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KOOGA - Across The Water (1986) + single

KOOGA - Across The Water
Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

KOOGA were formed in the early eighties as PREACHER, a four piece guitar based blues/rock band.

Playing a mixture of original and cover numbers the band drew their influences from the likes of Free, Bad Company, Thin Lizzy.
In 1983 Guitarist Ian Palfrey was replaced by Keyboard player Neil Garland and a turn in musical direction led to a more keyboard based melodic rock sound.

The need to completely move away from cover material came in 1985 and a change of name and image quickly followed.
The name KOOGA and the partnership with management team Flying V Promotions saw the band move out of Wales and start touring the UK. After numerous sell out gigs at London's Marquee Club the band were creating a buzz in the then London controlled record business.
Unable to secure a deal with a British label they signed to Independent French label Black Dragon.

The release of the their debut album "Across The Water" in 1986 raised their profile higher by making the top ten charts of the NME and Kerrang magazines.
To strengthen the sound more and release Neville to concentrate on vocals a second guitarist was added to the band.

More sell out gigs at The Marquee Club got the band noticed enough to be asked to play the Reading Rock Festival in the summer of 1987. Great reviews of the festival followed but this was to be the last gig for this line up of the band.
Neil Garland and David Howells were replaced by a number of new musicians but apart from the re-release of the single "Don't Break My Heart" in 1988 the band lost their momentum and broke up in 1989.
Singer Neville MacDonald moved on to form the succesfull band SKIN with numerous top ten singles and chart albums.

This is a 320K rip from the bootleg CD edition. There's also an unauthorized re-release by UK label Krescendo Records, but as far I know, sounds exactly like this one.
Also included in the file, their last single, "Don't Break My Heart", produced by Lea Hart and released on the band’s own label.
An '80s classic hard to find @ this bitrate.

01 - Across The Water
02 - Lifeline
03 - Fall From Grace
04 - Lay Down Your Love
05 - Lockjaw
06 - She Walks In Beauty
07 - Gabrielle
08 - Like I've Never Known

"Don't Break My Heart" 1988 single

Side A - Don't Break My Heart
side B - Lay Down Your Love

Neville MacDonald - Guitar and Lead vocal
Neil Garland - Keyboards and backing vocals
David Howells - Bass guitar and backing vocals
Martin Williams - Drums
Gerwyn Howley - Guitar
Steve Colley - Bass
Tony Lambert - Keyboards

Across The Water

1988 single HERE

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.15

Another bunch of nice rarities, with the help of a very good friend.

Fingers On It from "Henry, Portrait Of A Serial Killer"
Terrifying flick based on actual events, great movie, great song by Enuff Z'Nuff. If you ask me, this tune is the definition of Melodic Rock.
You can hear Henry the killer (starring Michael Rooker) at the beginning of the song.
By the way, the band is listed on the soundtrack as 'Enough Z'Nuff'.

World At War from "Dutch Treat"
Needless to say that this kind of song is the motto of this series. Just listen the thrilling AOR arrangements / keyboards / guitars of this one. Love it!
Ripped from the rare CD edition.

She's Got The Power from "Sailor Moon"
Another awesome soundtrack song by the master Stan.
Few fans have noticed about his contribution to the Sailor Moon series. Here it is in all its glory.

What A Feeling from "Magic Movie Hits by G. Moroder"
Curious story about this unknown version.
To be included in Giorgio Moroder's Greatest Hits "Magic Movie Hits", this track was re-recorded (due to legal issues) with Diana DeWitt on vocals.
Great choice Giorgio!

05. DECO
Survive from "Fast Forward"
A personal favorite. Not strictly an AOR track, but has ALL the '80s vibe, the best song on this movie soundtrack.
Hard to find OST, this is a very good vinyl rip.

Just Like You from "Pumpkinhead II"
Love the pace of this tune, just give it repeated listens, you'll grab it in your head forever.
Roger Clinton has a very nice vocal color. This is the official 'Theme from Pumpkinhead II'.

State Of The Heart from "Alien From L.A."
This track and many more in this volume, was submitted by another 'soundtrack maniac collector' like me, the great Phaota from USA, a real connoisseur in this matter.
Lovely tune by Donna De Lory, from the never released "Alien From L.A" soundtrack, ripped from DVD by Phaota and edited by me.

Make A Stand from "Ninja Kids Phantom Force"
Ahh this track... love this one particularly.
Filipino movie originally baptized 'Ninja Kids 1986', the english dubbed version was re-entitled 'Ninja Kids Phantom Force', and has a completely reworked music composed & performed by Ric Olsen & Marty Frederiksen.
Sadly never released soundtrack, these songs are just awesome.
I've ripped my favorite from a wasted VHS : 'Make A Stand', heard many times through the movie, but not in full lengh.
Edited million times to get the final version. The sound quality does not match my standards, but it's a great tune and impossible to find.

Man For Me from "Return To Horror High"
Another never released soundtrack.
Typical '80s tune, cheap production and cheesy as hell, but love it.
Ripped by Phaota and edited by me.

Self Defense from "The Legend Of Billie Jean"
Mega rarity. Never included in the official soundtrack and never released in any format.
According to Phaota; "I got the song from someone that knew Chas through his brother, so it isn't my rip". Some minor (glitch) fixed by me.
Terrific song!

Losin' It from "Losin' It"
Requested many times, finally here it is.
As far I know, this OST never was released. This great rockin' AOR tune was taken from the 1983 Jeff Alan Band vinyl single.
Ripped by Phaota. I can't thank you enough man...

Cry Of The City from "Knights Of The City"
Talkin' about rarities, you won't find this one easily. Never released soundtrack.
Phaota bought & ripped the 7" vinyl (promo I think). Absolutely devastating AOR 'action movie' track.

Love Ain't Easy from "Whispers"
Another 'no way, no soundtrack available'.
This tune never was released by Stan, don't ask where or how I get it ...
Trademark Meissner canadian tune, with great guitar licks.

Is It Really Love? from "Child's Play"
Profane thriller inspired in notorious serial killers.
This syncopated tune fits the movie perfectly, I really like the feel and the subtle lyrics intention.
Good one Chucky...

Never Go Away from "City Hunter"
Taken from the occidental version of this anime / game.
This is in fact a re-worked version of the KANSAS song 'All I Wanted' ('Power' album) beautifully performed by Momoko Kitadai (lyrics re-written by her also).
Love the new arrangements.

Down For The Count from "Dutch Treat"
I couldn't resist to include another 'Dutch Treat' track.
By the way, all the songs from this movie were produced & mixed by Larry Lee, LaMarca's producer.

Night Is The Hunter from "Homer & Eddie"
This song has a great climax, heartrending vocals by Brannen. Check the sizzling guitars.
Only appeared in this soundtrack.

Ever Since The World Began from "Lock Up"
Superb version of Survivor's classic by Jamison.
I've seen many rips of this track with very poor quality or even cut.
This is an excellent vinyl rip myself done from the Scotti Bros. official Lock Up movie single [INT 112.340], as far I know, only released in Germany.

Say It Ain't True from "Gotcha!"
Another song pretty hard to find with good sound. CDrip from the remastered 'Silk And Steel' album, featured as bonus track.
Can't believe that I didn't included this track into an earlier volume. Better late than never.
Awesome midtempo AOR.

If You Remember Me from "The Champ"
Can't tell you how much I love this song. Just perfect.
The file isn't the re-recorded version present in Thompson's Greatest Hits 'Backtrack' or 'Timeline', this is the original '79 recording ripped from the soundtrack vinyl.

+ 70 min, artwork.
Note: most of tracks are vinyl-only release and very rare, all were cleaned, de-crackled and de-clicked to get the best quality possible.

AOR TREASURES Soundtracks Vol.15 OPTION 1

AOR TREASURES Soundtracks Vol.15 OPTION 2

Monday, June 14, 2010

ALAN GORRIE - Sleepless Nights (1985)

Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

Scottish born bassist, guitarist, keyboardist and singer Alan Gorrie, founding member of the classic 'AVERAGE WHITE BAND', released his one and only solo album in 1985.

Co-written and produced by JAY GRUSKA, the album mixes classic Westcoast AOR elements with the typical '80s Hi-Tech synthetic sounds.
Gruska is a reference in the Westcoast world because he was the leader of MAXUS and worked with JOSEPH WILLIAMS, CHICAGO, MARILYN MARTIN, etc.

'Electric Between Us" sounds a lot like Kenny Loggins mid-eighties stuff.
'Diary Of Fools' is a beautiful ballad in the Maxus style, while 'That Kinda Girl' wouldn't be out of place in any Michael McDonald's album.
'I Can Take It' goes very hi-tech, the title track is a sensual ballad that reminds me Ned Doheny, and 'The Age Of Steam' is a classic and really good '80s piece.
The 'Who's Who' top notch players-session man are present here: MICHAEL LANDAU, DAN HUFF, NATHAN EAST, JOSEPH WILLIAMS ...

This is the remastered and first-time on CD reissue, ripped at maximum quality, as requested.
I've added as bonus, a remix version of 'I Can Take It', more radio-friendly than the album version.

01 - Up
02 - Electric Between Us
03 - Diary Of A Fool
04 - That Kinda Girl
05 - I Can Take It
06 - The Girl Upstairs
07 - Sleepless Night
08 - The Age Of Steam
09 - In The Jungle
10 - I Can Take It (Remix) [bonus]

Bass, Guitar, Vocals: Alan Gorrie
Guitar: Dann Huff, Michael Landau, Michael Mugrage
Bass: Nathan East
Drums: John Robinson
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa
Keyboards: Larry Williams, Jay Gruska, Randy Kerber, Jeff Bova, Michael Boddicker
Background Vocals: Marc Jordan, Joseph Williams, Alex Ligertwood, Joe Pizzulo, David Bryant, Michelle Gruska
...and many more.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

BRIAN McDONALD GROUP - Desperate Business (1987)

BRIAN McDONALD GROUP - Desperate Business
Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

Need to write a review? Not at all...
Any serious AOR / Melodic Rock fan MUST have this one.
'80s AOR gem, catchy rhythm songs, superb choruses, tons of keys, fantastic melodies.
Majestically produced by Beau Hill, with a guest appearance of Winger's REB BEACH on guitar solos, and FIONA singing backing vocals on 'These are the good times'.

As requested, the CD reissue ripped at maximum quality.
An absolute classic.

01 - No Control
02 - These Are The Good Times
03 - This Lonely Heart
04 - Life Is A Desperate Business
05 - Back Home Again
06 - Rockin' With The Boys
07 - Just Imagination
08 - Stay With Me
09 - Everynight
10 - Highway Desire

Brian McDonald - vocals, keyboards
'Still' Will Hodges - guitars, vocals
D.W. Adams - drums, percussion, vocals
Andrew G. Wilkins - bass
Reb Beach - guitar solos
Fiona Flanagan - backing vocals


Friday, June 04, 2010

RICK SPRINGFIELD - SDAA bonus CD Unreleased Stuff (2004)

RICK SPRINGFIELD - SDAA bonus CD Unreleased Stuff

As requested, more Springfield rarities.
His 'shock/denial/anger/acceptance' album was also released as a collector's package, including an extra CD with 17 bonus / unreleased tracks spanning Rick's career.

According to the press release back in the day:
" The LIMITED EDITION version of s/d/a/a is limited to 3500 numbered copies and hand signed by Rick!
Once they are gone, they're gone! No more will ever be produced! "

Seems they're gone now, so here it is.
I've added the bonus track from the main album (not present in the regular release), plus 'The Day After Yesterday' japanese bonus track and 'Venus In Overdrive' Best Buy exclusive songs.

Fans & collectors, grab this now...

1 - Love Screws Me Up (unreleased from Karma)
2 - Revolution Day (unreleased track from Karma)
3 - Rythym Of Love (unreleased '88 song)
4 - Her Body Makes Vows (unreleased track from Karma)
5 - Faithful (different version from the DVD)
6 - When You Dream (original song in EFX)
7 - Rhythm Of The Beat (extra verses)
8 - Forever (EFX version)
9 - Rock Of Life (home demo '86)
10 - Affair Of The Heart (home demo '82)
11 - Souls (home demo '82)
12 - Don't Talk To Strangers (home demo '81)
13 - Poison Pen (unreleased demo SHSMY)
14 - American Girls (live Troubadour '74)
15 - Fire Brigade (unreleased '74)
16 - Sweet Teaser (unreleased '74)
17 - Will I? (AC Radio Mix)

18 - Forever (bonus track rerecorded for SDAA sessions)
19 - Love Is The Answer (TDAY Japan bonus)
20 - My Generation (VIO Best Buy exclusive)
21 - Jessie's Girl -Acoustic- (VIO Best Buy exclusive)