Tuesday, December 18, 2007

AOR TREASURES - The Golden Years 86 - 88

Here it is, guys and gals, the first blog best of.
Comprising great tracks, some well known, some not, from the AOR - rock golden era between 86 - 88.
I think all tunes are outstanding, representing these magic years with justice.
Of course I left-off the obvious megakings like Survivor, Strangeways, etc.
The focus here is pointed to exciting stuff ignored by major labels.
Some of 'em were reissued recently due to demand for GOOD music.
Hope all these albums see the light in CD format or other digital platform someday (some tracks here are vinyl-rips, no CD release at the moment).
60 min. of pure AOR, 320k vbr, normalized and vinyl-restored for your pleasure.
Myself made artwork.

01 - Aviator : Can't Stop
02 - Beau Geste : Don't Go
03 - Alien : Go Easy (Orig. Version '88)
04 - Urgent : Runnin' Back (For More)
05 - Beau Coup : Somewhere In The Night
06 - Dominoe : Here I Am (Orig. Version '88)
07 - Hybrid Ice : Secret Dreams
08 - Mama's Boys : Waiting For A Miracle
09 - Glory : Never Stop (Orig. Version '88)
10 - China Sky : Turn On The Night
11 - Outside Edge : Heaven Tonight
12 - Le Mans : Love Lies
13 - Stallion : Helpless
14 - Moritz : Break It Up
15 - Peroux : Summertime Memories

The Golden Years 86 - 88 NEW LINK

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

SAFIRE - Safire (1995)

SAFIRE - Safire (1995)

Australia never was a prolific land for AOR bands, but some good outfits come out from the land of Oz.
Safire is one of 'em, they play an infectious melodic hard rock / AOR music.
This 6 track only CD keep you interested from start to finnish, with catchy songs.
Great production for an indie release, now out of print and very hard to find original.
Give this a listen, you will love it.

1. Now You've Gone 3:35
2. Love Conquers All 4:30
3. After the Rain 4:39
4. In Your Eyes 4:34
5. Set You Free 4:10
6. White at Night 4:53

Steve Martret: guitars, backing vocals
Jason Old: lead vocals
Aaron Suter: keyboards, backing vocals
Mozz Walters: bass
Bill Georgio: drums



EXPORT - Living In The Fear Of The Private Eye (1986)

Export was an UK band in the same ligue as STRANGEWAYS, RIO and similar.
AOR at its best, with great choruses and keys here and there.
The guitar-man is the monster Steve Morris (HEARTLAND, SHADOWMAN, NEWMAN, GRAND ILLUSION, etc).
All songs are fantastic IMHO, very well played and produced.
1986=What a year!
Incredibly, this little gem never was released on CD, but no problem, this vinyl-rip sounds million bucks, you must hear this pristine rip!
Myself made artwork included.
Highly recommended.

1.Living In The Fear of The Private Eye
2.No Escape
3-Runnin' Back (For More)
5.You Make Me Wanna
6.Closer To You
7.Tear Me Apart
8.Summer Nights
9.Can't Say No
Harry Shaw – Lead Vocals
Steve Morris – Guitars
Chris Alderman – Bass
Lou Rosenthal – Drums

This album is reposted HERE

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

IAN THOMAS - Levity (1988) 320Kbps

IAN THOMAS - Levity (1988)

Great canadian musician and composer, Ian Thomas recorded several albums in the '70s and '80s. Many of his songs have been recorded by top artists like Chicago, America and Santana among others.
'Levity' is his last solo album, and the only one released on cd. In Germany, the album was renamed 'Square One'.
You'll find here lush arrangements, superb vocals and high class production, similar Stan Meissner style.
Awesome Top Class AOR.
Highly Recommended!
Extremely rare and expensive, over 200 dollars EBay price.
Out of print.

1. Levity 4:21
2. Losing control 4:10
3. Only believe 4:14
4. Another chance 3:24
5. Back to square one 3:55
6. Modern man 4:12
7. All about her 4:26
8. These are not gods 4:32
9. Let the stone roll 5:25

Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals: Ian Thomas
Bass: Dave Pilch
Drums: Neil Wilkenson
Drums: Kevin McKenzie
Keyboards: Steve Piggot
Keyboards: Lou Pomanti


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

HALO - Halo (1990)

IMHO the best Christian AOR-HRock band.
Better than Petra or Guardian, 'cos the keys are more predominant here, but the guitars still heavy, and more diverse songs.
The lyrics are ok, no preach all the time.
Alot people will be surprised with this band, tons of energy and driven rockin'AOR.
Produced by the Elefante bros=good sound guaranteed.
Out Of Print .

1. Jesus Music 4:20
2. Lord of All 4:39
3. Good Feeling 4:13
4. Language Barrier 5:09
5. Skyrocket 3:45
6. Lose to Live 4:33
7. Sing (of His Glory) 4:21
8. Soul Searcher 3:49
9. Time to Run 4:01
10. Timeless 1:07

Scott Springer bass, lead vocals
Barry Graul guitar, vocals
Mike Graham drums, keyboards, vocals
John & Dino Elefante co-producers

Halo (1990)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

O'RYAN - Something Strong (1991)

Well guys and gals, this is almost a perfect album, with a total 80's feel, plenty of melody an sing-along songs.

Killer uptempo melodic tracks, even the ballads are strong. I can't name a highlight, all are fabulous, no fillers here.
Really good production and sound, similar style to Joseph Lee Wood (already posted here), Tim Feehan or earlier Stan Meissner.
Top class AOR. Highly recommended.
If you can find it, BUY IT.

1. Stronger Than Love
2. Reaction
3. Don't Let It Slip Away
4. Shaky Ground
5. Something Strong
6. Emer May
7. Blood Upon a Stone
8. Lying Eyes
9. Deeper Than the Ocean

Mervyn Spence: lead vocals, guitar, piano, bass
Dieter Petereit: keyboards, bass programming
Curt Cress: drums
Pit Low: keyboards
Peter Weihe: guitars
Hermann Weindorf: piano

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

MIKAEL ERLANDSSON - The Gift (2002) Japan edition + bonus

Mikael is a well known singer in Japan and Sweden.
His sweet voice was chosen for various AOR projects like Tommy Denander's "Radioactive" or "Heartbreak Radio".
But he find a stable band role in "Last Autumn's Dream", a great swedish outfit.
This is his 4th and last solo album, a fine collection of songs, well produced an well written.
'I Send You My Heart', 'Stop', 'Excuse Me Baby' are good examples, production could be better, it's ok.
Nothing to die for, but a good listen and an opportunity to discover this underrated artist.
If you like it, BUY IT.

1. Out Of Champagne 3:16
2. Stop (Following Me) 4:04
3. I Love You 4:14
4. Soul Is My Name 4:38
5. This Is Your Life 3:31
6. Million Dollar Girl 3:34
7. I Send You My Heart 3:40
8. My Day 3:38
9. Stay 3:59
10. Excuse Me Baby 3:53
11. Love's Got A Hold On Me 3:26
12. 24-Hours 2:28
13. It's Gonna Be Alright 4:25 (Japan bonus)

Mikael Erlandsson Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Jan Eliasson Lead Guitar
Mats Persson Bass, Guitar, Keyboards
Torbjoern Wassenius Guitar


Thursday, August 16, 2007

GREENWAY - Serious Business (1988)

April Wine's guitarrist on a solo album.
Well, this has almost nothing in common with his earlier band.
Influenced by these year's AOR wave ('88), this nice recording sound more like american AOR style ala Stan Meissner, Larry Greene, Aldo Nova.
In fact, Aldo play keys here and contribute in the songwriting department.
Well produced and mixed, 'In the Danger Zone' is an AOR classic of all time.
Out of print. (U$S 75 eBay price!)

1. In the Danger Zone 4:08
2. Right Track 3:21
3. Playin' to Win 3:21
4. Serious Business 4:21
5. I Can't Hold Back 4:59
6. Let It Go 5:04
7. R U Ready For Love 3:48
8. I Believe in You 3:54
9. It's Alright 3:48
10. I Can't Say No 4:16

Brian Greenway vocals, lead guitars, slide guitars, keyboards
Aldo Nova keyboards
Andy Newmark drums
Daniel Barbe keyboards
Marty Simon Synclavier, keyboards, co-producer

GREENWAY - Serious Business

Friday, July 27, 2007

NOVAK - Forever Endeavour (2005)

Great album from the 'new wave' of Scandi-AOR scene.
Andreas Novak comes from the progg territory, he was part of the 'MIND'S EYE' project with his friend, the monster musician Daniel Flores.
After 2 discs with M.E., Daniel encouraged Andreas to record a solo album.
The result is this varied, well played collection of songs, in the modern AOR vein, with melodic-rock feel.
'Nowhere To Run' is a killer opener, the ballad 'Another Woman' and 'Forever Endeavour' are good examples of how good this recording is.
Classic sound, big production, very well played.
Tommy Denander guest in a couple tracks.
If you like it, BUY IT.

1. Nowhere To Run 4:44
2. How Does It Feel 4:15
3. Save Me 3:19
4. Forever Endeavour 4:44
5. Another Woman 4:26
6. By Your Side 3:26
7. Extreme Fakeover 4:31
8. Follow Your Heart 3:57
9. Carry On 4:40
10. Don't You Remind Me 3:31
11. Back To The Free World 3:51
12. Gates Of Defeat 5:00

Andreas Novak Vocals, Guitars
Daniel Flores Drums, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Tommy Denander Guitar
Benny Janson Guitar
Kristian Niemann Guitar
Daniel Palmqvist Guitar
Johan Niemann Bass
Andreas Olson Bass
Martina Edoff Vocals on Track 5

NOVAK - Forever Endeavour

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

JOSEPH LEE WOOD - Joseph Lee Wood (1989)

What can I say 'bout this album?
It's a lost GEM.
Originally recorded in 1989, never seen the light of day 'till 2002.
Thanx to God, 'cos all tracks featured here are true diamonds.
Perfect AOR songwriting, catchy and mid-tempo passages, beautiful ballads.
Joseph's voice is clear and sweet, strong guitars, awesome keys and terrific choruses, the bandmates are pure class; Monty Smith (guitar) ex session and tourmember of Alice Cooper, Blue Oyster Cult, Steppenwolf, Johnny Winter,etc ; Chris Leighton (drums) of Bo Diddley, Ben E. King, The Beach Boys, Diane Shuur, Randy Bachman and Gregg Fox (keys) ex T.K.O.
Production in charge of Tom Hill (Queensryche), 10 points.
My fav tracks: Love Is the Light , Time to Come Home, Love You Like I Love You, Talk to Me, but all are highlights, flavoured with classic 80's sound ala Stan Bush, Michael O'Brien, Zappacosta, Survivor and, call me nuts, I can hear some Firehouse somewhere...
Top Class AOR, Highly Recommended.
Thanx Troy!
If you like it, BUY IT.

1. Don't Stand So Far Away 4:15
2. Flirting Eyes 3:49
3. When's the Last Time You Felt Like a Woman 4:09
4. To Have and to Hold 4:44
5. Won't Stop Loving You 3:57
6. Love Is the Light 3:25
7. Talk to Me 4:41
8. Love You Like I Love You 5:01
9. Time to Come Home 4:10
10. Letters in the Rain 4:58

Joseph Lee Wood: lead and backing vocals
Marty Randles: bass, drums, rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Monty Smith: guitars, backing vocals
Chris Leighton: drums, percussion
Greg Fox: keyboards, backing vocals
Bo Wittmer: guest guitar in 'Love You Like I Love You'
Skyler Duryea: backing vocals
Producer: Tom Hill


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

STAN BUSH - Call To Action (1997)

Best movie tracks - Official Release '97

Stan Bush's "Call to Action" CD is a collection of 'action' themes from major motion pictures and television, including re-recorded versions of "Never Surrender" from Jean-Claude Van Damme's "Kickboxer" soundtrack, "The Touch" and "Dare" from "Transformers: The Movie", "Capture The Dream" from the 1996 Olympic Games, tracks from Stan's previous albums including "Straight To the Top", co-written with Jonathan Cain of Journey, plus some new titles, all containing "action" themes.

"Call To Action" list the most well-known material Stan has released during his recording career, and maybe his best.
Hard to find CD.
If you like it, BUY IT.

1. The Touch (1997 Remix)
2. Never Surrender (Kickboxer Soundtrack)
3. Hold Your Head Up High
4. Straight To The Top
5. Dare (1997 Remix)
6. Critical Mass (New Track)
7. Ground Zero (Botcon Theme)
8. Capture The Dream (1996 Olympic Games Theme)
9. Total Surrender
10. Highest Calling (New Track)

Lead Vocals & Guitars: Stan Bush
Drums: Bryan Hitt, Doane Perry
Guitars: Mark Ferrari, Rocket Richotte
Keyboards: Kim Bullard, Vince DiCola
and a bunch more...


SILVER SERAPH [Pete Sandberg] - ST (2002)

Silver Seraph is a hardrock / melodic metal band from Malmö, Sweden.
The band was put together by Richard Andersson (Evil Masquerde, Majestic, Time Requiem) and Pete Sandberg (Alien, Jade, Midnight Sun) during spring 2000 with the intention of making traditional classic hardrock in the vein of Rainbow/Deep Purple.
The line up was completed with Peter Wildoer (Darkane, Majestic and ex-Arch Enemy) on drums, Jorgen Birch (Jade and Bai Bang) on guitar and Jens Lundahl (ex-Black Totem) on bass.
Overall the album reminds me the sound and the spirit of Yngwie Malmsteen's 'Facing The Animal'. Energetic recording, solid tracks, great production.
If you are into this style, this is for you.

1. Aftermath
2. 7th Day Of Babylon
3. Cry From Hell
4. Desperate Heart
5. Shadowland
6. Shadow
7. Nosferatu
8. In The Dark
9. Black Rain
10. Loving You
11. Constant Reminder (Japan bonus)

Pete Sandberg - vocals
Jorgen Birch - guitars
Jens Lundahl - bass
Richard Andersson - keyboards
Peter Wildoer - drums


Monday, July 16, 2007

PETE SANDBERG - Back In Business (1998)

Asian Version 1998, 13 tracks + 1 bonus
PETE SANDBERG - Back In Business
Another essential album for Pete's fans and good rock music around.
This album mixes Hard + Melodic Rock with AOR and in some places, rockin' pop touches.
Some outstanding tracks, 'Little Lover' perfectly crafted, the melodic rock driven 'Cold hearted woman' (can't stop singing this song!), and 'Stay a while', a heartful ballad.
As a bonus myself added, the unpublished 'Goddess Of Love', recorded live acoustic at the Hard Rock Cafe, Copenhagen, Denmark 2003-01-12, a collector's item.
Pete is a GREAT artist, unknown to the major audience, if you like his work and find it, BUY IT.

1. When The Night Comes 3:43
2. Little Lover 3:12
3. Stay A While 3:46
4. Pretty Angel 4:17
5. Big Bad Rap 4:00
6. Babe 3:52
7. River Of Tears 5:06
8. A December Monday 3:48
9. Cold Hearted Woman 4:41
10. Scared 5:18
11. Unchain Your Heart 4:48
12. Closer To Heaven 4:25
13. Need Your Lovin' 4:21
14. Goddess Of Love 3:13 (BONUS-Non Album Track)

Pete Sandberg Vocals
Fredrik Bergengren Guitars
Stanley Hawk Guitar
Patrik Alm Bass
Carl Colt Drums Percussion
Tommy Falk Keyboards Organ
Johan Stentorp Keyboards
Thomas Nyberg Backing Vocals
Jonas Sandquist Backing Vocals
Johan Dahlstrom Backing Vocals

PETE SANDBERG Back In Business

Saturday, July 14, 2007

PETE SANDBERG - Reflections (2004)

PETE SANDBERG - Reflections (2004)

This is his last solo, a 12 tracks rare Japanese pressed CD (1 bonus).
Intimist and personal, more laid back than his previous recordings, but with wonderful melodies and intrumentation.
His voice is in perfect pitch, clear and rich.
High quality AOR album.
Pete Sandberg's albums are HARD to find, if you like it, BUY IT.

Last Train To Paradise
Angel Eyes
After The Hurt Is Gone (Killer Track)
Heaven Belongs To You
Hold On
Stiff Alley
Moment Of Truth
Every Time We Say Goodbye
Wild Horses
I Will Stand Tall

SNAKE CHARMER - Smoke And Mirrors (1993)

SNAKE CHARMER - Smoke And Mirrors (1993) front
Snake Charmer is a swedish band formed by bassplayer Per Stadin (Silver Mountain) in 1991.
With drummer Anders Johansson (Hammerfall, Yngwie M.), guitarist Jörg Fischer (Accept) and Pete Sandberg (Alien, Madison, Midnight Sun) on vocals the band was complete.
After a while Jörg decided to continue with his own band, so they finally found Sven Cirnski as guitar replacement.

The music goes in the AOR vein mixed with traditional Hard Rock and can be compared with Bands like Alien, Madison and Co.
Nice rockers and heartful ballads. The record ends with a very good version of Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby".
Every AOR fan of Pete Sandberg albums can nothing do wrong having this.
If you like it, BUY IT.

1. Worlds Apart
2. Runnin' On Empty
3. Middle of Nowhere
4. Heart on Hold
5. Highway of Love
6. Teaser, Pleaser
7. Like an Arrow
8. Stone Cold
9. Alone Without You
10. Eleanor Rigby

Pete Sandberg vocals
Sven Cirnski guitars
Per Stadin bass
Anders Johansson drums

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

PETE SANDBERG'S JADE - Origin (2001)

Second album of Sandberg's project "Jade".
This is a recording of old tunes written by Pete in the 80's, so this tracklist has the feel and vibe typical of that era. His 1st is fantastic, but this is superb.
The album contains really mature first-class classic Scandinavian AOR songs with plenty of great hooks, sweet higher pitched vocals and an equal mix of melodic guitars and keyboards. The songwriting is great with cheerful choruses.
Out of print as far I know. Recommended.

1. Northern Light 4:07
2. Time 3:42
3. No Way Out 4:19
4. Love in Vain 4:03
5. Power of Gold 3:19
6. Where There Is a Will 3:10
7. Time and Again 4:26
8. Nights in Mexico 5:38
9. Can't Stop Lovin' You 3:40
10. Alone 3:19
11. All in Disguise 4:10
12. Moods (instrumental) 4:23
13. Me and My Piano (acoustic jam) 2:58

Pete Sandberg - Vocals
J. Birch - Guitars
Joakim 'Jocke' Sandin - Bass
Johan Helgesson - Drums
Additional musicians:
Jonas Reingold - Bass, Backing vocals
Jaime Salazar - Drums
Produced, engineered and mixed by
Anders 'Theo' Theander (Midnight Sun)


Tuesday, July 10, 2007


First Peter Sandberg(Alien,Midnight Sun) album with his band Jade, melodic hard rock with obvious influences of his former band ALIEN.
This swedish can write good songs!
My fav is 'Distant love', but all are good, plenty of melody and power.
Out of print.

1. Badlands 3:15
2. Restless Child 3:33
3. Cry For You 3:29
4. Stranger 3:37
5. Going Down 3:44
6. Venedigen Blind 4:47
7. Little Bit Of Lovin' 3:14
8. Distant Love 4:14
9. House Of Love 3:45
10. Sweet, Sweet 3:36
11. Past The Mountains 3:48

Pete Sandberg Vocal
Birch Guitar
Joakim Sandin Bass
Johan Helgesson Drums


Saturday, July 07, 2007

TNT - Japan Bonus Tracks

Several TNT bonus tracks.
The first one is pretty hard to find.

01. TNT - Electric Dancer ("Intuition" Japan Bonus,also in the Japan only "Till Next Time" best of compilation) 1989

02. TNT - Lonely Nights (Japan only "My Religion" - Long Version) 2004

03. TNT - Too Late (Japan only "All The Way To The Sun" - Long Version) 2005

04. TNT - Get What You Give ("All The Way To The Sun" Japan Bonus) 2005


BABE BLU - Can't Stop Rock N Roll (1987)

Very rare and hard to find EP, never released on CD.
Hard Rock/AOR style.
Tracks 1-2 in the vein of Autograph/party style.Nice songs.
The good thing starts here: "Do you remember", '80 mid-tempo rockin'AOR filled with massive keys.
"Just one night": Giuffria-ish + scandi-AOR vibe, Killer.
Last track is a heartful ballad ala Foreigner, marvelous.
Excellent record!
This is NOT the rip circulating the net.
Crystal clear vinyl rip.
Out of print.

1.Can't Stop Rock N Roll
2.Do What I Want
3.Do You Remember
4.Just One Night
5.Good For You

Michael Whalen - Lead guitar and Lead vocals
Doug James - Bass and lead vocals
Carl Brown - Keyboards
J. T. Williams - Drums

BABE BLU - Can't Stop Rock N Roll


Monday, July 02, 2007

ZENO - Zenology I (1995)

ZENO - Zenology
Awesome melodic hard rock / AOR album.
I you like European style and FAIR WARNING (Ritgen & Engelke are FW members) must have this album.
The first 4 tracks alone worth the download, pure melodic hurricanes with massive choruses.
A Must Have.
Reissued in 1998, if you like it, BUY IT.

1. Heat of Emotion 3:52
2. Is It Love 3:45
3. Together 4:23
4. Surviving the Night 3:52
5. In the Dark 4:24
6. Let There Be Heaven 4:26
7. Man on the Run 4:28
8. Out in the Night 4:38
9. You Got Me Down 3:47
10. Ticket to Nowhere 3:28
11. In Love With an Angel 4:50
12. Crystal Dreams 3:14

Michael Flexig vocals
U. Winsomie Ritgen bass
Zeno Roth bass, guitar, keyboards
Helge Engelke bass, keyboards, vocals
Rainer Przywara keyboards


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

MIDNIGHT SUN - Above & Beyond (1998)

MIDNIGHT SUN - Above & Beyond (1998)
First MIDNIGHT SUN album, great melodic hard rock festival.
Killer Peter Sandberg's performance, this time his voice sounds higher in the final mix.
Tremendous choruses, powerful sound.
Another brillant production.
Hard to find CD.

1) Above & Beyond (Intro)
2) Reality
3) Keep On Pushing
4) Deception Of Evil
5) I Believe
6) Don't Get Me Wrong
7) Tears In My Eyes
8) Kissed By An Angel
9) Bad Blood
10) Endlessly
11) Eye Of The Beholder
12) Hey

Pete Sandberg: Lead & Backing Vocals
Anders Theander: Guitars & Backing Vocals
Reingold: Bass, Keyboards, Additional guitars & B. Vocals
Jamie Salazar: Drums, Percussions & Backing Vocals
John Norum: Guest Guitar

MIDNIGHT SUN - Above & Beyond

Friday, June 08, 2007

T'BELL - Replay (2000)
Japan Edition with 2 Bonus

Just one word to describe this album.
AOR masterpiece, filled with harmonies, fantastic keys, great choruses.
Listen "Illusion of Love" and "Postman", perfect songwriting...
Inmaculate production and brillant sound.
If you have the album, just download the Japan bonus, "Sorry Elaine" is a killer song.
A Must Have.
Highly Recommended.
If you like it, BUY IT.

1. Do Ya 3:55
2. Send Her a Letter 3:19
3. Illusion of Love 3:29
4. Refugee 3:30
5. Always Pretending 3:33
6. I Wanna Remember 4:12
7. Foolish Love 3:47
8. Lies in Disguise 4:02
9. Postman 4:15
10. Take Me Tonite 3:30
11. Night After Night 3:15
12. It's Only Love 4:31
13. Sorry Elaine (Bonus) 3:58
14. Forever (Bonus) 3:25

Patrick Tibell: vocals, keyboards
Roger Ljunggren: guitars
Ola Johansson: drums

This album is reposted HERE

Friday, June 01, 2007

DAVID PACK - Anywhere You Go (1985)

Exceptional disc, an AOR classic, from the ex-Ambrosia singer David Pack.
The songwriting quality astonishes, top class production, the musicians who accompany it, incredible.
Fineness and class are the terms to define this album.
Highlights : “Anywhere You Go”, followed close by “She Don't”.
The track “Prove Me Wrong” was specially composed for the film “Wild Nights” with the great James Newton-Howard.
Essential in any collection.
If you like it, BUY IT.

1. Anywhere You Go 5:02
2. I Just Can't Let Go 4:57
3. Wont Let You Lose Me 3:38
4. My Baby 4:20
5. That Girl Is Gone 4:46
6. She Don't (Come Around Anymore) 5:26
7. Do Ya 4:49
8. Prove Me Wrong (from Motion Picture Wild Nights) 4:21
9. No Direction (No Way Home) 5:46
10. Just Be You 4:16

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, and everything else: David Pack
Bass: Mike Porcaro, Joe Puerta, Stanley Clarke, Will McGregor
Drums: Jeff Porcaro, Prairie Prince, George Perilli, John Robinson
Keyboards: Kerry Livgren, Jai Winding
Emulator: James Newton Howard
Programming: Hawk Wolinski
DMX Programming: Jamie Bernstein
Sax: Earnie Watts
Percussion: Burleigh Drummond, Paulinho da Costa
Background Vocals: Michael McDonald, James Ingram, John Elefante, Jennifer Holiday, Cynthia Rhodes, Joe Puerta

This album is reposted HERE

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

JOURNEY - Frontiers (1983)

Remastered with bonus

One of the best albums from the kings of rockin'AOR (my fav is Raised On Radio), this great song collection catapulted Journey to mainstream.
Recently remastered last year with 4 bonus tracks, sounds better than ever.
A must have.
If you like it, BUY IT.

1. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
2. Send Her My Love
3. Chain Reaction
4. After The Fall
5. Faithfully
6. Edge Of The Blade
7. Troubled Child
8. Back Talk
9. Frontiers
10. Rubicon
11. Only The Young (Bonus Track)
12. Ask The Lonely (Bonus Track)
13. Liberty (Bonus Track)
14. Only Solutions (Bonus Track)

Steve Perry vocals
Neal Schon guitar, vocals
Steve Smith drums
Jonathan Cain guitar, keyboards, vocals
Ross Valory bass, vocals

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

HAYWIRE - Bad Boys (1986)

HAYWIRE : Bad Boys +1 (1986) front
You will love this album at first listen.
Canadian AOR from the golden era.
Loverboy, Honeymoon Suite style, short and catchy songs like fresh air in your ears.
Terrific guitar-keyboard assemble, perfect.
No fillers, good production, their best album without a doubt.
Out of print.

1. Bad Boys
2. Standin' in Line
3. She's Not (The Kind of Girl)
4. Holding You
5. Out of My Head
6. When You Fall Out of Love
7. 3 Wishes 8. Girl in Love
9. Shot in the Dark
10. Crazy

Paul MacAusland vocals
Dave Rashed keyboards, backing vocals
Marvin Birt guitars, backing vocals
Ronnie Switzer bass
Sean Kilbride drums

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

FORCEFIELD II - The Talisman (1988)

Cozy Powell & Tony Martin

Cozy Powell & Ray Fenwick studio only project, features the tremendous Tony Martin on vocals, one of the best voices in this genre.
Neil Murray of Whitesnake play bass.
The cover of Deep Purple's "Black Night/Strange Kind of Woman" is pretty nice.
Really Good traditional Hard Rock.
Highly Recommend album.
Out of print.

1. The Talisman 5:29
2. Year of the Dragon 3:34
3. Tired of Waiting For You 4:05
4. Heartache 4:15
5. Good Is Good 4:48
6. Carrie 3:47
7. Without Your Love 4:25
8. I Lose Again 6:25
9. The Mercenary 7:06
10. Black Night/Strange Kind of Woman 5:47
11. I Lose Again (instrumental version) 6:17

Cozy Powell - drums
Tony Martin - lead and backing vocals
Neil Murray - bass
Ray Fenwick - guitars
Jan Akkerman -electric and acoustic guitars
Lawrence Cottle - bass
Chris Cozens - keyboards
Barry St. John - backing vocals


MIDNIGHT SUN - Nemesis (1999)

This is the first MS album with the Starbreaker, Allen & Lande mastermind Magnus Karlsson on guitar. Brillant as usual.
Pete Sandberg (Alien) does a great vocal performance, and the rhythm section and keys kill your ears and senses.
No fillers, all tracks are good, including Europe's cover "Seven Doors Hotel".
Hard to find CD.
If you like Allen-Lande albums, must have this one.

You And I
Mortal Man
King Of Broken Hearts
Watch Out
I Don´t Know
Living On The Edge
Ave Maria
Seven Doors Hotel

Pete Sandberg: Lead & Backing Vocals
Magnus Karlsson: Guitars & Backing Vocals
Reingold: Bass, Keyboards, Additional guitars & B. Vocals
Jamie Salazar: Drums, Percussions & Backing Vocals
Additional Musicians:
Berrit Hessing: Cello

Hal Johnston: Guitar
Henrik Hanson: Keyboards
Jens Friis Hansen, Inger Ohlen: Backing Vocals


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

LINE OF FIRE - Line of Fire (2005)

One of the best 2005 melodic hard rock releases.
From a small label, but with excellent crisp production, this band knows how to write and play.
"Paradise" is the horse battle track of this album, a melodic heaven.
Unknown and hard to find CD.
Recommended listen
If you find it, BUY IT.

1. Faith in Fire 4:27
2. Live and Let Go 4:23
3. Fade 4:34
4. Paradise 4:56
5. Remind Me 4:04
6. Morning Light 4:08
7. Can't You See 3:39
8. Salvation's Edge 4:16
9. Falling Down (Hear My Prayer) 5:00
10. Time To Say Goodbye 3:39

Shawn Pelata vocals

Nikki Dimage guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Ed Darst guitars
Cliff Paul bass
Justin Collins drums


Friday, May 11, 2007

HOUSE OF LORDS - The Lost Tapes (2001)

Fan Club Only CD Release

House Of Lords - The Lost Tapes, contains 7 unreleased songs which they wrote for the "The Power & The Myth" album.
The approach of this stuff is similar to earlier HOL material: Hard Rock with balls!
Why they change the direction later (The Power & The Myth is proggie and experimental and disappointed the fans) is a total mystery.

"Havana" appears as bonus in the P&M japan release.
Killer tunes, my favs are "Shotgun Doctor" and "Someday",witch feature an awesome chorus.
A++ sound, like an official release. HQ rip 320Kbps.
A collector's item, a must have.

1.Shotgun Doctor
2.Hero's Song
3.Angel Of The City
4.Love Can Build A Bridge
5.After The Love Is Gone

HOUSE OF LORDS - The Lost Tapes

Thursday, May 10, 2007

SHAW-BLADES : High Enough (New-Acoustic Studio Version 2007)

What a classic tune.

Composed by Tommy Shaw & Jack Blades for the first Damn Yankees album.
Fantastic New Version.
Re-recorded acousticly by the duo between the Shaw-Blades "Influence" new 2007 album sessions.
Also appears in the new "Metal Mania Stripped Vol.3".


STAN BUSH - In This Life (2007)

STAN BUSH - In This Life
Stan Bush truly is a melodic rock legend.He has co-written with many of top songwriters like Jonathan Cain (Journey), Jim Vallance (Bryan Adams; Aerosmith), and Paul Stanley of Kiss.
Stan's songs have received covers from many notable bands. "Love Don't Lie" was covered by House of Lords, and "Slave To Love" was recorded by Quiet Riot, among others.
"In This Life" is his 10th studio album and this time Stan was able to reach a whole new level as a world-class songwriter/recording artist.
As guest appears guitarist Rocket Ritchotte (DAVID LEE ROTH, RICK SRINGFIELD), songwriters on the album include Stan, the producer an guitarist Holger Fath and Curt Cuomo (KISS, EDDIE MONEY) while the musicians that helped Stan in the recording include drummer Matt Laug (ALICE COOPER, RICHARD MARX, EDDIE MONEY, ANASTACIA etc.) and Lance Morrison on bass guitar (ALANIS MORRISSETTE, DON HENLEY etc).
I'm talking to you, melodic rock/AOR fan.
You better listen this album now, A CLASSIC IN THE FUTURE.

One of the BEST albums of the year, without a doubt.
If you like it, BUY IT.

1. I'll Never Fall
2. I Got A Thing For You
3. I Can't Cry
4. In This Moment
5. Waiting For You
6. The First Time
7. Long, Long Way
8. Over You
9. Take It All The Way
10. In This Life
11. Southern Rain

Stan Bush (vocals)
Rocket Ritchotte (guitar)
Lance Morrison (bass)
Holger Fath (guitar)
Matt Laug (drums)


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

MICHAEL BOLTON - Everybody's Crazy (1985)

The man started his career rockin' hard, and this is his best album.
Pumpin' bass and keyboard lines, strong guitars and a very powerful and emotional vocals.
The drums on this album are bombastic, just the way I like, perfectly recorded by the genius producer Neil Kernon who has worked with Queensryche, Dokken and a lot more...
One of the best '80s AOR album.
If you like it, BUY IT.

1. Save Our Love
2. Everybody's Crazy
3. Can't Turn It Off
4. Call My Name
5. Everytime
6. Desperate Heart
7. Start Breaking My Heart
8. You Don't Want Me Bad Enough
9. Don't Tell Me It's Over

Michael Bolton vocals
Bruce Kulick guitar
Dennis Feldman bass
Mark Mangold keyboards
Mark Raddice keyboards
Peppy Castro backing vocals
Terry Brock backing vocals
Neil Kernon additional keyboards
Doug Katsaros add. keyboards

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STEVE PERRY - Greatest Hits Digipack Release (2007)

Remastered with spectacular new sound and bonus tracks directly from Steve's personal vault.

6 Bonus tracks, 1 exclusive only in this digipack release.
A must have.
If you like it, BUY IT.

1. Oh Sherrie
2. Foolish Heart
3. She's Mine
4. Strung Out
5. Go Away
6. When You're In Love* (prev. unreleased)
7. Against The Wall* (previously unreleased)
8. Forever Right Or Wrong [Love's Like A River]
9. Summer Of Luv* (previously unreleased)
10. Melody
11. Once In A Lifetime, Girl* (previously unreleased)
12. What Was
13. You Better Wait
14. Missing You
15. I Stand Alone
16. It Won't Be You (writing demo version)
17. If You Need Me Call Me* (unreleased demo version)
18. Don't Fight It (with Kenny Loggins)* (exclusive bonus track)


LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM - Saturn Skyline (2007)

IMHO this is the best L A D album ever. Even better than the debut.
This time the guys have listened the fans and the production is TOP class.
The songs are a perfect blend of power and harmony.
ROCKS as hell, as never before.
I never was a big fan of Mikael Erlandsson vocals, but this time the guy DID IT. GREAT vocal work and awesome musicianship as usual .
One of the albums of the year without a doubt.
If you like it, BUY IT.

1. For The Young & The Wild
2. After Tomorrows Gone
3. Pages
4. Rock´n Roll Is Saving My Soul
5. I Know A Lot About Love
6. Critical
7. Supersonic
8. Frozen Heart
9. American Girl
10. Domino
11. Still On The Run
12. Skyscraper (Japan bonus track)

This is the Japan Release. In the rest of the World the bonus is the song "Rocket Of Love"

Mikael Erlandsson (vocals, keys)
Andy Malecek (guitar)
Marcel Jacob (bass)
Jamie Borger (drums)


STATETROOPER - Statetrooper (1986)

Gary Barden's band (ex MSG).

Tight production, big voice,the double guitar attack is great, the sound is decidely British.
Their live version of MSG's "Armed And Ready" is fantastic.
This album become a cult classic.
If you like it, BUY IT.

01.Shape Of Things To Come
02.Set Fire To The Night
03.Dreams Of The Faithful
04.Stand Me Up
05.Veni, Vidi, Vinci
06.Last Stop To Heaven
07.She Got The Look
08.To Late (Live) *
09.Armed And Ready (Live) *
* Recorded live at the Marquee Club, London.

Gary Barden (Vo)
Martin Bushell (G)
Jeff Summers (G)
Steve Glover (Key)
Jeff Brown (B)
Bruce Bisland (Dr)

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JOSHUA - Surrender (1985) [Original edition]

JOSHUA - Surrender (1985) [Original edition]
There were several versions of this released.
Here it is the original, a nice vinyl rip.

Killer hard rock/AOR album. Reminds me a lot of ICON.
Remember Kerrang Magazine? In '85 this album was nº1 for weeks on their ranking kickin' out Metallica, AC/DC, Judas Priest albums.
Another gem out of print.

1. Surrender Love
2. Heart Full Of Soul
3. Your Love Is Gone
4. Hold On
5. Back To The Rock
6. Rockin' The World
7. Stay Alive
8. Loveshock
9. Rockin' The World (Reprise)

Joshua Perahia guitars, vocals
Ken Tamplin guitars, vocals
Patrick Bradley keyboards, vocals
Loren Robinson bass, vocals
Jo Galletta drums
Jeff Fenholt lead vocals

Monday, May 07, 2007

RENEGADE - Back From The Dead (2001)

Canadian MelodicRock/AOR GEM recorded 88/89

When putting this CD on, I was immediately remembering how good the 80s sounded.
This Canadian RENEGADE take us back to a time when AOR ruled the airwaves in Northern America.
In Canada there were a lot of AOR bands and most of them were quite popular too, just to name a few, I could mention LOVERBOY, HAYWIRE, HONEYMOON SUITE, BYSTANDER, SHERIFF, ALDO NOVA, WORRALL,TRIUMPH, ZAPPACOSTA and a lot more.
Back in the late 1980s almost every Canadian rock band was playing a typical sort of Canadian AOR style, and of course many of the independent scene from that period never got that big and that’s a pity, because for example this RENEGADE had the perfect AOR sound to become HUGE!

In 2001, the CD ‘Back from the dead’ was released as CD, containing material recorded during 1988 and 1989 when RENEGADE was very much alive and kicking, but it had to wait for over a decade to finally press it onto CD.
Well, what can I say, AOR never sounded better than in the 80's, and this RENEGADE proves that fact on the CD ‘Back from the dead’ which is basically a 1989 recording.
With the exception of a few releases (PRIDE OF LIONS, BLIND ALLEY), nowadays the ‘new’ AOR doesn’t sound as good as it once sounded in the heydays of the 1980s. Just listen how perfect this CD sounds, man, this is the way AOR should sound, emotional and just perfectly performed catchy AOR.
Sadly only 8 songs are included on ‘Back from the dead’, but for the fan of 80s Canuck AOR this is a complete must!
Vocals are high class (a la MIKE RENO, MICKEY THOMAS) and the songs are all very sensational pure AOR.

The album starts with “Standing out in the rain”, a lovely uptempo AOR piece that sounds like the perfect mix between HONEYMOON SUITE, BYSTANDER and the very first HAREM SCAREM.
Up next is the terrific midtempo AOR ballad “The best of me” with it’s catchy harmonyvocals during the chorus reminding me of ALIAS.
More uptempo AOR can be heard in the fantastic “Sign of the times” that sounds like a mix between AIRKRAFT (their last record) and AVIATOR.
The high quality AOR/rock basically continues on the next song “Prisoner of your heart” which sounds a lot like LOVERBOY (‘Lovin’ every minute of it’ period).
The CD continues with the great uptempo melodic rocker “Big city night” which is pure fun 1980s and sounding like HONEYMOON SUITE in their heydays.
Those 5 mentioned songs are lovely pure 80s AOR and of a very high level! Concluded, this is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED CD to everyone into classic 80's AOR!
192 Kbps

1. Standing Out in the Rain
2. The Best of Me
3. Sign of the Times
4. Prisoner of Your Heart
5. Big City Nights
6. After the Smoke Clears
7. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
8. Betrayal

Marti Sippola vocals
Jim Buckshon bass, keyboards, drum programming, backing vocals
Geralso Dominelli guitar, vocals
Kenny Geatros guitar
John Tompkins keyboards


TOMMY FUNDERBURK - Anything For You (2005)

Vocalist Tommy Funderburk may not have the most recognizable name, but to die-hard devotees of the AOR scene, he is somewhat of a vocalist God.
His work in the band King Of Hearts is some of his best loved work – that project also featured Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger) and Bruce Gaitsch (Richard Marx).
He also sang lead vocals on the Boston album Walk On.
And I should add some of his studio credits with artists such as Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Richard Marx, Rick Springfield, Starship, REO Speedwagon, Coverdale/Page,Blue Murder, among 1000 others, making their backing vocals sound fantastic.
Tommy has one of those angelic AOR voices that you could listen to for hours. His slightly higher range and blissfully melodic tone is perfection for this genre. It's only a shame he doesn't make more records as a frontman.
One of my fav vocalists of all time, strongly recommend this to fans of James Christian, House Of Lords, REO Speedwagon, etc, and melodic rock/AOR fans with taste.
To me, one of the best albums in my collection...

If you like it, BUY IT.

1. Learning How To Love 4:21
2. Remember Our Love 4:53
3. Anything For You 5:11
4. Only You Can Give Me 4:03
5. To Say You Love Me 4:21
6. You Got The Love 4:22
7. Skin 3:33
8. The Garden 3:49
9. Second Chance 4:02
10. Say A Little Prayer 5:05

Tommy Funderburk Vocals
Fabrizio V. Zee Grossi Bass, Keyboards, Producer
JM Scattolin Guitar
Phil Brown Guitar
Rob Vanni Guitar
Amy Rothstein Keyboards
Joachin Cannaiuolo Drums
Biggs Brice Drums


Saturday, April 21, 2007

TOMMY SHAW - Girls With Guns (1984)

Do you remember Miami Vice's episode with the track "Girls with guns" blasting your TV speakers?
I do.
What a great Loverboy style song!
I purchase the record inmediatly, and find a bunch of great stuff in it.
"Lonely school" is an all time classic ballad, maybe you don't remember it, download the album and your memories gonna back to you...
Produced by the monster Mike Stone(Queen, Journey's Raised on Radio, Whitesnake's 1987,etc) this record sounds million bucks.
Also Kenny Loggins co-write some tracks.
This is the first Tommy solo album, out of print as far I know.

1. Girls With Guns 3:11
2. Come In and Explain 4:20
3. Lonely School 5:03
4. Heads Up 4:42
5. Kiss Me Hello extended version 7:47
6. Fading Away 4:03
7. Little Girl World 3:32
8. Outside in the Rain extended version 5:59
9. Free to Love You 4:49
10. The Race Is On 5:27

Tommy Shaw: 6- and 12-string guitars, mandolin, acoustic guitars, lead vocals
Steve Holley: drums, percussion
Brian Stanley: bass
Peter Wood: piano, electric piano, synthesizers
Mike Stone: Additional "stuff", producer