Wednesday, December 10, 2008

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.6

I'm back. Was in the mood to make another movie rarities compilation.
Here we go:

01 - John Parr: Westward Ho [Go Trabi Go]Again the soundtrack-man providing an uptempo song for a film that had fairly success in central Europe during the Berlin Wall fall.
It concerns a trip in the famous 'Trabant', the flagship car in East Germany.
Item not appeared in any Parr disk, only in this rare OST.

02 - Valentine: Keep The Faith [Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead]
From the legendary recordings of Valentine (Hugo) first album, not included there, only here in this OST, excellent rocker.

03 - Alias: Into The Fire [Nintendo: White Knuckle Scorin']
Another 'non album track' from Alias with Freddy Curci, emotive tune with all the band's characteristic strength.

04 - John Parr & Marilyn Martin: Through The Night [Quicksilver]Magnificent mid-tempo ballad, perfectly performed by this pair of great voices. Very hard to find soundtrack, excellent vinyl rip.

05 - Roger Chapman: Eye To Eye [Fire, Ice & Dynamite]Pump up track exclusive to this soundtrack, typically 80's sound , a quite rare OST. Very good chorus and guitars.

06 - Joe Elliott: When Saturday Comes [When Saturday Comes]
Def Leppard singer penned and played two songs exclusively for this movie.
When Saturday Comes has Joe Elliott as artist (not the whole band).
Obviously sounds like a Leppard rocker... remember the good times?
Only featured in the film and in a Lepp single as b-side.

07 - Eric Martin & Friends: I Can't Stop The Fire [Teachers]The unmistakable Eric's voice in a rocker without concessions. Exclusive to this soundtrack.

08 - Paul Delph: North Shore Roar [North Shore]Never published in the soundtrack, ripped from DVD, hallucinogen surf-mix sound , strange percussion and Delph's angelic voice. Excellent stereo sound.

09 - Joe Walsh & Lita Ford: A Future To This Life [Robocop TV series]
From the soundtrack of the pretty unknown TV series, issued in the 90's.
However, absolutely 80's track , I love this song!
Appears in the end credits.
Of course, exclusive to this OST.

10 - Beth Anderson & Joe Esposito: Just Imagine [Thief Of Hearts]
Pure 80's heaven! With Miami Vice vibe, or the movie Manhunter, sequencers baby!

11 - Franke & The Knockouts: We The People [Rude Awakening]Rare Franke Previte tune, actually should appear in the credits as a soloist, far from the sound of the Knockouts, much more commercial and 'eightie', with a very catchy chorus.

12 - B.J. Thomas: As Long As We Got Each Other [Growing Pains]
Lovable TV series, typical American sound and the great BJ Thomas groove-voice, here accompanied by the famous Dusty Springfield. Great AOR track.

13 - Heeren Stevens: Trust [Highlander II]Unknown OST, although it contains good songs, like this, very much in Jim Steinman's (Meat Loaf) style or Bonnie Tyler.

14 - Mickey Thomas: Stand In The Fire [Youngblood]
Not necessary to describe Mickey's voice eh?. Tremendous.

15 - Lamont: Flesh To Flesh [Return Of The Living Dead Part II]
The prolific Joe Lamont has written numerous songs for films under different aliases.
Here performs a 'malicious' song, with all horror movies ingredients.
Very good track exclusive to this film.

16 - David Hallyday: Rock Revival [He's My Girl]
Rare Hallyday tune, non album track, that was released as a single only to promote the flick (and his rising career). Great rocker!

17 - Edward Van Halen: Donut City [The Wild Life]Eddie wrote soundtracks for several movies, this will be his first experience (in the following year wrote the score for his wife's TV film , then Twister, Sacred Sin, etc).
Here provides several instrumentals, this is the main theme.

70 min, vbr, artwork.

AOR TREASURES Soundtracks Vol.6 - option 1

AOR TREASURES Soundtracks Vol.6 - option 2


Anonymous said...

You're compilations are always excellent, I listen to them frequently and this new one will be on my playlist once I got it downloaded. Thanks and keep adding those compilations please!

The MetalMan

Nick said...

Oh yeah, thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Yes, once again a fabolous compilation.
Your uploads are always appricated.
Do you have also the complete soundtrack "Fire, Ice & Dynamite"?

Camelblue said...

Thanx for the kindly comments.
More comments = More uploads

Yes, got "Fire, Ice & Dynamite".
But I don't share full OST due to copyright reasons.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making another excellent compilation. The previous are awesome, this should be no execption. Do you need the "American Flyers" OST. Not impossible to find disc. Cheers.

Camelblue said...

Thanx for the offer Axerock.
Got the vinyl.
Not easy to find here...

Hope you like this new comp.

Anonymous said...

Got this on the edge mate and is just as good as the rest of them if not better,still the best compilations on the net,thanx

JON BRUCE said...




7,8,9,10,ll,ETC,ETC,ETC, rsrsrsrsrsrsrsr


Freeman said...

Haven't visit here for a while.
Just come back today.
And found what I've expected.

It's "AOR Treasure Series" from you that I really enjoy listening to.

Can't be missed !!

THANK YOU, camelblue, as always.
AOR Lover from Thailand.

frenzytommy said...

***** Awesome collection of ultrarare, many out-of-print vinyls. Appreciate your share very much because I can imagine how much work input is in here - this is a haven & heaven for Music Lovers ***** FROM THAILAND WITH THE BEST WISHES FOR 2-0-0-9

Tykhead said...

Just looking at the volume 6, I was wondering if you could include a David Foster' penned, John Parr' sung tune called "The Minute I Saw You" from the "Three Men and a Baby OST".

Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Camelblue said...

Hey Tykhead, welcome...
Got the song, coming up in vol.7... if people comment more.

As said : More comments = More uploads

Nick said...

Keep up the good work, bring on Volume 7!

Anonymous said...

yep john parr the minute i saw you,love it,please add!!!!

Anonymous said...

yep john parr the minute i saw you,love it,please add!!!!

Anonymous said...

Camel, the 3rd volume links don't work, can you upload them to another server??

Thanks a lot for your compilations. They're awesome man!!!

Camelblue said...


In vol.3 click on 'DOWNLOAD (click HERE)

Anonymous said...

Thanks , your Compilations are so great , I love It very much , Please Make more and more , you´ve got the best Aor page of internet , you make me so happy , thanks
Cheers from Spain

Anonymous said...

camelblue, you are the man! Thanks so much for vol. 7, and like everyone else said that John Parr' tune called "The Minute I Saw You" from the "Three Men and a Baby OST" would be awesome on the next comp! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Please fix link!

Camelblue said...


Anonymous said...

The download link does not work anymore. Could you please reupload the file on Mediafire ? Zippyshare is even better.

And a big THANK YOU for your work. I often listen to your compilations. They are awesome !

Camelblue said...

Hi. It's already in Mediafire and working. Please try again, if an ad appears, reload the page (F5). If still you have trouble, drop a line here.

Camelblue said...

New option added.

Anonymous said...

Thnx !