Monday, January 18, 2010

BILL CHAMPLIN - No Wasted Moments (1990)

BILL CHAMPLIN - No Wasted Moments
The man needs no introduction.
After the CHICAGO hiatus, BILL CHAMPLIN restarts his solo career releasing albums in Japan and Europe since 1990.
This is his first, also known as 'Comeback Album', a wonderful EP.

You can be sure of one thing before listening any Champlin album: Perfect Production. He's a studio wizard, and this time with the help of maestro Joey Carbone has rounded one of the best produced AOR recording ever. The sound is incredibly pristine.
Impeccable musicianship as usual and very good songs, being my favorite "The City".
If you love (as I do) 'CHICAGO 19', the most '80s AOR sounding album from this legendary band, don't miss this. Very rare Japan-only release.
High Class Music.

1. Lovers Tonight
2. No Wasted Moments
3. Sticky Situation
4. Before You Go
5. The City

Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars: Bill Champlin
Guitars: Kevin Dukes, John Goux
Drums & Percussion: Carlos Vega
Bass: Dennis Belfield
Keyboards: Joey Carbone, Gordon Goodwin
Trumpet: Rick Baptist, Bill Armstrong
Sax: Danny Pelfrey, Dan Higgins, Greg Smith
Flugelhorn: Lee Loughnane
Background Vocals: Jason Scheff, Bobby Caldwell, Tamara Champlin

Produced by Joey Carbone & Bill Champlin



Paisley said...

Thanks very much for this. I Love this stuff. Who doesnt like Bill Champlin? Great singer.

Dangle said...

Thanks got another two of his albums and love the song "Somethin' To Believe In"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Repost please impossible to find!