Tuesday, May 10, 2011

THE ALAN BARNES BAND - (I Need) A Little Love Tonight (1993)

THE ALAN BARNES BAND - (I Need) A Little Love Tonight (1993)
Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

Alan Barnes is the little brother of aussie legend Jimmy Barnes, and he's musician too. And a good one.

Seems Alan hasn't the luck of his famous bro, as he only has recorded and released officially this CD single back in 1993, included in one episode of the popular Australian TV series 'Neighbours'.

The main track "(I Need) A Little Love Tonight" is a killer Melodic Rock / AOR tune with a terrific refrain and a monster chorus.
Side B, the ballad "I Don't Know What Love Is" has a 'british' flavor to my ears, another excellent track.
Very rare CDsingle, Out-Of-Print.
Highly Recommended

(I Need) A Little Love Tonight (Alan Barnes)
Vocals: Alan Barnes
Guitars: Jeff Neil, Matt Schlammerl
Bass: Jeff Neil
Drums: Alan Jones
Backing Vocals: Alan Barnes, Alan Jones

I Don't Know What Love Is (Alan Barnes/Alan Jones)
Vocals: Alan Barnes
Guitars: Greg Henderson
Keyboards, Percussion: Alan Jones
Backing Vocals : Alan Barnes , Alan Jones

Thanks Vigi!

ALAN BARNES BAND - (I Need) A Little Love Tonight


axerock said...

Thanks for filling my request buddy. You don't see this around easily. I'm only familiar with the main track and I should say it wouldn't let his older brother ashamed, as you said, a killer tune. Apart from never recorded anything else he's still rockin' in Australia and playing live. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

please put it on a different link

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AOR Melodic Rock said...

Re upload, please ;-)