Monday, September 13, 2010

TOYS OF JOY - One Of These Days (1990)

TOYS OF JOY - One Of These Days
Hailing from Denmark, TOYS OF JOY, basically a duo formed by songwriters Henrik Launbjerg and Hans Egestorp, recorded the single "When The Rain Falls" at the very end of 1989.
The band got signed by a local label and subsequently released a full album: 'One Of These Days'.
The CD becomes soon out of print and a hard hunt among AOR collectors.

Launbjerg / Egestorp captured the truly essence of american FM radio soft AOR better than many native american musicians.
The absolutely outstanding opener "Watching Your Moves" remains in my book as one of the better 'feelgood' AOR songs ever.
The breezy, sophisticated 'Some People' is another personal favorite. Is this MR. MISTER sounding here? Very, very close.
'When The Rain Falls' is as magic ballad, a lot like a JAY GRAYDON's PLANET 3 track. Perfect song.
"Can't Get Nobody Else" with its intelligent guitar arrangements is pure class.
"Let It Out" is a catchy, sing along tune with a monster chorus, what a great song!

The whole album is fabulous, with terrific and beautifully arranged songs. 10/10 production job, a lush AOR heaven for the ears.
Launbjerg's voice reminds me Richard Page, perfect pitch and tone, an underrated vocalist with tons of style.
Recently, their original indie label has resurrected and remastered this little masterpiece and here I bring it to you @ maximum quality.
I can't recommend you "One Of These Days" enough. High class AOR.
Just don't miss it.
Highly Recommended.

01 - Watching Your Moves
02 - Hold On
03 - Bring On The Night
04 - One Of These Days
05 - Some People
06 - When The Rain Falls
07 - Can't Get Nobody Else
08 - Make A Difference
09 - Let It Out
10 - Leaves

Henrik Launbjerg : vocals
Hans H Egestorp : guitars, keyboards, programming
... and many more session musicians

TOYS OF JOY - One Of These Days


lilly said...

simply great, thank you!

Kaplan said...

whoa! this cd is ridiculously good!
Thank You

jstoyz said...

Fantastic share Camelblue, was a very expensive CD before the reissue. Now it's thankfully more readily available. GR8 band, should've made more albums with that kind of talent ;-)

Camelblue said...

@ jstoyz:
Yeah, the more you listen, the more you like it.
Their "Still Be (1995)" is a good one too.