Saturday, July 20, 2013

LOVELINES Soundtrack [unreleased] (1984)

LOVELINES Soundtrack [unreleased] (1984)
More than four years ago I posted here some tracks from "Lovelines", which, despite of being a musical movie (a battle of High School bands), the soundtrack never was released.
The promotional posters and even the credits of the film state 'Soundtrack album available on MCA/Curb records and tapes', but the release was pulled off at the eleventh hour.
A reader requested an updated link, but I will do something better; to the previously presented 4 tracks, I am adding 6 more.

Got countless VHS-rips (remember those?) from '80s movies containing lovable songs from the era never released on any format. Some of them were featured in my 'AOR Treasures - The Soundtracks' series, but process these tapes becomes very time-consuming, and lots still remain untouched.
Well, "Lovelines" songs deserve to be listened; cheesy, commercial, but adorable typical radio-friendly tunes with all the '80s magic. Included as bonus is Tyson Moses' single recorded later as solo artist.
The result are pretty good soundfiles, stereo, and cleaned (discarded & edited the dialogue parts) by myself.

01 - Racer: For You
02 - Souvenir: Lovelines
03 - The Firecats: Totally Gone
04 - Racer And The Firecats: Defyin' Gravity
05 - Joe Esposito: A Time Like This Again
06 - Tyson Moses & Ben Sharel: Hearts On Fire
07 - Brittany: Reflex
08 - Souvenir: Hold Me Tonight
09 - The Flying Phlegm: Ba-Ba-Baby
10 - Tyson Moses: My Heart's On Fire (Soul Desire)

LOVELINES Soundtrack [unreleased]


Kammenos said...

Never heard of the movie nor the tracks..
Thanks for uploading this gems..
Keep them comin'...

Anonymous said...

You are my hero... I love this movie!!!

Anonymous said...

thank u camelblue

Anonymous said...

Your work is awesome, thank you!

Juan Carlos Corona said...

Gracias por el soundtrack, mil gracias

Anonymous said...

My brother and I watched this movie while on vacation in the states in the 80ies. Looked for the Soundtrack ever since.

Thanks so very much for uploading these.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought of starting a petition to get The Lovelines Soundtrack CD released! And the main question is where are those recordings and do they still exist???

Anonymous said...

Tomboy from 1985 also needs a Soundtrack CD Release! Nearly all the same artists from Lovelines recorded songs for Tomboy.

HAIR NITE OUT (DJ Flo) said...

Some dude from America started a petition this february for the Release of the Lovelines OST! Sign it! ;-)