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SAND & GOLD - Remember My Name (1997)

SAND & GOLD - Remember My Name (1997)
Requested several times, this is a re-post from years ago because this wonderful album is really hard to find.

Swedish singer Pete Sandberg is one of my favorite vocalists, and through his career has lent his talents to ALIEN, MADISON, SNAKE CHARMER, MIDNIGHT SUN as well as solo artist. His vocal dexterity allows him to sing in any style, and always greatly.
In the mid-nineties Sandberg meets Jonas Reingold, and the pair eventually became very good friends and wanted to start a band in which to focus their musical appetites: MIDNIGHT SUN.
While the group were put together, they decided to record a handful of songs composed long time ago that would have no place into their new band style.
The duo cleverly baptized this project "SAND & GOLD" (Pete SANDberg & Jonas ReinGOLD).

Indeed, the album entitled "Remember My Name" is far from the edgy hard rock Midnight Sun was preparing, instead you find here lots of acoustic guitars mixed with electric, many Wurlitzer keyboards, relaxed drumming / percussion and where, of course, Sandberg's voice is 'the big star' on the record.
These are songs with great melody and emotion in a typical Scandinavian style, think BAD HABIT unplugged or why not, EUROPE. There's also some American mid-western influences too.

Though "Remember My Name" was almost entirely recorded by themselves, some friends contribute with their talents: Kee Marcello (EUROPE), with a cool electric guitar solo on track 11, Johan Glossner (GRAND ILLUSION) on guitars, and excelent session drummer Rasmus Kihlberg (LA Project feat Bill Champlin, PETER FRIESTEDT, and more).

SAND & GOLD - Remember My Name (1997) back cover

"Remember My Name" is a very, very good album, solid and organic. It's a melodic collection of songs performed from the heart with an excellent production. Released by a small Danish label back in the day, it has become a really hard to find piece.

01 - Sha Na Na
02 - Remember My Name
03 - Fishermans Creek
04 - When the Hammer Falls
05 - The Place
06 - Brooklyn Town
07 - Never Walk Alone
08 - Patricia
09 - Back on the Road
10 - Searching
11 - Slow it Down
12 - Crossroads

Pete Sandberg - Lead and Backing Vocals
Jonas Reingold - Electric Bass, Contrabass, Keyboards, Programming, Backing Vocals
Additional musicians:
Kee Marcello - Slide (Track 3), Guitar Solo (Track 11)
Johan Glossner - Guitar
Rasmus Khilberg - Drums
Tomas Pettersson - Organ, Piano, Keyboards, Wurlitzer
Inger Ohlén, Tomas Nyberg - Backing Vocals
Produced and arranged by Jonas Reingold

SAND & GOLD - Remember My Name

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BEST OF THE BEST soundtrack [CD reissue 2004] (1989)

BEST OF THE BEST soundtrack [CD reissue 2004] (1989) front
Requested on the original post, again.

This soundtrack from the cult action movie BEST OF THE BEST was featured on the blog five years ago when a friend of mine ask for it because it's very hard to find.
Well, still it is, although reissued in 2004 by AAO Music, went out of print for the second time.

This is a fresh rip (not the same posted before) from the reissue CD, which by the way features a different artwork.
About the songs; there's great tunes by the late Jim Capaldi, the exclusive version for the movie of Stubblefield & Hall's "Best Of The Best" track, and a 'Medley' from the wonderful score composed to the film by the talented Paul Gilman.
Hard To Find.

BEST OF THE BEST soundtrack [CD reissue 2004] (1989) back

1 - Jim Capaldi - Tales Of Power
2 - Stubblefield & Hall - Best Of The Best
3 - Kirsten Nash - American Hotel
4 - Jim Capaldi - Something So Strong
5 - Golden Earring - The Devil Made Me Do It
6 - Golden Earring - Radar Love (Live)
7 - Charlie Major - Backroads
8 - Charlie Major - Someday I'm Gonna Ride In A Cadillac
9 - Paul Gilman - Original Score Medley

BEST OF THE BEST soundtrack [CD reissue 2004]

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

VU : All I Need Is U (1996) / Just As I Am (1999)

VU : All I Need Is U (1996)
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

Originated in Oregon, USA, VU was a Christian Melodic Rock group founded by singer & composer Bart Hafeman, who still continues in the music business with his own band much modern rock oriented.
But with VU, the aim was to create a bunch of arena-ready, anthemic songs rich in melodies, catchy choruses and pretty elaborated harmony vocals.

VU debuted with "All I Need Is U" in 1996, and were instantly compared with Def Leppard. If you want a reference related to CCM acts, I think Nouveaux, Sure Conviction, and the more commercial mid-Eighties Stryper.
Their Melodic Rock songs are extremely melodious indeed, plenty of big choruses adorned with super-harmonies (all members provide backing vocals) and an overall pristine, clean sound. Of course production is not at the same level of Def Leppard, but VU goes for the same path.

VU  Just As I Am (1999)

On the second and final CD appeared in 1999, entitled "Just As I Am", VU retains the same Melodic Rock vibe, perhaps this time with more biting guitars (bring to mind the underrated Stun Leer at places) but always in a very melodic environment.
Both albums feature short interludes between songs, so you have around 10 real tracks per disc, and lyrics are not preaching all the time.

VU cd's are almost impossible to find, and although the band is pretty unknown between Melodic Rock circles, you'll be surprised by the catchiness on display here.
Rare and good.

All I Need Is U (1996)
01 - Funky Intro
02 - Rock For The Right Reason
03 - Guitar Student
04 - Thief In The Night
05 - Love Of Jesus
06 - Shelded-
07 - What Will It Take
08 - Newlyweds
09 - All I Need Is You
10 - Balcuilrezsreers
11 - Child Of The King
12 - Who Will It Be
13 - Light Of The World
14 - Dave's Snoring

Just As I Am (1999)
01 - Search
02 - What Are You Gonna Do
03 - Point of View
04 - Just As I Am
05 - Broken Again (Brian's Song)
06 - C# Run
07 - I'm Forgiven
08 - Whenever I Call Your Name
09 - Anonymous
10 - Most Loving Man
11 - My Rock
12 - Holy, Holy, Holy
13 - I Put My Trust in You

Bart Hafeman: lead and backing vocals
David Karn: lead guitars, backing vocals
Jason Looney: rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Joe Swaim: bass, electric guitar
Jason Martinez: drums, percussion, backing vocals

VU : All I Need Is U / Just As I Am

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THE ALAN BARNES BAND - (I Need) A Little Love Tonight (1993)

THE ALAN BARNES BAND - (I Need) A Little Love Tonight (1993) - front
Requested again...

ALAN BARNES is the little brother of Aussie legend Jimmy Barnes, and he's musician too. And a good one.
Seems Alan hasn't the luck of his famous bro, as he only recorded and released officially this CD single back in 1993, with the main song included into one episode of the popular Australian TV series 'Neighbours'.

The main track "(I Need) A Little Love Tonight" is a killer Melodic Rock / AOR tune with a terrific refrain and a monster chorus.
Side B, the ballad "I Don't Know What Love Is" has a 'British' flavor to my ears, another excellent track.

THE ALAN BARNES BAND - (I Need) A Little Love Tonight (1993) back cover

Now, to make this re-post more interesting, as added bonus there's the standalone single "Stay", released by Alan few years ago. A tasty classic rocker with a timeless feeling.

Very rare CDsingle, Out-Of-Print.
Highly Recommended

(I Need) A Little Love Tonight (Alan Barnes)
Vocals: Alan Barnes
Guitars: Jeff Neil, Matt Schlammerl
Bass: Jeff Neil
Drums: Alan Jones
Backing Vocals: Alan Barnes, Alan Jones

I Don't Know What Love Is (Alan Barnes/Alan Jones)
Vocals: Alan Barnes
Guitars: Greg Henderson
Keyboards, Percussion: Alan Jones
Backing Vocals : Alan Barnes , Alan Jones


Stay (2012 single)

ALAN BARNES BAND - (I Need) A Little Love Tonight

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GIUFFRIA III (Unreleased 3rd album + extras)

GIUFFRIA III (Unreleased 3rd album + extras) front
Requested by many...

Every American AOR fan recognize GIUFFRIA as one of the best exponents the genre had to offer during the '80s. Founded by ex-Angel keyboardist Gregg Giuffria, the band released two celebrated albums between 1984-86.
In 1987 the group recorded pre-production tracks for a third album tentatively named Pleasure Palace that never was.
This compilation feature most of these recordings, some of them later appeared in Giuffria vocalist David Glen Eisley's solo release called The Lost Tapes, others remain officially unreleased.

I have added as well the 3 tracks composed & recorded by Giuffria for the movie Gotcha!: "Say It Ain't True" it's the only available on CD included into the band's second album reissue (this is the remastered version), while the other two are ripped from the vinyl LP official Motion Picture Soundtrack.
Additionally, there's a nice Giuffria live recording with good soundboard quality, taped in 1985.

GIUFFRIA III (Unreleased 3rd album + extras) back

Compiled, edited and cleaned (especially the vinyl LP tracks) by me, plus myself-made artwork included.

01 - Stand Up
02 - Are You Ready
03 - Shot Down In Love
04 - Don't Turn Away From Love
05 - One Love
06 - Golden Town
07 - Fool's Paradise
08 - Only a Memory
09 - Reach Out
10 - The Rock Don't Stop
Gotcha! Soundtrack:
11 - Say It Ain't True (remastered)
12 - Never Too Late
13 - What's Your Name
14 - Do Me Right (Live)
15 - Don't Tear Me Down (Live)
16 - Lonely In Love (Live)
17 - Trouble Again (Live)
18 - Call To The Heart (Live)
19 - Line Of Fire (Live)

David Glen Eisley - vocals
Gregg Giuffria - keyboards, vocals
Lanny Cordola - guitars
Craig Goldy - guitar (live)
Chuck Wright - bass, vocals (live)
Alan Krigger - drums

GIUFFRIA III (Unreleased 3rd album + extras)

Friday, December 28, 2018

HUNTER (ex Dragon) - Dreams Of Ordinary Men (1987)

HUNTER (ex Dragon) - Dreams Of Ordinary Men (1987)
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

HUNTER was the moniker adopted by Down Under cult legends Dragon when in the second half of the '80s their record company bet on the band's international success. Originated in New Zealand during the Seventies, Dragon moved to Australia gaining great success.
After several albums and a move to more commercial sounds, in 1985 Polydor flew the band to New York to work with Todd Rundgren as producer for their new album "Dreams Of Ordinary Men".
With a big budget at hand, the result was a glossy recording which enhanced the already melodic, light AOR essence of most the songs. The album was released in 1986 as Dragon on the cover.

But Dragon's label & management decided to launch the band as the new 'Aussie phenomenon', and not only switched the name to HUNTER (last name of founder Todd Hunter and his bro, iconic vocalist Marc), but also ordered the remix of the whole thing to turning it more appealing worldwide.
This entire move in Dragon's direction resulted in two interesting sides: some of the songs ended with a wonderful, elegant light AOR sound, some others with an insipid pop taste.
Then "Dreams Of Ordinary Men", the Hunter version, is a mixed bag.

HUNTER (ex Dragon) - Dreams Of Ordinary Men (1987) back

I don't care about the weak songs, because the good ones are really, really good.
Opener and title track "Dreams Of Ordinary Men" is one of these, driven by a pumping bass line, catchy guitars - at charge of talented Tommy Emmanuel, and truly great vocals by Marc Hunter, with the characteristic tone that made him famous. At places, on this track Hunter evoke Scottish masters Strangeways.
"Speak No Evil" has that 'movie soundtrack' feel so '80s, with heavily processed drums and synth stabs. I love this one. "Nothing To Lose" is a fine poppy ballad, as it is the acoustically filled "Smoke".
Another favorite is the TOTO-ish gem "Western Girls", plenty of terrific melodies, an increscendo pre-chorus and a bright, wonderful main chorus. It's a very first half of the '80s AOR tune, and a very good one indeed.

HUNTER (ex Dragon) - Dreams Of Ordinary Men (1987) US cover

American cover

As you see, the first 4 tracks in a row, plus some in the middle are a true enjoyment for classic AOR fans, and these alone worth the disc.
The rest (mostly the second half of the CD) are pretty weak pop songs in my opinion, but there's 'something' on "Temptation" choruses, and the cold yet good riffs of "Midnight Sun".
"Dreams Of Ordinary Men" as 'Hunter' appeared one year later (1987) and was released in Europe / USA with different cover artwork each.

01 - Dreams Of Ordinary Men
02 - Speak No Evil
03 - Nothing To Lose
04 - Western Girls
05 - Rain
06 - Temptation
07 - Midnight Sun
08 - Intensive Care
09 - Forever And Ever
10 - Smoke
11 - Start It Up (bonus track)
12 - When I'm Gone (bonus track)
13 - Love Don't Stop (bonus track)

Vocals – Marc Hunter
Guitars – Tommy Emmanuel
Bass, Vocals – Todd Hunter
Drums – Doane Perry
Keyboards, Producer – Alan Mansfield
Guitar, Backing Vocals, Producer – Todd Rundgren

HUNTER (ex Dragon) Dreams Of Ordinary Men

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ROBBIE PATTON - Orders From Headquarters (1982)

ROBBIE PATTON - Orders From Headquarters (1982) restored audio
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

English singer/songwriter ROBBIE PATTON got his career-break when he toured as a special guest of Fleetwood Mac. The relationship does not ended there, as many members from the Mac's contributed on Patton's debut album, and here, his second LP "Orders From Headquarters" as well.
Recorded in America, the record has the true US radio-friendly melodic sound the ruled the airwaves circa '82/'83.

Opener "Victim Of Your Love" is pumped by deep bass line, filled with catchy candy-floss keyboards and really good sustained guitars. Patton's vocals reminds me Robert Berry here when he used to be the singer of Hush around the same year.
Follower "Louise" is another terrific commercial upbeat AOR tune with swirling keyboards, 'that' rhythm guitars and a melodic, contagious chorus. If you don't like this track you don't like '80s AOR at all.
The midtempo "Lonely Nights" only could have been recorded in the Eighties, the atmosphere, the vibe, it's all there. All the songs on this album are firmly back-boned by an excellent guitar work by Joey Brasler (Cher). On this track and the next, the hot rocker "Feel The Flow", is particularly remarkable.

Title track has interesting twists in the song structure, again fueled by fat bass line, cool keys and a sumptuous guitar solo.
"Tell Me Goodbye" includes some vintage keyboards and a strong rhythm guitar which carries the song somehow reminding me AORsters Balance, while vocally, Rick Springfield.
"Smiling Islands" was the single, co-written and performed together with Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks. Nice and slow melodic song, not exactly the typical ballad.

ROBBIE PATTON - Orders From Headquarters (1982) back cover

"Orders From Headquarters" is one of those LP's that marked "the middle of the first half of the '80s sound"; that is radio-friendly, commercial poppy AOR melodies with a crystal clear production.
This is the kind of records that any fan of the decade love at first listen.
Robbie Patton's "Orders From Headquarters" was finally released for the first time on CD few years ago, but I am very happy with this excellent vinyl rip, cleaned and restored by me.

01 - Victim Of Your Love
02 - Louise
03 - It's Your Heart
04 - Lonely Nights
05 - Feel The Flow
06 - Orders From Headquarters
07 - Tell Me Goodbye
08 - Smiling Islands
09 - All Because Of You
10 - Look Away

Robbie Patton - lead vocals
Joey Brasler - guitars
David Adelstein - keyboards
Robin Sylvester - bass
Kirk Arthur - drums
Alex Acuna - percussion
Kurt Howell - keyboards on 5
Christine McVie - lead vocals on 10
Stevie Nicks - lead vocals on 8
Timothy B Schmit - vocals on 6

ROBBIE PATTON - Orders From Headquarters