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MARIETTA - Main Artist

Marietta (Waters) wrote countless songs for pop artists for over 3 decades and has participated as vocalist and trainer in a diverse variety of groups.
In the 80's, with Harold Faltermeyer as promoter, she did the vocals on several of his songs composed for films.

Marietta released officially 2 singles only, one the title track from the film "Fire And Ice" (was a great success in the European charts), and "Born To Dance", impossible to find vinyl that I've been looking for for years.

Marketed as euro-dance artist, I think her style is rather rocker with a pop base in the production. Especially for her powerful voice and the attitude in the vocal interpretation.

As requested by a reader, I've compiled all her solo recordings as main artist (except "Born To Dance"), including the two pretty unknown contributions for a 90's soundtrack, plus a track from one of her performances as the Sergio Mendes Band vocalist.
This is a very nice compilation, mixing upbeat aorish Rock & Pop tunes with ballads.

Recently came out a self released CD (the 1st in her entirely career) with new stuff, but it's a R&B/soul material, far from her great 80's style.

1 - Fire And Ice [Feuer Und Eis OST]
2 - Thunder & Lightning [Fire, Ice & Dynamite OST]
3 - A Call From The Heart [Zeit Der Sehnsucht OST]
4 - Never Give Up (with C. Thompson) [Fire, Ice & Dynamite OST]
5 - Fire And Ice [Special Ski Dance Extended Mix]
6 - Together Against The Storm [Zeit Der Sehnsucht OST]
7 - Destination Unknown [Top Gun OST]
8 - Harley (with Sergio Mendes band)


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AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.12

The dozen.
Several requested tracks included in this one.
Many readers ask for a compilation containing only AOR tunes, but remember, this place is called 'Hard Rock' too, and I think this mixed bag works better, to pleasant a wide range audiences.
Here we go:

You And Me [Jetsons, The Movie]
For the first time in my compilations, a song sung by a woman as opener, and well worth it.
TIFFANY hit several pop singles in the charts at the end of the 80's, but this exclusive track for the movie is a portentous rocker, written by Steven McClintock, about whom we will talk later.

One Way Out [Caddyshack II]
Splendid song composed by the masters MARTIN PAGE and CLIF MAGNESS. Guaranteed. It can't fail.
Exclusive to this OST, perfectly vocalized by Eric.

Justice For One [Savage Streets]
Incredibly I've never included this great song in any volume so far. Can't be absent here. A Classic.
Part of the first Farnham's recordings outside his homeland, taken the Australian audience by surprise due the hard edged sound and strong beats, far from his usual pop side.
Ripped from a rare movie promo vinyl single only released in Australia.
Very good sound.

The Edge Of A Dream [Space Mutiny]
Song sent to me by a reader (go ahead and submit yours!).
Unfortunately the sound was not very good and various frequencies were missed, but thanks to a friend overseas I got another file in a very good quality, I've added some gain and brillance.
I must admit that I did not know this song / movie. I feel ashamed... how could I miss this magnificent AOR gem?
It turns out that McClintock is a well-known songwriter to Hollywood movies (including mostly the ones of "Jetsons, The Movie" OST).
I love this song. Thanks mhenders for the original file!

Moon & Stars [Sweet And Sour TV series]
Sweet And Sour was an Australian ABC soap opera which still retains loyal fans.
Chronicled the misadventures of a rock & pop band called TAKEAWAYS, I chose this song because although lacks guitars or skilled songrwiting, it's a great cheesy techie AOR.
Love these compressed 80's sounds ...

Rock It Out [Beavis and Butt-Head TV]
Beavis and Butt-Head was a great TV show (musically speaking) that often rescued from oblivion phenomenal songs from the past.
This is one of them, recorded in 1983, simple songwriting but effective, with scorching guitar riffs.
Original air date: November 3, 1994 - Season 5, Episode 5: 'Safe House'.
Nice forgotten rocker.

07 - RASCAL & Ricky P. Goldin
Ladykiller Theme [Another World TV series]
Ricky P. Goldin was one of the main actors in this cult TV series, he sings only in the intro here.
The real architects of many songs featured in the 90's episodes (including this one) were the female fronted band RASCAL, who curiously never released an official album themselves.
Taken from the band's demo (which contains several songs from the series), this is a very cool tune in the vein of HEART.
Heard in 'Ladykiller Explosion' episode, aired September 23, 1991.

Wasn't It Love [Caught]
Rarity, both the song and the movie, of course; a Christian plot.
Composed by John & Dino Elefante, leaders of the newly assembled (1987) band MASTEDON.
Never included in any of the 2 great discs recorded by the group in subsequent years.
Very rare.

Turn It Up [SpaceCamp]
SpaceCamp music score was in charge of the prolific and multi Oscar winner John Williams, Joseph's father, who gave his son the chance to include some songs in movies.
This track never was released in the official OST nor in any solo record by Joseph.
Unreleased and good.

Castles On Quicksand [California Dreams TV series]
Another TV series that has rabid fans even today.
The story revolved around a rock band: DREAMS.
Most of the cast actually sang the tunes and played all the instruments.
This is my soundtrack favorite, penned by none others than the trio PAUL BLISS / PETER BECKETT / STEVE KIPNER (monster team!), and performed by actress Heidi Lenhart, in the role of "Jenny Garrison".
Great song.

Prince Of Darkness (movie version) [Prince Of Darkness]
The shock-rock master wrote this obscure (lyrically) piece for the a-must-watch horror flick directed by another master; John Carpenter.
A different version that the one appeared in his "Raise Your Fist and Yell" album.
You can hear the unforgettable Donald Pleasence speaking in the middle...

Let Love Conquer The World [Die Railers]
The German Rock Project was a german hard rock musicians' reunion to record a benefit song, like Doro, Michael Voss, Dennis Ward, Joal, Axel Rudi Pell, etc..
The single had considerable success, and was featured in an episode of the TV ZDF-Series "Die Railers", besides the official soundtrack, released in Germany alone.
A torch song.

Rock With Me [Mottomo Abunai Deka]
Japanese movie regarded by the public as 'the most dangerous criminal film'.
In the west became known as "Yokohama City Cops Story", directly to home video in a few countries.
The soundtrack has enormous AOR songs, being this one the best in my opinion, beautifully performed by Gail.

Out For The Count [The Karate Kid III]
The third part of the "Karate Kid" saga is the least known, as also is its soundtrack, hard to find.
Requested by a reader, WINGER recorded this track exclusively for this film.

Killer On The Loose [Rocktober Blood]
Another request from a reader.
Rather unknown movie following a common plot of that time as "Hard Rock Zombies", "Black Roses" or "Trick or Treat". That is, a hard rock band struggling against Devil's influence.
The soundtrack (by the band SORCERY, David Glen Eisley was their earlier frontman) remains unpublished.
This track is heard in the film during one of the group's live performances, whose lead singer is the murderer ...

Killer [Savage Streets]
I could not leave out from this compilation series another great song only appeared in the "Savage Streets" soundtrack.
A pump up monster action movie track, a real killer.

17 - HEART
The Heat [Up The Creek]
One of the many 'College Campus' juvenile films of the 80's.
Not the best, but the soundtrack is really good, mostly filled with exclusive songs, as 'The Heat' by HEART, not easy to find.
Requested by a lot of people in these pages.

Speedster [Sleepwalkers]
I've watched this movie in time when it was released directly to home video 'round here, and was impressed not only by the CGI morph (one of the first films to use it) but also by the great guitar instrumentals that were heard throughout the movie. Even recorded all parts on tape.
But never labeled the cassette with the performer's name, nor the movie title.
Some time later, listening to the tape, I cursed myself for not taking notes.
A couple of years ago, in a second hand record store, a front CD cover trigger my memory missing movie!
Hoping some of these awesome instrumentals were included, turned the jewel case and... Bingo! ...MICHAEL THOMPSON!
Isn't a great song in the songwriting department, just some kind of 'jam', but come on, the man has a unique guitar tone and hot sweepicking, and maestro Colaiuta gives you a drum lesson for free...
Just get a pair of headphones to enjoy this one.

That's all folks, closing credits... THE END.

+ 70 min, artwork.
Note: most of tracks are vinyl-only release and very rare, all were cleaned, decrackled and declicked to get the best quality possible.

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.12

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OLE (I'DOLE) EVENRUDE - Høy Og Mørk; De Beste (2005)

EVENRUDE is a norwegian musician/vocalist, which musical career starts at the beginning of the 80's with a song included in a local unsigned bands compilation.
At the age of 21, using the alias OLE I'DOLE, he released his first album “BLOND OG BILLIG”, sung in norwegian language.
His second; “POPAGANDA!” (1985), includes the song 'Ayatollah', banned in local radio stations due the controversial lyrics. Even the 7'' single was print without a cover picture.

Signed by a major label (RCA) and produced by Andy Scott (THE SWEET), the next album “IDOLATOR” (1986) features the hit 'X-Ray Specs', later recorded by the swedes SHA-BOOM and BAI BANG, and by ANDY SCOTT'S SWEET as well.
“THIS OLE TOWN” (1987), produced by Geoff Downes (ASIA, YES), contains Ole's biggest hit: 'This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us', a heartful ballad.

His final album (and the best of all by far); “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” (1989), is a true scandi-AOR / MR gem, featuring classics like 'Broken Heart', 'Desperado' and more, skillfully produced by maestro NEIL KERNON (STREETS, KANSAS, DOKKEN, MICHAEL BOLTON).

In the nineties, Ole become one of Norways' most important artistic producers / songwriters, working with rock artists such as WIG WAM, SWEDISH EROTICA, TONE NORUM, STAGE DOLLS, BAI BANG, A-HA, and many many more.

This 'Best Of' collection released in 2005, entitled "High And Dark" (Høy Og Mørk), embraces his entire discography including the earlier songs, but also the great stuff from the second half of the decade, plus songs only released as singles, and a new remix/recording of 'This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us'.
Norway only release, pretty hard to find.

01 - Det Va'kke Min Skyld *
02 - Hvis Jeg Var Gud *
03 - Framtidsskrekk *
04 - Space, Action, Sex Og Blo' *
05 - Heltene Er Trette *
06 - Sayonara (single only, 1984)
07 - Ayatollah +
08 - En Og En Er To +
09 - Ann-Helen +
10 - I Natt Er Verden Vår (single only, 1990)
11 - Nature (single only, 1986)
12 - Bad Times' Good For Writin' Songs #
13 - Take A Chance #
14 - This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us #
15 - Desperado =
16 - Make My Day =
17 - Broken Heart =
18 - X-Ray Specs (re-recording '89) =
19 - This Town Ain't Big Enough.... [New Version 2000]

* from BLOND OG BILLIG (1983)
+ from POPAGANDA! (1985)
# from THIS OLE TOWN (1987)
= from ONE SIZE FITS ALL (1989)

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BALANCE - In For The Count (1982)

Remastered + bonus

BALANCE - In For The Count
This is a re-post of the original thread: May 07, 2007
Link updated with the remastered version plus 2 bonus tracks, CDrip @ 320Kbps.

In the early 1980s there was a sort of superband that never got the attention they deserved.
The band was called BALANCE and featured the famous session musicians Bob Kulick on guitars, Peppy Castro on vocals and Doug Katsaros on keys.

Their music though was typical early 80s American AOR/Radiorock that should have been on top of the charts, because around the same time similar acts as SURVIVOR, JOURNEY and FOREIGNER scored massive hits while BALANCE had to split up after a couple of years because of the lack of success.

However, what remains are two albums that are a MUST for the AOR fan.
The lead vocals of Peppy Castro are a cross between Franke Previte (lead singer of Franke & The Knockouts) and Mike Reno (Loverboy).
Don't be scared by the year of release, this sounds like late '80 bands, brilliant and crisp production.

1 In for the Count 4:52
2 Is It Over 3:06
3 Slow Motion 4:26 (Awesome Track!)
4 Undercover Man 4:29
5 On My Honor 3:34
6 All the Way 3:39
7 Pull the Plug 3:41
8 Bedroom Eyes 3:56
9 We Can Have It All 3:44
10 Ride The Wave (bonus) 3:47
11 She's Alone Tonight (bonus) 3:09

Peppy Castro: lead and backing vocals
Bob Kulick: guitars
Doug Katsaros: keyboards, backing vocals
Chuck Burgi (Rainbow): drums, percussion
Dennis Feldman: bass

BALANCE In For The Count +2



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DOUGLAS - State Of Rock (1987)

Greek band, founded by the Douglas bros. circa 1983.
Classic second mid eighties AOR-rock sound, loud guitars, keyboards at-glance and strong rhythm section.
Very good vocals, since "Cornelius" is the alias of CRAAFT's vocalist Klaus Lulley. Yes, it is Klaus (a subject of discussion in various forums / blogs).

No fillers in sight, few songs in this album, but all goodies!
"Shout" starts with those amazing keys we love to hear, "Loner" is the best song ever written by the band, "It’s Late" is a perfect ballad.
No more comments needed, you must hear this little (indie) gem.
This is the second press of this vinyl (released in 1988), with 2 extra tracks.
Not easy to see anywhere, restored by myself for your listening pleasure.

1. Shout
2. Loner
3. It's Late
4. Reaction *
5. Turn Me On
6. Mirror
7. State Of Rock
8. Don't Let Them Die
9. Douglas Reprise *

* extra tracks

Cornelius — Vocals
Tony J. Conta — Guitars
Alex Douglas — Bass
Eliot Douglas — Drums
Chris Harris — Keyboards

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BOMBAY (USA) - Bombay MiniLP (1984)

BOMBAY gets life from FORTNOX and ZIGGURAT members,
two interesting early 80's pomp-rock bands.
The idea was to break into the growing AOR - Melodic rock wave of those years.

The five tracks of this miniLP follow that line, in the vein of WHITE SISTER, BOOTCAMP and the rockin' side of DAKOTA.
Straight rockers with prominent guitars, good synths and correct vocals.
This was an indie release, but pretty well produced by the expert englishman Eddie Offord (Emerson Lake and Palmer, YES).
The disc won an MTV award for promotion, but
the project was disbanded soon after, this is their one and only recording.

01 - Don't Say These Things
02 - She Can't Behave
03 - Your Gone
04 - On Your Knees
05 - Rumble Tonight

Rick Fowler - Guitar, Backup Vocals
Russell Daniel - Drums, Backup Vocals
Joel Shipp - Vocals, Bass Guitar

BOMBAY (USA) MiniLP (1984)

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CHANNEL 5 - The Colour Of The Moment (1985)

This german band (and particulary this album) is a cult group in AOR circles.
Wrongly marketed as a pop band, they blend a hi-tech sound with lite AOR.

Singer Jan Krueger has not accent at all, his voice is clear and fresh.
The band mates (especially guitar-man Markus Krochmann) are skilled musicians.
Some tracks are really tasteful, like 'Stop (Breakin' All Those Little Hearts)', a perfect example of the band's style, with TOTO influences.
Or the title track, an imaginative intrumental that reminds me the best DAVID FOSTER.

Very good production, and perfectly mixed.
As far I know only released on vinyl...

01 Isn't It You
02 For A Look In Your Eyes
03 Blue Suite Gang
04 Madonna
05 For A Single Time
06 The Colour Of The Moment
07 Lets Spend The Night (In Heaven)
08 Losing Control
09 Will I Ever See You Again
10 Stop (Breakin' All Those Little Hearts)

Jan Krueger - lead vocals, piano, keyboards
Markus Krochmann - guitars, vocals
Frank Winneberger - bass
Christian Blau - drums, percussion
Chris Adam - keyboards, computer programming
Christian Wilckens - saxophone, vocals

CHANNEL 5 - The Colour Of The Moment