Monday, January 04, 2010

ADRIAN GURVITZ - No Compromise (1983-2000)

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Mellowers around the globe must known GURVITZ's worldwide number 1 hit single 'Classic'.

A classic song indeed.
He was part of english bands like THREE MAN ARMY and The BAKER GURVITZ ARMY (with legend Ginger Baker).
Becomes solo artist at the late 70's, his earlier vinyls are westcoast oriented, supported by monsters like Jeff Porcaro, David Paich, etc.

But in 1983, together with his brother Paul, recorded this album in London, practically alone, playing all instruments, turning into commercial FM rock / AOR.
The material was rejected by his label, expecting more soft westcoast songs.
Tape was shelved, luckily resurrected by a japanese label few years ago.

These 'lost recordings' have a modern sound (seems recorded 3 years after), with strong guitars, and a typically stylized british AOR songwriting.
Maybe the japanese should have done a remastering to enhance the final product, but surely they wanted to preserve the original as it is.

Good album, rarely seen and unknown.

01 - Ain't It Always The Same
02 - No Compromise
03 - I'm Not Cryin' Over You
04 - The Price You Pay
05 - Punch
06 - No One's In Love
07 - Can't Buy Time
08 - High Point Of Love
09 - The Last Laugh

Adrian Gurvitz: Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Keyboards on all tracks
Paul Gurvitz: Bass, Producer
Recorded at Tower Studios Hampsted, London



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