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BLACKFOOT SUE - Red On Blue (1997)

BLACKFOOT SUE - Red On Blue (1997) Outside Edge
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Formed in Birmingham at beginning of the seventies, BLACKFOOT SUE scored a top 5 hit single in UK with their rock 'n roll often compared with Slade. But the band would become a reference for AOR fans during the '80s under a different moniker; Outside Edge.

Always driven by the core force of founder members and twin brothers Tom (vocals, bass) and David Farmer (drums), and after playing in different outfits between 1989-92, the guys decided to resurrect the name Blackfoot Sue after almost 20 years. Third brother Gary Farmer (guitar, backing vocals) and Steve Turner (lead guitar, keyboards) completed this new incarnation of the band.
This same line-up recorded a demo around 1990-1991, years later known as the bootleg 'Outside Edge; Call Me', but in fact that was what would go on to become the reformed Blackfoot Sue.

Blackfoot Sue recorded a new album, originally only released in Germany in 1995 as 'Talk Radio'. All these songs plus "Fall From Grace" (recorded later) were repackaged two years after by HTD Records and this time distributed all over Europe under the title "Red On Blue".

BLACKFOOT SUE - Red On Blue (1997) booklet

On "Red On Blue", Blackfoot Sue sounds absolutely early '90s Melodic Hard Rock more related to the American sound than British or European.
Songs like "F.O.D." or the remake of the old Blackfoot Sue song "Standing In The Road" are crafted in the Damn Yankees mould both in sound & style, the excellent "Book Of Life" akin Night Ranger, while songs such as "Fall From Grace", title track "Red On Blue" and specially the melodic "Goodbye" recall nineties Danger Danger (Paul Laine era).
Some numbers obviously have a Ouside Edge smell like the great mid-tempo / AORish "Small Town", and the pumping rocker "You're So Beautiful You're Dangerous", both filled with synths / keyboards in the background.

BLACKFOOT SUE - Red On Blue (1997) back cover

Blackfoot Sue's "Red On Blue" is not only quite unknown for MHR fans, but also really hard to find as went out of print many years ago. It's a good, rockin' melodic disc containing really nice songs and a fine production.
A collector's item.

01 - F.O.D.
02 - Talk Radio
03 - Standing In The Road
04 - Book Of Life
05 - Fall From Grace
06 - Small Town
07 - That's No Lie
08 - Red On Blue
09 - Goodbye
10 - You're So Beautiful You're Dangerous
11 - Better Than Being In Love

Tom Farmer: lead vocals, bass
David Farmer: drums, backing vocals
Gary Farmer: guitar, backing vocals
Steve Turner: lead guitar, keyboards


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JOHN KEANE - Straight Away (1999)

JOHN KEANE - Straight Away (1999)
Continuing the Keane brothers saga, I wanted to present you JOHN KEANE's first solo album "Straight Away". While Tom's subsequent solo works in the music business are more widely known, this record by John Keane is quite hard to find and pretty unfamiliar to AOR aficionados.
After the Keane early '80s albums John Keane became one of the busiest session drummers from the L.A. scene. He did an instrumental LP but his true, integral first solo album was this one from 1999.

John secured some serious cats for the "Straight Away" recording sessions: Mike Landau, Tim Pierce and Buzz Feiten - probably the best guitarists around - Toto's Steve Porcaro on keys, Jason Scheff playing bass, brother Tom Keane on synthesizers, and the list continues.
Obviously what we have here is AOR with a Westcoast smell but highly tinted with a Hi-Tech colour.
Title track "Straight Away" opens the album driven by a pulsating bass line, agile drums and stylized guitar work akin Mr. Mister. John sings with aplomb helped by great harmonized backing vocals.
Then the Hi-Tech AOR appears on the uptempo "Red Raven", followed by the softer "We Love Our Fantasies".

JOHN KEANE - Straight Away (1999) back cover

"Venice Is Sinking" is a ballad with a smooth piano accompaniment, "She Can Not Be Denied" recalls Mr. Mister again, while the rocking "Love Is The Last Frontier" (love the guitar work here) is one of my favorites.
"Dark Side Of The Earth" has a slow, climatic atmosphere in the Richard Page solo works, "Since I Met You" is a midtempo with a nice melody, "Still" a truly elegant Westcoast number, and closer "More" ends the CD in full Hi-Tech mode, perhaps too much '90s Peter Gabriel-like for my tastes.

To sum up, if you like the lighter side of AOR with Hi-Tech and L.A. Westcoast touches, John Keane's "Straight Away" deserves a place in your collection. Of course production is impeccable and the playing precise and smooth.
Out of print.

01 - Straight Away
02 - Red Raven
03 - We Love Our Fantasies
04 - Venice Is Sinking
05 - After Dark
06 - She Can Not Be Denied
07 - Love Is The Last Frontier
08 - Headlines And Deadlines
09 - Darkside Of The Earth
10 - Since I Met You
11 - Still
12 - More

John Keane - vocals, drums, keyboards, moog bass
Mike Landau - guitars
Tim Pierce - acoustic & electric guitar
Buzz Feiten - nylon string & electric guitar
Steve Porcaro - keyboards
Tom Keane - synthesizer
Jason Scheff, Ronnie Sage, Ted Landau - bass
Jerry Scheff - acoustic & electric bass
Paulino DaCosta - percussion
Todd Taylor, Guy Thomas - background vocals

JOHN KEANE Straight Away

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

KEANE - Today ,Tomorrow And Tonight (1982) [remastered]

KEANE - Today ,Tomorrow And Tonight (1982) [remastered]
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After the successful self-titled debut as a band, KEANE quickly started the recording of this, their sophomore and final album "Today, Tomorrow And Tonight".
The Keane brothers turned things even more rocking for this new offering, still retaining their trademark melodies but more sharp in its delivery. The Toto influences are still here, but a more organic melodic rock vibe was thrown into the mix.

Bass player Mike Milwood was replaced by no-other than talented Jason Scheff (before joining Chicago) not only providing his deep bass lines but also enhancing even more the band's vocal harmonies.
There's a simple but catchy rocker on the commercial "Oh, Oh, Oh", a lovable melodic rock tune on "Don't Make Me Love You" (early Night Ranger-like), and a strong sharp guitar-driven track on "Tomorrow Is Today".
More AORish is the jumpin' "It's All Over", where Tom Keane's vocals gets a rougher delivery and Scheff plays a quasi-solo with his bass.

The full of bite and melody "I'm Ready Tonight" sounds again as a proto-Night Ranger, "I'm Ready Tonight" is groovy in the vein of 707, while the urgent "You Don't Have To" has some Loverboy on it.
Of course we have two fine ballads on the album; the smooth midtempo AOR of "My Kind" filled with clean guitars and a multi-part harmony chorus, and the superb closer "One Too Many Lovers", a Westcoast AOR sounding little gem.

KEANE - Today ,Tomorrow And Tonight (1982) [remastered] back cover

Sadly, KEANE was a short-lived affair delivering two excellent albums, but the group disbanded because all its talented restless members were hungry for personal musical challenges.
Tom Keane become one of the best and more requested AOR songwriters in history, and together with bro John recorded in countless albums as session musicians. Mark Moulin formed the great AOR outfit Dreamer and played with Stan Bush, and Jason Scheff met stardom fronting Chicago and pursuing a successful songwriting career as well.

As far I know, "Today, Tomorrow And Tonight", this final album by KEANE, never was released in the US. Seems the master tapes were lost for many years, but fortunately, Japanese label Cool Sound reissued both records in 2001 with a superb remastering job.
A mandatory addition to any Melodic Rock / AOR collection.

01 - Oh Oh Oh
02 - My Kind
03 - Don't Make Me Love You
04 - I Can See You
05 - Tomorrow Is Today
06 - It's All Over
07 - I'm Ready Tonight
08 - Mindreader
09 - You Don't Have To
10 - One Too Many Lovers

Tom Keane - Vocals, Keyboards
John Keane - Drums & Percussion
Mark Moulin - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jason Scheff - Bass, Backing Vocals

KEANE Today ,Tomorrow And Tonight remastered

Monday, April 14, 2014

KEANE - Keane (1981) remastered

KEANE - Keane (1981) remastered
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The KEANE brothers Tom & John were prodigious kids, as in the mid-seventies at the age of 11 and 12, both fronted their own musical TV show and signed a major record deal. As 'Keane Brothers' they released two LP's produced by the likes of David Foster, Lamont Dozier and David Paich.

At the beginning of the '80s, the bros. formed their own band simply called KEANE, musically oriented to the AOR / Melodic Rock waves so en vogue with a more than a passing nod to the Toto sound. Indeed Keane was called 'Little Toto' but not only for their musical similarity, but also for the quality in their compositions and performances.
Tom Keane (only 18 years old at the time of the recording) shows a remarkable maturity on his greatly harmonized vocals, while the rest of the band including brother John on drums is impeccable.

KEANE - Keane (1981) remastered back cover

Cuts like the dynamic opener "Tryin' To Kill A Saturday Night", the muscular "Bad Little Baby Girl" or the rocking "You Got The Better Of Me" are no-brainers for any Melodic Rock / AOR aficionado.
"Baby I'm Dead" has something of REO Speedwagon, and the highlight "Kill Or Be Killed" somehow reminds me I-Ten, but the rest of the album is clearly impregnated by Lukather & Co: the sweet and melodious "Lorelei", "Anything Less Than Love" or the superb ballad "My Special Way".
Production is top notch and this remaster from the specialized Japanese label Cool Sound, pristine and clear.
Out of print.

01 - Tryin' To Kill A Saturday Night
02 - Bad Little Baby Girl
03 - You Got The Better Of Me
04 - Kill Or Be Killed
05 - My Special Way
06 - Baby I'm Dead
07 - I Love My Life
08 - Anything Less Than Love
09 - Lorelei
10 - Judy

Tom Keane - Vocals, Keyboards
John Keane - Drums & Percussion
Mike Milwood - Bass & Vocals
Mark Moulin - Guitars & Vocals
David Pearlman - Lapsteel Solo
Michael Zorro Singers - Background Vocals


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SEPTEMBER - Dreams & Lessons (1987) [bootleg CD]

SEPTEMBER - Dreams & Lessons (1987) [bootleg CD]
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Founded by brothers Russ & Doug Kirkland and their sister Dale, the St. Louis-based band SEPTEMBER was already featured on this blog some years ago with their second album Lines Are Falling.
"Dreams & Lessons" - from 1987 - was the band's last release and musically the most complete in my opinion, mixing classic '80s AOR with Melodic Rock and some Westcoast touches.

Both Russ and Dale share lead vocals most the time providing a very nice counterpoint on the varied material on offer here, as the Toto-esque "It Hurts Me", the highly harmonized midtempo "If You Believe", the poppy "Over My Wing", and the hardest rocking track on the record; "Stand Up Follow Me".
Dale leads solely on the Tane Cain sounding "Heaventime", while Russ does the same on the anthemic "Checkin' My Six" (somehow akin John Parr), the Starship-like rocker "I Fool Me" and the ballad "Sean's Song".
September even flirts with hi-tech stylings on "Animal Land", plenty of keyboards all over.

SEPTEMBER - Dreams & Lessons (1987) [bootleg CD] back cover

Unlike the more known groups from the CCM movement, September remained independent releasing their material through their own Sugar Records label. That's why their LP's are so hard to find and never were reissued on CD.
This is a rare, limited bootleg CD edition of "Dreams & Lessons" which sounds million bucks.
Get it while it's hot...

01 - It Hurts Me
02 - If You Believe
03 - Over My Wing
04 - Heaventime
05 - Sean's Song
06 - Animal Land
07 - I Fool Me
08 - Checkin' My Six
09 - Stand Up Follow Me

Dale Kirkland - Lead vocals, Keyboards
Russ Kirkland - Lead vocals, Synth, Electric Piano
Doug Kirkland - Keyboards, Vocals
John Hayes, Rob Williams, Scott Payne - Guitar
Jim Bullard, Jay Hungerford - Bass
Carl Albrecht - Drums, Percussion

SEPTEMBER Dreams & Lessons bootleg CD

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FACE DANCER - This World (1979) [remastered 2009]

FACE DANCER - This World (1979) [remastered 2009]
As requested, here it is the U.S. state of Maryland proud FACE DANCER and their debut "This World", a lovable slice of late seventies Hard Hock, Pomp AOR and high octane Cheap Trick influenced Melodic Rock, all wrapped by funny, quirky lyrical themes.
The production of Richie Wise (Kiss, Stan Bush) made Face Dancer's first album sound quite unique, fresh and entertaining.

We have here the most known songs from the band (also re-recorded for Midnite Raid, recently posted in this blog) such as the swaggering "Red Shoes" and one of my favorites, "Time Bomb", a delightful rocker with an instrumental middle section emulating the first video games.
"Can't Stand Still" is a straight-forward hard rocker with rich guitar work, "Change" is one of most elaborated songs with excellent vocal arrangements, and "Cry Baby" rocks with melody.
Another favourite of mine is "If I Could Kiss You", a midtempo ballad with a strong backbone and pompy flavored keyboards all over.

FACE DANCER - This World (1979) [remastered 2009] back cover

This is the remastered version of Face Dancer's "This World" reissued not so long ago with a crystal clear sound and nice artwork.
Really enjoyable.

01 - Red Shoes
02 - Can't Stand Still
03 - Change
04 - If I Could Kiss You
05 - The Sphinx
06 - Cry Baby
07 - Heart's At Home
08 - Hard To Please
09 - Time Bomb
10 - When You Said

Carey Kress - lead vocals
Jeff Adams - lead guitar
David Utter - guitar, vocals
Scott McGinn - bass, keyboards, vocals
Billy Trainor - drums

FACE DANCER This World remastered