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MARC JORDAN - Talking Through Pictures [Japan edition '91] (1987)

WHAT IF 1987 Tommy Funderburk
Canadian singer-songwriter, session musician and record producer, MARC JORDAN won the '94 'Best Producer Juno Award' (equivalent to Grammy), and has worked with the likes of Jay Graydon, Rod Stewart, Cher, Stan Bush, etc.
So as you could imagine, he's a sound perfectionist, and this "Talking Through Pictures" released in the second halg of the '80s is not an exception, immaculately produced and recorded.

"Talking Through Pictures" isn't strictly an AOR album, nor Westcoast or rock&pop, but all at the same time. How is that? The man has rounded a heterogeneous set of songs/styles, ranging from Hi-Tech, Lite AOR and WestCoast, but none in the traditional mood.
Atypical songwriting and concept, varied, and sometimes complex to keep you interested.

To give you an idea, this recording reminds me of Trevor Rabin's '80s works, solo and alongside with YES Big Genereator era - not strange 'cos Trevor plays guitars, keyboards and who knows what else here. Listen 'Seek And You Shall Find' and then tell me.
You have also other great session cats like guitar master Michael Landau, Tony Berg, super pump bass-man Stu Hamm, Stan Bush, Timothy B. Schmit, etc.
Does not 'Inside The Glass Bead' sounds a bit like an Alan Parsons mid-Eighties song? Oh yes. But all this is crafted with an elegant 'lite Aorish feel' and all kind of keyboards here and there (again; not in the traditional way).

WHAT IF 1987 Tommy Funderburk

Marc Jordan's "Talking Through Pictures" is a quite unknown album, at least from his discography, a pretty different from the usual hyped material posted here, something to refresh your ears.
There has been a recent digital reissue by a so-called Legacy Recordings, but it's poorly transferred from a dubious source. This Japanese edition appeared in 1991 it's the real deal.

01 - This Independance
02 - Kensington Garden
03 - Catch the Moon
04 - I Ching
05 - Talking Through Pictures
06 - Soldier of Fortune
07 - Seek And You Shall Find
08 - Inside The Glass Bead
09 - Human Race
10 - I Was Your Fool

Marc Jordan: Vocals, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Trevor Rabin: Guitar, Keyboards
Michael Landau, Tony Berg : Guitar
Stu Hamm: Bass
Tony Braunagel: Drums
Stan Bush, Timothy B. Schmit, Graham Nash: Backing Vocals
and many more...

MARC JORDAN Talking Through Pictures [Japan edition '91] (1987)


AORboyo said...

This is NOT only a Japanese release, this was also released Worldwide.

Fantastic Hi-Tech AOR album by the way.

Keep the great uploads coming, very much appreciated :0).

Camelblue said...

U R Right!
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Great record indeed.


T.P said...

It's quite easy to give this real deal Japanese edition a try. Eventually, I like his music since I had my first point of contact with the wonderful I'm a camera. Thanks for reloading that classic, Camelblue!

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