Thursday, January 17, 2013

WESTERN FRONT (pre-21 Guns) - Unreleased (1987-88)

After the last post here some people were requesting material from the project that was essentially the genesis for what would become 21 Guns; WESTERN FRONT.
Based in L.A. after leaving Thin Lizzy, guitarist Scott Gorham wanted to create a band with the typical commercial rock style that ruled the US in the mid eighties.
Vocalist & drummer Rick 'Moon' Calhoun (The Strand), singers Matti Alfonzetti (Jagged Edge) & John Fiddler (Medicine Head), guitarists Marty Walsh (Supertramp) & Laurie Wisefield (Wishbone Ash), drummers Bob C. Benburg (Supertramp) & Darrell Verdusco (Starship) and many others were involved in the Western Front project.

Then around 1989 Gorham teamed up with Johansen & Sturgis and decided to dissolve Western Front and start from the scratch as 21 Guns.
But during those WF years Gorham penned and recorded a lot of material with the band, stuff that remains unreleased as none of these tracks were re-recorded later.
With really good production and sound, songs like the catchy "Tell Me You Remember", "Just Go", "Set Me Free", "Law Of The Jungle", the delicious "Rain" and the AOR midtempo "1000 Nights" clearly shows the style 21 Guns would develop later.
There's more middle eighties radio-rock tunes in "Chain Of Light", "Heartland" and the bouncing "Man To Man", all pleasantly hooky commercial numbers.

As said, the sound of this pre-production tapes is really good but I have enhanced some gain and frequencies besides noise clean-up in my audio workstation to make it sound even better (A+), including my self-made artwork.
Good & Rare enjoyable stuff.

01 - Tell Me You Remember
02 - Chain Of Light
03 - Just Go
04 - Set Me Free
05 - Law Of The Jungle
06 - Heartland
07 - 1000 Nights
08 - Man To Man
09 - If I'm The One
10 - Rain
11 - Danger

WESTERN FRONT - Unreleased



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