Thursday, February 26, 2009

FRONTLINE - Against The World (2002)

Just realized that surprisingly I've never posted any FRONTLINE albums.
A big mistake, as they have been and are one of the best groups in the scene.
Long time not listening to this album, and its one of those that must be played again and again.
Great production, excellent songwriting and perfectly executed.
'My Destiny' is my fav, pure 80's AOR vibe, brillant keyboards.
''I Don't Know' its a melodic rock rocket, close to perfection.
The absolute outstanding mid-tempo 'A Man With A Broken Heart' grabs in your head forever.
'Don't Break My Pride' and 'One Night', other highlights.
You can hardly find any filler here, all tracks are killers.
Hard to find CD.

If you like it, try to find it and buy a copy, worth every cent...

1. Against the World
2. My Destiny
3. Lightning Eyes
4. Time Stood Still
5. I Don't Know
6. Man With a Broken Heart
7. One Night
8. You Should Know Me
9. Don't Break My Pride
10. Change His Life

Stephan Kaemmerer: lead and backing vocals
Robby Boebel: guitars, keyboards, programming
Thomas Bauer: bass
Rami Ali: drums

FRONTLINE - Against The World

Friday, February 20, 2009

H.E.A.T - 1000 Miles (2009) + bonus

1 - '1000 Miles' new H.E.A.T single, playing live in Melodifestivalen - Eurovision 2009 semifinals. mp3-192Kbps

2 - Unreleased track; 'Fill Your Head With Rock' , came only with the free CD for those who bought Sweden Rock Music 2008 4-day ticket. mp3-192Kbps

3 - 1000 Miles video, High Quality: 720 x 406 , 1393Kbps. avi-XviD


Thursday, February 12, 2009

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.7

Another one, with some pretty good rarities.
Remember, more comments, more uploads...

01 - Dennis Churchill - Crossing Over [Crystal Heart]WHITE SISTER's vocalist, bassist and composer (one of the most unjustly underrated AOR bands in history), performs a track full of magic, keyboards and thrill of 80's films. Exclusively for this movie.
02 - Kevin Chalfant & Satriani - Hold On To The Vision [No Retreat No Surrender]The great Chalfant, accompanied here by a then unknown Joe Satriani, a legendary song that was sought after by collectors for ages. Killer tune with all the punch and vibe of those years. Excellent.
03 - Double Dealer - Freedom [New Faces TV Show]
Canadian band that got its chance in this 'new talent TV show', winning a prize with this stunning song. A couple of years later they were able to release a full lengh album but did not have great promotion. HARDLINE fans will love this tune.
04 - Lessmann / Ziller (Bonfire) - Charlie und Luise [Charlie Und Luise]
Maybe you are wondering who these artists are. Clauss Lessmann and Hans Ziller are none other than BONFIRE's guitarist and vocalist, whom in '93 released an album as a duo (by the way, a very good one). Also, they recorded the 'Charlie and Luise' movie main theme, only released as single in their homeland. Delicious.

05 - David Glen Eisley - Sweet Victory [SpongeBob]
The unmistakable former GIUFFRIA's voice, with his trademak, power and emotion. Curious pick for a child's cartoon episode... Not included in the official soundtrack album, nor in any David solo.

06 - Ann Wilson - The Best Man In The World [Golden Child]
The great voice of HEART, song composed with her sister Nancy and talented arranger John Barry. Exclusive to this OST.

07 - Scott Grimes - Young & Wise [ER TV series]
Grimes, musician and actor, is part of the ER tv series cast since 2003. He penned a song for an episode. Great songwriting and emotive lyrics. Chilling Grime's performance, alone with his piano. Never was published in any format.

08 - George S. Clinton & Lisa Kauppi - The Cobra Strikes [American Ninja 3]
All terrain score composer, Clinton was encouraged to sing himself American Ninja's 3 central theme, and the truth is that he did a good job, but the big deal here its the song itself, with everything you look for in an 80's action movie track. Great.

09 - Ray Stevens - Cat's Eye [Cat's Eye]
Horror genre cult film, this is the main theme, pretty unknown, despite having all the ingredients to be a classic. Cliché what? I love the 80's!

10 - Marietta - Thunder & Lightning [Fire, Ice & Dynamite]
Another great track from this great OST, catchy uptempo with very good guitars and nice keyboards. Exclusive to this movie.

11 - Gregg Tripp - I Don't Want To Live Without You [Kuffs]
Climatic song, had considerable radio airplay (at least at this side of the globe) when came out, and faded away. In the best THE SYNCH and REO Speedwagon tradition. Magnificent.

12 - Tony Carey - All In The Family [Der Joker]
The prolific Tony contributing several songs to the Der Joker flick, filmed and distributed only in Germany. This is one of them, classic Carey hallmark.

13 - Harold Faltermeyer (feat. Keith Forsey) - Bad Guys [Beverly Hills Cop 2]
Faltermeyer, another score monster, here with the depth and incredible voice of KEITH FORSEY (also great drummer and countless soundtrack producer), a song that did not ended in the official OST, but can be heard several times in the film. I love this song. A how-to studio recording lesson, perfect production.

14 - Peter Beckett - Jenny [Where The Boys Are '84]
Sir Beckett, singing, composing and producing this classic sound AOR piece, only released on vinyl. Exclusive to this soundtrack.

15 - Rick Springfield - Desperate Lives [Desperate Lives TV Movie]
Rick wrote and play the incidental music for this television only film. Also, the title track, with interesting lyrics that fits the screenplay perfectly. A fan club only release, very rare.

16 - Phoebe Cates - How Do I Let You Know [Private School]
It's not the eighth wonder in the songwriting world, but this track has all the lightness and freshness... Remember Phoebe? She was so lovely, we can pardon her limited skills singing...

17 - John Parr - The Minute I Saw You [3 Men And A Baby]
You know what to expect from a Parr tune. This is not the exception. A real good one. As far as I know, this song never was released. Heard twice during the movie. VHS-rip, stereo, good sound.

18 - Racer - For You [Lovelines]
Another film that has no soundtrack released. Amazing, since this is a musical movie, a band competition. This is my favorite song (although all are good), with a great chorus. Also Ripped from VHS, stereo.

19 - Alph Lyla & Yuji Toriyama - Hearts Of Fire (Ryu Theme) [Street Fighter 2]
The anime series have always been characterized by its great music. I chose this from Street Fighter II, which I think is the best of 'em. Fantastic melody and arrangements. VAI & SATRIANI fans, pay attention to this excellent playing.

As usual, + 70 min, vbr, artwork.
Most tracks are vinyl-only release and very rare, all were decrackled and declicked to get the best quality possible.

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.7


Friday, February 06, 2009

TED POLEY - Sonic Series Musical Performance

TED POLEY - Sonic Series
You know Ted right?
Danger Danger's gold era vocalist.
He (and former TNT 's voice Tony Harnell), recorded several tunes for the Sonic Series games some time ago.
Requested by a friend, here they are.
Taken from diverse soundtracks and comprised in one single file.
Not my fav performances by these monsters, but quite rare and hard to find.

1 - Ted Poley & Tony Harnell:
It Doesn't Matter (SA1)

2 - Ted Poley & Tony Harnell:
It Doesn't Matter (SA2) [different version]

3 - Ted Poley & Tony Harnell:
We Can (Team Sonic theme)

4 - Ted Poley & Tony Harnell:
Escape From The City (City Escape theme)

5 - Ted Poley:
Lazy Days ...Livin' In Paradise (Big The Cat theme)

6 - Ted Poley:
Race To Win (Sonic Rivals 2 theme)

Ted Poley: vocals
Tony Harnell: vocals
Jun Senoue: Guitar
Naoto Shibata: Bass
Hirotsugu Homma: Drums
and more...


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

NIGHTSHITF - All Night Through EP (2007)

More Westcoast for the soul (I'm in the mood...)
The French duo NIGHTSHITF launched in '07 its first CD 'Full Moon'.
This is a single from that album.
Modern sound, while retaining the Classic Westcoast aura.
Many interpreters / historical bands should pay attention to these guys approach, because they have achieved a very friendy style radio-suitable, these days this genre does not have much place in mainstream broadcasting.
The Mix version is exclusive to this CDs.
Gorgeous stuff...

1 - All Night Through
2 - All Night Through (Geyster Mix Radio Edit)
3 - Ocean Bay

NightShift are:
Gael Benyamin
Jerome Beuret


OFF COURSE - Back Streets Of Tokyo (1985)

Regarded by the Japan press as one of the best
Westcoast-Pop groups, this band have recorded a handful of albums only released in Asia.
This is their more international effort, produced and mixed in Los Angeles with PETER WOLF in front of the table, to make them sound more 'Western'.
Melodies abound, nice guitars, pretty good choruses.
Round and polished sound, clean mix and production.
Reissued on CD in '94.
Only Japan, hard to find.

1. Fool (What Does a Fool Do Now)
2. Second Chance
3. Love's Determination
4. Her Pretender
5. Eyes In The Back Of My Heart
6. Melody
7. Love's On Fire
8. Endless Nights

Kazumasa Oda: vocals, keyboards
Hitoshi Shimizu: bass
Jiri Oma: drums & percussion
Kazuhiko Matsuo: guitars, harmonica
Peter Wolf: keyboards
Tom Kelly, Tommy Funderburk: backing vocals