Thursday, February 14, 2008

TORINO - Customized (1988)

Another brillant AOR / rock band from britain.

Strong rockers with incisive keyboards, soaring vocals and pretty good production.
Never released on CD (a shame), this album became a hard hunt in underground AOR circles. No fillers, just killers.
I've decided to post this album here after the rip-off from different sites of my original upload to other blog some time ago.
Decent transfer to digital, enough to enjoy this gem.

1. Out Of The Fire
2. Steal My Thunder
3. Somewhere
4. Can't Let Go
5. Boys Go Wild
6. Call Of The Wild
7. Take My Heart Away
8. Dance Crazy
9. Never Surrender

Stuart Fox Vocals
Paul Diamond Bass
Brian Dixon Drums
Barry McKeown Guitar

This album is reposted HERE


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to listen to this one.
Many thanks camelblue.


Bobby80s said...

BRILLIANT! You're the freakin' MAN! Good job man, good job, LOVE this shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Anonymous said...

I used to play guitar for this band, but not on this album, although I musically wrote. Out of The Fire, Somewhere, and Take My Heart Away. I joined the band which had a different line up and where called Strangeheart, I suggested we call the band Gran Torino, which was later shortened to Torino after I left the band. Great days. I am actually thinking of re-recording instrumental guitar versions of the three songs I co wrote with Stuart. It's nice to know people still like the music all these years on. Keep Rockin'. Colin Guthrie.

Anonymous said...

Camelblue said...

Glad to read u r still on the run Colin.
Nice site and please send me some demos.
Keep Rockin'

Colin Guthrie said...


The original guitarist of TORINO, fomerly known as GRAN TORINO COLIN GUTHRIE has released an album called ESCAPE TO DREAMWORLD absolutely FREE at, just follow the links to get your free download.

Please email comments

bart said...

Hi Camelblue,

Any way one could get a regular download link for this presentation ? I suppose that is better than the emule one ?

Would you consider this, subject to your free time ? ;)


Camelblue said...

@ bart:
Old post this one eh?
No problem bart. Gonna revamp this one, stay tuned.