Wednesday, July 24, 2013

P.M. HEAT - P.M. Heat EP (1989)

P.M. HEAT - P.M. Heat EP (1989)
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

Today we have here an obscure, private vinyl-only EP released by Texan rockers P.M. HEAT. Founded by Mark Hybner who is a well known band-manger 'til today, there are several players listed on the back cover but not specifying which instrument.
Anyway, this is a short but meaty slice of American Melodic Hard Rock in the rocking and polished style of the late '80s, akin Autograph, King Kobra or Babe Blue (presented HERE six years ago).

"Power" is a winner; plenty of guitar / keyboard interplay, a killer chorus and slightly raspy lead vocals.
"Could It Be You" is a little harder with a Dokken-esque atmosphere, "I Wanna Rock" has driving sharp guitars and anthemic-like drumming, while closer "Never Break My Heart" is the more AOR oriented tune of the bunch, melodic and catchy.

P.M. HEAT - P.M. Heat EP (1989) back cover

One and only release by P.M. HEAT, a truly professional recording wrapped by a crisp production & mix. As requested in the REQUEST & FILL CORNER section, vinyl-rip cleaned and restored by me.
Rare and Good!

01 - Power
02 - Could It Be You
03 - I Wanna Rock
04 - Never Break My Heart

Personnel: Paul Hybner, Mark Hybner, David Hybner,Steve Carson, Dan Stone, Lee Anthony, Rob Wright & David Da Luna

P.M. HEAT : restored audio



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