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GRACE (Sweden) - Ingen Kan Alska Som Vi : The Complete Recordings (1988-89)

GRACE (Sweden) - Ingen Kan Alska Som Vi : The Complete Recordings (1988-89)
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GRACE was a short-lived Swedish band mostly known for his European hit "Ingen Kan Älska Som Vi" ("No One Can Love As We Do"), the main theme from the movie of the same title.
The group was formed by singer Krister Linder (aka Chris Lancelot), Claus Bergwall on guitar, bass player Janne Persson, keybordists Mikael Lundgren & Erik Holmberg and 'Drutten' (Roger Hansson) on drums.
All these fine musicians recently returned into the scene under the name Bad Radiator with a delicious album, except singer Krister Linder who still continues as solo artist.

GRACE (Sweden) - Ingen Kan Alska Som Vi Half Of Me
Grace only officially released the single "Ingen Kan Älska Som Vi" in 1988 and the promo-song "Half Of Me" the following year before disbanding.
But there's a bunch of tracks composed and performed by the band for the aforementioned movie soundtrack.
All this rare material at excellent quality is compiled here for you to enjoy, a collection of Scandi lite AOR tunes with a clean sound and stylized arrangements.
And something for those who miss my soundtrack compilations... :-)

1 - The Deal
2 - Marionetter
3 - Ingen Kan Alska Som Vi
4 - In And Out Of Love
5 - 3.09
6 - RuM
7 - Half Of Me
8 - The Deal (demo version)

Chris Lancelot (Krister Linder): Vocals
Claus Bergwall: Guitar
Janne Persson: Bass
Mikael Lundgren: Keyboards, Vocals
Erik Holmberg: Keyboards
Drutten (Roger Hansson): Drums

GRACE (Sweden) The Complete Recordings


Jonas Beijer said...

This isn't entirely complete - The single "Half of Me" has a live version of "Biko" (the Peter Gabriel song) on the flip side.

Anonymous said...

All Film Here:

& Ya Not The Entired Complet !
you can check Here for more:

Camelblue said...

@ Jonas Beijer:
Yes, a cover. This is a 'Grace originals' compilation Sir.

Anonymous said...


2nd cover it's from the single "Half of me" that included on the B side
"Bike (Live)"
but have more then that...

fatass said...


could you possibly re-up this please?