Thursday, July 31, 2008

BAD MEDICINE - Breakin' Down [single] (2008)

Bad Medicine.
Another hope-you-can-make-it-guys new group from Athens, Greece.
Obvious, they're big Bon Jovi fans.
Not a tribute band anyway.
Yes, they sound like early BJ but more like Blue Tears IMO, with some scandi-like european vibe.
Go ahead guys!

1 - Bad Medicine - Breakin' Down (3:55)
2 - Bad Medicine - Shade Of Love (4:49) [demo]

Ster Dante: Vocals
Roy D: Guitars
Jimi G: Bass, Backing Vocals
John Vendetta: Keys, Backing Vocals
Chris Roxx: Drums, Backing Vocals


Friday, July 25, 2008

BRUCE HIBBARD - Never Turnin' Back (1980)

A little westcoast this time...
Very good CCM artist, Bruce released this candid album, "Never Turnin' Back" in 1980.
Sound and production ahead, seems recorded in '85 or more.
This was the first vinyl single, with the title song.
Full lengh album was reissued on CD in 2000, worth track down.

Side A : Never Turnin' Back
Side B : We Are All His Children

Bruce Hibbard: vocals, keyboards
Hadley Hockensmith: guitars (Neil Diamond,America)
Dean Parks: guitars (Keith Green,Phil Keaggy Band)
Harlan Rogers: keyboards (Gordon Lightfoot,Johnny Rivers)
Bill Maxwell: drums (Keith Green,Talbot Bros,Art Garfunkel)
Kelly Willard, Bryan Duncan, Randy Thomas: backing vocals


Saturday, July 05, 2008

WILD ROSE - Wild Rose EP (2007)

Takin' the time machine back to 80's, Wild Rose delivers the best high class AOR you can get.
Classic sound, full of keys, strong songwriting.
What can I say 'bout these greeks?
They're GREAT.
Very, very good band, pure AOR.
Another great promise...

Promotional EP only.
Highly Recommended

1 - I Want You Back
2 - Too Late
3 - Goodbye

Andy Rock: vocals
Jimmy Wild Fardis: guitars
Phillip Gun: bass
Vagelis G: drums
Dirty Haris: keyboards, backing vocals


Thursday, July 03, 2008

LOST AND FOUND - Welcome To The Real World (1988)

Californian Melodic Rock AOR band with christian origin.
Their one and only indie release, atipycal and distinctive, 'cos mixes early 80's pomp ala Roadmaster with mid 80's hi-tech approach ala Bystander.

The band signed with a distributor who fled with the band's masters to Europe and sold most of the total copies pressed.
That's why the disc at one time was much easier to find in Europe than North America.

Beautiful melodies, loads of keyboards, but full dosis of guitars can be found.
Adequate vocals, good production for an indie.
Link updated by troynew (thanks mate)

1. Welcome To The Real World
2. Going All The Way
3. Hear Me
4. Make It Real
5. Wait Of The World
6. I'm So Glad
7. How Long?
8. Never Alone
9. Smoke Screen
10. All The World
11. Through The Eyes Of Love (demo)
12. What Can One Man Do (demo)

Scott Walters - lead vocals

Ted Hoehne - guitars, vocals
Larry Trainor - guitars, vocals
Brian Mercer - vocals, keyboards
Greg Hudson - bass, vocals
Alison Cate - drums