Thursday, June 25, 2009

AOR TREASURES - Extended Versions 2 (The Camel's Hump)

Another "extended" installment.
I don't own some of these vinyls, so you get them as they are, all above 192Kbps or better, I have restored all tracks, suppressing the cracks and clicks successfully (I think...).

Aerosmith's Love In An Elevator (Elevator Mix) was released as vinyl promo only, not for sale. I really enjoy this funny mix.
Maybe you don't like ZZ Top goes-to-techno stuff, I think their 80's remixes are awesome. Two of them here.
Joal (german female hard rockin' babe) has released a very good album in the late 80's, this is a very rare and great extended version, only 12''.

Another rarity is White Lion's classic 'Wait', looong version, with much more guitars (WTF are you Vitto?) and some effects added. As far I know, only UK release.
Romeo's Daughter was a superb band, you'll love this rare maxi-single version, supermixed.
A hard to find Foreigner extended remix, very well done.
Another FM (UK) classic remixed, maybe better than the original version.

The Noiseworks version is very cool and veryyy extended.
Device has released a critical acclaimed hi-tech / lite-AOR albums in the mid eighties, this song version is pretty rare, maybe too much 'poppy' for your tastes, but after a couple of listens you will love this tune. I have done a little miracle restoring this vinyl.
Heart remix is completely different from original one. Nice.

As 'bonus', not exactly an extended Survivor track.
This is a little gem, Dave Bickler's final vocal trax used in Eye Of The Tiger.
Taken from the original multi-track recording, with all the overdubs ready to the final song mix. Listen carefully, you can hear in some parts, subtle at the bottom, the backing instrumental track, and at the end, the vocal guidance metronome. These artifacts were removed in the mastering process, of course.

Remember, all these tracks are official remixes, original material performed during the recording sessions, not third hand adds or DJ work.
Check the tags of each song, I've added full release info, catalog number, and original artwork.
You can extract all artwork covers with your favourite tag editor.

01 - Aerosmith - Love In An Elevator (Elevator Mix) 6:14

02 - ZZ Top - Velcro Fly (Extended Mix) 6:38

03 - Joal - Rock That City (Extended Version) 4:55

04 - Dominoe - Angel Don't Cry (Rock Mix) 5:15

05 - White Lion - Wait (Extended Version) 6:05

06 - Romeo's Daughter - Don't Break My Heart (Ext. Version) 5:54

07 - Foreigner - That Was Yesterday (Extended Remix) 6:15

08 - FM - Bad Luck (Extended Version) 5:22

09 - Noiseworks - No Lies (Extended Version) 5:25

10 - Device - Hanging On A Heart Attack (Dance Mix) 7:21

11 - ZZ Top - Legs [Metal Mix aka Special Dance Mix] 7:45

12 - Heart - There's The Girl (12'' Remix) 7:20

13 - Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger (Dave Bickler vocal trax) 3:20

ENJOY Extended Vol.2


Monday, June 22, 2009

SEVEN - Man With A Vision + extras (1990)

Another "Request & Fill Corner" request, John Parr related.
Don't be afraid by the 'boy-band' look of this guys.
Yes, they supposed to be a chart product, but unlike that kind of monstrosity, they wrote their own songs and really play all the instruments.
And what a beautiful AOR songs!
Produced by John Parr ("Man With A Vision" tune was recorded by himself in '92), they released 2 singles on the Polydor label the same year: "Inside Love" in january and "Man With A Vision" in june, 1990.

Seven went on to tour with The Monkees, Richard Marx and Jason Donovan, and the singles sold well, but some label / management problems dissolved the project.
A shame, they were very good.
There's rumours that a full album was recorded, but was shelved...
If you like Parr's music and style, well done poppy AOR with class, this is for you.
Man With A Vision maxi-single is complete (4 tracks), plus Inside Love 7'' version and 2 demos (supposed to be part of the unreleased album).

01. Man With A Vision [7'' version]
02. Just Close Your Eyes
03. Man With A Vision [extended version]
04. Stranger (In The Night)
05. Inside Love [7'' version]
06. Untill Then (demo)
07. Be That Girl (demo)

Mick Devine: Lead Vocals
Keith MacFarlane: Guitar, Vocals
Pat Davey: Bass, Vocals
Simon Lefevre: Keyboards, Vocals
Austin Lane: Drums
Produced by John Parr

Updated HERE

Monday, June 08, 2009

THE UNDYING FIRE - Unreleased Tracks (2008)

ARfm has long been one of the world's most important AOR-Melodic Rock radio stations, with exclusive interviews and concerts.
They lost two major sponsors, and were close to disappear.
Steve Newman (NEWMAN's frontman) and the FIREFEST promoters (the most important festival these days), knew they had to do something to help.

Several artists were summoned to donate unreleased tracks, in order to release a benefit CD.
The project, entitled "The Undying Fire", is a Limited Edition collection of 14 tracks all of which are either brand new, unreleased or live, all mastered by Steve Newman at the Blue Room Studios, UK.
The album was available only in the last year's FIREFEST and ARfm-shop online.

ARfm director, Steve Price, describes each track:

1. HOUSE OF LORDS - Point Of No Return:
When I first contacted James Christian, the band was working in their new album.
This song was already written and polished, and James accepted to recording inmediatly for us. All done in 3 days.

2. VALENTINE (Hugo) - Luv Honey:
It was originally a demo for the second Valetine's album, that never saw the light.
The raw tape was mastered in the studio very soon by Mr. Newman. A nice song.

3. SHADOWMAN - Freefall:
Unreleased track from the 2nd SHADOWMAN CD, donated by STEVE OVERLAND.
It's one of those songs that make you think why didn't end in the album!

4. NEWMAN - Don't Know Why:
Written on August 8, 2008 by STEVE NEWMAN, under the sun of a Mediterranean beach.
He was in charge of everything concerning this album, also has recorded and contributed with this track.

5. ROBIN BECK - I'm Serious:
Accompanied by House Of Lords full line-up, this song was recorded during the same sessions of track 1.
So we have HOL with female vocalist for the first time!
Powerful tune. She also took time to do backing vocals on track 10 ... she's a star!

6. TALON - Paradise:
'Outtake' from the band's first album.
This song appears in their last record, but this is a completely different version, also sung by the original vocalist.

7. CRUNCH (ex AdrianGale) - The World We Knew:
CRUNCH New song, done in just three days for us.
They are recording a new album right now.

8. BOMBAY BLACK - Without You (Regrooved Mix):
The band didn't have a new song for donating, so they decided remix this track for us. Never released.

9. HEARTLAND - I Believe:
"Mind Your Head" leftover. There were plans to include this one as a Japan bonus track, but never happened.

Tommy is a true star and came to our rescue with this song.
Nina is the singer of Spamalot, successful band in Eastern Europe, and Tommy has been recording some songs with her for a future project.
This is one of them. Backing Vocals by ROBIN BECK.

11. STORMZONE - On A Wing And A Prayer:
The band kindly gave us 2 songs to choose. Was a difficult decision for us.
Powerful rocker.

12. HAREM SACREM - Karma Cleansing (Live)
13. VALENTINE - Tears In The Night (Live)
14. FM - Bad Luck (Live)
These 3 tracks were recorded live at the FireFest and were used with permission of the respective bands.


Friday, June 05, 2009

AOR TREASURES - The Extended Versions (The Camel's Hump)

In the 80's, when a disc was released, in addition to the singles, the fashion was also launch an extended version, often as "B-side".
AOR / Rock bands were not absent to this trend (which often allowed them to enter the discotheques).

Many people find these versions annoying, detracting the originals beauty.
I think that my selections are really good, the producer's job bring new life to the songs, adding in some items new arrangements / tempo, discarded guitar solos (a very good ones), or simply an alternative mix of what might have been the official album version.
You'll be surprised by strange HEART's song ending, the crazy GARY solos (don't give the man room to play!), the completely 'new' version of WAITE's classic, or the syncopated ZZ TOP mix (I love this version).
But the most successful is the FM track, in my opinion, better than the original.

All these versions contains only original material performed during the recording sessions, not third hand adds or DJ's crap.
Some tracks aren't easy to find, and mostly only have been released on vinyl.
All were decrackled and declicked to get the best quality possible.

FM - Someday (Extended Version) 5:29
Survivor - Burning Heart (Ultraburn Version) 5:07
Gary Moore - Friday On My Mind (Extended Version) 6:10
Dominoe - Here I Am (Maxi Version) 5:16
John Waite - Missing You (12'' Version) 6:15
Heart - What About Love (12'' Long Version) 5:26
Foreigner - Say You Will (Extended Version) 5:24
Brian Spence - Hear It From The Heart (Extended Version) 6:06
Vixen - Edge Of A Broken Heart (Extended Version) 6:36
Judas Priest - Turbo Lover (Hi-Octane Mix) 7:22
ZZ Top - Sleeping Bag (Original Extended 12'' Mix) 6:14
John Parr - Restless Heart (Extended Version) 6:18

+70 min, artwork

Extended Versions Vol.1 - option 1

Extended Versions Vol.1 - option 2