Thursday, February 21, 2008

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.1

Remember the days when you went to the theatre to enjoy a good action movie? Sometimes had a weak story, poor acting, but always entertaining plus killer music.
A lot soundtracks are gems in its own right.Love those pumpin' and thrilling tunes, AOR fueled machines with real emotion.
This new compilation comprises some of my favs, mostly rare and unknown, again, the best sellers (Rocky, Cobra, etc) are out here, but I can assure you that all the tracks are fantastic.

The Alan Tam (an asian artist) is a real AOR gem and pretty unknown, only this one worth the download.
Also the Terminator is rare, 'cos the score is easy to find, but the original with this tune is long time out of print (monster song).
Few people knows about the Joe Lynn Turner performance in The Heavenly Kid film (a rarity and forgotten one).
More than 70min. of music, vbr, myself made artwork.
Enjoy, listen and go to your record store and buy one of these awesome soundtracks...

01. Alan Tam: Midnight Rider [Armour Of God] (Very Rare)
02. Stan Bush: Never Surrender [Kickboxer]
03. Joe Torono: Stand On Your Own [No Retreat No Surrender]
04. Moving Pictures: Never [Footloose]
05. Mark Free: (To Be) Best Of The Best [Best Of The Best II]
06. David Hallyday: Oh La La [Baywatch]
07. John Farnham: Break The Ice [RAD]
08. Mickey Thomas: Sing [Sing] (Rare)
09. Tim Capello: I Still Believe [The Lost Boys]
10. Nick Gilder: Footsteps [Youngblood]
11. Tahnee Cain & Tryanglz: Burnin' In The Third Degree [Terminator]
12. Black Roses: Paradise [Black Roses]
13. Mike Reno: Chasing The Angels [Iron Eagle II]
14. Stan Bush: The Touch [Transformers The Movie]
15. Fee Waybill: You'd Better Wait [Dream A Little Dream]
16. 3 Speed: Wind Me Up [RAD]
17. Joe Lynn Turner: Heartless [The Heavenly Kid] (Rare)
18. Greg Allman: I'll Be Holding On [Black Rain]

AOR TREASURES The Soundtracks Vol.1 - Updated May,2015


Thursday, February 14, 2008

TORINO - Customized (1988)

Another brillant AOR / rock band from britain.

Strong rockers with incisive keyboards, soaring vocals and pretty good production.
Never released on CD (a shame), this album became a hard hunt in underground AOR circles. No fillers, just killers.
I've decided to post this album here after the rip-off from different sites of my original upload to other blog some time ago.
Decent transfer to digital, enough to enjoy this gem.

1. Out Of The Fire
2. Steal My Thunder
3. Somewhere
4. Can't Let Go
5. Boys Go Wild
6. Call Of The Wild
7. Take My Heart Away
8. Dance Crazy
9. Never Surrender

Stuart Fox Vocals
Paul Diamond Bass
Brian Dixon Drums
Barry McKeown Guitar

This album is reposted HERE