Saturday, April 21, 2007

TOMMY SHAW - Girls With Guns (1984)

Do you remember Miami Vice's episode with the track "Girls with guns" blasting your TV speakers?
I do.
What a great Loverboy style song!
I purchase the record inmediatly, and find a bunch of great stuff in it.
"Lonely school" is an all time classic ballad, maybe you don't remember it, download the album and your memories gonna back to you...
Produced by the monster Mike Stone(Queen, Journey's Raised on Radio, Whitesnake's 1987,etc) this record sounds million bucks.
Also Kenny Loggins co-write some tracks.
This is the first Tommy solo album, out of print as far I know.

1. Girls With Guns 3:11
2. Come In and Explain 4:20
3. Lonely School 5:03
4. Heads Up 4:42
5. Kiss Me Hello extended version 7:47
6. Fading Away 4:03
7. Little Girl World 3:32
8. Outside in the Rain extended version 5:59
9. Free to Love You 4:49
10. The Race Is On 5:27

Tommy Shaw: 6- and 12-string guitars, mandolin, acoustic guitars, lead vocals
Steve Holley: drums, percussion
Brian Stanley: bass
Peter Wood: piano, electric piano, synthesizers
Mike Stone: Additional "stuff", producer



Anonymous said...

Thanks alot! I relly look forward to hear this again... :-)

Bobby80s said...

This is a classic masterpiece from the 80s. Track 8 is where it's at, just listen to those backing singers harmonising towards the end... OH-MY-GOD!

c_reiner said...

Hello, I love this Music. But the Link is dead. Can you reactivate it?

Anonymous said...

I re-upped the album here:

Camelblue said...

Thank You.

First post ever on this blog.

Rudio said...

I've deliberately chosen this very first post for a special reason, but to my surprise I found this album.
Finally I can replace my poor copy with this one. Great album and still/again a working link after all these years.

Rudio said...

I think this is the only way to have some sort of 'private' chat.
You must have checked the "R&F Corner" since 3 september.
Did you think that the storm would eventually calm down?
It will, sure, but the consequences might be evident.