Saturday, March 08, 2008

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.2

After the succesful soundtrack compilation, now VOL.2, full of rarities, more 'rock oriented' than strictly AOR, but with the soundtrack-aorish spirit intact.

First track is the wonderful JOHN FARNHAM song, only featured in the movie "Savage Streets", awesome AOR.
CHRIS THOMPSON (wonderful voice) rocks with "It's Not Over" (also recorded later by Starship).
DWIGHT TILLEY's song from the rare "Heavenly Bodies" is a killer.
Both JOURNEY tracks are only available in their respective soundtracks (pretty rare ones).

"Armour Of God", sung by action-star JACKIE CHAN in cantonese language, its a very classy typical AOR-movie-song, pumpin' and thrillin' rythm, and rare as cold hell.
STUBBLEFIELD & HALL performs the main theme of "Best Of The Best", another fantastic tune and rarity.
Cult film "The Warriors" has an excellent DESMOND CHILD song, a very hard to find soundtrack.
GLENN JONES' "Youngblood" track is a delicious classic sound AOR, after repeated listens, it grabs in your head forever.
AUTOGRAPH make 'You Can't Hide From The Beast Inside' exclusively for this terror movie (Fright Night), you can't find this track in any band's album, a shame, because its a monster, and maybe the best song they ever recorded.
"National Lampoon's European Vacation" track "Back In America", by the short-lived band NETWORK (ex members of LE ROUX), features the lead vocals of Terry Brock (later in STRANGEWAYS).
Here you have the very rare original full version running 3:37 min.

A bunch of cool songs, very rare most of them, more than 70 min. of music, vbr , artwork, enjoy...

01 - John Farnham: Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way [Savage Streets]
02 - Chris Thompson: It's Not Over [Playing For Keeps]
03 - Rick Springfield: Don't Walk Away [Hard To Hold]
04 - Alan Jordan: Mind To Mind [Scanners II]
05 - Dwight Twilley: Keep On Working [Heavenly Bodies] (Rare)
06 - Journey: Only The Young [Vision Quest] (Rare)
07 - Jackie Chan: Armour Of God [Armour Of God] (Very Rare)
08 - Jimi Jamison: I'm Always Here [Baywatch]
09 - Red Rider: Lunatic Fringe [Vision Quest]
10 - Stubblefield & Hall: Best Of The Best [Best Of The Best] (Rare)
11 - Glenn Jones: Talk Me Into It [Youngblood]
12 - Desmond Child: Last Of An Ancient Breed [The Warriors] (Rare)
13 - Autograph: You Can't Hide From The Beast Inside [Fright Night] (Rare)
14 - Fiona: Let The Good Times Roll [Hearts Of Fire]
15 - Le Roux: Back In America [European Vacation]
16 - Mammoth: Can't Take The Hurt [A Nightmare On Elm Street 5]
17 - Mike Reno: Whenever There's a Night [Dream A Little Dream]
18 - Tom Kimmel: Tryin' To Dance [Disorderlies]
19 - Journey: Only Solutions [Tron] (Rare)

AOR TREASURES Soundtracks Vol.2 OPTION 2


Anonymous said...

Ace! This is another excellent compilation thank you very very much. More please...

Anonymous said...

Excellent compilation with great AOR/Melodic Rock songs! I think the first track "Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way" is from SPECTRE GENERAL (from the movie Transformers 1986)?, SPECTRE GENERAL is the same band as KICK AXE !.
Hope there comes a Vol. 3.....
Many thanks !!!


Camelblue said...

You are right!
I messed up the files, sorry.
Thanx for the correction and thanx for the visit.

Anonymous said...

Awesome collection, thank you for putting in the effort.. best blog on the net!!

Anonymous said...

Along with the 1st release these are the best compilations I have come across on the net

Hoping there are more to come and a special thank you for the Chris Thompson track

Thanx again :)

Unknown said...

Anormous thanks for Best of the best. I've been looking for that song for almost 5 years.
You're The best of the best !!!

Juba.San said...

Absofuckinlutely great post...again!!!

I'd like to ask you for spngs from the QUICKSILVER sdtk. There's a John Parr song there - I can't recall the name now - that's wonderful...

Keep up the good work...

Anonymous said...

It's been deleted guess I missed out on this one it looks really awesome the first one is deleted as well but got the 3rd one thanks for it.

frenzytommy said...

Awesome...get it while it´s hot...a real nice and "hard-to-get" album...smashing and THANX in a bunch...fancytommy

Anonymous said...

I never seem to able to complete the download of this one; sometimes I get a file with 2 songs, 13, songs, 14 songs, 16 songs but never the complete file including the artwork. This is such a nice series of rare tracks, too bad I can't get them all.

Camelblue said...

Host problems...
Mirror added, new host.

Anonymous said...

Excellent!! The new mirror works like a charm, thanks for this very nice series of rare AOR tracks. I hope to see volumes 6 through 10 or maybe even up to 20....

Anonymous said...

excelente compilacion de aor y rock melodico..realmente buen trabajo (Y) suerte!

Anonymous said...

Very Cool, Took me ages to find the mike reno song. Had some trouble with getting all tracks using origional link but mirror worked great.

Camelblue said...

Link updated
Feb, 2009

Anonymous said...

when clicking the link:

it shows:

Authentication Required

Please complete the form below to download this file

but there's no form to fill, what's wrong?

Camelblue said...

Maybe a temporary host issue.
I've tried the link right now, works like charm.

Try again
Thanx for your visit.

zak said...

Great compi! Thx cblue!

Anonymous said...

Amazing compilation, it's a nice surprise to see the Jackie Chan song inclided (however I've been familiarized with the song for years) for americans and westerns listeners. Great job, thanks a lot for sharing

The Jackie Chan song it's called in english 'High Up On High', the cantonese translation is called 'The Flight of the Dragon'.


Camelblue said...

@ bastardsword:
Glad you like it.
You're right. The translation of Jackie's song is 'Flight of the Dragon'.
I have left the english movie title as 'song name' to make it easy to the people identify the track.
Thanks for your comment

Anonymous said...

Please fix link!

Camelblue said...


Anonymous said...

Thnx !