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MICHAEL PATTO - Time To Be Right (1991)

MICHAEL PATTO - Time To Be Right (1991) fronr
Re-posted as requested, quite rare album

MICHAEL PATTO is a British musician, songwriter and producer. Born of Mike Patto Snr. who was a highly respected Rock musician (Spooky Tooth, Patto, Timebox, Boxer), Michael started out on bass but switched to piano in his late teens and soon began to write his own songs.
Patto was signed by a major label aged 20 and released this "Time To Be Right", however soon decided to move on and started his own recording company, being involved with some of the finest talents from the UK music scene.

MICHAEL PATTO - Time To Be Right (1991) back

His one and only album as solo artist, "Time To Be Right" is a soft breeze of genres mixing stylized pop, soul and smooth Westcoast.
There's several pieces of fine Euro-pop on songs like "So Much For The Lovin´", "Few Good Moments" or "What Can I Do". But also a strong Westcoast feeling on "Calling", the smooth "The Very Thought Of You" and "Don't Say A Word". The ballad "Hold On" sounds pretty American L.A. session style.

MICHAEL PATTO - Time To Be Right (1991) cds

"Time To Be Right" features some kind of musical waves not usually associated with this this blog, but it was requested by a reader and it's extremely hard to find. Also included as bonus are 2 different versions of the track "So Much For The Lovin` ", taken from the single CDs of the same name.
It's a nice, relaxing piece of music, very well performed, recorded and produced.
CDrip at maximum quality including artwork. RARE.

01. So Much For The Lovin'
02. Calling
03. Few Good Moments
04. Hold On
05. Paradise Has Gone
06. (I've Got) Love Enough For Two
07. Time To Be Right
08. The Very Thought Of You
09. What Can I Do
10. Don't Say A Word
11. So Much For The Lovin' (7'' version)
12. So Much For The Lovin' (Radical Mix)

Michael Patto: Vocals, All instruments
Session Musicians: unlisted

MICHAEL PATTO Time To Be Right + bonus


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CHRIS FARREN - Sign Of Life [unreleased] (1992)

CHRIS FARREN - Sign Of Life unreleased 1992 

Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section... 
Grammy-winning singer/songwriter/producer/publisher Chris Farren has scored twenty top 10 singles, 10 Grammy nomination (won 1), various ACM, CMA nominations, picked up American Songwriter's 1997 Country Producer of the Year Award, all as songwriter & producer, and have credits on over 20 million record sales. 
But never achieved success as singer/performer. 

  From the piano lessons he began at four years old, to the guitar, trombone, and saxophone, to the club bands he played in during high school and college, his entire life was consumed by music: “Music just had a strangely powerful allure for me.” He enrolled at East Carolina University, but when the course work began leading him toward classical music, he switched his major to English, and focused on creative writing as a way of advancing his interest in writing songs. 
He graduated in 1981, moved to Los Angeles, and supported himself playing club gigs and as a session singer on demos, jingles, and backups. 

  Farren signed an artist/writer publishing deal with MCA in 1983 and created a niche writing for film and television during the mid-80s, appearing on soundtracks like 'Night Of The Comet', 'The Heavenly Kid', "Jake Speed", and on other artists albums as performer like the wonderful KAZU MATSUI PROJECT posted HERE. Advised that he did not fit the techno/heavy metal/glam rock image then popular, and that Nashville was the only place then embracing the singer/songwriter, he made the move, despite not considering himself a country artist. 

Between producing, playing guitar and singing backup on other people's records, co-writing with some of the city's best songwriters and the session work he continued to do for movies in Los Angeles, Farren was able to record and engineering demos of his own songs. All these recordings are likely finished material, with excellent sound and production, but never were officially released. 

"Sign Of Life" is a bootleg, but what a great collection of songs. And I insist, sounds mostly like a final production. 'Dreams' starts in a subtle manner but then explodes into a soundtrack / AOR style tune with great rhythm and awesome guitar playing. The midtempo / ballad 'No Sign Of Life' is a gorgeous song in the best Steve Kipner style, while 'Together We Stand Alone' has hints of his Nashville residency, featuring excellent vocal harmonies. 
'Dance Of Love' is just the man and his acoustic guitar, a breezy and charming tune, here you can take note of his ductility as composer. 

'What Kind Of Man' is another soft track, remembers me David Foster, don't ask me why. Beautiful one. 'When The Lightning Strike' is a pure AOR song, but 'homemade' stripped and direct, I could imagine this one with big and lush production sounding great. 'Dirty Money' is in the Stan Meissner style, with nice guitar work. The arrangements and production of 'Somebody Save Me' are in the pure L.A. smooth WestCoast style. 
'I Will Be Waiting' wraps this compilation, a good soft AOR with a pulsing bass line and very nice chorus. 

  "Sign Of Life" remains unreleased, not because it is devoid of talent or opportunities to be published (Farren has very good contacts in the business), surely he decided to full turn over his career into the producing / publishing department. Swedish bootleg ripped @ max quality including artwork. 
Very Rare and Hard to Find. 

01 - Dreams 
02 - No Sign Of Life 
03 - Together We Stand Alone 
04 - Anything For Money 
05 - Dance Of Love 
06 - What Kind Of Man 
07 - When The Lightning Strike 
08 - Dirty Money 
09 - Somebody Save Me 
10 - I Will Be Waiting 

 Personnel: unlisted 


Thursday, April 15, 2021

CALL ME - Call Me (1981)

CALL ME - Call Me (1981) Germany LP front
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

I first discovered German band CALL ME in the legendary compilation series Munich City Nights, then got a LP-rip of their self-titled debut album in a trade, and finally found that the record actually was released on CD on the RCA/BMG label during the Nineties, but in very limited quantities.
Whichever the case, "Call Me" is an obscure, unknown AOR / Melodic Rock rarity deserving to be listened by all fans of the genre.
That's why we are here, isn't it?

Despite its German origins, I would say Call Me's melodic tunes sound more Canadian than anything, with synth harpoon attacks between the sharp melodic riffs and catchy choruses.
Just check the triad of tracks at the beginning of the album: the soaring "Running Out Of Love", the indeed shaking "Shiver In The Night" akin Survivor, or the keyboard driven "22 Degrees Below", all are pure early '80s AOR gemstones.

"Loneliness And The Modern Man" is perhaps the more 'American' song on the album with a mysterious atmosphere (thanks to the synth background), and "Living On The Edge" returns to pure AOR again with a Canadian feeling via nice choruses, bringing to mind Refugee.

CALL ME - Call Me (1981) Germany LP back

"Suburbia" is darker yet rocking, "Nervous Energy" adds a radio-rock poppy touch to the proceedings, while "Working Wonders" adds a light proggy touch in the vein of Harlequin.
If you need a ballad, "Screaming Silence" provides a slow moment by not in typical syrupy balladry. It's a sound with British feeling to me, but somehow I found it similar to some material Tony Carey would release as solo artist years after.

All are very well crafted songs, the musicianship is strong (I love that 'classic drums' sound) and while Daniel Kovac's vocal color is not the most charismatic you can find out there, he perfectly fits the music and provides a distinctive sound to Call Me.
In fact, I have included one track in my AOR Treasures series, the one entitled 'The Seminal Years', because Call Me sound is the type which defined the genre in the beginning of the Eighties.

CALL ME - Call Me (1981) Germany bootleg CD

As said, "Call Me" appeared on CD but I never seen a copy at auction sites. This is taken from the unofficial CD released by bootleg label Time Warp, and as usual with these guys, the sound obtained from the vinyl LP is bloody good.
A little gem. Rare.

01 - Running Out Of Love
02 - Shiver In The Night
03 - 22 Degrees Below
04 - Getting By
05 - Suburbia
06 - Nervous Energy
07 - Loneliness And The Modern Man
08 - Living On The Edge
09 - Working Wonders
10 - Screaming Silence

Daniel Kovac - vocals
Frank Ziener - guitars, backing vocals
Attila Teri - keyboards, piano
Manfred Dietze - bass
Florian Ruppert - drums

CALL ME - Call Me (1981) HERE

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

ZOID: LP 1987 + EP 1988 + Demos

ZOID: LP 1987 + EP 1988 + Demos - front
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

On par to the Californian counterpart, during the '80s there was an effervescent Rock scene in the US East Coast as well. Melodic rockers ZOID come from there, more exactly Syracuse, NY, also the home of well known acts for this blog such as Todd Hobin & The Heat or Benny Mardones, among others.
Founded by brothers Lou (keyboards) and Mike (drums) Secreti, seems Zoid were quite popular in the area in the mid-Eighties. They managed to release this self-titled, 8-track LP in 1987, which over the years has become a collectors piece ($170 on eBay).

"Zoid" delivers the typical Melodic Hard Rock sound of the era, yet more '84 / 85 oriented with a profuse keyboard / synth presence turning things much more AOR. Think early Bon Jovi or other indie band featured on the blog some time ago; Addiction. There's also comparisons to other Syracuse based band; Alecstar. Not strange, as guitarist Harry Mantor was part of them before.
Despite of being an indie recording, we have a solid production on display, and a proper mix.

ZOID: LP 1987 + EP 1988 + Demos inside

All songs are really good, starting with the rocker "I Can't Wait" driven by sharp guitars and featuring the interesting pipes of frontman Jimm Richer, a singer rich at the mid-range. "From Here To L.A" is more catchy and melodious, followed by the mid-tempo AOR of "Try Again". Suffice to say; all the material here is peppered with keyboard fills all over.
"I'm Not Foolin´" is perhaps the most commercial tune (and a favorite) sporting a great chorus with a single potential, the lovely "Cards In Your Hands" lends to melodic radio-rock, while another favorite of mine, "Makes Me Wonder" is pure '80s AOR with a breezy melody adorned by saxophone.
"It Just Ain't Right" is another solid melodic rocker, slow but with strong guitars, and the LP ends with the catchy, typically 1985 (Canadian sounding to my ears) "Woman Of Stone".

The following year, Zoid recorded a promo mini-LP to seduce recording companies, including two songs from the debut plus new cut "Stealin`", featured in two different versions. This mini-LP is impossible to find original.
A nice vinyl-rip (cleaned by me) is added as bonus, as well 2 demo tracks from the second Zoid album never released (there's plans by some members to put both albums on CD someday).

ZOID: LP 1987 + EP 1988 + Demos - back

"Zoid" LP + EP + the bonuses are not only a much sought after pieces by collectors, but also really good, well composed & recorded Melodic Hard Rock / AOR tunes for all fans of the genre to enjoy.
A collectors item. RARE.

"Zoid" LP 1987:
1. I Can't Wait
2. From Here To L.A.
3. Try Again
4. I'm Not Foolin'
5. The Cards Are In Your hands
6. Makes Me Wonder
7. It Just Ain't Right
8. Woman Of Stone
"Zoid" Promo EP 1988:
1. Stealin' (Short version)
2. From Here To L.A.
3. Stealin' (Long version)
4. Makes Me Wonder
Demos (unreleased):
1. Hear Me
2. Trouble In Paradise

Jimm Richer: Vocals
Lou Secreti: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Harry Mantor: Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Todd Troubetaris: Bass
Mike Secreti: Acoustic & Electronic Drums
Jon Celi: Guitars, Vocals
Tony Stone: Drums
Andy Camano: Bass

ZOID: LP 1987 + EP 1988 + Demos

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

MAY RUN - Days Into Years (1991)


Do you like Canadian Melodic Rock AOR sound? Then better don't miss this little gem if you like Haywire, The Bryan Hughes Group, Worrall, Simon Chase,etc. "Days Into Years", which seems to be the only album of MAY RUN is a smooth AOR, pretty well produced indie. More 'song oriented' than lush or bombastic style from the genre, there's breezy melodies very well arranged and professionally executed. Call me nuts, but on some songs MAY RUN remind me John Waite solo works. 

"The Only One", "Anastasia", "Tonite" are good examples of good traditional Cancon classic stuff. Well worthy of a place in your collection, this a good and very hard to find album, fetching exorbitant eBay prices when rarely a copy appear. 

1 - May Run - The Only One 
2 - May Run - More Than This 
3 - May Run - Be My Girl 
4 - May Run - These Eyes 
5 - May Run - Lay Your Hands 
6 - May Run - The Promise 
7 - May Run - Up Where Dreams Begin 
8 - May Run - Smile 
9 - May Run - Save Me 
10 - May Run - Big Big World 
11 - May Run - Anastasia 
12 - May Run - Tonite 
13 - May Run - Separation Day 

Steve Chivilo: vocals, acoustic guitar 
Chris Hammel: guitars, background vocals 
Greg McLean: bass 
Glenn Nowoselski: drums


Thursday, March 18, 2021

ADRIAN'S WALL - Caught In The Web (1987)

A mega rare CD only released in Australia in limited quantity. ADRIAN'S WALL was Adrian Campbell's child, a studio project with local professional musicians. Campbell, a session vocalist himself, has recorded and arranged backing vocals in countless albums in the land of Oz. 

Around 1976, was the lead singer and stable member of AVALANCHE, a hard rock band whose debut album had moderate success, opening live shows for major international bands. In the 80's, Adrian has recorded an album with the band DE ARROW (pre - ROXUS), sadly still unreleased, from which only 4 demo tracks are floating around, a great keyboard oriented melodic rock / AOR stuff. 

As said, ADRIAN'S WALL was his own project, not strictly AOR, mixing many genres, but encompassing all the styles we like. My favourite song here is "Finally Deciding", a good resume of the overall sound. Featuring the great BRETT GARSED [NELSON, SOLO] on guitars (before his international stardom in the USA), this CD is a delightful listen, something different from the usual on this site. 

  A recommended addition to your collection, good music and very, very rare, hard to find album. 

01 - Night People 
02 - Afraid To Be Afraid 
03 - Finally Deciding 
04 - Reach Out I'll Be There 
05 - This Waiting (Is Killing Me) 
06 - Soul Breaker 
07 - Time Stands Still 
08 - The Dancer 
09 - I Doubt It (Will Ever Come True) 

Adrian Campbell - vocals, backing vocals, keyboards 
Brett Garsed (Nelson) - guitars 
Michael Den Elzen - guitars 
Larry Groves - keyboards 
Brian Hamilton (Air Supply) - bass, backing vocals 
Joe Imbroll - bass 
Robert Dillon (Colin Hay Band) - drums, percussion Steve Donald - drums 

Thursday, February 18, 2021

JOHN VERITY - Truth Of The Matter [self-released remaster] (1985)

JOHN VERITY - Truth Of The Matter 

Born in Bradford, England, John Verity has been in the musical business for five decades, fronting his own band and as part of numerous groups, recording and producing. 

 At the beginning of the '70s John was contacted by Rod Argent who was looking for new lead vocalist for his band ARGENT following the departure of Russ Ballard. After 2 albums (produced by John) and intense touring, along with Bob Henrit and Jim Rodford from Argent, he formed PHOENIX. The band recorded three successful albums (again, produced by him) and toured Europe supporting major acts. In 1980, John and Bob joined CHARLIE, to record and produce their landing into the US market; 'Good Morning America'. The next years were spent in recording studios, producing, playing guitar, or doing backup vocals with various acts including Motorhead, Saxon, Ringo Starr, Russ Ballard, Colin Blunstone. 

With his own studio ready, the John Verity Band was reactivated, and with the former members of Argent and Charlie aboard, the result was 'Interrupted Journey', a guitar fueled rockin' album released in 1982, highly acclaimed in the UK. After extensive tours in Europe & Scandinavia, they went into studio for the new album; 'Truth Of The Matter', described by John as "a mix of 'Live in the studio' material & standard studio creations". 

Sounding more polished than debut, but still retaining the guitar driven AOR rock vibe, the good thing is the increased keyboard presence and mid-80's commercial songwriting style. 'Roll the dice' won't be out of place in a CHARLIE's or any LOVERBOY album of that era, while 'Lookin' for love' sounds like a song that FOREIGNER will be proud of. 'Keep a little love in your heart' has a WHITESNAKE-ish hard rock splendour, 'Honesty & emotion' again a LOVERBOY stamp (great keyboards & chorus), and 'Only in a dream' is an impressive mid-tempo AOR tune. 

With some stellar guests (Mike Rutherford of Genesis wrote three songs) and solid production, this is a well rounded power AOR album, a highly recommended listen. 
Rare CD edition remastered & released by Verity himself. 

1 - Roll the dice 
2 - Lookin' for love 
3 - Hold on to love 
4 - Keep a little love in your heart 
5 - Who d'ya think your foolin' 
6 - Honesty & emotion 
7 - Only in a dream 
8 - Ride the wind 
9 - Stompin' ground 
10 - No pretending 

Guitars, Vocals : John Verity 
Keyboards : Rod Argent, Andy Wells 
Keyboards, Bass : Steve Thompson (Tygers Of Pan Tang) 
Guitar, Backing Vocals : John Neil 
Bass : Terry Uttley, Mike Rutherford (Genesis) 
Drums : Bob Henrit, Steve Rodford, Paul Smith 
Backing Vocals : Alan Silson, Chris Norman (Smokie) 

Friday, January 08, 2021

LAUREN SMOKEN - Lauren Smoken (1988)

Of all the female voices that have dared to nip at Janis Joplin's coat tails, Lauren Smoken's is the most powerful.
Almost unheard of outside her native Florida, she did at least pop up to New York for a spell in the late eighties to record a stunner of a debut album.

It ignores genres and cares only about Lauren's gorgeous voice, raw and howling when needed, soulful and velvety on the ballads.
One word defines her performance: Passionate.
The musical backbone of this recording is her husband, George Mazzola.
George's rippin' hard rock and gut-wrenching blues style shines throughout the disc, bringing Hendrix, Page, Clapton, Gary Moore to the table.
Listen his licks and solos carefully, the man was great! (passed away few years ago, Rest In Peace G.).

Produced by Jack Douglas (better known for his work with AEROSMITH), the sound and mix is straight in your face Rock 'N Roll.
Very rare CD version (looks like a bootleg!) including one bonus track, at max quality for you listening pleasure.
Highly Recommended.

01 - Haven't I had enough
02 - Rock a bye baby
03 - Smile
04 - Gonna give love one more try
05 - I need the money
06 - The trouble with me is you (CD bonus)
07 - License to love
08 - Come to me
09 - Cry wolf
10 - Little boy dreams
11 - Never learn to say good bye
12 - Best of me

Personnel: Unlisted
Lauren Smoken - Vocals
George Mazzola - Guitars