Thursday, April 30, 2009

SCOTT GRIMES - Sunset Blvd. (2005) EP

Scott Grimes is a well-known actor, you can see him in Critters as a young kid, and recently in Band of Brothers, ER, American Dad!
But his true passion is to sing and play the piano.
While the acting does not leave much time to the music, he has composed and recorded great number of songs, mainly with his friend and songwriter Dave Harris.
15 of them were part of "Livin' On 'The Run", his 2nd album, released in 2005.
This is a single-track promo EP.
Opens with "Sunset Blvd" (which arrived 18 in the U.S. Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Rank) and "Livin' On The Run" (which reached # 33).
Both are precious melodic rock gems, great songwriting and beautiful lyrics. Very good songs.
"Summerthing" and "Without You" are another two to appeal, with nice vocals, simple and melodic.
Promo only EP, never released officially.
Highly Recommended.

01 - Sunset Blvd.
02 - Livin' On The Run (new radio edit)
03 - Summerthing
04 - Without You

Scott Grimes: vocals, piano, guitars
Jay Gore: guitars & producer
Ricardo Belled: bass
Robin Dimaggio: percussion, drums


Saturday, April 25, 2009

AVION (Australia) - 4 Rare Singles 84 - 85 - 87

Mythical band in their homeland, began his career in the early 80's.
In 1983 they released the first LP for the RCA label.
The following year, one single, "Still The Night" , containing two new songs.
The label drop them, so they signed with EMI, and start recording a new album.
Here there are 2 advanced singles, each one with a track that did not end in the disc.
In 1987 the band self-released a "Live" tape, with the best songs of their career, some never recorded previously.
A 2-track promo of the album complete this collection.

Tracks noted " # " are not in the two official LP's :

1984 single A - Still The Night #
1984 single B - Southern Cross #

1985 single (June) A - We've Got Secrets
1985 single (June) B - Bigger They Are #

1985 single (September) A - Celebration
1985 single (September) B - Ransom #

1987 single A - The Bigger You Are [Live] #
1987 single B - Money Or Love [Live] #

This is an extremely rare material, you won't find it easily anywhere.
Very nice AOR .
Grab it now!

Randall Waller: Vocals & Guitar
Martyn Toole: Guitar
Kendall Waller: Bass
Evan Murray: Keyboards
John Waller: Drums
Paul Gannell: Guitar

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


As requested, a new Scandi - AOR single rarities Volume.

One and only QUOLIO's single, extremely melodious, great harmonies and generous keyboards.
This single from the Norwegians JUMP is one of the most sought after by collectors, even rare in their homeland.
Top songwriting, soaring choruses, a pleasure to listen to.
Unfortunately, their one and only recording.

BORDERLINE plays classic scandi AOR strongly influenced by hard rock, very good combination, nice sound.
It's rumored that they recorded a full lengh, which remains unpublished to date.
MAEDAY released one LP, only on vinyl, with very good songs following the typical swedish Scandi - AOR mould.
I love their album, this is the promo-only single, not for sale.

Other Swedes, VON ROSEN, left some very good singles, with interesting arrangements and great vocals.
A goodie.
DA VINCI achieved great popularity with two superb albums, (and an unreleased).
This is their first single ever, featuring two songs never appeared in the LP's.
One of my favorite bands in this genre.

Very good vinyl rips.
Fully tagged with info release and myself made artwork.


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

VAN STEPHENSON - Unreleased 4th Album (88-90)

VAN STEPHENSON is an AOR legend, and his musical legacy, a must have.
Between 88-90, Van with his friend Dan Huff (GIANT) worked together in a musical project (supposed to be the genesis of GIANT).
Besides, Van recorded songs for his 4th album, with session musicians and of course, Dan, a session man himself.
But the project doesn't work, and Van joined forces with the group BLACKHAWK, leaving those great songs unreleased.
Some real songwriting gems.
Very Good sounding demos, remastered by myself.

01 - Fear Of Falling
02 - Love Is Stranger
03 - Snow And Thunder
04 - Change
05 - Naked City
06 - Don't Walk Away
07 - Mambo Willie
08 - Louder Than Words
09 - Calm Before The Storm
10 - Years
11 - Get Used To It (recorded later by GIANT)
12 - If That Was A Lie (recorded later by BLACKHAWK)


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks SFX Leftovers...But Killers

Some tracks requested.
All leftovers from my "Vol. series", because the sound quality doesn't match my expectations...but still killer songs.
Sadly, never released.
I must warning you, all have many SFX (movie sound effects: voices/noises), some unbalanced stereo or directly mono sound, all ripped from VHS and avi's.
But again, awesome songs, just to check how good they are.

01 - Bill Wray - I Will Be Your Hero [Beastmaster 2]
02 - Bill Wray - Keep On Rockin' [Beastmaster 2]
03 - Bill Wray - No Mercy [Lionheart]
04 - Roy Ward & Mike Slamer - Hot Shot [White Water Summer]
05 - Al Festa - Living After Death [Zombi 4 After Death]
06 - David Knopfler - Mercenary Man [Laser Mission]

SFX Leftovers Vol.1