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Monday, December 30, 2019

CRASH (Mikael Erlandsson) - Crash (1993)

CRASH (Mikael Erlandsson) - Crash (1993) front
Requested by a reader

Swedish vocalist Mikael Erlandsson achieved fame & fortune with Last Autumn's Dream, and more recently as well with Lover Under Cover, Heartbreak Radio, Salute and several projects. He also enjoyed considerable popularity in Scandinavia as solo artist during the '90s (some of his albums posted here on the blog), but his career started in the late Seventies.

First, Erlandsson was part of a punk (!) band playing drums, later he switched to keyboards for the group The Studs while perfected his songwriting skills. In the mid-80s joined pop band N'Gang for the first time as frontman / vocalist, with a hit single in Swedish radio and an Eurovision Song Contest participation.
Then in 1991 formed CRASH with brothers Eliasson (drummer Lars and guitarist Jan, who later was part of Danish rockers Push).

Crash released their debut "Crash" in 1993 with the aim to capitalize the American Melodic Rock success at that time, so expect here a collection of tunes in that vein.
"Do The Dance Dirty" opens with an urgent riff and a catchy chorus, followed by 'Close At Hand', a pure melodic rock track with a delicious multi-part harmony vocal work. The ethereal ballad 'Eyes Don't Lie' is perhaps the more 'Scandi sounding' song on the CD, and it's a really good one.

Then on tracks like 'Angina' you can hear Crush replicating the USA sound of the genre being this one akin White Lion (check the guitar swirls), same with 'Through The Shadows' (very Extreme), or the acoustically filled 'October 18' much in the vein of Mr. Big's More Than Words. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as many groups were doing the same, and Crush are pretty good at it.

CRASH (Mikael Erlandsson) - Crash (1993) back

Only released in Sweden, this is perhaps the lesser known work of Mikael Erlandsson's career. He never recorded a bad album - solo or with a band - and "Crash" is a quite solid melodic hard rock CD as well.
Well produced, composed and executed, "Crash" is a worthwhile addition to your Melodic Hard Rock collection.

01. Do The Dance Dirty
02. Close at Hand
03. Eyes Don't Lie
04. Save The World
05. Angina
06. Through The Shadows
07. Stranger's Kiss
08. Six String and a Highway
09. October 18
10. Livin' On Lovin'
11. Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin cover)

Mikael 'Micke' Erlandsson - vocals, keyboards, percussion
John Melander - bass, percussion, backing vocals
Jan Eliasson - guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Lars Eliasson - drums, backing vocals
Micke Oijwall - keyboards, backing vocals
Ulrik Arturen - backing vocals

CRASH (Mikael Erlandsson) - Crash (1993) HERE

Saturday, December 21, 2019

ONE TO ONE - 1-2-1 (1988)

ONE TO ONE - 1-2-1 (1988) front

Created by Ottawa based songwriter / producer /musician Leslie Howe, ONE TO ONE was a successful '80s Canadian duo completed by female vocalist / songwriter Louise Reny.
Both worked on Alanis Morissette's first two albums and helped to her upcoming stardom.

ONE TO ONE recorded 3 albums, the first more synth-pop oriented, this second effort "1-2-1" in the same vein but adding classy Canadian Hi-Tech lite AOR touches akin Device, Angela And The Rude, Transvision Vamp, etc
Then they released a third and last in the early Nineties changing their name to One 2 One.

"1-2-1" is an entertaining, cool 88's poppy album from the Cancon factory, well composed and produced, techie, but including hot guitar solos and keys.
The catchy first single 'Hold Me Now', 'Not A Love Song' (featuring a rocking guitar solo), the joyful 'Do You Believe', the excellent 'Inside These Eyes', and the fine mid-tempo AORish 'Heading For Zero' are among my favorites.

ONE TO ONE - 1-2-1 (1988) back

Despite of the good sales and nomination for three Juno Awards, ONE TO ONE never impacted into the US market, and all their albums are really hard to find, especially this '1-2-1' CD version.

01 - Hold Me Now
02 - Love Child
03 - We've Got The Power
04 - Do You Believe
05 - Heading For Zero
06 - Inside These Eyes
07 - Victorious
08 - Voices Cry
09 - Life Is So Easy
10 - Not A Love Song

Louise Reny - vocals
Leslie Howe - guitars, synth bass, keyboards, programming
Frank Levin - keyboards

ONE TO ONE - 1-2-1 (1988) HERE

Sunday, December 08, 2019

NEW FRONTIER - New Frontier (1988)

NEW FRONTIER - New Frontier (1988)

Formed by renowned musicians from the American music industry, NEW FRONTIER cut this one and only, self-titled album in 1988. Despite of being released by a small record label, "New Frontier" smell 'major production' from every corner. There's the great Richie Zito at the producer's chair, also playing additional guitar and keyboards.

Frontman in New Frontier is no other Monty Byrom from AORsters Billy Satellite, on bass Glenn Letsch (Montrose, Gamma, Jonathan Cain Band), keyboardist David Neuhauser (Lance, Eddie Money), and you have contribution from the likes of John Keane, Martin Page, Tommy Funderburk, Timothy B. Schmit, and more.
Impressive cast, and some impressive songs as well.

These musicians have played on countless albums and bands, and varied, different styles. So it's not surprising to find divers tunes on "New Frontier". Overall, the first half (Side A) is melodic rock / AOR / radio friendly with sound ranging from John Waite to Nelson. Then Side B is bluesier, bringing to mind .38 Special more AORish moments.
The song 'I Think About You', written by Michael Bolton & Martin Briley in the early '80s, feels like a Eddie Money song from the era.

With all members busy into several projects / session work / songwriting for other artists id the industry, New Frontier resulted short lived, but leave this easy to ears, melodic album with that '80s imprint all over.

01 - Under Fire
02 - American Dream
03 - Love Is Stronger Than The Heart
04 - Change For The Better
05 - Standing In My Tears
06 - Lonesome Blues
07 - I Think About You
08 - Motel Rain
09 - Burning The Page
10 - Riverboat Man

Monty Byrom: Lead Vocals, Guitars
David Neuhauser: Piano, Hammond B-3, Synths, Vocals
Glenn Letsch: Bass, Vocals
Marc Nelson: Drums
Richie Zito: Additional Guitars, Keyboards
Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion
John Keane: Drums
Larry Williams: Sax on 7
Martin Page: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Tommy Funderburk, Joe Pizzulo, Timothy B. Schmit, Maxine & Julia Tillman Waters: Backing Vocals

NEW FRONTIER - New Frontier (1988) HERE

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

SECRET ADMIRER Soundtrack (1985)

SECRET ADMIRER Soundtrack (1985) front
This is a re-post from many years ago as it's heavily requested.
The soundtrack of SECRET ADMIRER never was released on CD and of course, the vinyl is out of print.

Secret Admirer is a good movie, typically '80s and featured a bunch of cool songs.
Now many of these tracks can be found in the performing artists main albums (some remastered), but I've left the vinyl rip as it is, with a good sound.
My expanded version contains the tracks that didn't appear in the official soundtrack, 'Opening Theme' by Jan Hammer and the 3 Autograph songs heard throughout the film.


This record it's so hard to find, that even in the internet a small artwork photo can't be located.
So I made my own cover art based in the original LP sleeve I've seen some time ago - and didn't bought it :(

01 - Jan Hammer - Opening Theme *
02 - Van Stephenson - No Secrets
03 - Tony Carey - The First Day Of Summer
04 - Kim Wilde - The Touch
05 - Don Felder - She's Got a Part Of Me
06 - Van Stephenson - You've Been Lied To Before
07 - Klymaxx - Meeting In The Ladies Room
08 - Nik Kershaw - You Might
09 - Rosemary Butler & Arnold McCuller - Just A Dream Away
10 - Timothy B. Schmit - Leaving It Up To You
11 - Jan Hammer - Finale
12 - Autograph - Take No Prisoners *
13 - Autograph - Deep End *
14 - Autograph - My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Isn't Me *

* Extra tracks, not on the LP

SECRET ADMIRER Soundtrack (1985) HERE

Sunday, December 01, 2019

WAKEFIELD - Wakefiled (1985)

WAKEFIELD - Wakefiled (1985) LP
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

WAKEFIELD was one of these US bands that despite its quality never got a recording contract with a major label, but mostly due to their location. Formed in the mid-Seventies in South Dakota, Wakefield was a popular act in the area playing venues from Canada to Kansas, and Colorado to Illinois.
When they recorded this, their self-titled LP released on a small private label, Wakefield were offered to distribute the album nationally with the condition to tour nation-wide to support it. At the time all band members got a family firmly established in South Dakota, so the potential opportunity for major exposure was declined.

"Wakefield" appeared in 1985, and the music packed inside has the typical mid-80s US melodic rock sound with influences ranging from Night Ranger to REO Speedwagon, with some little Pomp on it plus a hard rock touch as well.
Very well composed & arranged, there's variation through the nine songs recorded at Catamount Studio in Iowa, produced by the band & Tom Tatman obtaining a very good, fuller sound.
Wakefield officially disbanded in 1987, but all members, still living in South Dakota, reunite from time to time for some shows.

WAKEFIELD - Wakefiled (1985) back

Over the years, "Wakefield" has become a collectors piece, with original LP's being sold for 3-digit dollar amounts. It's a really nice, melodic album.
I did a little clean-up on this vinyl-rip to obtain the best possible sound quality.

01 - Don't Throw Your Heart Away
02 - You're Gonna Find Out
03 - Hard Nights
04 - It's A Beautiful Day
05 - One Of A Kind Lady
06 - I Want You
07 - Animals
08 - Tara
09 - Living Dangerously

Evan Jones - keyboards, vocals
Geoff Gunderson - guitar, vocals
Jeff Koller - drums, vocals
Dave Horan - bass

WAKEFIELD - Wakefiled (1985)