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LOVE CHILD (Austria) - Down On Your Knees (1998)

LOVE CHILD (Austria) - Down On Your Knees (1998)
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Amongst the many rock bands with this same name, we have this LOVE CHILD from Austria. Founded in Salzburg around 1988 by guitarist / vocalist Andy Pirchner and ivory-man Freddy Kern, these two musicians have kept band alive over the years and they still are active, having recently played in a festival with Bonfire and Kissin' Dynamite.

Love Child have released few albums locally - all self-managed, but the most known internationally is "Down On Your Knees" from 1998, especially for Melodic Hard Rock / AOR fans.

Occurs that we find some really nice tunes in this genre throughout the CD, like opener "Never Stop Dreaming", "Cold Blooded Guy", the solid mid-tempo "Only A Dream", and specially the pumping "Together We Are Strong".
Love Child also has a harder side on title track "Down On Your Knees", the killer "Never Go Away", "Problem Child" (akin early Gotthard) and the groovy 'n bluesy "Turnin'".

Despite its pure indie pedigree - entirely engineered, mixed and mastered by Pirchner - "Down On Your Knees" sounds bright and well balanced in frequencies.
The album has become one of these 'rare pieces' avidly hunted by hungry collectors. Right now it's being sold at eBay for $250.
Really nice one.

01 - Never Stop Dreaming
02 - Down On Your Knees
03 - Take Me
04 - Problem Child
05 - Cold Blooded Guy
06 - Only A Dream
07 - Turnin'
08 - Set Me Free
09 - Never Go Away
10 - Together We Are Strong
11 - Paradise For All

Andy Pirchner - vocals, guitars
Freddy Kern - keyboards, synths, backing vocals
Andy Prause - bass, backing vocals
Wolfgang Krug - drums, backing vocals
all drums on the record played by Andy Rethmeier

LOVE CHILD Down On Your Knees music CD

Thursday, August 21, 2014

JAY GRAYDON - Works [Japan only] (2010)

JAY GRAYDON - Works Japan only CD
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Talking about JAY GRAYDON is talking about finesse and class.
Called the "producers' producer", the "guitarists' guitarist", Graydon's discography reads like a Who's Who of an entire sector of the US music scene from the last 40+ years.
A double Grammy winner, Jay has been involved on almost all major AOR albums from the '80s. But the sheer volume and diversity of this man's work defies belief.

A few years ago, a compilation including some of the most successful works either produced, composed, arranged or featuring Jay Graydon was released only in Japan under the title... "Works".
We have pure AOR cuts from Bill Champlin, Airplay, Marc Jordan or Pages, but also pop, R&B, jazzy from such diverse artists like Boz Scaggs, Valerie Carter or George Benson. All are refined pieces of music, it doesn't matters the genre.

"Jay Graydon Works" is a pleasure from start to finish to enjoy this consummate studio craftsman.
Japanese exclusive release, not so easy to find. If you see a copy at a reasonable price, buy it with your eyes closed.

01 - Bill Champlin - What Good Is Love
02 - Airplay - Stranded
03 - Manhattan Transfer - Twilight Zone Twilight Tone
04 - Earth, Wind & Fire - After The Love Has Gone
05 - Marc Jordan - I'm A Camera
06 - Boz Scaggs - Then She Walked Away
07 - Al Jarreau - Mornin'
08 - Dionne Warwick - For You
09 - Pages - Fearless
10 - George Benson - Turn Your Love Around
11 - Herbie Hancock - Paradise
12 - Kenny Rogers - This Love We Share
13 - Air Supply - I Can Wait Forever
14 - El Debarge - Someone
15 - Airplay - Should We Carry On
16 - Valerie Carter - What's Become Of Us
17 - Peter Allen - Pass This Time
18 - Steve Kipner - The Ending

JAY GRAYDON Works [Japan only]

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ELLIS ISLAND - Ellis Island EP (1983)

ELLIS ISLAND - Ellis Island EP (1983)
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Here's another exponent of a band trying to make a name for themselves during the '80s: ELLIS ISLAND.
Fronted by vocalist Robert Ellis who also composed and produced this - the band's only known private pressed self-titled vinyl EP - the group delivers a dynamic variation of styles through these four tracks.

Opener "Baby Blue" is a classic, pompy AOR cut rich in refined arrangements and a catchy melody. Track two "Battle Zone" turn things much more edgy with a hard rock attack yet with a strong keyboard presence.
Side B starts with the somehow epic "Balance" combining pomp AOR elements with some post-NWOBHM, commercial riffs in the vein of Tobruk. While the led vocals needed a little more polish in my opinion, the harmonies at the chorus and the overall instrumentation is tight, solid.
Final track "I Gotta Get Away" returns to hard rock, specifically classic rock with a strong late seventies influence, with lots of Hammond B3 riffs all over.

WHAT IF 1987 Tommy Funderburk

As you see, Ellis Island seems to be covering a wide range of styles here, obviously to showcase the band's versatility and get the attention of a major label.
That never happened, but this vinyl EP is a much sought after piece by collectors today.
Nice stuff.

1 - Baby Blue
2 - Battle Zone
3 - Hold On
4 - I Gotta Get Away

Robert Ellis - vocals, guitars, keyboards
Ricky Risti - guitars, vocals
Michael Ray Rota - drums, percussion
Louie Spats - bass, vocals


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DAY ONE - One Look (1985) restored audio

DAY ONE - One Look (1985) restored audio
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

This is something that I was owing to myself, an audio restoring of "One Look", the one and only LP from American Pompsters DAY ONE. So when it was requested it was easy; I set to work on it.
DAY ONE's sound is quite vintage considering the year of its recording, 1985. It's very early Eighties, with a style inspired by STYX and Giuffria's ANGEL, albeit truly personal.

Day One was commanded by ex- FUSICIAN keyboardist Craig Otte, so expect wonderful synths, mini Moogs, Prophet, etc, all over here, but also rocking guitars and a punchy rhythm section. The lead vocals could be more polished but, heck, seems the album was recorded live in the studio, and considering this are pretty good.
After the 'spacial' orchestrated synthetizers of intro "Time And Space", "Take It Slow" does not take things slow at all: this is a kicking Pomp rocker with lots of harmony vocals and two solos: guitar and of course, keyboards.
Next tittle track "One Look" adds a melodic rock touch especially during the chorus, quite infectious for sure, followed by the slightly progressive ballad "Waves Of Time" with some Styx on it.
A candy-floss keyboard opens the NEW ENGLAND sounding "Early Warning", a catchy tune sporting a raw guitar solo.

"What Else Can I Say" returns to Pomp territory with great guitar/keys interplay, followed by the even more pompy "Listen", filled with lovable Prophet V swirls and a marching rhythm.
Some pump bass lines drives "We Will Survive", an AORish cut with a pure early '80s feel, and next arrives perhaps the most Pompy track on the LP and a personal favorite: "Promises Don't Last Long".
The disc ends with the acoustic piece "Expressions", just nylon six-strings, some synths in the background and vocals, showing that Day One were not a one trick pony.

DAY ONE - One Look (1985) restored audio back cover

DAY ONE's "One Look" is regarded a one of the best private pressing LP's from the '80s, really hard to find and fetching ridiculous prices at eBay. It was reissued digitally not so long ago by a disreputable 'label', but I am sorry, their vinyl transfer sucks.
This one is not the best rip of the world (not mine, I don't have this rarity original) but at least it sounds clean and de-crackled.
Pomp Rules, as a friend likes to state.

01 - Time And Space
02 - Take It Slow
03 - One Look
04 - Waves Of Time
05 - Early Warning
06 - What Else Can I Say
07 - Listen
08 - We Will Survive
09 - Promises Don't Last Long
10 - Expressions

Greg Hughson - vocals, guitars
Craig Otte - keyboards, vocals
Larry Cohn - bass, taurus pedal, vocals
Billy Hall - drums, percussion

DAY ONE - One Look

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VOGEN - Berlin Wall (1990)

VOGEN - Berlin Wall (1990)
As requested, re-post from years ago because it's a real hard to find album

Vocalist & guitarist Kevin VOGEN has been playing in the Canadian Winnipeg area since the beginning of the '70s.
Working as sessionist or as other artists live musician, Vogen has toured extensively through Canada and USA for almost 40 years.
"Berlin Wall" is the one and only album under his name, recorded with long time friend musicians.
His style has the typical late '80s Canadian sound, a very light melodic rock / AOR with some pop / Hi-Tech tint.

First track "By The Berlin Wall" is an anthemic poppy AOR tune with very nice vocals and warm ambiance. On "Brainstorm" and "Burger Bunny" Vogen sounds like Dan Lucas from the Nineties.
"Driftin´" is a very calm ballad with a generous dose of keyboards, and one of my favorite tracks here.
Vogen and his band sounds as country fellas New Regime on "Too Late", while "Systematic Breakdown" has a Tom Cochrane (Red Rider) feel over it.

VOGEN - Berlin Wall (1990) back cover

Another of my picks from this CD is "Master Of The Other Cheek", musically much in the vein of the underrated band Neverland.
"Why" is where Vogen adds some Hi-Tech elements to his music, this song is very wimp and cool to the ears. The rest of the material is rock&pop oriented, with some ups and downs.

"Berlin Wall" is a fresh and easy listening light AOR album, not essential but pleasant, and pretty hard to find.

01 - By The Berlin Wall
02 - Brainstorm
03 - Driftin'
04 - Too Late
05 - Misconceptions (In The Room)
06 - Burger Bunny
07 - Systematic Breakdown
08 - Master Of The Other Cheek
09 - Miracle Man
10 - Point Of Blue
11 - Why

Kevin Vogen : Lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Laurie Asbil : Bass, backing vocals
Greg Duncan : Lead guitar, backing vocals
Don Le Roux : Guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Mark McGovern : Drums, percussion

VOGEN - Berlin Wall

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TURBO RED - Turbo Red (1991) HQ

TURBO RED - Turbo Red (1991)
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

Very nice request this one from the Dutch German (thanks aorheart for the info) band TURBO RED only album.
Their self-titled CD appeared in 1991 combines two lead male / female vocalists, but the particular aspect is that both sing together on the same song, which adds a really good contrast of harmonies.

You can't go wrong with Turbo Red's energetic synergy of European Melodic Rock / AOR full of keyboard flurries, pumping bass lines and superb six-string work, especially the rhythm guitars.
The band's sound is a mix of late '80s German / Scandinavian stylings of the genre; Dominoe, Craaft, Tokyo, early Domain, Dalton, Zinatra and why not, 1st Avenue, while at places they remind me - due the female vocal parts - Romeo's Daughter, Perfect Crime and alike.

TURBO RED - Turbo Red (1991) back cover

If you like the aforementioned acts, this is a mandatory listening. Arrangements and production are top notch, believe me.

01 - Hold On
02 - In The Night
03 - Stronger
04 - Forever
05 - I'm Waiting
06 - The Spell
07 - King Of The Air
08 - Right Time
09 - Eyes Of The World

Sig Weber, Pete Rupprecht: Vocals
Pete Mayhew: Guitar
Oliver Gabay: Keyboards
Jochen Rassow: Bass
Andy Hoyler: Drums


DOUGLAS - State Of Rock (1987) full bootleg CDrip

DOUGLAS - State Of Rock (1987) full bootleg CDrip
Re-post / Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

There was always some kind of confusion with the country of origin of DOUGLAS, a Greek band founded by the Douglas bros. Alex & Eliot circa 1983. That's because their debut "State Of Rock" (vinyl LP only) was, strangely, released in Australia in 1987.
To add even more haze, seems the album was recorded in Germany and the second press has a different artwork.

But aside the collector's data, the significant aspect of Douglas' "State Of Rock" is its quality: classic second mid-Eighties AOR-rock sound, sharp guitars, keyboards at glance and a strong rhythm section.
And yes, very good vocals too, since the singer credited as 'Cornelius', it's the alias of AORsters Craaft's vocalist Klaus Lulley real name Kornilios Misailidis.

This is a pure delight for fans of the genre, just check the synth-driven AOR of "Shout", the Euro melodic rock muscle of "Loner", "Reaction" (akin Treat), "Turn Me On", and the vibrant title track. "Dogs Of War" is the heavier song on the record, a rapid hard rocker in the vein of 220 Volt.
Do you need more AOR? "Mirror" is wonderful, the mid-tempo "Don't Let Them Die" reminds you some Scandinavian greats, and "Douglas Reprise" is like a 'band sample' mixing various tracks of the album, and works great!

DOUGLAS - State Of Rock (1987) full bootleg CDrip back cover

I have posted here "State Of Rock" five years ago, but a vinyl rip. This one is the bootleg CD (very nice quality) including a track ("Dogs Of War") missing on all the versions shared in the blogosphere.
So this is the real thing, the complete album featuring the 10 tracks.
Really Recommended.

01 - Shout
02 - Loner
03 - It's Late
04 - Reaction
05 - Dogs Of War
06 - Turn Me On
07 - Mirror
08 - State Of Rock
09 - Don't Let Them Die
10 - Douglas Reprise

Cornelius - Vocals
Tony J. Conta - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Alex Douglas - Bass, Backing Vocals
Eliot Douglas - Drums, Backing Vocals
Chris Harris, Demis, Nick Carr - Keyboards

DOUGLAS - State Of Rock - 10 tracks full