Tuesday, July 25, 2017

MSG - Built To Destroy [Expanded Edition] (1983)

How about some classic hard rock stuff, and with a personal favourite?
"Built To Destroy" is the best MSG album - in my opinion - of their early era. Features Schenker's finest fretwork and the return of Gary Barden as frontman.
For this album keyboardist Andy Nye has more presence both in the playing as in the songwriting, which redounded in a more commercial sound.

As happened with many albums in this genre during the eighties, there was a different mix for the American audience. This edition consists of both, exquisitely remastered on a single CD.
The first nine tracks are the British version, which features the classic Euro Schenker sound, while tracks 10-18 are the noticeably different American version, with more prominent keyboards, enhanced drums and a much more melodic feel.

According to the liner notes, Schenker himself preferred the American version. This expanded edition allows the listener to choose. I like both, as the remastering job has done miracles with these tapes.
This CD really sounds terrific.

MSG - Built To Destroy [Expanded Edition] 2009 tracklist

Gary Barden - vocals
Michael Schenker - guitars
Chris Glen - bass
Andy Nye - keyboards
Ted McKenna - drums
Derek St. Holmes - vocals on Still Love That Little Devil [US Mix]

MSG Built To Destroy UK/US mix


Anonymous said...

The best work of MSG??. Don't think so. The recording sound on this one is very basic.. and most of all: Gary Barden voice is out of tune and very rusty (as in: starting to decay) Msg first one is still the best till today

Jim said...

This is the first MSG album I bought. I have listened to both mixes. I generally like the US mix better. It has a slightly fuller sound and the vocals are better integrated into the mix. I agree that Barden's voice is not at it's best, but this is tempered by some of the best songwriting by MSG.

The only album that contends to be better is Assault Attack.

I do have to say I love all the MSG albums close to equally. I do loathe the McAuley era stuff though..

Johnny D said...

Please re up this gem

Camelblue said...




Thank you.

FenixSEO said...

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