Wednesday, December 10, 2008

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.6

I'm back. Was in the mood to make another movie rarities compilation.
Here we go:

01 - John Parr: Westward Ho [Go Trabi Go]Again the soundtrack-man providing an uptempo song for a film that had fairly success in central Europe during the Berlin Wall fall.
It concerns a trip in the famous 'Trabant', the flagship car in East Germany.
Item not appeared in any Parr disk, only in this rare OST.

02 - Valentine: Keep The Faith [Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead]
From the legendary recordings of Valentine (Hugo) first album, not included there, only here in this OST, excellent rocker.

03 - Alias: Into The Fire [Nintendo: White Knuckle Scorin']
Another 'non album track' from Alias with Freddy Curci, emotive tune with all the band's characteristic strength.

04 - John Parr & Marilyn Martin: Through The Night [Quicksilver]Magnificent mid-tempo ballad, perfectly performed by this pair of great voices. Very hard to find soundtrack, excellent vinyl rip.

05 - Roger Chapman: Eye To Eye [Fire, Ice & Dynamite]Pump up track exclusive to this soundtrack, typically 80's sound , a quite rare OST. Very good chorus and guitars.

06 - Joe Elliott: When Saturday Comes [When Saturday Comes]
Def Leppard singer penned and played two songs exclusively for this movie.
When Saturday Comes has Joe Elliott as artist (not the whole band).
Obviously sounds like a Leppard rocker... remember the good times?
Only featured in the film and in a Lepp single as b-side.

07 - Eric Martin & Friends: I Can't Stop The Fire [Teachers]The unmistakable Eric's voice in a rocker without concessions. Exclusive to this soundtrack.

08 - Paul Delph: North Shore Roar [North Shore]Never published in the soundtrack, ripped from DVD, hallucinogen surf-mix sound , strange percussion and Delph's angelic voice. Excellent stereo sound.

09 - Joe Walsh & Lita Ford: A Future To This Life [Robocop TV series]
From the soundtrack of the pretty unknown TV series, issued in the 90's.
However, absolutely 80's track , I love this song!
Appears in the end credits.
Of course, exclusive to this OST.

10 - Beth Anderson & Joe Esposito: Just Imagine [Thief Of Hearts]
Pure 80's heaven! With Miami Vice vibe, or the movie Manhunter, sequencers baby!

11 - Franke & The Knockouts: We The People [Rude Awakening]Rare Franke Previte tune, actually should appear in the credits as a soloist, far from the sound of the Knockouts, much more commercial and 'eightie', with a very catchy chorus.

12 - B.J. Thomas: As Long As We Got Each Other [Growing Pains]
Lovable TV series, typical American sound and the great BJ Thomas groove-voice, here accompanied by the famous Dusty Springfield. Great AOR track.

13 - Heeren Stevens: Trust [Highlander II]Unknown OST, although it contains good songs, like this, very much in Jim Steinman's (Meat Loaf) style or Bonnie Tyler.

14 - Mickey Thomas: Stand In The Fire [Youngblood]
Not necessary to describe Mickey's voice eh?. Tremendous.

15 - Lamont: Flesh To Flesh [Return Of The Living Dead Part II]
The prolific Joe Lamont has written numerous songs for films under different aliases.
Here performs a 'malicious' song, with all horror movies ingredients.
Very good track exclusive to this film.

16 - David Hallyday: Rock Revival [He's My Girl]
Rare Hallyday tune, non album track, that was released as a single only to promote the flick (and his rising career). Great rocker!

17 - Edward Van Halen: Donut City [The Wild Life]Eddie wrote soundtracks for several movies, this will be his first experience (in the following year wrote the score for his wife's TV film , then Twister, Sacred Sin, etc).
Here provides several instrumentals, this is the main theme.

70 min, vbr, artwork.

AOR TREASURES Soundtracks Vol.6 - option 1

AOR TREASURES Soundtracks Vol.6 - option 2

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

LANCELOT - Shadow And Light (1996)

While Hungary belongs to the western world, for us (americans), these countries are like the 'beyond', perhaps due to the fact they were decades behind the Iron Curtain, and its culture remained impermeable to us.
Well, LANCELOT musicians have learned the lesson to perfection, sounding like typical 90's westcoast-rock, but with that characteristic european touch, rounded off a disc different and fresh for this style.

Two singers, several guests, among them two girls wich provide a variety mixtures, great guitar players, special mention to Kerekes Ali (Steve Lukather style), on song nº 6, my favorite here.
Title track was semi-finalist in Eurovision contest.
First class production, clean and clear.
Something exotic to try, very very good...
HQ rip, two links.

1. Ha itt lennél
2. A világ a jó barátom
3. A tulsó part
4. Jó veled
5. Alszik a föld
6. Érj hozzzám
7. Hello goodbye
8. Fény és árnyék
9. Hideg az éjjel
10. Nézz néha rám
11. Ne félj
12. Zsófi álma

Dunai Sandor: vocals, acoustic guitar
Kis Pal: keyboards, programming
Suri Andras: guitars, backing vocals
Barabas Tamás: bass, guitars
Molnar Szilvia: vocals (track 11)
Kerekes Ali: guitar (track 6)
Kokenyesi Eva: vocals (tracks 4,6,11)
Román Lazslo: vocals (tracks 1,7,9,10)

Part 1:

Part 2:

PHIL ACCARDI'S CHALICE - Take Control (1988)

One of the most sought after 80's indie american hard rock-metal out there.
Not my fav style in any form, but this is a mega rare baby .
Self-released on cassette only (there's a "radio station only vinyl promo" even more rare)
Phil Accardi has the chops, crunchy sound, good solos.
Nice layered keyboards and acceptable voice.
Production is so-so, but c'mon, it's a self produced indie.
If you like this kind of 'hard 'n heavy', try this one.

1 - Eyes Of Burning Fire
2 - On My Way
3 - More than Anything
4 - High on Love
5 - Take Control
6 - Running Around
7 - Victim of the Night
8 - Bright as the Stars

Phil Accardi - Vocals, Guitars
Bill Poulos - Bass
Mike Muller - add. Guitar
Guy Lodico - Keyboards


Monday, October 27, 2008

AUDREY LANDERS - 88/91 Compilation

Singer and actress, began her musical career in the early '80s, publishing several albums and singles that were very successful in Europe, especially Germany.
This is a compilation of tracks led to the American public, due to the success of its participation in 'Dallas' (TV series).
American poppish AOR, similar to Cher (AOR side), Luba, Cindy Valentine.
Hard to find songs.

- You Can Tame My Heart
- All Of My Heart
- Thru The Eyes Of Winter
- Going Out My Mind
- It Takes Two To Fly
- Amor, Amor My Love
- Dance A Little Closer
- Heaven
- Hand On My Heart
- Angelo
- Du Wirst Mein Schicksal Sein


Friday, October 17, 2008

BENTWOOD ROCKER - The Missing Tapes (83-86)

These canadians released a couple of rocker discs at the beginnig of the 80's.
The band disappear later, but they continue recording.
Here we have a selection of 'unofficial' tracks, recorded between '83-'86(?).
Most of 'em typical mid eighties american AOR - rock sound, some like a rockier CHICAGO.
"Second Wind" is absolutely SURVIVOR-like,
and "While The Children Sleep" vintage FOREIGNER.
Good songs, good attitude, good AOR.
Quite Rare stuff.

01 - Can't Let Go
02 - Walk Through The Fire
03 - Missing You Tonight
04 - I Would Give Everything
05 - Gonna Last Forever
06 - The Danger Of Remembering
07 - Skeletons In The Closet
08 - Love's In The Air
09 - Second Wind
10 - While The Children Sleep

Steve Smith - vocals, drums
Dan Thompson - vocals, guitar
Eric Baragar - vocals, guitar, keys
Mike Goettler - vocals, bass
Barry Haggarty - vocals, guitar

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Friday, October 10, 2008

ANDY TAYLOR - The Complete Non-Album Recordings (1990)

Duran Duran guitar-man and founder member, has always shown his 'rock side', along with Power Station and solo releases.
This is a great single collection plus some unreleased rarities.
Recommended listen.

1. Take It Easy (Rock Mix) - American Anthem OST only -
2. When The Rain Comes Down - Miami Vice II OST only -
3. Angel Eyes - American Anthem soundtrack only -
4. Dead On The Money - Tequila Sunrise soundtrack only -
5. Be Good To Yourself - F. Miller cover (never released) -
6. Wings Of Love - American Anthem soundtrack only -
7. Suffragette City - David Bowie cover (never released) -
8. Take It Easy (Extended Version) - American Anthem OST
9. Winner With You - Stone Cold Sober ltd. ed. EP -
10. Lost In You (Extended Version) - with Rod Stewart -

Andy Taylor: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Terry Bozzio: Drums
Steve Jones: Guitar
Bryant Simpson: Bass
Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion
...and other session musicians

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

1RKO - First Round Knock Out (2007)

The band was born years ago when bassist Derek Spang,member of several groups in the Bay Area in California, decided to join forces with singer Simon Daniels.
Simon, who grew up in Rio de Janeiro where he lived until his teens, it's a L.A. rock scene veteran.
He was part of the band Jailhouse, their debut album sold more than 50.000 copies and had several videos in rotation on MTV Headbangers Ball.

Tired of labels, they decided go indie and edited this record in limited quantity.
The answer surprised and the album sold out. Currently it's only available online on mp3.

Melodic Hard Rock, furious and powerful, like Night Ranger on steroids.
Strong songwriting, well played.
I have added a track that does not come in the original edition, a good cover of the AC / DC classic tune.
Rockin' stuff.

01 - Fox On The Run
02 - One More Time
03 - The Man
04 - So Alive
05 - Right Now
06 - The Outcome
07 - Hand In Hand
08 - Black And White
09 - Hell's Bells [bonus track]

Simon Daniels - Lead Vocals/Guitars/Keys
Brian Spang - Bass/Vocals
Derek Stephens - Guitars
Rich Sacco - Drums


Saturday, September 20, 2008

PRICE-SULTON - Lights On (1986)

Good AOR-Rock, great hooks and soaring choruses.
These guys used to be session players, colaborating in many albums of this genre.
Their colleagues returned the favor, and very well known artists play here uncredited (Steve Stevens amongst them).
Track 2 appears in The Allnighter's soundtrack (posted earlier in my AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.3).
Very rare and hard to find album, only released in Japan on vinyl.
Not the best rip in the world, but enough to taste it.

1. Shotgun Shy
2. No TV, No Phone
3. Lights On
4. Take Me Away
5. Shana
6. Something's Gonna Happen
7. Stories
8. Reckless And Wild
9. Heaven's Girl
10. Oh No

Kasim Sulton: Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Guitar (ex-Utopian member)
Thommy Price: Drums, vocals, guitar (ex-Joan Jett & The Blackhearts)
...and a bunch of well known musicians.


AMANDA SCOTT - Lies 7'' (1988)

What? Dance music in a hard rock AOR place?
Not at all.
Amanda released this smash hit in Europe in the middle of the 80's, and the extended version become a classic among italo-dance-music circles but...its a rock song, with great guitars and punchy keyboards.
Amanda is Bonnie Tyler's sister, rock pulse is in the genes...
IMO, a killer song.

1 - Lies (Single Version)
2 - Lies (Original 7'' Extended Version)

Alfa Records Europe.
Produced by Barry Palmer & Rod Gammons.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

ANDY MARTIN - Brother From Another Mother (2002)

I'm a big fan of instrumental guitar albums, why didn't post one here 'til now?
Andy Martin is a technique master in two hands tapping, and one of the 7-string guitars pioneers .
Unjustly unknown, 'cos it's one of today's greatest guitarists.
Very melodic and harmonious phrasing, sharp and clear, not only pyrotechnics, a lot taste and expressiveness.
He can shred when he needs to but knows when to show restraint as well.
The good thing is that the songs are short and not boring at all, great songwriting.
Title track with Scott Childress guest on vocals (good song!)
If you like Satriani & Vai solo works, must have it.
If you don't, give it a try, this is a very good hard rockin' album.

01 - Oh The Sky
02 - Seen It All, Had Enough
03 - Feed The Fire
04 - Brother From Another Mother
05 - Goodbye Cruel World
06 - The Devil's Dance
07 - Potato Shuffle
08 - Hand In Hand
09 - Taste The Pain
10 - Room #35
11 - Wishing Well Dreamer
12 - Where The Eagles Fly
13 - Something From Above
14 - Guided By Grace

Andy Martin: Guitars, Arrangements
Scott Childress: Vocals
Alex Salz: Production, Engineering


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

KADOMATSU T’s Songs from L. A. - The Ballad Covers Collection (2004)

Requested by a friend, this hard to find disk outside east-side-of-the-world.
Toshiki Kadomatsu is a well known name in Japan.
Multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, the man has a magical touch.
Several albums released in Asia, mostly westcoast oriented.
Kadomatsu called the genre's greatest "names" for these recordings of he's original material.
Delicate and ethereal, spotlessly produced.
His songs charged life with this monsters voices / musicians (check the personnel).
Some westcoast / AOR for the soul...

If you like it, try to find a copy...and BUY IT

1. Still, I’m In Love With You (vocals: Gino Vanelli)
2. Midnight Girl (vocals: Michael North)
3. You’re My Only Shinin’ Star (vocals: Jessica Sheely)
4. Desire (vocals: Richard Page)
5. August Rain -It’s Our Pure Hearts- (vocals: Lea Herman)
6. Distance (vocals: Jason Scheff)
7. It's Hard To Say Good-Bye (vocals: H. Kapono, E. Atuaia)
8. Mermaid Princess (vocals: Presley Tucker)
9. Let Me Say... (vocals: Brett Raymond)
10. Ramp In (vocals: Tommy Funderburk)

* Guitars: Jay Graydon, Michael Landau, Grant Geissman
* Bass: Abraham Laboriel, Jim Staut, John H. Wayne
* Drums: Todd Sorenson
* Keyboards: Tom Keane
* Sax: Eric Marienthanl
* Horns: Andy Suzuki
* Background Vocals: Jason Scheff, Joseph Williams, Marilyn Martin


Thursday, July 31, 2008

BAD MEDICINE - Breakin' Down [single] (2008)

Bad Medicine.
Another hope-you-can-make-it-guys new group from Athens, Greece.
Obvious, they're big Bon Jovi fans.
Not a tribute band anyway.
Yes, they sound like early BJ but more like Blue Tears IMO, with some scandi-like european vibe.
Go ahead guys!

1 - Bad Medicine - Breakin' Down (3:55)
2 - Bad Medicine - Shade Of Love (4:49) [demo]

Ster Dante: Vocals
Roy D: Guitars
Jimi G: Bass, Backing Vocals
John Vendetta: Keys, Backing Vocals
Chris Roxx: Drums, Backing Vocals


Friday, July 25, 2008

BRUCE HIBBARD - Never Turnin' Back (1980)

A little westcoast this time...
Very good CCM artist, Bruce released this candid album, "Never Turnin' Back" in 1980.
Sound and production ahead, seems recorded in '85 or more.
This was the first vinyl single, with the title song.
Full lengh album was reissued on CD in 2000, worth track down.

Side A : Never Turnin' Back
Side B : We Are All His Children

Bruce Hibbard: vocals, keyboards
Hadley Hockensmith: guitars (Neil Diamond,America)
Dean Parks: guitars (Keith Green,Phil Keaggy Band)
Harlan Rogers: keyboards (Gordon Lightfoot,Johnny Rivers)
Bill Maxwell: drums (Keith Green,Talbot Bros,Art Garfunkel)
Kelly Willard, Bryan Duncan, Randy Thomas: backing vocals


Saturday, July 05, 2008

WILD ROSE - Wild Rose EP (2007)

Takin' the time machine back to 80's, Wild Rose delivers the best high class AOR you can get.
Classic sound, full of keys, strong songwriting.
What can I say 'bout these greeks?
They're GREAT.
Very, very good band, pure AOR.
Another great promise...

Promotional EP only.
Highly Recommended

1 - I Want You Back
2 - Too Late
3 - Goodbye

Andy Rock: vocals
Jimmy Wild Fardis: guitars
Phillip Gun: bass
Vagelis G: drums
Dirty Haris: keyboards, backing vocals


Thursday, July 03, 2008

LOST AND FOUND - Welcome To The Real World (1988)

Californian Melodic Rock AOR band with christian origin.
Their one and only indie release, atipycal and distinctive, 'cos mixes early 80's pomp ala Roadmaster with mid 80's hi-tech approach ala Bystander.

The band signed with a distributor who fled with the band's masters to Europe and sold most of the total copies pressed.
That's why the disc at one time was much easier to find in Europe than North America.

Beautiful melodies, loads of keyboards, but full dosis of guitars can be found.
Adequate vocals, good production for an indie.
Link updated by troynew (thanks mate)

1. Welcome To The Real World
2. Going All The Way
3. Hear Me
4. Make It Real
5. Wait Of The World
6. I'm So Glad
7. How Long?
8. Never Alone
9. Smoke Screen
10. All The World
11. Through The Eyes Of Love (demo)
12. What Can One Man Do (demo)

Scott Walters - lead vocals

Ted Hoehne - guitars, vocals
Larry Trainor - guitars, vocals
Brian Mercer - vocals, keyboards
Greg Hudson - bass, vocals
Alison Cate - drums


Friday, June 20, 2008

WINDGELS - Between Dreams And Reality (2007/8)

Here we have a talented new promising band from Argentina.
Yes, great music doesn't know boundaries.
The group recorded a very professional demo, melodic hard rock / AOR full of melody, catchy choruses and great musicianship.
Their stuff is right now being sent to international labels.
Are we here in presence of the next new sensation?
They have the potential, trust me.

Hernan Reynoso (bass player), sent me the music and artwork to share with you, give 'em a chance, worth it.
Check their MySpace page, with extra tracks added.
This band ROCKS.

1 - Dream Wings
2 - Wings Of Love
3 - Away From Heaven

Diego Arenales: Vocals, Backing Vocals
Hernan Nori: Guitars
Hernan Reynoso: Bass
Mauro Garcia: Keyboards
Emiliano Baroni: Drums
Carolina Maldonado: Backing Vocals


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

KYLE VINCENT - Trust (1993)

Unknown to the big audiences, not for the AOR global lovers, this is the first Kyle's album, recorded in 1992 and never officially released (some sources mention it was released in limited press only in Japan, 1993) until last year with a couple bonus tracks.
Also exists a '99 bootleg edition with different name.

His subsequent albums turns more into soul/pop territory, but this one is a real gem of melodic-rock-pop in the vein of Rick Springfield, Kenny Loggins, Richard Marx or even the earlier Brian Adams.
Sweet and warm voice, beautiful melodies, nice lyrics.

Top notch production: monster AOR legend Clif Magness, Steve Levine and Kyle himself.
A song co-written with another AOR icon; Steve Kipner.
Top class studio musicians: Tim Pierce, Gilby Clarke, Freddie Washington (K. Loggins band), JR Johnson (M. Jackson band) and more.

Recommended listen.If you like it, try to find (not easy) one re-editon copy, and BUY IT.

1. A Night Like This
2. Never Say Die
3. Trust
4. Something To Remember Me By
5. Maybe It's Better This Way
6. What Am I Gonna Do
7. Change The World
8. For All The Wrong Reasons
9. Wherever You Are Tonight
10. Now I Know

Kyle Vincent: vocals, keyboards
Tim Pierce, Gerry Beckley, Clif Magness, Gilby Clarke: guitars
Louis Johnson, Freddie Washington: bass
Michael Eqizi, Gerry Beckley: keyboards
Johnathan Moffett, JR Robinson: drums

Produced by: Clif Magness, Steve Levine & Kyle Vincent

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

GREGG ROLIE (ex Journey) - Gringo (1987) 192Kbps

GREGG ROLIE Journey Gringo

Gregg & Neal Schon founded Journey in 1974, he was the lead vocalist and keyboardist, but when Steve Perry enter the band, he lost prominence.
Unhappy with his role, Rolie left the band in 1980.
The 1st album didn't see the light until 1985.
This one, "Gringo" (later re-released as 'Hands of Time') his 2nd and much better in my opinion, includes monster star contributions.
Richie Zito produced, Santana played on "Too Late, Too Late", and Carlos & Neal Schon traded solos on "Fire at Night".
Colaiuta & Nathan East are the best rhythm section you can have, and Dan Huff, Pizzulo, etc...
Style similar to Glen Burtnick, Joe Pascuale, Rick Springfield.
No weak tracks here, lush production, killer songs.
A must have in any AOR collection.
Out Of Print

1. The Hands of Time
2. Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight
3. Talk Talk
4. I Couldn't Lie to You
5. One of These Days
6. Too Late, Too Late
7. Fire at Night
8. You Make It Hard on Me
9. I Will Get to You

Gregg Rolie: keyboards, vocals
Bob Marlette; keyboards, guitars
Gary Chang: keyboards
Arthur Barrow: keyboards
Neal Schon: guitar
Dan Huff: guitar
Carlos Santana: guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta: drums
Nathan East: bass
Joe Pizzulo: backing vocals

GREGG ROLIE (ex Journey) - Gringo

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MARSEILLE - Touch The Night (1984)

MARSEILLE - Touch The Night (1984)

This Liverpool band from the NWOBHM scene, returned in 1984 with this really good album, not 'square heavy metal' at all, this is hard rock influenced by the new style in the islands, think they contemporaneans Bronz or the first Def Leppard.
Listen "Walking On A High Wire", 1st class melodic hard rock with twin guitar attack, sounds like a keyboard line!
The title track is an emotional mid-tempo ballad.
Unjustly forgotten band.
Rare and hard to find album, pristine and perfect vinyl-rip.

1. Crazy
2. Walking On A High Wire
3. After The Fall
4. Touch The Night
5. Reach For The Night
6. Too Late
7. Gate Crashin'
8. Live Now Pay Later
9. Open Fire

Sav Pearce: Vocals
Mark Railton: Guitars
Toby Martin: Guitars
Steve Dunwoodie: Bass
Keith Knowles: Drums

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.5

More rarities, cool stuff.
Vol.5 and maybe the last for the moment.
It takes a lot time...

01 - Jude Cole - Back To School [Back To School - 1985]
"Back To School" movie melodic rockin' main theme, non Jude's album track.

02 - Meat Loaf - Blind Before I Stop [The Squeeze - 1987]
One of the 'big man' better tracks, blastin' and furious.

03 - Pat Benatar - Invincible (movie mix) [Legend Of Billie Jean - 1985]
The classic Pat , different mix for the movie, also known as 'vox mix version', hard to find.

04 - Foreigner - Crash And Burn [White Magic - 1994]
Foreigner's 'Crash And Burn' is part of the rare "White Magic" soundtrack, only appears as bonus in the band's "Mr Moonlight" japanese edition one year later.

05 - Alice Cooper - He's Back (movie mix) [Friday The 13th Part VI - 1986]
The one and only (except Dada project) track in Alice Cooper's career without rhythm guitar. This is the slightly different movie version. Funny lyrics.

06 - Clif Magness - Incommunicado [The Last Starfighter - 1984]
Unknown Clif Magness non album AOR song from a rare soundtrack press of the The Last Starfighter soundtrack.

07 - Animotion - Staring Down The Demons [Thrashin' - 1986]
Superbly written, infectious chorus, another non album track, from the megarare "Thrashin" OST.

08 - Billy Burnette - Brother To Brother [Gleaming The Cube - 1989]
Simply but effective, love this song! Very rare.

09 - Danny Hutton - Brand New Day [American Flyers - 1985]
More even rare is the "American Flyers" tune, great AOR-rocker, impossible to find disc.

10 - Brock & Davis - Hard Way [Just One Of The Guys - 1985]
Terrific Loverboy-style song, another hard to find soundtrack. (thanx Andy!)

11 - Red 7 - Heartbeat [Manhunter - 1986]
The atmospheric Red 7 track (produced by Richie Zito) is a weird exploration, without cymbals! Also heard in the Miami Vice series.

12 - Real Life - Send Me An Angel [The Wizard - 1989]
Maybe you don't like the Real Life new wave-AOR, but this is a great one with a crazy alien-keyboard arrangement, and after a couple of listens you'll find yourself singin' it in the shower.

13 - Gudrun Laos - Highway To Freedom [Die Stadtindianer - 1994]
A torch-song by Gudrun Laos, very rare, only released as a single (and in this TV-film BSO) in Germany.

14 - Alias - Perfect World (movie version) [Son In Law - 1992]
The number ones Alias (Freddy Curci) with a perfect non album track.

15 - Mickey Thomas - Sing [Sing - 1989]
The guy rocks here. Line-up: Peter Wolf (Starship): keyboards, bass / Michael Baird (Van Stephenson, Airborne): Drums / Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard): Guitars. WOW

16 - Lou Gramm Band (Shadow King) - One Dream [Highlander II - 1991]
'One Dream' is an anthemic, glorious melody recorded by Shadow King during their only album sessions, exclusive to this soundtrack. The studio decided re-name this as 'Lou Gramm Band', marketing priorities...
Listen Vivian Campbell's great playing.

17 - Rik Emmett - Saved By Love [Problem Child 2 - 1991]
Just love this music. Lovely song.

18 - The Power Station - We Fight For Love [Commando - 1985]
This Power Station's track never was released in any format. Only featured in the movie, this is the only official recording with Michael DesBarres on the mic. The source is from the original demo tapes (not ripped from the retail vhs or dvd). Anyway, you can hear Arnold at the beginning... Megarare track.

+ 70 min, vbr, artwork.
Note: most of tracks are vinyl-only release and very rare, all were decrackled and declicked to get the best quality possible.

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.5


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.4

Back in business again.

Vol.4 featuring for the first time 2 instrumentals. Don't be afraid, no scores...

Bloodsport has a story behind. Stan Bush wrote and sung a couple tracks in the movie, but due to legal issues, he can't appear in the soundtrack. The studio re-recorded the songs with Paul Delph (RIP), excellent session musician, on the mick. He sounds like Stan! Killer uptempo AOR.

From "Savage Streets" , John Farnham doing a great version of 'Nothing's gonna stand in our way' (same song recorded later to "Transformers" by Spectre General), much more AOR sounding, with big keys.

Bill Champlin with an uptempo melodic/AOR tune only available in 'Sing' soundtrack.

Jon Fiore song also is a non-album track (where are you man? , great voice), guitars in charge of master Michael Landau.

Same with Feehan's contribution to 007 "Licence To Kill", exclusive to this soundtrack, superb songwriting.

3-Speed, another example of no-luck band and deaf labels. They recorded a demo, a filmstudio love it, and signed them to include some tracks in different movies (Savage Streets, RAD) and later in "Once Bitten" with the main title. The film was a blockbuster and a vinyl single, released. The band enjoyed considerable success, opening for Pat Benatar shows. However, MCA never petitioned the band to record a full-length album. A shame. Their song 'Once Bitten' is maybe the best I've ever hear in a movie. Perfect.

Australian R'N'R fable "Street Hero" has a great soundtrack, the obscure oz band Dear Enemy brings a very rare non-album track, keyboard-oriented AOR.

Did you know monsters Foreigner recorded an instrumental for the 84's L.A. Olympic Games? . And a very good one. Rare.

DIO's 'Hungry For Heaven' to Vision Quest soundtrack is a different version than on the Sacred Heart album. Only released as single in Japan million years ago. Much more predominant keys in the mix.

Sorry if you don't like Dwight David loooong track, but it's totally 80's kistch stuff, I love it!

Andy Taylor's song only was released as single, and you can hear it in one "Miami Vice" episode. Later included in Miami Vice II CD compilation.

To the end titles, Eddie Van Halen's colaboration to the porn movie "Sacred Sin", instrumental delirious from this genius, won the prize of the Best Music AVN (Adult Video News) Awards 2007. A true rarity.

+ 70 min, vbr, artwork.
Note: most of tracks are vinyl-only release and very rare, all were cleaned, decrackled and declicked to get the best quality possible.

01 - Paul Delph: Fight To Survive [Bloodsport Main Theme]
02 - John Farnham: Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way [Savage Streets]
03 - Bill Champlin: Somethin' To Believe In [Sing] (Rare)
04 - Jon Fiore: The Heavenly Kid (Out On The Edge) [Heavenly Kid]
05 - David Hallyday: Church Of The Poison Spider [He's My Girl]
06 - Tim Feehan: Dirty Love [License To Kill] (Rare)
07 - 3-Speed: Once Bitten [Once Bitten] (Rare)
08 - The Koo: Strike [Friday The 13th Part 8]
09 - Dear Enemy: New Hero [Street Hero] (Rare)
10 - The Stabilizers: Maybe This Time [If Looks Could Kill]
11 - Foreigner: Street Thunder (Marathon) [Olympic Games '84] (Rare)
12 - Mr. Mister: Don't Slow Down [A Fine Mess]
13 - Dio: Hungry For Heaven [Vision Quest version] (Rare)
14 - Dwight David: The Last Dragon [The Last Dragon]
15 - Andy Taylor: When The Rain Comes Down [Miami Vice II]
16 - Dwight Twilley: Why You Wanna Break My Heart [Body Rock]
17 - Eddie Van Halen: Rise [Sacred Sin] (Rare)

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.4

Thursday, March 27, 2008

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.3

It's time for Vol.3

Starting rockier with a rare Night Ranger non-official album track, only featured in this soundtrack, and as B-side vinyl single. Essential for NR fans.

Alien is Alien, always good, from the bloody "The Blob".
A very good anthem from the "Saint Seiya" anime movie, very rare, rocks.
Another fantastic John(the soundtrack-man)Farnham song.

Delicious O'Banion tune from his 3rd album, Legend Of Eight Samurai soundtrack, only released in Japan.
Fabulous increscendo David Pack song blow your ears off.
Paul Sabu with an unknown track from the weird movie "Hard Rock Zombies".
The Eddie And The Tide one has a different mix (special for this film) than the original version of their debut album.
From the "Heavenly Bodies" OST, The Tubes with maybe the more commercial AOR track they ever recorded.
The great Chris Thompson with a catchy melody.
Price-Sulton contributes to The Allnighter soundtrack with one song from their rare album only released in Japan on vinyl.

A nice collection IMO, back to the 80's .
+ 70min of music, vbr, artwork.

01 - Night Ranger: Wild And Innocent Youth [Out Of Bounds] (Rare)
02 - Diana DeWitt: Hard Act To Follow [Night Of The Comet]
03 - Alien: Brave New Love [The Blob]
04 - Hironobu Kageyama: Dead Or Dead [Saint Seiya] (Very Rare)
05 - John Farnham: Thunder In Your Heart [RAD]
06 - James House: Flesh On Fire [Teen Wolf]
07 - John O'Banion: Hakkenshi's Theme [Legend Of Eight Samurai] (Rare)
08 - David Pack: Prove Me Wrong [White Nights]
09 - Paul Hyde & The Payolas: You're The Only Love [Real Genius]
10 - Paul Sabu: Cassie's Song [Hard Rock Zombies] (Rare)
11 - Patrick Swayze: Raising Heaven [Roadhouse]
12 - Eddie And The Tide: Running Wild,Running Free [Grandview,USA]
13 - Delta: This Time [Grandview, USA]
14 - The Tubes: Out Of Control [Heavenly Bodies]
15 - Chris Thompson: Never Turn Away [Dream A Little Dream]
16 - Billy Branigan: Hold On [Jumpin' Jack Flash]
17 - Charlie Sexton: Beat's So Lonely [Some Kind Of Wonderful]
18 - Honeymoon Suite: Bad Attitude [Miami Vice]
19 - Price-Sulton: No T.V. No Phone [The Allnighter] (Rare)
20 - Joe Lamont - Love Always Wins [Heavenly Bodies] (bonus track 2013)

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.3


Saturday, March 08, 2008

ARTICA - As It Should Be (1995)

MelodicRock / AOR band with pomp touches, Artica delivers the good.
With a singer ala Steve Augeri but more nasal, great choruses and pompous keys, we can find very good songs here like 'It's over', 'Fantasy' or the precious ballad 'Will Carry Me Home' (pay attention to the lyrics).
Originally released in '95, this is the remastered 2005 edition with a bonus and different cover.
Good stuff.

1. Take Me All the Way 3:35
2. It's Over 4:18
3. Your Love Will Carry Me Home 3:55
4. You're Still On Your Own 4:31
5. Hold On 5:30
6. Fantasy 4:07
7. Girl of My Dreams 4:45
8. Since Loving You 3:57
9. One Night 4:39
10. Let It Show 3:56
11. System Of Justice 4:54 (Bonus)

John David Martin: lead vocals
Robby Moore: keyboards
Mark Adrian: guitars
Roger Fiets: bass
Chuck Baker: drums, percussion

ARTICA - As It Should Be

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.2

After the succesful soundtrack compilation, now VOL.2, full of rarities, more 'rock oriented' than strictly AOR, but with the soundtrack-aorish spirit intact.

First track is the wonderful JOHN FARNHAM song, only featured in the movie "Savage Streets", awesome AOR.
CHRIS THOMPSON (wonderful voice) rocks with "It's Not Over" (also recorded later by Starship).
DWIGHT TILLEY's song from the rare "Heavenly Bodies" is a killer.
Both JOURNEY tracks are only available in their respective soundtracks (pretty rare ones).

"Armour Of God", sung by action-star JACKIE CHAN in cantonese language, its a very classy typical AOR-movie-song, pumpin' and thrillin' rythm, and rare as cold hell.
STUBBLEFIELD & HALL performs the main theme of "Best Of The Best", another fantastic tune and rarity.
Cult film "The Warriors" has an excellent DESMOND CHILD song, a very hard to find soundtrack.
GLENN JONES' "Youngblood" track is a delicious classic sound AOR, after repeated listens, it grabs in your head forever.
AUTOGRAPH make 'You Can't Hide From The Beast Inside' exclusively for this terror movie (Fright Night), you can't find this track in any band's album, a shame, because its a monster, and maybe the best song they ever recorded.
"National Lampoon's European Vacation" track "Back In America", by the short-lived band NETWORK (ex members of LE ROUX), features the lead vocals of Terry Brock (later in STRANGEWAYS).
Here you have the very rare original full version running 3:37 min.

A bunch of cool songs, very rare most of them, more than 70 min. of music, vbr , artwork, enjoy...

01 - John Farnham: Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way [Savage Streets]
02 - Chris Thompson: It's Not Over [Playing For Keeps]
03 - Rick Springfield: Don't Walk Away [Hard To Hold]
04 - Alan Jordan: Mind To Mind [Scanners II]
05 - Dwight Twilley: Keep On Working [Heavenly Bodies] (Rare)
06 - Journey: Only The Young [Vision Quest] (Rare)
07 - Jackie Chan: Armour Of God [Armour Of God] (Very Rare)
08 - Jimi Jamison: I'm Always Here [Baywatch]
09 - Red Rider: Lunatic Fringe [Vision Quest]
10 - Stubblefield & Hall: Best Of The Best [Best Of The Best] (Rare)
11 - Glenn Jones: Talk Me Into It [Youngblood]
12 - Desmond Child: Last Of An Ancient Breed [The Warriors] (Rare)
13 - Autograph: You Can't Hide From The Beast Inside [Fright Night] (Rare)
14 - Fiona: Let The Good Times Roll [Hearts Of Fire]
15 - Le Roux: Back In America [European Vacation]
16 - Mammoth: Can't Take The Hurt [A Nightmare On Elm Street 5]
17 - Mike Reno: Whenever There's a Night [Dream A Little Dream]
18 - Tom Kimmel: Tryin' To Dance [Disorderlies]
19 - Journey: Only Solutions [Tron] (Rare)

AOR TREASURES Soundtracks Vol.2 OPTION 2

Thursday, February 21, 2008

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.1

Remember the days when you went to the theatre to enjoy a good action movie? Sometimes had a weak story, poor acting, but always entertaining plus killer music.
A lot soundtracks are gems in its own right.Love those pumpin' and thrilling tunes, AOR fueled machines with real emotion.
This new compilation comprises some of my favs, mostly rare and unknown, again, the best sellers (Rocky, Cobra, etc) are out here, but I can assure you that all the tracks are fantastic.

The Alan Tam (an asian artist) is a real AOR gem and pretty unknown, only this one worth the download.
Also the Terminator is rare, 'cos the score is easy to find, but the original with this tune is long time out of print (monster song).
Few people knows about the Joe Lynn Turner performance in The Heavenly Kid film (a rarity and forgotten one).
More than 70min. of music, vbr, myself made artwork.
Enjoy, listen and go to your record store and buy one of these awesome soundtracks...

01. Alan Tam: Midnight Rider [Armour Of God] (Very Rare)
02. Stan Bush: Never Surrender [Kickboxer]
03. Joe Torono: Stand On Your Own [No Retreat No Surrender]
04. Moving Pictures: Never [Footloose]
05. Mark Free: (To Be) Best Of The Best [Best Of The Best II]
06. David Hallyday: Oh La La [Baywatch]
07. John Farnham: Break The Ice [RAD]
08. Mickey Thomas: Sing [Sing] (Rare)
09. Tim Capello: I Still Believe [The Lost Boys]
10. Nick Gilder: Footsteps [Youngblood]
11. Tahnee Cain & Tryanglz: Burnin' In The Third Degree [Terminator]
12. Black Roses: Paradise [Black Roses]
13. Mike Reno: Chasing The Angels [Iron Eagle II]
14. Stan Bush: The Touch [Transformers The Movie]
15. Fee Waybill: You'd Better Wait [Dream A Little Dream]
16. 3 Speed: Wind Me Up [RAD]
17. Joe Lynn Turner: Heartless [The Heavenly Kid] (Rare)
18. Greg Allman: I'll Be Holding On [Black Rain]

AOR TREASURES The Soundtracks Vol.1 - Updated May,2015


Thursday, February 14, 2008

TORINO - Customized (1988)

Another brillant AOR / rock band from britain.

Strong rockers with incisive keyboards, soaring vocals and pretty good production.
Never released on CD (a shame), this album became a hard hunt in underground AOR circles. No fillers, just killers.
I've decided to post this album here after the rip-off from different sites of my original upload to other blog some time ago.
Decent transfer to digital, enough to enjoy this gem.

1. Out Of The Fire
2. Steal My Thunder
3. Somewhere
4. Can't Let Go
5. Boys Go Wild
6. Call Of The Wild
7. Take My Heart Away
8. Dance Crazy
9. Never Surrender

Stuart Fox Vocals
Paul Diamond Bass
Brian Dixon Drums
Barry McKeown Guitar

This album is reposted HERE

Friday, January 25, 2008

VAN STEPHENSON - China Girl (1981)

VAN STEPHENSON - China Girl (1981) front
The rare and hard to find Van Stephenson.
His first album in the small label Handshake Records, sadly never issued on CD.
At this time (early '80s) Van was writing hit songs for artists from the Nashville scene (e.g. Restless Heart) and the songwriting in 'China Girl' follow these roots.
Mid-westcoast sound, with some late 70's AOR feel.
Think Eagles meets Pages, classic.
His voice is brilliant here, as always (listen 'New York, Hold Her Tight', awesome).
Very good and polished production.
Vinyl-rip nicely done.

1. You′ve Got A Good Love Coming
2. Looks Like A Loser
3. Seeing Is Believing
4. China Girl
5. Weekend Warrior
6. I Would If I Could
7. Tonight The Love's On Me
8. Hotter In The Night
9. New York, Hold Her Tight
10. Lion In The Night

Van Stephenson: Vocals, Guitars
Wayne Perkins, Kenny Mims: Guitars
Larry Baxton: Bass
Mike Hanna: Keyboards
Shane Keister: Synthesizers
Joe English: Drums


Friday, January 04, 2008

AOR TREASURES - The Light Years 89 - 93

Now covering the 'Light Years' 89-93, those years were glorious, making the AOR / Melodic Hard Rock genre mainstream.
Easily I can do 10 best of only with the excellent albums publicated in 1989, but again, in this compilation, the chosen bands didn't make it, even in that brillant era. After '93 the dark ages arrived...
A few bands here were reissued, but mostly remain out of print.
Maybe you can say: 'hey, some tracks here are hard rock' or something like that, to me, all are keyboard and guitar driven AOR.
60min. of music, 320K vbr, artwork.
A nice collection IMHO.

01 - Mystery: Keep On Rollin'
02 - Nova Rex: Alone Tonight
03 - Alien: Tears Don't Put Out The Fire ('89 version)
04 - Surrender: Never
05 - Chase: You Will Be The One
06 - Sharks & Whales: Dreamer's Lane
07 - DC Drive: Don't Let Get You Down (Radio Version)
08 - Fighter: Nice Guy
09 - Worrall: Shadow Of A Lie
10 - Bite The Bullet: Change Of Heart
11 - Bryan Hughes Group: Who's Gonna Love You Tonight
12 - Stranger (Germany): Fighting For Your Love
13 - Eye (USA): It Might Rain
14 - Hiroshima: Broken Heart
15 - Evenrude: Never Say Die

AOR TREASURES - The Light Years 89 - 93