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AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.9

It's getting hard setting up these compilations with good rarities...
This one took me hours, hope you like it (I do).

01 - JOHN PARR - Always On My Mind [Butterbrot]
Another killer non-Parr-album song, exclusive to this soundtrack.
How many this man's gems remain undiscovered?
Trademark Parr signature all the way through.

02 - BLUE ÖYSTER CULT - Demon's Kiss [Bad Channels]

The Oysters recorded several tracks for this OST, most of them instrumental. This is the best, funny lyrics and fierce sound.
One of my favorite BOC tracks ever.

03 - THOR & THE TRITONZ - We Live To Rock [Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare]
Yes, a Jon Mikl Thor song. Why not? Square songwriting, but funny as hell.
This one brings me in mind 'We're Not Gonna Take It', the Twisted Sister classic.
Rock 'N' Roll baby!

04 - GARY WRIGHT - Am I The One [North Shore]
Unreleased soundtrack, a shame, awesome songs featured.
Ripped from DVD, very good tune.

05 - THE SLAVELORDS (REFUGEE) - Psycho-Crystal [Galaxy Rangers]
Performed by canadians Refugee (terrific band), pedal to the metal energy, great 'live' atmosphere.
Cartoon series never released soundtrack, DVD rip.

06 - PATTY SMYTH - Look What Love Has Done To Us [Junior]
Patty, what a charming voice. If you don't realize who is she; ex- SCANDAL lead vocals & songwriter.
Sweet, graceful ballad, Grammy nominated.

07 - ROBBI ROBB - In Time (Movie Version) [Bill & Ted's E. A.]
The best Bill & Ted's song, by Robbie 'Robbi' Robb.
This one has a story. In the film, all the guitar riffs & sounds are performed by Stevie Salas, great sessionist. Also recorded all the guitars in this song.
But as often happens, his label doesn't gave permission to appear in the soundtrack. The CD version was re-recorded by other.
This "movie version" is much better (if possible). Contains much more guitar solos all around, and a guitar-only intro.
Sadly, there's dialogue parts over the intro.
A die-hard fan recorded it with his guitar, note by note, emulating Stevie's sound.
Then he has ripped the rest of the song from DVD, joined 2 parts together...and we have the full movie version. Great job man!
I've downloaded this song from Bill & Ted's official site, a little bit distorted, so I did some kind of remastering, to make it sound better.

08 - JASON SCHEFF - Young [How I Got Into College]
Not a 'great' sound quality, but this track is simply outstanding.
Big booming stuff, with a bridge and chorus to die for!
Never released...

09 - PHIL SETTLE - Dead Heat [Dead Heat]
Obscure movie, obscure song.
One of those hidden gems, only appeared in the movies, no promotion, no airplay, no sense!
Excellent eighties ('88) track. Love it.
Very rare.

10 - STEFFANIE - Rock The Planet [Urusei Yatsura]
Soundtrack from this popular japanese Anime, featuring 3 tracks by legendary female rocker Steffanie (Pink Noise), recorded exclusively for these series and never released on either of her two solo albums.
Nice rocker.

11 - TRIXTER - One Mo' Time [If Looks Could Kill]
I don't like this song much, but was requested everywhere, because it's a Trixter non album track.
Exclusive to this OST.

12 - LOZ NETTO - We Touch [And God Created Woman]
Uh, english gentleman.
Loz's sound is typically english, think AORish Steve Winwood.
Also appears in a Miami Vice episode, I remember this track fitting perfectly the scene.
Climatic song.

13 - GRACE - Ingen Kan Älska Som Vi [Ingen Kan Älska Som Vi]
Swedish band, only recorded a few singles, but this song is a hometown classic.
Unique songwiting, very good arrangements.

14 - GRACE - The Deal [Ingen Kan Älska Som Vi]
Another "Ingen Kan Älska Som Vi" (In And Out Of Love) track.
The band recorded 5 songs for this OST, this one new-waveish-AOR, great pulse.

15 - MICHAEL BEEN - World On Fire [Light Sleeper]

Intense movie, dark song.
I really like the density of this track, strong guitars and thick production.
Pretty unknown.

16 - SANNE SALOMONSEN - Love Don't Bother Me [Ulykken]

Very rare independient danish short movie, featuring one of the most beautiful 90's Sanne performances.
Written by Stage Doll's Torstein Flakne.

17 - GENE EVARO - Oh What A Love, Oh What A Life [Mirror Mirror]
And this is the compilation uber...
Megarare OST, only vinyl, and very, very GOOD track.
Assassin AOR midtempo, one of those songs that grabs instantly in your head.
Deserves to be discovered !

+ 70 min, vbr, artwork.
Most tracks are vinyl-only release and very rare, all were decrackled and declicked to get the best quality possible.

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.9

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.9 (option 2)

Monday, May 25, 2009

WINNER - Do You Remember (2009)

Brazil is growing in the AOR / Melodic Rock territory.
This new band just recorded this self-produced CDR with very, very good songs.
Classic songwriting, melodious, full of keys and power guitars.
Love the choruses, and the lead vocals fits this style perfectly.
Check this VERY promising band, support them and leave a message:
last.fm - WINNER

They deserve a major label release!

01 - Far away from love
02 - Gimme your hands
03 - In the night
04 - Do you remember
05 - Dreamer
06 - Into the fire
07 - Sometimes
08 - Shine now

Jon Sunna : Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Giovanni Carvalho : Lead guitar
Caco Bragança : Bass
Junior : Drums
Tikim : Keyboards & Production


Friday, May 22, 2009

H.E.A.T - 1000 Miles (Studio Version)

HEAT 1000 Miles
The song "1000 Miles" by H.E.A.T has been listed for 9 weeks on the Sweden Singles Top 60.
It entered the chart on position 7 on week 11/2009, it's last appearance was on week 19/2009.
It peaked on number 3, where it stayed for 1 week.
Killer song.

1 - H.E.A.T - 1000 Miles (studio version)

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

D DRIVE - Don Mancuso + Phil Naro

USA melodic hard rock quintet from NY.
Old mates Phil Naro (Talas, Peter Criss, 24K) and Don Mancuso (The Lou Gramm Band, Black Sheep, Cheater) joined forces in 2003 for a new project; D DRIVE.
Produced by canadian veteran Steve Major, the 1st album came out in the late 2004, as "Don Mancuso - D:Drive" .
The album did so well that it was decided to put together the forthcoming release "Straight Up The Middle" in 2007.

Melodic Rock with some twists, you like it or not, but you can't argue they're not original.
One track has a 'rap' by Naro, weird, but original.
You can hear Mancuso's FOREIGNER / LOU GRAMM influences in 'Pray For Tomorrow', a beautiful midtempo with all kind of keyboards, guest backing vocals by Gramm.
Drummer Joe Lana shines in 'Diamond Star Halo', another not-by-numbers song.
'I Am A Little Outside' riff is very good, that's why GRAMM recruited this guitar player, the man has a great tone, and his solos are non-common.
'Missing' is and old CHEATER (legendary AOR band) song written by Mancuso, I like this new version a lot.

This is a 'promo career cd', 5 tracks from the last album, 6 from the debut.
I've added a little gem, a song recorded by Mancuso with his old CHEATER bandmate JEFF COSCO, a fantastic pure AOR mid-tempo never released. Don't miss this song!

01 - D:DRIVE - 2007 - A Little Bitta Sunshine
02 - D:DRIVE - 2007 - Straight Up The Middle
03 - D:DRIVE - 2007 - Pray For Tomorrow
04 - D:DRIVE - 2007 - Diamond Star Halo
05 - D:DRIVE - 2007 - I Don't Wanna Wait
06 - Don Mancuso/D:Drive - 2004 - I Am A Little Outside
07 - Don Mancuso/D:Drive - 2004 - Why Is Everybody
08 - Don Mancuso/D:Drive - 2004 - You're Never Alone
09 - Don Mancuso/D:Drive - 2004 - Missing
10 - Don Mancuso/D:Drive - 2004 - Build My Castle
11 - Don Mancuso/D:Drive - 2004 - Lock Lips
12 - Cosco-Mancuso - 198? - Call Of The Eagle

Phil Naro (Vocals/Guitar)
Don Mancuso (Guitar/Vocals)
Andy Knoll (Keyboards, sequencing)
John Taylor (Bass/Vocals)
Bobby Bond (Drums)
Joe Lana (Drums)
Richard Gramm [Lou's brother] (Bass/Guitar)
Lou Gramm (Backing Vocals)

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Soundtrack : LOVELINES (1984)

This is a curious movie.
Despite being a musical movie (a competition between bands) , the soundtrack never was released.

Not even has a DVD edition.

A lot of good melodic-lite-AOR tunes can be heard, with all the mid 80's feel, all unreleased.

I have ripped all the songs (VHS > wav > mp3) and discarded the dialogue parts, resulting pretty good soundfiles, stereo all of them.

A rarity.

1 - Racer : For You
2 - Souvenir : Lovelines

3 - The Firecats : Totally Gone

4 - Racer & The Firecats : Defyin' Gravity

5 - Brittany : Reflex


CHICKENFOOT - 5 Track promo (2009)


This is it.
5 tracks from the upcoming album, full lengh, high quality sound.
Personally, I really like these monsters playin' in their own careers, and this project together is very good too.
Rockin' stuff.
Preorder your copy here: www.chickenfoot.us

01 - Down the drain
02 - Soap on a rope
03 - Oh yeah (radio edit)
04 - Get it up
05 - Learning to fall

Sammy Hagar : Vocals, some guitars
Joe Satriani : Guitars
Michael Anthony : Bass
Chad Smith : Drums & percussion

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

VAN STEPHENSON - Found In A Drawer (1990) [unreleased]

VAN STEPHENSON - Found In A Drawer
What can I add about the great Van?
Gifted voice & senior master in songwriting.
Another bunch of demos circa 1990.
Not good as 'Unreleased 4th album" (posted here), but, c'mon, it's Van.
Original tape sound was pretty bad, all tracks restored by myself in my little home studio.

Re-posted HERE

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

CAMY TODOROW - 2 Souls In 1 (1991)

Camy Todorow (Bulgary) , started his career as a smooth jazz singer .
In the early 80's was established in Germany, where she get in touch with the local Rock & Pop scene, recording background vocals on several records (i.e. Michael Bolton and George Michael).
Released several singles in the mid-80's, some of them with moderate success like "Bursting At The Seams", where QUEEN 's Roger Taylor plays drums and produced.

In 1990 she returns to Bulgaria and a year later release this album compiling all the 80's singles and a couple of new tracks.
Some of them written by Mark Spiro & Tom Kimmel among others.
Style: Melodic Rock, Rock & Pop and ballads.
The first 5 tracks (specially "Fast Lane") are true killer songs in the vein of LAOS or WITNESS.
Mega - Rare. Only released in Bulgaria.
Thanx AORfan for the tip and tovas for the rip!

1. Habitual Thing
(written by Mark Spiro / Tony Marty)
2. Fast Lane
(written by Nero / Camy Todorow)
3. Love Is War
(written by Mark Spiro / Michael Ehmig)
4. Ain't Nothing Like A Heartache
(written by Jeff Hull / Bunny Hull)
5. Faithless
(written by David Hallowren / Frank Surber)
6. Hope Of Glory
(written by Tom Kimmel / Jennifer Kimball)
7. Bursting At The Seams
(written by Mark Ryder,
prod. & mixed by Roger Taylor & David Richards)
8. Heartbeat Of The World
(written by Julia Downes)
9. I'm Jealous
(written by D. Petersen / T. Stern)
10. Chain Of Fools
(written by Don Covay)
11. Nights In White Satin
(written by Moody Blues / Justin Hayward)

CAMY TODOROW - 2 Souls In 1

FSB (ФСБ) - Single Collection (2001)

The Camy Todorow post remind me another great band from Bulgary.
FSB (ФСБ) is a lengendary group whom have played all styles through the years: prog, classic rock, Rock&Pop, AOR.
Formed in the early 70s, in the past 30 years they have released about 20 albums.
Their '83 - '92 era is my favourite, with songs sounding like TOTO in places, ASIA, AGENT (listen the 1st track), etc.
I brought you here a 'singles' compilation, very good songs.
Don't miss this excellent band.
Highly Recommended

01 - Wolf Winter ('93)
02 - The Last Man (new track 2001)
03 - High Above [Visoko] ('92 short version)
04 - No Other Way ('89)
05 - Composer (prev. unreleased)
06 - Both Hands Extended ('90)
07 - Illusion
('83) [English version]
08 - We Shall Embrace Again ('83) [English version]

Rumen Boyadzhiev - vocals, keyboards
Konstantin Tsekov - keyboards, vocals
Ivan Lechev - guitar
Petar Slavov - drums
Ivaylo Kraychovski - bass


Monday, May 04, 2009


A reader requested an album by bulgarian female artist Camy Todorow.
He must be after "2 Souls In 1", a 1991 release.
Well, I'm after this album too, very hard to find.
All I got is a single from that CD, 'Fast Lane', a killer melodic rocket filled with blasting guitars, like LAOS or WITNESS.
I've also added a '85 single, 'Bursting At The Seams', QUEEN's Roger Taylor on drums and producing.
Nice Tracks.

01 - Camy Todorow - Fast Lane
02 - Camy Todorow - Bursting At The Seams


Friday, May 01, 2009

SHEELA - Straight Hearted Ones (2000)

This album was uploaded by a blog's reader:
pete form UK.

Thank You Very Much!
I was completely unaware of this German band, and I had a pleasant surprise.
Musically diverse, basically Melodic Hard Rock & AOR, but incorporating some semi-prog arrangements.
Ambitious project, different, not songs-by-numbers at all.
The band takes you by surprise track after track.
Just to name a few, title track is an exciting melodic tour de force, filled with great guitars.
Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home" (also recorded by House Of Lords), has a special treatment, smooth and effective.
"Truth" isn't the typically ballad, dense and obscure.
"Call It Desperation" is a killer, straight to your head smokin' track.
The bonus it's a very funny cover...discover yourself which song it is (a famous one).
Overall, a very good album, innovative and original.
Tight performances and seamless production.

1. Again Now
2. Power
3. Symbols Breakdown
4. Straight Hearted Ones
5. Lightyears
6. The Focus
7. Can't Find My Way Home *
8. Truth
9. Call it Desperation
10. Feed Your Heart *
11. Cut Off
12. Hold Your Head Up High
13. B.T.B.W. (bonus track)

Andreas Keppler: vocals
Chris Moser: guitar
Reiner Backe: bass
Jacky Voutay: drums
Markus Teske: keyboards
Michael Sadler (SAGA): guest vocals on *


AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks SFX Leftovers...But Killers " 2 "

Some tracks requested.
Never released in any format.
All leftovers from my "Soundtrack Vol. series", because the sound quality doesn't match my expectations...but still killer songs.
I must warning you, some have many SFX (movie sound effects: voices/noises), some unbalanced stereo or directly mono sound, all ripped from VHS and avi.
But again, awesome songs, just to check how good they are.

01 - Jason Paige - Pokémon Theme [Pokémon]
02 - Eric Barnett - My Brother's Eyes [Kickboxer 2]
03 - Steve Butler - Always On My Mind [Final Mission]
04 - Eve - The Walls Came Down [Armed And Dangerous]
05 - Steve Overland - No Guts No Glory [Galaxy Rangers]
06 - Steve Overland - Out Beyond The Stars [Galaxy Rangers]
07 - Steve Overland - Rangers Are Forever [Galaxy Rangers]
08 - Kodomo Band - Heart Of Madness [Hokuto No Ken]
09 - Daniel - It's All Up To You [Kickboxer 2]
10 - Hot Pursuit - Fire With Fire [Steele Justice]
11 - Thereza Bazar - Gotcha! [Gotcha!]
12 - Wheeled Warriors - [Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors]
13 - Bill Champlin - Deep Water [Night And The City]
14 - Tommy Keene - Run Now [Out Of Bounds]
15 - John Altyn - Sleepaway [Sleepaway Camp III]