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AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.4

Back in business again.

Vol.4 featuring for the first time 2 instrumentals. Don't be afraid, no scores...

Bloodsport has a story behind. Stan Bush wrote and sung a couple tracks in the movie, but due to legal issues, he can't appear in the soundtrack. The studio re-recorded the songs with Paul Delph (RIP), excellent session musician, on the mick. He sounds like Stan! Killer uptempo AOR.

From "Savage Streets" , John Farnham doing a great version of 'Nothing's gonna stand in our way' (same song recorded later to "Transformers" by Spectre General), much more AOR sounding, with big keys.

Bill Champlin with an uptempo melodic/AOR tune only available in 'Sing' soundtrack.

Jon Fiore song also is a non-album track (where are you man? , great voice), guitars in charge of master Michael Landau.

Same with Feehan's contribution to 007 "Licence To Kill", exclusive to this soundtrack, superb songwriting.

3-Speed, another example of no-luck band and deaf labels. They recorded a demo, a filmstudio love it, and signed them to include some tracks in different movies (Savage Streets, RAD) and later in "Once Bitten" with the main title. The film was a blockbuster and a vinyl single, released. The band enjoyed considerable success, opening for Pat Benatar shows. However, MCA never petitioned the band to record a full-length album. A shame. Their song 'Once Bitten' is maybe the best I've ever hear in a movie. Perfect.

Australian R'N'R fable "Street Hero" has a great soundtrack, the obscure oz band Dear Enemy brings a very rare non-album track, keyboard-oriented AOR.

Did you know monsters Foreigner recorded an instrumental for the 84's L.A. Olympic Games? . And a very good one. Rare.

DIO's 'Hungry For Heaven' to Vision Quest soundtrack is a different version than on the Sacred Heart album. Only released as single in Japan million years ago. Much more predominant keys in the mix.

Sorry if you don't like Dwight David loooong track, but it's totally 80's kistch stuff, I love it!

Andy Taylor's song only was released as single, and you can hear it in one "Miami Vice" episode. Later included in Miami Vice II CD compilation.

To the end titles, Eddie Van Halen's colaboration to the porn movie "Sacred Sin", instrumental delirious from this genius, won the prize of the Best Music AVN (Adult Video News) Awards 2007. A true rarity.

+ 70 min, vbr, artwork.
Note: most of tracks are vinyl-only release and very rare, all were cleaned, decrackled and declicked to get the best quality possible.

01 - Paul Delph: Fight To Survive [Bloodsport Main Theme]
02 - John Farnham: Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way [Savage Streets]
03 - Bill Champlin: Somethin' To Believe In [Sing] (Rare)
04 - Jon Fiore: The Heavenly Kid (Out On The Edge) [Heavenly Kid]
05 - David Hallyday: Church Of The Poison Spider [He's My Girl]
06 - Tim Feehan: Dirty Love [License To Kill] (Rare)
07 - 3-Speed: Once Bitten [Once Bitten] (Rare)
08 - The Koo: Strike [Friday The 13th Part 8]
09 - Dear Enemy: New Hero [Street Hero] (Rare)
10 - The Stabilizers: Maybe This Time [If Looks Could Kill]
11 - Foreigner: Street Thunder (Marathon) [Olympic Games '84] (Rare)
12 - Mr. Mister: Don't Slow Down [A Fine Mess]
13 - Dio: Hungry For Heaven [Vision Quest version] (Rare)
14 - Dwight David: The Last Dragon [The Last Dragon]
15 - Andy Taylor: When The Rain Comes Down [Miami Vice II]
16 - Dwight Twilley: Why You Wanna Break My Heart [Body Rock]
17 - Eddie Van Halen: Rise [Sacred Sin] (Rare)

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.4


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Great tracks. Really love that 80's AOR sound. Thanks for sharing it!! :D

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Do you have the theme from the Tom Cruise film All The Right Moves(1983)By Chris Thompson & Jennifer Warnes? Thanks

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thanx in a bunch for sharing ! Just gotta say: AWESOME !!! Especially Eddie´s instrumental piece from the world of Blue Movies...keep up the good work....fancytommy

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Thank YOU! Have been looking for "Church of the Poison Spider" for YEARS! Could never remember where I heard it from and it really wasn't played on radio back then. YOU ROCK!!!

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