Wednesday, May 15, 2013

AOR TREASURES - The Japan Bonus Vol.6

AOR TREASURES - The Japan Bonus Vol.6
Some of you have been requesting another Japanese bonus volume. You wanted, you got it.
Vol.6 comprises almost entirely bonuses from present and last year popular releases, plus some rarely seen cuts as "Will You Remember Me" from 1993's 'Going Crazy' female fronted rockers Sahara, "Someone" off Finnish act Carmen Gray's debut, or Khymera's acoustic remix of the title track "The Greatest Wonder".
There's Player recent album 'Too Many Reasons' bonus "Walk That Walk" which I don't like at all, but it's new and that's why it is included here.

Some kind of 'intrusion' is H.E.A.T's "Too Far On The Wild Side" as it isn't a Japanese bonus, but an exclusive to "Address The Nation" Korean edition, and a worthwhile listen for sure.
Despite relatively recently released, I never seen in the blogosphere the bonus tracks from Degreed's 'Love, Life, Loss' ("Constant") or "Time For Changing" taken from the lovable Swedish westcoast/AOR combo State Cows debut.
Nice new instalment, as usual, with myself-made artwork.

01. GYPSY ROSE - Solitude
(Gypsy Rose bonus - 2005)

02. OSUKARU - Tell Me You'll Stay [feat. Philip Lindstrand]
(Never Too Late bonus - 2012)

03. H.E.A.T - Too Far On The Wild Side
(Address The Nation Korean bonus - 2012)

04. DIAMOND DAWN - Follow Your Heart
(Overdrive bonus - 2013)

05. EDGE - Please Come Back To Me
(Heaven Knows bonus - 2012)

06. PRIDE OF LIONS - Everything That Money Can't Buy [acoustic]
(Immortal bonus - 2012)

07. DEGREED - Constant
(Love, Life, Loss bonus - 2011)

08. JADED HEART - Your Soul To Keep
(Common Destiny bonus - 2012)

09. HOUSE OF SHAKIRA - Wish You Survive
(III bonus - 2001)

10. PLAYER - Walk That Walk
(Too Many Reasons bonus - 2013)

11. STRYPER - Together As One
(Second Coming bonus - 2013)

12. DYNASTY - Stand As One
(Knock You Down bonus - 2011)

13. CARMEN GRAY - Someone
(The Portrait Of Carmen Gray bonus - 2007)

14. SAHARA - Will You Remember Me
(Going Crazy bonus - 1993)

15. GRAND ILLUSION - The Desperate Man's Plea
(The Book Of How To Make It bonus - 2001)

(On Air bonus - 2013)

17. STATE COWS - Time For Changing
(State Cows bonus - 2010)

18. KHYMERA - The Greatest Wonder [acoustic remix]
(The Greatest Wonder bonus - 2008)

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Anonymous said...

I follow you my friend....
Great one again...Many thanks for your time and for your hard work.. :)

Anonymous said...

Great stuff as always.
Thanks Camel.


Miguel Angel said...

Muchas gracias Camel. Gran recopilación.

Miguel Angel

DEEMON said...

Thanks Camelblue!!! Great compilation!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these rare japan bonustracks, especially for the Degreed bonustrack (constant). I was almost at the point of buying the original japan cd. Finding a mailorder which actually sells this cd is not easy.


501blues said...

Definitely a big "Thank You" for the effort that you put into these releases.

Kazooba said...

link doesn't work

Camelblue said...

Link checked and working perfectly. Your ISP must be blocking the host IP.
G00gle it about how to make it work for you.

Miguelzw said...

Great compilations "AOR Treasures - The Japan Bonus".
I think we want more. Will you do more, please?