with the good, minimal ballad "Can't Beak A Broken Heart" (very nice vocals), the poppy cool british-esque "Ice Walls", and the sentimental closer "Something Wonderful".

"Media Alert" is a very good album criminally ignored by the majority of the AOR community. A shame, because contains some exquisite melodies and a compact, impeccable production. Maybe you won't like the programmed drums on many tracks or the super-abundance of keys, to me, in this style of material, it's a plus.

01 - Media Alert
02 - Video Logic
03 - The Whole World Is Crying Tonight
04 - Stars In The Night
05 - Time Will Tell
06 - Radio - Ology
07 - Decalogue
08 - Can't Beak A Broken Heart
09 - Ice Walls
10 - Something Wonderful

John Lawry: All Instruments, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Paul Brannon: Guitars
Stefanie Lawry (John's wife): Vocals On Track 7
John Schlitt: Backing Vocals
Tina Keil: Backing Vocals
Dan Keen: Backing Vocals
Bill Strickler: Backing Vocals

JOHN LAWRY - Media Alert

JOHN LAWRY - Media Alert '90 + Excursions '97
As a special addition, I included into the file the unknown, extremely hard to find Lawry's 2nd album "Excursions", dubbed 'The World's First Audio Phone Card'.
What? Because it came with a pin and pre-paid phonecard including free minutes besides the songs on the CD. ¿?
Apart from this curiosity, this rarity is a must for any synth, piano, keyboard lover.
The 5 tracks are instrumental, featuring colorful landscapes, including occasional guitars and different percussion.

Only 1,000 hand-numbered copies pressed. Very, very rare.

01 - Excursions
02 - Water Of Life
03 - Messiah
04 - Busy Signal (Atlanta Special)
05 - Excursions (Reprise)

John Lawry: All Instruments

JOHN LAWRY Excursions '97

Thursday, May 05, 2011

LISA PRICE - Priceless (1983)

LISA PRICE - Priceless 1983
Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

Lisa Price
is (despite the rumors of her death on many sites) a Toronto, Canada, singer / songwriter.
"Priceless", her one and only(?) recording, is a wonderful miniLP from 1983.
The back-up band is a Canadian true dream team: members of Wrabit, Zappacosta's band, Dalbello, Surrender and more (check personnel).

First track "Can't Hold On Forever" is a pure AOR gem. Penned by Bernie LaBarge (who also play fantastic guitars), this tune has all you may expect from a classy, first half of the eighties song: melody, killer vocal harmonies, superb guitars and ethereal keyboards. Perfect.
"Heartache" has an irresistible (mid) tempo flavor ala earlier Honeymoon Suite, maybe because it's written by future Suite's guitarist Derry Grehan. His guitar work shines as well, and Lisa's performance is deep and emotional.
The highly radiable "Everywhere I Go" reminds me Patty Smyth & Scandal. A commercial and catchy track with guitars and songwriting, again, by LaBarge.

"No One's Business" is a fast paced melodic rocker featuring thrilling hot guitars and a contagious chorus. Great hammond-like keyboards too.
Nils Lofgren's cover "Empty Heart" has a terrific typically '80s arrangements, just listen that monster pulsating bass and compressed drums. Lisa's vocal style here is 'on-the-go'.
"Runaway" features a great riff and an intense vocalization in the vein of Lee Aaron / Pat Benatar. This track has 'that' magic '80s atmosphere impossible to reproduce nowadays.

"Priceless" is an apt title to this miniLP; its value cannot be determined. Defines the eighties female fronted AOR / Melodic Rock like no other.
All tracks are high quality examples of what this genre is all about, perfectly produced by Paul Gross (Triumph, Rush, Saga).
Never released on CD, this file is a great rip from vinyl at maximum quality. It took me some time clean the scratches and noises, now sounds great in my opinion.
If you already got a copy of this beauty, check it, 'cos there's a bad speeded-up rip (above the correct vinyl 33-1/3 rpm) floating the net.
A Must Have.

1 - Can't Hold On Forever
2 - Heartache
3 - Everywhere I Go
4 - No One's Business
5 - Empty Heart
6 - Runaway

Lisa Price: Vocals
Bernie LaBarge (Zwol, Kim Mitchell, Solo): Guitars
Derry Grehan (Honeymoon Suite): Guitars
John Albani (Wrabit, Lee Aaron): Guitars
Ron Garant (Dalbello): Bass
Gerald O'Brien (Wrabit, Surrender): Keyboards
Grant Slater (Zappacosta): Keyboards
Gary McCracken (Wrabit, Lee Aaron, Triumph): Drums
Produced by Paul Gross

LISA PRICE - Priceless

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

FAR CORPORATION - One By One [single] (1987)

FAR CORPORATION - One By One [single] (1987)
Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

I bet you know the very good '85 cover of the classic 'Stairway To Heaven' by Far Corporation, the studio megaband created by record producer Frank Farian, including half TOTO members, ex-Saga drummer Curt Cress, Robin McAuley, etc. Their first album 'Division One' ranked well worldwide.
A second album 'Advantage' was completed for a 1987 release, heralded by the new single "One By One". Both this as well as the second single - a cover of Cockney Rebel's 'Sebastian' - failed to reach the charts, and the album was eventually scrapped.

"One By One" only was released on 45 rpm vinyl, and has become a rarity.
The song is a typical Far Co. produced tune, with bombastic drums and big choruses, penned and performed by Robin McAuley. It is labeled as 'Thunder + Lightning Mix', surely different from the upcoming album version. Curiously, this is the only version ever released as 'Advantage' remains shelved.
Side B is one of best songs from 'Division One'; "Johnny Don't Go The Distance", but this is the single version and the mix is different as well.

Not my rip, seems the vinyl was pretty wasted with tons of scratches. I did my best cleaning and restoring the sound.
Very Good (love Far Co.), mega-rare single.

Side A : One By One [Thunder + Lightning Mix]

Side B : Johnny Don't Go The Distance (single version)

Lead Vocals - Robin McAuley
Guitar - Bernd Berwanger, Mats Björklund
Keyboards - Harry Baierl, Pit Löw
Bass - Dieter Petereit
Drums - Simon Phillips
Backing Vocals - Bertl Gebhard, Bimey Oberreit, Frank Farian, Peter Bischof

FAR CORPORATION - One By One (single)

St. JAMES - AmericanMan (2001)

St. JAMES - AmericanMan (2001)
Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

BLACK 'N BLUE was one of the best, fun hair metal bands of the '80's. After 4 albums, the group disbanded and frontman Jamie St. James tried his luck during the nineties with several other bands like Freight Train Jane.

By the end of the century Jamie assembled his own band and recorded independently his first solo album "AmericanMan".
The overall style is classic hard rock, with straight guitars and hammond organs. Don't expect here the high pitched vocals or the multi-layered choruses from the 'Without Love' B 'N B album.

The chunky riff, swirling organ and little retro vibe of opener "Testify" sets the tone for much of this effort. This is a cool track with a valvular sound like the original Aerosmith mixed with the less glammy Enuff 'Z Nuff.
"Generation Suicide" somehow reminds me Sweet’s 'Action', that's how vintage this disc sounds.
"Deaf, Dumb and Blind" has a Cheap Trick poppy riff that lacks some punch, "Hello Halo" is a retro '70s classic rocker with a hammond solo, while "Magical Taxi Cab" is a boring generic rock. None of these songs does much for me.

Things get better on "Losing Your Man", the only track reminiscent of classic Black 'N Blue, with very good guitars and an '80s feel. But again, followers "Spinnin`" and "Die Like A Star" doesn't hit the mark in my opinion.
Title track "Americanman" has some B 'N B hints, particularly in the songwriting style, although not nearly as good as any of Jamie's '80s stuff. Anyway, has nice harmony vocals, which for the most part are absent on this album.
"Light Of Love" is a cool straight ahead poppy hard rock with a heavy hammond presence. Not bad.
"Aliens" is perhaps the best track on this album. Nice 'sci-fi' arrangements on some guitar parts, catchy riff and melodic solo. Also this is the only song with synth keyboards, adding some air to the album.

"AmericanMan" isn't between my favorite albums by any means, but it was requested by a couple of readers and it's pretty hard to find. Not bad at all, just not exactly my cup of tea.

01 - Testify
02 - Generation Suicide
03 - Deaf Dumb And Blind
04 - Hello Halo
05 - Magical Taxi Cab
06 - Losing Your Man
07 - Spinnin'
08 - Die Like A Star
09 - Americanman
10 - Light Of Love
11 - Aliens

Jaime St. James - Vocals
Jimmy Maguire - Guitars
Joe Frietchen - Bass, Backing Vocals
Danny Morris - Keyboards
Todd Shelley - Drums, Backing Vocals
Billy Morris - Add. Guitars

St. JAMES - Americanman