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Monday, December 30, 2019

CRASH (Mikael Erlandsson) - Crash (1993)

CRASH (Mikael Erlandsson) - Crash (1993) front
Requested by a reader

Swedish vocalist Mikael Erlandsson achieved fame & fortune with Last Autumn's Dream, and more recently as well with Lover Under Cover, Heartbreak Radio, Salute and several projects. He also enjoyed considerable popularity in Scandinavia as solo artist during the '90s (some of his albums posted here on the blog), but his career started in the late Seventies.

First, Erlandsson was part of a punk (!) band playing drums, later he switched to keyboards for the group The Studs while perfected his songwriting skills. In the mid-80s joined pop band N'Gang for the first time as frontman / vocalist, with a hit single in Swedish radio and an Eurovision Song Contest participation.
Then in 1991 formed CRASH with brothers Eliasson (drummer Lars and guitarist Jan, who later was part of Danish rockers Push).

Crash released their debut "Crash" in 1993 with the aim to capitalize the American Melodic Rock success at that time, so expect here a collection of tunes in that vein.
"Do The Dance Dirty" opens with an urgent riff and a catchy chorus, followed by 'Close At Hand', a pure melodic rock track with a delicious multi-part harmony vocal work. The ethereal ballad 'Eyes Don't Lie' is perhaps the more 'Scandi sounding' song on the CD, and it's a really good one.

Then on tracks like 'Angina' you can hear Crush replicating the USA sound of the genre being this one akin White Lion (check the guitar swirls), same with 'Through The Shadows' (very Extreme), or the acoustically filled 'October 18' much in the vein of Mr. Big's More Than Words. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as many groups were doing the same, and Crush are pretty good at it.

CRASH (Mikael Erlandsson) - Crash (1993) back

Only released in Sweden, this is perhaps the lesser known work of Mikael Erlandsson's career. He never recorded a bad album - solo or with a band - and "Crash" is a quite solid melodic hard rock CD as well.
Well produced, composed and executed, "Crash" is a worthwhile addition to your Melodic Hard Rock collection.

01. Do The Dance Dirty
02. Close at Hand
03. Eyes Don't Lie
04. Save The World
05. Angina
06. Through The Shadows
07. Stranger's Kiss
08. Six String and a Highway
09. October 18
10. Livin' On Lovin'
11. Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin cover)

Mikael 'Micke' Erlandsson - vocals, keyboards, percussion
John Melander - bass, percussion, backing vocals
Jan Eliasson - guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Lars Eliasson - drums, backing vocals
Micke Oijwall - keyboards, backing vocals
Ulrik Arturen - backing vocals

CRASH (Mikael Erlandsson) - Crash (1993) HERE

Saturday, December 21, 2019

ONE TO ONE - 1-2-1 (1988)

ONE TO ONE - 1-2-1 (1988) front

Created by Ottawa based songwriter / producer /musician Leslie Howe, ONE TO ONE was a successful '80s Canadian duo completed by female vocalist / songwriter Louise Reny.
Both worked on Alanis Morissette's first two albums and helped to her upcoming stardom.

ONE TO ONE recorded 3 albums, the first more synth-pop oriented, this second effort "1-2-1" in the same vein but adding classy Canadian Hi-Tech lite AOR touches akin Device, Angela And The Rude, Transvision Vamp, etc
Then they released a third and last in the early Nineties changing their name to One 2 One.

"1-2-1" is an entertaining, cool 88's poppy album from the Cancon factory, well composed and produced, techie, but including hot guitar solos and keys.
The catchy first single 'Hold Me Now', 'Not A Love Song' (featuring a rocking guitar solo), the joyful 'Do You Believe', the excellent 'Inside These Eyes', and the fine mid-tempo AORish 'Heading For Zero' are among my favorites.

ONE TO ONE - 1-2-1 (1988) back

Despite of the good sales and nomination for three Juno Awards, ONE TO ONE never impacted into the US market, and all their albums are really hard to find, especially this '1-2-1' CD version.

01 - Hold Me Now
02 - Love Child
03 - We've Got The Power
04 - Do You Believe
05 - Heading For Zero
06 - Inside These Eyes
07 - Victorious
08 - Voices Cry
09 - Life Is So Easy
10 - Not A Love Song

Louise Reny - vocals
Leslie Howe - guitars, synth bass, keyboards, programming
Frank Levin - keyboards

ONE TO ONE - 1-2-1 (1988) HERE

Sunday, December 08, 2019

NEW FRONTIER - New Frontier (1988)

NEW FRONTIER - New Frontier (1988)

Formed by renowned musicians from the American music industry, NEW FRONTIER cut this one and only, self-titled album in 1988. Despite of being released by a small record label, "New Frontier" smell 'major production' from every corner. There's the great Richie Zito at the producer's chair, also playing additional guitar and keyboards.

Frontman in New Frontier is no other Monty Byrom from AORsters Billy Satellite, on bass Glenn Letsch (Montrose, Gamma, Jonathan Cain Band), keyboardist David Neuhauser (Lance, Eddie Money), and you have contribution from the likes of John Keane, Martin Page, Tommy Funderburk, Timothy B. Schmit, and more.
Impressive cast, and some impressive songs as well.

These musicians have played on countless albums and bands, and varied, different styles. So it's not surprising to find divers tunes on "New Frontier". Overall, the first half (Side A) is melodic rock / AOR / radio friendly with sound ranging from John Waite to Nelson. Then Side B is bluesier, bringing to mind .38 Special more AORish moments.
The song 'I Think About You', written by Michael Bolton & Martin Briley in the early '80s, feels like a Eddie Money song from the era.

With all members busy into several projects / session work / songwriting for other artists id the industry, New Frontier resulted short lived, but leave this easy to ears, melodic album with that '80s imprint all over.

01 - Under Fire
02 - American Dream
03 - Love Is Stronger Than The Heart
04 - Change For The Better
05 - Standing In My Tears
06 - Lonesome Blues
07 - I Think About You
08 - Motel Rain
09 - Burning The Page
10 - Riverboat Man

Monty Byrom: Lead Vocals, Guitars
David Neuhauser: Piano, Hammond B-3, Synths, Vocals
Glenn Letsch: Bass, Vocals
Marc Nelson: Drums
Richie Zito: Additional Guitars, Keyboards
Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion
John Keane: Drums
Larry Williams: Sax on 7
Martin Page: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Tommy Funderburk, Joe Pizzulo, Timothy B. Schmit, Maxine & Julia Tillman Waters: Backing Vocals

NEW FRONTIER - New Frontier (1988) HERE

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

SECRET ADMIRER Soundtrack (1985)

SECRET ADMIRER Soundtrack (1985) front
This is a re-post from many years ago as it's heavily requested.
The soundtrack of SECRET ADMIRER never was released on CD and of course, the vinyl is out of print.

Secret Admirer is a good movie, typically '80s and featured a bunch of cool songs.
Now many of these tracks can be found in the performing artists main albums (some remastered), but I've left the vinyl rip as it is, with a good sound.
My expanded version contains the tracks that didn't appear in the official soundtrack, 'Opening Theme' by Jan Hammer and the 3 Autograph songs heard throughout the film.


This record it's so hard to find, that even in the internet a small artwork photo can't be located.
So I made my own cover art based in the original LP sleeve I've seen some time ago - and didn't bought it :(

01 - Jan Hammer - Opening Theme *
02 - Van Stephenson - No Secrets
03 - Tony Carey - The First Day Of Summer
04 - Kim Wilde - The Touch
05 - Don Felder - She's Got a Part Of Me
06 - Van Stephenson - You've Been Lied To Before
07 - Klymaxx - Meeting In The Ladies Room
08 - Nik Kershaw - You Might
09 - Rosemary Butler & Arnold McCuller - Just A Dream Away
10 - Timothy B. Schmit - Leaving It Up To You
11 - Jan Hammer - Finale
12 - Autograph - Take No Prisoners *
13 - Autograph - Deep End *
14 - Autograph - My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Isn't Me *

* Extra tracks, not on the LP

SECRET ADMIRER Soundtrack (1985) HERE

Sunday, December 01, 2019

WAKEFIELD - Wakefiled (1985)

WAKEFIELD - Wakefiled (1985) LP
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

WAKEFIELD was one of these US bands that despite its quality never got a recording contract with a major label, but mostly due to their location. Formed in the mid-Seventies in South Dakota, Wakefield was a popular act in the area playing venues from Canada to Kansas, and Colorado to Illinois.
When they recorded this, their self-titled LP released on a small private label, Wakefield were offered to distribute the album nationally with the condition to tour nation-wide to support it. At the time all band members got a family firmly established in South Dakota, so the potential opportunity for major exposure was declined.

"Wakefield" appeared in 1985, and the music packed inside has the typical mid-80s US melodic rock sound with influences ranging from Night Ranger to REO Speedwagon, with some little Pomp on it plus a hard rock touch as well.
Very well composed & arranged, there's variation through the nine songs recorded at Catamount Studio in Iowa, produced by the band & Tom Tatman obtaining a very good, fuller sound.
Wakefield officially disbanded in 1987, but all members, still living in South Dakota, reunite from time to time for some shows.

WAKEFIELD - Wakefiled (1985) back

Over the years, "Wakefield" has become a collectors piece, with original LP's being sold for 3-digit dollar amounts. It's a really nice, melodic album.
I did a little clean-up on this vinyl-rip to obtain the best possible sound quality.

01 - Don't Throw Your Heart Away
02 - You're Gonna Find Out
03 - Hard Nights
04 - It's A Beautiful Day
05 - One Of A Kind Lady
06 - I Want You
07 - Animals
08 - Tara
09 - Living Dangerously

Evan Jones - keyboards, vocals
Geoff Gunderson - guitar, vocals
Jeff Koller - drums, vocals
Dave Horan - bass

WAKEFIELD - Wakefiled (1985)

Friday, November 22, 2019

RICK SPRINGFIELD - TAO (1985) Remastered

RICK SPRINGFIELD - TAO (1985) Remastered
Known for his straight and immediate melodic rock tunes, RICK SPRINGFIELD changed the general approach with his middle-eighties record "TAO". With a production and arrangements technically & sonically far beyond its year, the album was unleashed on the world at the end of 1985.
It was a stellar departure from anything Rick had ever tried before: elaborated hi-tech AOR melodies with a complex musical background, a heavy mix of processed guitars, synthesizers, vocal effects, sampling and drum machines.

"There is a lot going on, you can really hear it. We covered it with a lot of guitar and bass. TAO is still my favorite album" said Springfield. And although I love his previous records, "TAO" is my favorite too.
This one has all we love from the '80s; compressed drums, 'that' reverb and keyboards galore.
But there's much more than sonic bombast here. Rick offers deep and rich lyrics like a warning about the devastation of the planet on "Walking On The Edge", social revolution in "Celebrate Youth" (a hit in Germany), the search for spiritual truth on "The TAO Of Heaven", and the somber perspective of "Dancing The World Away".

RICK SPRINGFIELD - TAO (1985) Remastered back cover

Simply put, "TAO" is one of the greatest AOR albums from the Eighties. Behind the wall of super-produced sounds we still find top notch musicians like drummer extraordinaire Mike Baird, Pino Palladino on fretless bass, or the exquisite Tim Pierce on guitar, who also co-wrote the great opener "Dance This World Away".
You must have TAO in your collection, and be sure that is this remastered version.

01 - Dance This World Away
02 - Celebrate Youth
03 - State Of The Heart
04 - Written In Rock
05 - The Power Of Love (The Tao Of Love)
06 - Walking On The Edge
07 - Walk Like A Man
08 - The Tao Of Heaven
09 - Stranger In The House
10 - My Father's Chair

Rick Springfield: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synths, Emulator
Tim Pierce: Guitar, Synthesizer [Gr707]
Pino Palladino: Bass
Mike Baird: Drums
Mike Fischer: Percussion
Mitchell Froom: Keyboards, Synths, Samplers, Effects
Nicky Hopkins: Synthesizer [Dx7, Jx-3p]
Jeff Silverman: Synthesizer [Gr707]
John Phillip Shenale: Synthesizer [Oberheim 8, Dx7]
Tom Kelly, Tommy Funderburk, Mike Seifrit, Richard Page: Backing Vocals


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

SURRENDER DOROTHY - Surrender Dorothy (1992)

SURRENDER DOROTHY - Surrender Dorothy (1992) front

American melodic hard rockers SURRENDER DOROTHY arrived a little too late into the scene with their self-titled 1992's debut album, but glad they did it.
While the band was formed in the '80s, they had no luck with a major label singing. However the group managed to record this album and release it by themselves.

This New Jersey band - including guitarist Rocco Mazzella, previously in Tangier - were really good at their game: polished US melodic hard with that late '80s feel and polished production for the genre as it was used circa 1990-91.
While Woody Joe Orner's vocal timbre recalls Danger Danger's Ted Poley (check out opener 'Fire in the Sky') the album's overall sound oscillates between Damn Yankees and Night Ranger.

With titles like 'Rock City', 'Hit and Run' (one of my favorites), or the keyboard filled "Just Another Nuthin' (You Are)" you can expect fun rockers with pumping bass lines, slick riffs and catchy choruses - all members contribute harmony vocals.

SURRENDER DOROTHY - Surrender Dorothy (1992) back

Of course there's a power ballad (and a good one) in 'Only the Night', and slightly bluesy rockers such as 'Nature of the Beast'. For the end, Surrender Dorothy delivers their more elaborated track in 'Faith Healer' with interesting passages.

A quite unknown band from the late American Melodic Hard Rock movement, talented and solid in songwriting and performances.

01 - Fire in the Sky
02 - Sittin' Pretty
03 - Only the Night
04 - Rock City
05 - Hit and Run
06 - Nature of the Beast
07 - Just Another Nuthin' (You Are)
08 - Long Legged Sadie (Back Street Lady)
09 - When My Baby's Not My Babe
10 - Faith Healer

Woody Joe Orner - Lead Vocals
Richie Mahn - Guitars, Vocals
Rocco Mazzella - Guitars, Vocals
Mike Kost - Bass, Vocals
Karl Monahan - Drums, Percussion
Bill Saltzer - Keyboards, Vocals

SURRENDER DOROTHY - Surrender Dorothy (1992)

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

BENNY HESTER - Perfect (1989)

BENNY HESTER - Perfect (1989)

Released in 1989, BENNY HESTER's album "Perfect" is one of the best examples of the American '80s CCM Lite AOR. With a career staring in the Seventies and with a FM rock / Soft Rock / Wast coast touches, Benny's music was widely popular especially in the second half of the '80s.

Aiming for the Adult contemporary charts, "Perfect" is far from its title, yet easily listenable and very enjoyable. The style of the music and the year of production demanded a pristine, crystal clear output and that's exactly what you'll find here.

Handled by expert Bill Baumgart behind the desk, the recording label secured the presence of top notch session musicians, like Toto's Jeff Porcaro at the drum kit, Neil Stubenhaus on bass, etc.

BENNY HESTER - Perfect (1989) back

With a balance of synth-driven rockers and smooth power ballads, songs like the upbeat "Headlights On The Highway" (my favorite), the dynamic "If You Die Before You Die", "Two Good Reasons" (akin John Waite solo), or the sweet title track (with a West Coast feel) are among the best cuts here. There's a surprisingly hot guitar solo on the rocker "Passion, Possession, Position", another good one.
A nice, cool late 80s album.

01 - Headlights On The Highway
02 - Before You Know It
03 - If You Die Before You Die
04 - Perfect
05 - Hungry World
06 - You Weren't Meant To Live Your Life Alone
07 - Two Good Reasons
08 - This One's For Keeping
09 - Passion, Possession, Position
10 - Shall We Gather At The River

Benny Hester - Lead & Background Vocals
Jeff Porcaro - Drums
Pete Pfiefer - Percussion
Marty Walsh - Guitars
Neil Stubenhaus - Bass
Aaron Zigman, Tim Heintz - Keyboards
Bob Carlisle, Bill Baumgart, Allison Beech - Background Vocals

BENNY HESTER - Perfect (1989) HERE

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

HAVEN (Rose Coppola) - ST (2000)

Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

HAVEN was a Melodic Hard Rock consisting of female singer Rose Coppola and guitar player John McCarthy.
Taking the name from thier native town (New Haven, Connecticut), during the nineties the band performed & opened for many national artists: Blue Oyster Cult, Kansas, Steelheart, LA Guns, XYZ and more.
Seems Rose Coppola is a well known vocal teacher as well, as she released the popular 'Rock Your Vox Vocal Performance Instructional DVD' and has trained bands such as Zebra and Winger for their debut albums' harmony backing vocals.

HAVEN never made it big or inked a record deal, but managed to release by themselves the collection of all their nineties recordings in this self-titled CD (now impossible to find).
The material ranges from American Melodic Hard Rock to radio-rock oriented tunes. The quality in sound varies as these tracks were recorded between 1990-1999 in different studio facilities.
Songwriting is strong for the most part, being my favorites the more rockin' ones as the tongue-in-cheek opener "Me", "Crazy For Lovin' You", and specially the choppin' guitar driven "Really Good Times".
There's a good poppy oriented track in "Crawl Back To Me" and a good cover of "Love Hurts" made popular by Nazareth.
The ballad "Don't Cry It's Only Thunder" is one of the best produced tracks here, complete with orchestrations and a really good vocal duet between Coppola & McCarthy.

HAVEN had potential, and although some tracks are not completely well mixed, you guess the great product they would able to deliver with a proper producer tweaking the knobs.

01 - Me
02 - Crazy For Lovin' You
03 - Really Good Times
04 - Crawl Back To Me
05 - Shaman Lies
06 - Understood
07 - Shake Me Down
08 - Seven Million Stars
09 - Hollywood
10 - Love Hurts
11 - Don't Cry It's Only Thunder
12 - Waiting For Love To Come

Rose Coppola - Vocals
John McCarthy - Guitars, Vocals
Nick DiMichino - Bass
Wayne Sobotso - Drums
Additional Players:
Al Spinelli - Keyboards
Scott Cunningham - Drums
Mark Dirini - Bass

HAVEN (Rose Coppola)

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

BON JOVI - The Slippery When Wet Outtakes / Demos

BON JOVI - The Slippery When Wet Outtakes / Demos front
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

It's not strange the interest in BON JOVI's demos from their 'Slippery When Wet' era, because this is the band's more popular, best-selling album to date. 
Even someone, some time ago, pressed on CD (and a quite well done Bootleg including artwork) all these pre-production demos for sale. Sadly, what it is not so good is the tape transfer audio quality.
Anyway, it's very interesting to hear the genesis of such classics like "You Give Love A Bad Name", "Wanted Dead Or Alive" or "Livin' On A Prayer".

Additionally, there's the early versions of songs that never were included into the final release. "Borderline" was a single B-side (featured here in a demo form), but "Game Of The Heart" (wrongly titled Give My Heart), "Lonely in The Night" and "Deep Cuts The Night" (wrongly titled Dick After Night !), never were finished and remain unreleased.

BON JOVI - The Slippery When Wet Outtakes / Demos back

I did a very quick 'remastering' of these tracks to clean and enhance the sound a bit. Got the Bootleg in lossless format but I encoded the resulting files into VBR mp3, it's more than enough, believe me.
As bonus, I've added a couple of tracks from other source that sound slightly better.

01 - You Give Love A Bad Name
02 - Without Love
03 - Wild in The Streets
04 - Wanted Dead Or Alive
05 - Raise Your Hands
06 - Never Enough*
07 - Edge of a Broken Heart
08 - Borderline
09 - Give My Heart (Game Of The Heart)*
10 - I'd Die for You
11 - Let It Rock
12 - Social Disease
13 - Livin' on a Prayer
14 - Lonely in The Night*
15 - Dick After Night (Deep Cuts The Night)*
16 - Never Say Goodbye
17 - Deep Cuts The Night (different source)
18 - Game Of The Heart (different source)

Jon Bon Jovi – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Richie Sambora – lead guitar, background vocals
David Bryan – keyboards, background vocals
Alec John Such – bass, background vocals
Tico Torres – drums

BON JOVI Slippery When Wet Outtakes HERE

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

THE TRUTH - Weapons Of Love (1987)

THE TRUTH - Weapons Of Love (1987) front

The last album (1989) from British rockers THE TRUTH was featured at this blog some years ago, now one of you requested their previous and record, "Weapons Of Love".
This 1987 release was an unexpected success in America, with the title track reaching #7 on the Rock single charts and general Billboard Hot 100. Three songs from the album were also used in the great sci-fi movie 'The Hidden', and other in a Miami Vice episode.

The music packed in "Weapons Of Love" is commercial radio-ready rock with clean vocals, precise guitars, fine synths typical from the era, and an overall polished production sound.
Helped by ex-Mr. Mister drummer Pat Mastelotto and keyboardist Paul Fox (XTC), the only stable and founder members Dennis Greaves (Lead Vocals & Guitar) & Mick Lister (Vocals, Guitar) recorded a bunch of highly enjoyable '80s tunes here.

THE TRUTH - Weapons Of Love (1987) back

At places on this album The Truth bring to mind Mr. Mister, others the likes of Michael Learns To Rock, the lighter side of Honeymoon Suite, etc.
Good 80s album.

01 - Weapons Of Love
02 - Winterland
03 - Until It Burns
04 - The Edge Of Town
05 - Cover Up My Face
06 - Respect
07 - Come On Back To Me
08 - This Way Forever
09 - Another New Day
10 - Soul Deep Fascination

Dennis Greaves: Lead Vocals & Guitar
Mick Lister: Vocals, Guitar
Dennis Herring: Guitar, Keyboards, Programming
Pat Mastelotto: Drums
John Pierce: Bass
John Van Tongeren, Paul Fox: Keyboards
Pat MacDonald: Harmonica
Davey Faragher: Backing Vocals

THE TRUTH - Weapons Of Love (1987)- HERE

Sunday, October 06, 2019


Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

Michael Breen is a Canadian session vocalist / guitarist / keyboardist, one of these musicians that got the opportunity to record his own solo album.

Apart from his work as session man, he was part of the local band Concert who released one album in 1982 called 'Vitamin', and later, vocalist of The Sailcats.

Breen soon came to the attention of Alert Records owner Tom Berry who signed him to the label.
Being born in the french side of Canada (Quebec), they wanted songwriting partners to provide english lyrics for his songs to have a universal appeal. The first single, in example, was penned by by the soon-to-be-famous female vocalist Sass Jordan.
With the songs ready, and Michael playing most of the instruments, the album was recorded at the end of 1986 produced by Pierre Bazinet (Luba, Boulevard, Paradox).

Breen's self titled effort is a mix of Rock&Pop / Lite AOR in the typical canadian style and sound, with some Hi-Tech elements.
Songs like "Rain", "SOS Emotion" and "Risky" are keyboard dominated poprockers, the most commercial and radiable tracks on the album.
But with "How Will I Know" things start to become interesting. This is a good semi-ballad with more tough vocals (shared with Sass Jordan) and great keyboards. A song in the Tommy Shaw style.

"So Long" has a very classy sound, a relaxing late-night Lite AOR that reminds me Russ Irwin, with good keys and guitars. One of the best tracks here.
"Face To Face" is an old song written when Breen's was in The Sailcats, placed 2nd in the 1985 Music Express/MuchMusic National Talent Search contest. Another good one, an uptempo poppy AOR with nice orchestration.
"Do It" is the more guitar dominated track of the album. Richard Marx comes to mind, Brian Spence also. Good guitar solo.
"All The Way" is a 'techy' number with a catchy chorus, similar to Robert Tepper stuff. Breen's vocals are rougher and effective.

This album is a good exponent of the 'eighties canadian sound'.
Nothing spectacular or memorable, but a pleasant listen, well composed, played and recorded.
Impossible to find -particularly this CD version- (artwork included).
A collectible item.

01 - Rain
02 - Risky
03 - High And Low
04 - SOS Emotion
05 - How Will I Know
06 - So Long
07 - Face To Face
08 - Do It
09 - All The Way
10 - How Will I Know (Reprise)

Michael Breen: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bkg Vocals
Sass Jordan: Vocals, Bkg Vocals
Rest of Personnel: unlisted


Sunday, September 15, 2019

BRIAN ISLAND (Canada) - ST (1989)

BRIAN ISLAND Canada 1989
Requested by Kissmar...

BRIAN ISLAND (real name Brian Cowieson) is a Canadian bass player and vocalist. The man has played with many local acts, written songs for other artists and scores for movies & TV shows.

He was part of the cult cancon AOR band Prototype which released a very good album back in '83.

For his one and only solo album, Brian required the services of his old partner in Prototype, guitarist & producer Dan Lowe.
Lowe, inventor of an enhancement method for stereo recording (named Q-Sound), also contributed on guitars and songwriting.
This recording sounds million bucks indeed, with excellent instrument separation and crisp edge.

Island's style is Hi-Tech AOR with high dosis of adult pop. A playground where the likes of Stan Meissner, Gowan or Stan Meissner hang out.
All the songs on this disc are catchy and highly enjoyable, featuring strong bass lines, very very good guitars and cool keyboards.

If you are fan of high quality Hi-Tech, perfect recording techniques and compact, glossy sounds, don't miss Brian Island.
This is a mega-rare CD, as far I know, only released in Canada.
Thanks Adriana!

01 - In spite of what you do
02 - Treat me like a lover
03 - No surrender
04 - Walk on water
05 - I'm your hero
06 - Night after night
07 - Major motion
08 - When you lose your love
09 - Draw the line

Brian Island: Vocals, Bass, Background Vocals
Brad Steckel: Guitar, Background Vocals
Brent Saks: Guitar
Amin Bhatia, Ted Alexander: Keyboards
Jerry Adolphe: Drums
Dan Lowe: add. Guitar
Backup Vocals: Martha Cobb, Debbie Hughes, Georgina Skebo, Deanna Dubbin


Saturday, September 14, 2019

VON GROOVE - Von Groove [Japanese Edition] (1992)

VON GROOVE - Von Groove [Japanese Edition] (1992) front
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

Founded by Canadian vocalist / drummer Michael Shotten and bass player Matthew Gerrard (a songwriting duo contributing songs for Triumph among others) plus Croatian born guitarist simply called Mladen, VON GROOVE born in Gerrard's own basement recording studio in the early Nineties.
The tapes they recorded sounded so great that A&M Records signed the band and decided to release the material without modifications.

However Chrysalis wanted some 'sure fire' potential single hits, so Von Groove agreed to re-record 4 of the songs in Los Angeles with super-drummer Deen Castronovo (Bad English, Hardline, Journey) and famous (and talented) Richie Zito producing.

VON GROOVE - Von Groove [Japanese Edition] (1992) back
Simply put, "Von Groove" is one of the greatest Melodic Hard Rock records ever made. Killer songs, superb performances and brilliant production turns this CD a classic for the genre.
Someone asked for a HQ Cdrip so here it is from the Japanese edition, including 2 bonus tracks and full art.
A Must !

01 - Once Is Not Enough
02 - Better Than Ever
03 - Can't Get Too Much
04 - Once In A Lifetime
05 - Every Beat Of My Heart
06 - House Of Dreams
07 - C'Mon, C'Mon
08 - All The Way Down
09 - Arianne
10 - Slave To Sin
11 - Love Keeps Bringing Me Home
12 - Smaug
13 - Sweet Pain
Japanese bonus tracks;
14 - Soldier Of Fortune
15 - King Of Your World (Live)

Michael Shotton - lead and backing vocals, drums
Matthew Gerrard - bass, backing vocals, keyboards
Mladen - guitars, mandolin, backing vocals
Deen Castronovo - drums
Norm Arnold - percussion
Scotth Humphrey - keyboards, digital edition
Tommy Funderburk, Al Langlade, Grant Cummings - backing vocals

VON GROOVE - Von Groove [Japanese Edition] (1992)

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

EXPORT - Living In The Fear Of The Private Eye remastered (1986)

EXPORT - Living In The Fear Of The Private Eye remastered
Revamped post (as requested)

EXPORT was an obscure UK band that get signed by a major american label and released a self-titled in 1984.
For their second effort, both the label and the group decided to give the music and production an americanized sound.
"Living In The Fear Of The Private Eye" was recorded in Philadelphia during the end of 1985, with 'big name' producers/engineers Lance Quinn (Bon Jovi, Lita Ford) & Neil Dorfsman (John Farnham, Kiss) behind the desk, and top songwriting contribution by Bob Halligan Jr.

The result was a terrific collection of commercial (yet riff-driven) melodic / rockin' AOR songs, plenty of great choruses and catchy hooks, sounding american but retaining the typically british stamp.
The mastermind / guitarist of this band was no other than the talented Steve Morris, who later will enjoy success a part of HEARTLAND, SHADOWMAN, NEWMAN, GRAND ILLUSION, etc.

In the same ligue as their contemporaries STRANGEWAYS or RIO, Export never got the luck they truly deserved, being dropped by the label soon after this recording.
This vinyl is very hard to find and become a collector's item, but time makes its justice, and was recently released on a remastered cd for the first time.
That's why I am revamping this old post, don't miss this one.
Highly Recommended

1. Living In The Fear of The Private Eye
2. No Escape
3. Runnin' Back (For More)
4. Airwaves
5. You Make Me Wanna
6. Closer To You
7. Tear Me Apart
8. Summer Nights
9. Can't Say No

Harry Shaw : Lead Vocals
Steve Morris : Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Bkng Vocals
Chris Alderman : Bass, Bkng Vocals
Lou Rosenthal : Drums, , Bkng Vocals
George Wallace : Keyboards

EXPORT Living...

Friday, August 30, 2019

GREG GUIDRY - Private Session (2000)

GREG GUIDRY - Private Session (2000) obi
Requested again by one of you..

St. Louis born GREG GUIDRY signed a deal with CBS Records at the end of the seventies as songwriter artist, providing songs for many acts such as Climax Blues Band, Robbie Dupree, Exile, Reba McEntire, etc.
Greg also did backing vocals as session musician until Columbia offered him the opportunity to record his first own LP entitled Over The Line, featuring David Hungate (Toto), Dan Huff, Bobby LaKind, David Sanborn and other great L.A. recording studio cats.

Despite the good sales and a respectable #17 Billboard single, there was not second album. But Guidry continued recording material which remained unreleased for almost twenty years, when in 2000 finally saw the light of day.
"Private Session" is a professionally recorded, mixed and produced bunch of wonderful tunes with all the AOR / Westcoast magic from the '80s.
Some cuts are stylized, smooth L.A. sounding songs akin Chicago, Robbie Dupree, John O'Banion, while the more radio friendly AOR compositions, Brock Walsh, Tommy Funderburk, Tom Keane, etc.

GREG GUIDRY - Private Session (2000) back cover

Released by Japanese label Cool Sound but now out of print, Greg Guidry's "Private Session" is a delicious slice of pure '80s spell.

01 - You're Good For Me
02 - I Got This Thing
03 - I Believe
04 - Heart To Heart
05 - Don't Let Go
06 - It Happens Everytime
07 - I Get High
08 - It's Only Love
09 - Say When
10 - First Time
11 - Think About It
12 - Suspicious Heart

Greg Guidry: vocals, keyboards
Dann Huff, Jon Goin, Tom Hemby: guitars
Keith Thomas, Phil Naish: keyboards
Mike Brignardello, Keith Thomas, Gary Lunn: bass
Mark Hammond: drums
Mark Hammond, Keith Thomas: programming
Sam Levine, Mark Douthit: sax
Cathy Guidry, Sandra Guidry, Denny Henson, Joe Hogue: background vocals

GREG GUIDRY Private Session

Saturday, August 03, 2019

THE BRAVE - Battle Cries [CD edition +2] (1992)

THE BRAVE - Battle Cries [CD edition +2] (1992) HQ
THE BRAVE was one of the most complete Melodic Hard Rock bands appeared in the L.A. scene during the late '80s. Perhaps due their Christian origins they weren't more massive, and the band's debut, this superb "Battle Cries", arrived too late.
The Brave recorded ten tracks of pure golden Melodic Hard Rock with Hair Metal and AOR touches, plenty of big hooks, terrific harmonies and memorable choruses mixed by guru Neil Kernon and produced by the talented duo John & Dino Elefante with a crisp, slick sound. The record was released via the brothers own label Pakaderm / Word in 1992.

You can't find a weak song here, all are killers in their own right.
There's outstanding gems in "All Together Now" and "The Waiting", more edgy rockers on the melodic "Tears Of A Broken Heart" or " Little Love", sublime AORish midtempos like "Never Live Without Your Love" and "Running All My Life", and a perfect ballad in "Just A Man".
This CD edition of the album includes two extra tracks as bonus (not present in the LP / cassette) and really worth the addition: a completely different, AOR versions of "All Together Now" and "Running All My Life" without drums, added keyboards / orchestrations and multi-part vocal harmonies galore.

THE BRAVE - Battle Cries [CD edition +2] (1992) HQ

Often compared with the awesome Dann Huff's Giant, I am posting "Battle Cries" because at this point, the first album by The Brave should be considered a Melodic Hard Rock classic. It's that good and consistent in all departments.
You never get tired of listening "Battle Cries", and now, while precisely I am giving it a new spin, decided to share it here because it must be part of hardrockaorheaven.blogspot.com.
A highly recommended addition to your collection.

01 - All Together Now
02 - The Waiting
03 - If That Ain't Love
04 - Running All My Life
05 - Tears Of A Broken Heart
06 - Little Love
07 - Never Live Without Your Love
08 - Big World
09 - Ride With The Rhythm
10 - Just A Man
11 - All Together Now (Studio Mix) [bonus track]
12 - Running All My Life (Studio Mix) [bonus track]

James Salters - lead and harmony vocals
Freddie Tierra - guitars, harmony vocals
Stayce Roberts - guitars, harmony vocals
Malcolm Paris - bass, harmony vocals
Randy Roberts - drums, harmony vocals
John and Dino Elefante - keyboards, orchestrations

THE BRAVE - Battle Cries [CD edition +2] HQ

Monday, June 24, 2019

FROON - Froon (1988)

FROON - Froon (1988) front
Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

Formed in the first half of the '80s, most the musicians involved into German band FROON had previously played for the Nina Hagen Band, and later formed SPLIFF, a successful rock&pop group that recorded several albums and sold more than 1 million LP's in Europe.

FROON's style can be compared with their comrades CHANNEL 5 (already posted in this blog), PANDANCE or VELVET PARKING: Hi-Tech AOR with high doses of adult stylized European pop/rock.
All these guys are competent players, this debut album "Froon" sports a really good production, and packs some good, ear candy songs.

FROON - Froon (1988) back

"Froon" isn't my favorite album from this musical genre, but it was requested by a reader and posted here because it's mega-rare and almost impossible to find.
This is the CD edition, featuring extra tracks originally released only as single b-sides.

01. Missing pieces
02. Mountains
03. 200 Guitars
04. Love like law
05. Overboards again
06. Bobby Mugabe (beatbox mix)
07. Time machine
08. Lie
09. Happy doomsday
10. Black and white and blue
11. Then *
12. The spirit is willing *
13. Booby froons the fan *

* only on the CD edition

Lyndon Connah - Vocals
Reinhold Heil, Lyn Pocker - Keyboards
Bernhard Potschka, Maria Wang - Guitar
Manne Praeker, Marvin Speisebecher - Bass
Gavin Harrison - Drums
Mark Pound III - Percussion
Herwig Mitteregger - Quad cymbals
Randy Rym - Synths


Saturday, June 22, 2019

PIONEERS - In A State Of Rock (1984) restored audio

PIONEERS - In A State Of Rock (1984) restored audio

Signed by major label Mercury, Norwegians PIONEERS released this debut LP "In A State Of Rock" in 1984. The album has become a piece of interest because PIONEERS feature into the line up guitarist Torstein Flanke, future founder / member of STAGE DOLLS.
Their musical style was the incipient Scandinavian Melodic Rock / AOR sound of the mid-Eighties; anthemic poppy choruses ready for the arenas, something that catapulted Europe to stardom two years after.
You can say these guys were 'Pioneers' indeed.

There's songs like the mid-paced 'Walk In The Moonlight' or the commercial melodic rocker 'With A Girl Like You' which are straight pop-rock tunes destined to radio airplay. However "In A State Of Rock" delivers much more than your typical Scandy fluff.
Tracks like 'Pioneers' and 'Number One' offer more rocking guitars, on 'Pictures Of You' experiments with melodic new wave, and 'Pictures Of You' is an atmospheric ballad.

As far I know "In A State Of Rock' made it pretty well in Norway, but the group disbanded pursuing different interests. Flanke founded STAGE DOLLS and got success worldwide. You can hear some of his skills as songwriter / guitarist here.
Never pressed on CD or reissued, this is a clear LP vinyl-rip, cleaned and audio restored by myself.
A rarity.

1. Hi-Energy
2. Annie
3. Walk In The Moonlight
4. Pioneers
5. With A Girl Like You
6. Today
7. Pictures Of You
8. Number One
9. Pictures Of You

Knut J. Dahle - Vocals
Torstein Flanke - Guitars
Bard Svendsen - Keyboards
Morten Skaget - Bass
Steinar Krokstad - Drums

PIONEERS - In A State Of Rock (1984) restored audio

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

PARTLAND BROTHERS - Electric Honey (1986)

PARTLAND BROTHERS - Electric Honey (1986) front

Call 'em Rock&pop, Lite AOR, mainstream FM Rock, whatever you want; but to sum up, PARTLAND BROTHERS debut LP "Electric Honey" is a true definition of the mid-Eighties sound. To be more specific, the 'Canadian Sound'.

Founded by, indeed, brothers G.P. & Chris Partland, the main characteristic of this band / duo is their twin melodius harmony vocals (both sing lead), and of course, the pristine production design. Handled by Vini Poncia (Kiss, Tycoon, Adrenalin) and Jim Vallance (Bryan Adams), the album's sound is crystal clear.

Among the musicians involved into the recording, there's Ken "Spider" Sinnaeve (Loverboy) on bass, Richard Evans (Rik Emmett Band) and Gerald O'Brien (Zappacosta) on keys, Anton Fig (Kiss, John Waite) on drums, and many other seasoned cats.

PARTLAND BROTHERS - Electric Honey (1986) back

Musically, songs like 'Outside The City' (my favorite including awesome synths), midtempo 'Best Love', the elegant ballad 'Reason', or the Vallance-produced 'One Chance' were written with FM Radio play in mind.
'Soul City' become an unexpected hit single in Canada and reached the Top 30 on Billboard Hot 100 Chart in the U.S. This earned the Partland Brothers an extensive tour all over North America.
The band continued all over these years, still active today.
Cool, nice '80s music.

01 - Electric Honey
02 - Best Love
03 - Soul City
04 - Heat Up The Feel
05 - Outside The City
06 - That's The Way It Will Be
07 - Walk With Me
08 - Reason
09 - This One's For You
10 - One Chance

G.P. Partland - Lead & Backing Vocals, Percussion
Chris Partland - Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals
John Bride, Simon Brierley, Domenic Troiano - Guitar
Ken "Spider" Sinnaeve - Bass
Anton Fig, Greg Critchley. Matt Frenette - Drums
Richard Evans, Gerald O'Brien - Keyboards
John Johnson, Jimmy Romeo, Earl Seymour - Horns
Kelly Partland, Colina Phillips, Shawne Jackson, Sharon Williams - Backing Vocals
Produced by Vini Poncia & Jim Vallance


Saturday, May 18, 2019

10 P.M. - Life At... 10 P.M. [remastered] (1995)

10 P.M. - Life At... 10 P.M. [remastered] (1995)
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

"Life At... 10 P.M.", the one and only album from Norwegian act 10 P.M. is an obscure, indie release much sought after by collectors fetching sidereal prices at eBay.
10 P.M.'s style is Euro AOR but not flooded by fluffy keyboards / sweet choruses known from Scandinavian acts. Their music tends to be more elaborated and expansive, with three of the tracks here around the 6-minute mark. This also suppose a slightly progressive orientation, yet on the lighter side of the spectrum.

With that in mind, "Life At... 10 P.M." features really interesting compositions such as title track, midtempo 'The Last Note' (perhaps the best song here), 'Tears In The Night', and the short, acoustically based 'Tears In The Night'.
On the more commercial side, and adding a touch of melodic hard rock we have 'Easy Come', 'Bridges', 'Leaving The Body', or the heavier 'Time Can Tell'.
There's also listed as bonus track a full length version of the title track including additional guitar solos and piano arrangements.

While "Life At... 10 P.M." isn't a catchy, 'instant AOR' record, it's a quite interesting opus. The problem with this album is the disparate production, and at places, the mix, something understandable as it was recorded on a very scarce budget at hand on previously used analog tapes.
Not so long ago it was reissued with a 'remastered sound' where several flaws were corrected, like tape hiss, buried bass lines, etc.
This is the "Life At... 10 P.M. / Remastered" version, rare as hen's teeth.

01. The First Sunrise (intro)
02. Easy Come
03. Life At P.M. [radio edit]
04. Bridges
05. The Last Note
06. Leaving The Body
07. Time Can Tell
08. Future Dreams
09. Tears In The Night
10. One Track Jack
11. Tears In The Night
12. Life At 10 P.M. [full length – bonus track]

Henning Glommen: vocals
Patrik Olsen: guitar
Tommy K.: keyboards, piano, bass
Fin Nass: drums

10 P.M. - Life At... 10 P.M. [remastered] (1995)

Monday, May 13, 2019

ALPHA - Alpha (1987)

ALPHA - Alpha(1987) LP restored audio
This one was featured here years ago, after a request I am revamping the post because it's a really good one and hard to find.

ALPHA was an American band previously known as Aura which used to have guitar wizard Chris Impelliteri as member.
Their one and only release is this obscure and pretty hard to find self-titled album from 1987, which despite the indie production and being a trio, the record sounds terrific with a polished sound.

After an intriguing and spacey intro, "Throwin' It All Away" blast your speakers with a classy mid-eighties uptempo AOR melody. A really good song with great keyboards all over, solid guitar licks and a catchy chorus. The interesting thing about this band is the harmonic dual lead vocal job of Jon Quinn and Brad Sandlin.
"Run For Your Life" is a pompy-AOR track featuring a marvelous parping keyboard line. Love this kind of songs.
"To The North" has some lite-prog influences, with a style / sound that brings to mind '80s Rush. I really like the way guitars are played, somehow like a violin with a dense tone, very melodic and original.
The canadian style is also present on "In Sync", but this time definitely AOR. Again, lots, lots of keyboards and clever arrangements. You never get bored with this band.

On the semi-ballad "Let The Music" they mix acoustics with electricity with taste. Excellent vocal harmonies and awesome clavinet-keyboard sounds on this one. Awesome track.
Last number "Let It Go" starts climatic with a melodic in-crescendo, a remarkable guitar job by Brad Sandlin (check the intricate arrangements) and a superb solo.

ALPHA - Alpha(1987) back - LP restored audio

ALPHA is a little gem, sadly running only 7 tracks (6 if you exclude the intro), but if good and short, twice good.
Seems this LP was reissued on CD some time ago with the addition of newer tracks, but it's impossible to find / purchase because only was available through the band's website, now defunct. If you have a copy, please share it with us.
Anyway, this is a rip from vinyl at maximum quality. The LP was terribly wasted, but I am very happy with the restoring result. It took me hours to get it fine, specially track 2 which had a click noise every three seconds.
Good and Rare.

1 - Intro
2 - Throwin' It All Away
3 - Run For Your Life
4 - To The North
5 - In Sync
6 - Let The Music
7 - Let It Go

Jon Quinn - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Brad Sandlin - Vocals, Guitars
Randy Jason - Drums

ALPHA 1987 - restored audio


Friday, March 15, 2019

VAN STEPHENSON - Unreleased 4th Album (88-90)

This is a fresh re-post from another original VAN STEPHENSON compilation made by me.
Between 88-90 Van Stephenson with his friend Dan Huff worked together in a musical project which supposed to be the genesis of GIANT, including some renowned recording session cats. They taped several tracks but Huff was really busy with his session schedule for other artists and Giant as band, put on hold.

Then Van Stephenson accepted the offer from southern rockers BLACKHAWK to join in, leaving those great songs recorded with Dan Huff & Co. unreleased, plus some made by Van Stephenson alone. We have here some real gems with a quite good production & sound, enhanced and cleaned by myself including artwork.
VAN STEPHENSON is an AOR legend, and his musical legacy, a must have.
Get it while it's hot...

01 - Fear Of Falling
02 - Love Is Stranger
03 - Snow And Thunder
04 - Change
05 - Naked City
06 - Don't Walk Away
07 - Mambo Willie
08 - Louder Than Words
09 - Calm Before The Storm
10 - Years
11 - Get Used To It (recorded later by GIANT)
12 - If That Was A Lie (recorded later by BLACKHAWK)

Van Stephenson - vocals
Dann Huff - guitars, bass, vocals
Alan Pasqua - keyboards, vocals
Mike Brignardello - bass, vocals
Mike Baird - drums
... and more

VAN STEPHENSON Unreleased 4th Album


Monday, March 04, 2019

ARTI TISI - The Definitive Collection (hardrockaorheaven.blogspot exclusive compilation)

ARTI TISI - The Definitive Collection
Re-post as requested, quite rare and good material.
Perhaps the most controversial post ever on this blog; check reader's comments in the original HERE.

One of the biggest myths in the Melodic Hard Rock / AOR ground. Does ARTI TISI really exist? Some people argue that this band was actually a well known group of musicians who never revealed their names.
ARTI TISI (born Arthur Tisi Jr.) it's alive 'n kickin' and lives in NY. Songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, has been writing and recording music since the mid '80s.

Around 1988, Tisi joined forces with keyboardist Al Greenwood (FOREIGNER, SPYS, JOE LYNN TURNER, HOLY WATER) to write & record songs for a Melodic Hard Rock / AOR album. Most tracks were penned by the team Arthur Tisi Jr. / Jordan Stanley / Al Greenwood.
With the skilled Al Pitrelli (DANGER DANGER, ALICE COOPER) on guitars, the result was this impressive collection of songs, superb melodic rockers with punch and melody.
Gossips of mainstream bands members (Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Deep Purple) participating in the studio sessions are uncertain.
As example, seems JR Blackmore (Ritchie's son) play guitar on "A Little Too Early", or Joe Lynn Turner did backing vocals on "Knock Knock" (this one was co-written and recorded by himself later), but I'm not sure.
Believe it or not, the album remains unreleased, incredible due the remarkable quality and production-wise.

The file containing this bunch of songs floating the web only has 11 tracks, known as 'Unreleased second demo'. But there's much, much more recorded.

I added 8 extra tracks from these recording sessions plus a mid nineties song ("Alone Forever").
In fact, Arthur Tisi Jr. has done tons of demos (I have 5 folders from different years), covering several styles like funk rock, modern rock, etc.
But what I offer here is the melodic rockin', awesome kick ass stuff from 89/90.
Do yourself a favor, don't miss this collection...

01 - Guilty Heart
02 - A Little Too Early
03 - Can't Face Another Night
04 - Limits Of Love #
05 - Love You Too Much
06 - I' ll Be There
07 - She Lights Dynamite #
08 - One Bad Habit
09 - Momma Sweet Evil #
10 - Love Finds You Guilty
11 - Responsible
12 - Change Of Heart #
13 - The Cut & Run
14 - Can't Live Without You
15 - New York City
16 - Can't Stop Breaking Down #
17 - When It's Over # (awesome!)
18 - Joanne #
19 - Knock Knock #
20 - Alone Forever #

# added tracks

ARTI TISI The Definitive Collection