Monday, September 03, 2018

JOHN FANNON (New England) - Demos '91 restored audio

JOHN FANNON (New England) - Demos '91 restored audio
Requested in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section...

New England was one of the seminal, guitar-driven AOR acts from the US scene, however, to my ears they were heavily influenced by the British invasion, especially lead singer / guitarist John Fannon vocal style.
After the band break-up, Fannon remained in the music industry playing, composing & producing for others, and occasionally releasing solo material (there's a fresh album out, acoustic/Beatles influenced).

But at the beginning of the nineties John Fannon was planning a solo album that never get materialized.
Only two tracks in demo form surfaced from these sessions (1991), but both surely worth a listen; the AOR magic of "The Way To Your Heart" and the sweet melodic rock midtempo ballad "Your Eyes Are My Eyes".
The original tapes sound quite good, but I have enhanced & cleaned the audio, fixed the "The Way To Your Heart" intro, and did a little, tiny artwork.
Quality AOR/MR material.

1 - The Way To Your Heart
2 - Your Eyes Are My Eyes

John Fannon - Vocals, Guitar
Personnel unlisted

JOHN FANNON Demos '91 restored audio


Kammenos said...

Thank you camelblue...I enjoyed these 2 tracks very very much..but the new album is very mediocre...

adrian666 said...

Wow....camelblue...many thanks for filling up my request. "The Way To Your Heart" simply kills, what a great song. One of the best unreleased AOR demo I've ever heard. Actually it's surprising that there are only two songs leaked from the session. Would've been great to hear more, though.

Camelblue said...

@ adrian666:
Glad you liked mate. Sadly only two tracks...

@ Kammenos:
Yeah, not exactly my cup of tea.

Freeman said...

Amazing ! How can you get it !

Thank you from Thailand.